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SS:Fragile memories (Arni& maaneet)last part at 42 (Page 5)

MsCeylon IF-Dazzler

Joined: 15 October 2011
Posts: 4177

Posted: 15 December 2011 at 1:19am | IP Logged
OMG this one is a rocker yaar
update soon

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Kinarandomness IF-Rockerz

Joined: 02 September 2010
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Posted: 15 December 2011 at 5:33am | IP Logged
loved it
arnav is so  naughty
continue soon

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alice54 Goldie

Joined: 25 October 2011
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Posted: 15 December 2011 at 6:15am | IP Logged
Yaar what a SSDay Dreaming
Am already dreaming...
loved the prologue and its damn interesting...wondering how you got this idea at 6 in the morningShocked...but a good treat for us and as well as you i supposeSmile
A story with Maan, Geet, Arnav and Kushi...such a strong story line...can it get anybetter...
love you for your fabulous work *muah* *muah*
continue soon...
as always waiting for ur updates eagerly...
you are the best yaarSmile

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devishree IF-Dazzler

Joined: 09 January 2011
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Posted: 15 December 2011 at 6:25am | IP Logged
di superb wat a chewing gum yaar and blissful update 
iam happy to see maneet and arhi together 
looking for more di plzzz update soon and thanks for the pm

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siva2901 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 06 July 2011
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Posted: 15 December 2011 at 6:42am | IP Logged

pls continue soon & pm me

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.Sandal. IF-Rockerz

Joined: 19 August 2011
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Posted: 15 December 2011 at 6:52am | IP Logged
add me to ur pm list do continue soon

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naddiya26 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 10 July 2008
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Posted: 15 December 2011 at 8:44am | IP Logged

part 2 comment as when i write on different concept i need comments to know what you guys are liking ?long comments plz

Arnav just drive to his office  "what happen to me why i  did it ?" he was just totally annoyed from himself ,he look at the visiting card of Khushi's dial her number from his cell "should i call her?" he asked himself then disconnected the call. just closed his eyes and rested his head with the back of  his seat.

At Khushi place

Geet: just walk out of her office as she saw her again busy with her work. she walk to Maan's office

Maan: kya huwa

Geet: kuch nahi she was crying then she suddenly wipe her tears & started working

Maan: what Arnav said to her ?

Geet: he didnot came there

Maan: he walked to her cabin i saw him

Geet: but he didnot came in as i was there.

Maan: Arnav is very responsible person , i he paused as Khushi walked in.

Khushi: sir can i go home

Maan: kya huwa

Khushi: i am having headache

Maan: sure go home rest ...

Khushi: thx

Geet: please drop me home

Khushi: sure she walked out

Geet: something happen between them which they are hiding she hug Maan & whisper

Maan: hmmm as he look at Khushi from his glass wall she was just lost somewhere . "you go"

Geet: walked out to Khushi.

Maan: just sat on his chair his cell rang ,Arnav he smiled  & picked up the call"ha bolo"

Arnav: yar i can't come to meet the party .

Maan: why?

Arnav: i am having head ache going home

Maan: tum ko bhi

Arnav: what you met by tum ko bhi?

Maan: actually just Khushi came in my office & she said she is having head ache.

Arnav: took a deep breath "see you tomorrow "

Maan take care of your self. he smiled there is something you are right Geet.

Geet: khushi lets have jalebi

Khushi: Geet mood nahi ha

Geet: oye Khushi na jalebi ko na bola zaroo koi prob ha

Khushi: yar aise baat nahi ha

Geet: tou phir kaise baat ha


Geet: ok you know why i came with you?

Khushi : no

Geet: tomorrow is my wedding anniversary & i need your help

Khushi: oh i forgot

Geet: i am noticing you are in someone else thought .

Khushi: just bit her lips as she was still feeling him ."yar koi baat nahi ha "

Geet: ok ok

Khushi: bolo karna kya ha

Geet: you rest today come at home tomorrow then i will tell you.

Khushi: ok she just drop her at her home & drive to her home ..

Arnav: parked car far from her home he was waiting for her to come "may be she is has already at home " he saw a car parking out side the gate  she gets out of the picked her bag walk in. he took a deep breath .he saw her going upstairs

she open the door & walked in

Arnav: just smiled & drive back home

Khushi: just look her self in mirror "why he did that?"she just saw a smile appear on her lips she just closed her eyes & lay flat on her bed , she wanted to be alone so she used the balcony of her room as she didnot want to answer questions of her buaji . she just closed her eyes his eyes appear first with naughtiness & then with pain she just open her eyes , touch her lips ."i will not leave him" she just closed her eyes & slept ...

Arnav: reached home

Anjali: chota why you came back?

Arnav: i am having headache

Anjali: oh

Arnav i want to rest Di he just walk to his room .

Anjali: iss ko kya huwa ha .

Arnav: just walk to his room he just dialed her number it rang few times no one picked it he just cut the call"what i have dont to her after that i am thinking she will pick my call?" he just lay flat on his bed "why i did ?'he just closed as his headache was getting worst .he just slept ...

Khushi woke up she look at time it was 7 "OMG i slept for hours "she heard knock at her door  she just ran and open

Buaji: you are alive i thought 

Khushi:sorry buaji i was having headache i slept

Buaji: come down i a waiting for you at dinner

Khushi: 10 mins

Buaji: ok pat her cheek.

Khushi: checked her cell there was few calls and a call from unknown number "who is this ?" she just dialed 

Arnav: picked up "hello "he was still sleepy 

Khushi: i think i dialed wrong number sorry cut the call.

Arnav: just recognized her voice he wanted to say something but from the other end the call was disconnected .he smiled looked out it was dark "oh i slept for hours "he just jump out of bed and freshen up 

It was 11 khushi was changing channels her cell rang"who is this "unknow number again"she picked "hello"

"Arnav:"i am standing out side your home ,come down in a min or i am coming in"

Khushi: aap

Arnav: i want to talk to you?

Khushi: but i dont want to

Arnav: ok i am coming in

Khushi dont you dare 

Arnav: then you come out .

Khushi:i cannot as buaji does not like

Arnav: use your balcony 

Khushi: how you know?

Arnav: are you coming or i use your balcony to come up .

Khushi : ok ok i am coming 

Arnav: just smirk 

Khushi just look at her self she just wrap a woolen stole around her , she saw he was standing out side she just step down "say "

Arnav: open the gate 

Khushi: why ?she look at him 

Arnav: i will not repeat the mistake .

Khushi: bola jo bolna ha 

Arnav:just open it himself  "come out "

Khushi: i am scared of dogs i am not coming 

Arnav: i am there you come out

Khushi: bola she step out on the road . she herself thought why she listen him?

Arnav: "i swear in my whole life i haven't don't such thing "

Khushi: just look at the road

Arnav: you can slap me for that he just hold her hand and was about to pat on his face she pull back

Khushi"what are you doing?"

Arnav: i am sorry and i mean it  

Khushi: look at he other direction

Arnav: bola na sorry 

Khushi: hmmm

Arnav: just hold his ears and doing ups and down."i will not stop till you say you have forgiven me "

Khushi: dekha koi dekhe laga , guards watch man

Arnav:let them

Khushi: acha bus kara hold him by his shoulder 

Arnav: did you forgive me ?

Khushi: mmm

Arnav: want back showed  her the gum 

Khushi: just left his shoulder "you are still "

Arnav: i slept with it ,could not throw it 

Khushi just turn on other side shakes her head "you are unbelievable "

Arnav: i was not sure will, i ever get it again or not that why i just .

Khushi:"spit it" just turn towards him .she just give him the tissue which she was holding in her hand.

Arnav: ok just spit it .

Khushi: ok i am going 

Arnav:wait wait i brought chocolate for you.

Khushi: look at him

Arnav :just taken out from his jacket pockets

Khushi: itni sari she look her hands 

Arnav:"only this could fit in my jacket" .he gave her "eat "as he unwrap one 

Khushi: she dont know why she could not say no to him ."you take first "

Arnav: no you take he brings it close to her lips she took a bit .

Khushi:aap bhi tou

Arnav: actually i 

Khushi: kya 

Arnav: just shake his head and took a bit and give remaining to her .

Khushi : now go please she look her cell it was 12 :30

Arnav: ok look at her he turn to walk 

Khushi: suna 

Arnav: hmmm 

Khushi: thx for the chocolates

Arnav: thx for forgiving me.

Khushi: wait till i go up she look around 

 Arnav ok 

Khushi just walk in the gate and ran to the stairs .she called him "now you can go?"

Arnav: couldn't see her as it was dark "ok thanks again "

Khushi: Good night 

Arnav: woh

Khushi: kya 

Arnav: talk till i reach  home 

Khushi: i have fixed the design , i will show you tomorrow .

Arnav: ok

Khushi: how you know i live here?

Arnav: it was easy to find . 

Khushi: just lay in her bed  there was a silence for sometime

Arnav: i reached .

Khushi: Good night in sleepy voice ..

Arnav: Good night  he just too laid down. 


Geet"arnav where are you ?

Arnav:" i "in weak voice 

Geet; what happen?

Arnav: my sugar level increased 

Geet: you dont know you are diabetic you always eat 

Arnav: why you called ?

Geet: khushi is doing everything alone i thought you could help her,but now you dont worry we will manage it 

Arnav: i am coming   

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.Saraa. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 December 2011 at 10:32am | IP Logged
loved it yaaar. a bigHugand a round of Clap for such a stuff..i really enjoy most fav till date,
loved how they felt and maan and geeet's suspicions..and then how cute na as he went all the way to say sorry with chocolates..and ate himself too when is swwet thats y he is diabetic..too much sweetness is not allowed,,lozz.loved how she react.she dont want to but still does...
loved its every bit...
StarStarStarStarStarStar                                                                                                 StarStarStarStarStarStarStar

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