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SS:Fragile memories (Arni& maaneet)last part at 42 (Page 11)

blueopal IF-Rockerz

Joined: 06 July 2010
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Posted: 17 December 2011 at 2:45am | IP Logged
hey   superbbb  yaar...
i  loved  it...looking  fwd...

MsCeylon IF-Dazzler

Joined: 15 October 2011
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Posted: 17 December 2011 at 6:28am | IP Logged
Oho this Khushi is pretty fast yaar LOL
Glimmer Goldie

Joined: 26 June 2011
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Posted: 17 December 2011 at 6:45am | IP Logged
loved it !!!! it was just awsm !!!! thnx for the pm !!!! cant wait for the next update !!!!! Star

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WittyKitty Goldie

Joined: 02 October 2011
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Posted: 17 December 2011 at 8:00am | IP Logged
Hai! What an idea! Exchange of chewing gum!

Bye, off to buy gum and to find a juicy g...

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arooshee IF-Dazzler

Joined: 15 April 2010
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Posted: 17 December 2011 at 9:26am | IP Logged
loved it!!!!
it ws jst awesome!!!!
Different but really lovely

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Alyaa_27 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 01 November 2010
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Posted: 17 December 2011 at 10:11am | IP Logged
i luv it nad...
its superb...
u dnt wry, u carry on...
u r doing a fab job...

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naddiya26 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 10 July 2008
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Posted: 17 December 2011 at 10:20am | IP Logged

Arnav: cell was ringing she looked at it "DI"

Khushi: should i pick up or wake him up ?she looked at him  he was fast a sleep she just picked up the call

Anjali: chota where are you i asked you to rest and you ?

Khushi: hi 

Anjali: who is this?

Khushi: i am khushi

Anjali: where is chota ?i mean Arnav

Khushi: walk to the window "he is sleeping"

Anjali: who are you?

Khushi: i am Geet's friend ,he came here, he was running high temperature i force him to sleep

Anjali: he listened you bit surprise

Khushi : he had to as he had no choice.

Anjali: i want to meet you 

Khushi: sure my pleasure 

Anjali: how is he?

Khushi: his temperature is no 100 i just check .

Anjali: just give him water  he must be thirsty .

Khushi: ok aur kuch 

Anjali: nahi 

Khushi you take my number and call me as i am switching off his it is ringing again and again 

Anjali: sure 

Khushi: you dont worry i will take care of him 

Anjali: thanks  she cut the call .."who is she? whom chota had listen, i must meet her ?" 

Khushi just walk back to him she just notice his lips were dry she just pour water in a glass care fully raise his head and made him drink 

arnav: open his eyes 

Khushi: just drink please 

Arnav: took few sips 

Khushi: made him lay again" sleep" 

Arnav: just feel like hugging her but just closed his eyes he just don't want to do a crazy at that make her annoyed . she was next to him that was enough for him... he slept  khushi walk out of the room she just quickly take a round and walk back  on her way she found Geet

Geet; how is he?

Khushi: bit better 

Geet: you change let him sleep .

Khushi: ok  she walked back he was awake 

Arnav: where were you?

Khushi: do you need anything?


Khushi: i was just checking the arrangement  just walked to hims check his fore head

Arnav: look at her " i bother you a lot today"

Khushi: it was because of me as i didnot let you say, i just force you to eat chocolate . her eyes became watery

Arnav: hold her hand why you are crying ?

Khushi: agar kuch hojata to 

Arnav: it was my fault, i should have told you .

some one clear his throat 

Maan: kya horaha ha

Arnav: left her hand" yar my illness make everyone scared "

Maan: oh fighter 

Arnav: look at her she just really got frighten today

Maan: khushi see he is fine , he just do drama and scared us all he just hug her 

Khushi: hmmm i have to change she just picked her clothes and walk to the changing room. just left maan 

Maan: kya huwa iss ko

Arnav: was still staring at the door " she is too sensitive"

Maan: ok now get up if you will lay like this you make her more worried .

Arnav: ok 

Maan: come out we are waiting for you both,

Khushi : look at her self in mirror " why i am crying for him ? does he mean so much for me "she just look at her eyes which were all red she just splash water on her face and quickly change  her dress .  she walk out as she left her makeup kit out side

Arnav: was still laying he was looking at her 

Khushi: Arnie will you stop looking at me like that or i go and get ready some where else?

Arnav: what you said ,he just sat on bed ?

Khushi: Arnie ... oops bit her lips  

Arnav: bolo na

Khushi: it was slip of tongue 

Arnav: i like your slip of tongue  he jump out of bed

Khushi: cell rang " hi di  yes your chota is wake and he is ...she saw he was coming close to her 

Arnav: di 

Khushi: gave him her cell she started wearing her earrings 

Arnav: di 

Anjali: kon ha kon ha  bolo

Arnav: uff di not again

Anajli : kuch to ha 

Arnav: Di kuch nahi ha  

Khushi: looked at him as he was blushing .. she just walk to the changing room

Arnav: just cut call

Khushi: i off your cell as it was ringing again and again

Arnav: hmmm he just switch on

Khushi: get ready and come out 

Arnav: just walk in the changing room 


Arnav: look  at her 

Khushi: push him stop staring like that "i know what you are asking for ?'

Arnav: will you give me?

Khushi: look at him anger

Arnav: i will do sit ups 

Khushi:had a laughter "My arnie " pat his cheek i am waiting come out she was about to go out he just hold her arm and pull her back to him 

Khushi : just closed her eyes as she dont want to look in his eyes 

Arnav: whisper in her ear "thanks for being with me " brush his lips on her lips "go before i do silly act"

Khushi: just walk out she loved his touch on her skin she just walk out of room as she her self felt she will not be able to take it long ...

Geet; aaagi aap

Khushi: sorry 

Geet; why you are blushing ?

Khushi:nahi tou

Geet: you are in love with him dear 

Khushi: no way?

Geet; yes 

Khushi: nahi yar 

Geet; OMG  Arnav slip from stairs 

Khushi: just turn around  her face just change color 

Geet: winked " he is fine and he is with Maan "right over there 

Khushi: just exhale  her face was all pale

Arnav: kya huwa iss ko .he just look at her face 

Geet: you ask her gave her hand in his 

Arnav: kya huwa are you angry from me?

Khushi: no no 

music started

Arnav: may i 

Khushi aap thek ha

Arnav; if i slip you are there to catch me

Saanson Ko Saanson Mein Dalne Do Zara " both look i each other eyes

Dheemi Si Dhadkan Ko Badne Do Zara" khushi placed her hand on his chest"

Lamho Ki Guzarish Hai Yeh Paas Aa Jaaye" arnav hold her from her waist pull her close"

Hum' Hum Tum' 

Tum' Hum Tum'  

both just smiled at each other 

geet  who was dancing with maan geet "i think they are in love" 

maan but how they met yesterday?

geet  love is world most strange thing . some time it happens in a mins and some time it takes life and to person cannot come close 

maan: looked at them

Aankhon Mein Humko Utharne Do Zara  both were just looking at each other and they were lost some where 

Baahon Mein Humko Pighalne Do Zara

Lamho Ki Guzarish Hai Yeh Paas Aa Jaaye

Maan: geet i think you are right?

GeeT: punch him "can i be wrong?"

Maan: no no 

the song finished 

Maan: please guest come here lets cut the cake

Geet: you want proof

Maan: kya 

Geet; make him eat cake see her reaction 

Maan: naughty you .

Geet; smiled kuch seek la aap bhi 

maan and geet cut cake  he made geet eat the first piece Geet winked him

Maan: khushi  he just made her eat  he just brought his hand close to arnav

Khushi: jiju what are you doing ? he cannot eat she just hold his hand in middle.she almosted shouted 

Geet: and Maan had a laughter  everyone looked at them

geet;see i said 

Maan: smiled 

Arnav: what the he was hold her tight  as it was crowed 

( i love this picture so much that resisted using it here) 

Geet: chor pakra gai ... she placed her hand on their shoulder

Khushi : chora she just whisper to arnav he  let her  go.. she just walk out

Aranv: iss ko kya huwa

Geet sorry we did it , please you go and fix her mood

Arnav: look at them

Maan: came forward and hug him "congrats for letting her enter your heart "

Arnav: just hug him back .. " i think i should better go" he shyly said and said them bye 

Khushi : was keeping her things in her car

Arnav: where are you going?

Khushi: home

Arnav: why?

Khushi: bus 

Arnav: you dont want to have dinner

Khushi: i am not hungry

Arnav;can you drop me on your way?

Khushi: sure .

Arnav: just seated next to her "are you annoyed for what they did?"

Khushi: no

Arnav: dont lie

Khushi: iss tarah koi karta ha  .i will not talk to Geet ,she should have asked me am i in love or what ? she said you slip from stairs .

Arnav: hide his smile as she was in to tears 

Khushi: and then they were intentionally making you eat cake .  just hit the brake kept her head on steering and staring crying .

Arnav: placed his arm around her pull her to him hug her "Sssh chup karo "

Khushi: i hated it really hated it 

Arnav: look at her face wipe her tears " see your arnie is fine "

Khushi: look at him she realized he had told him she is in love with him

Arnav: "bus "kissed her fore head 

Khushi: just look at him 

Arnav: wipe all the tears " i will talk to them they will never do such joke with you "

Khushi: hmmm

Arnav: now smile 

Khushi: smile

Arnav: lets go home  di is dying to meet you as she is still stunt that any one can order me .

Khushi: sure .. she started car.

Pre cap "good night kiss "

i know the story is bit fast ...  thx for comments ... 

Edited by naddiya26 - 18 December 2011 at 12:57am

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.Saraa. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 December 2011 at 10:21am | IP Logged
loved the update.loved they have been caught by their naughty friends..loved how she cared for him.and all that.shooo sweeet and adorable..liked anj and khushi interaction..
and yippee they realized dnd admitted too the love..loved it...loved its every bit.loved the dance sequence..liked arnie behind her in changing room..and all that car lovely arhi...liked the precap..loved how comfortable they r with each other..tooo cute..

Edited by sarach - 17 December 2011 at 2:32pm

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