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Jai Shree Mohan

Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming
hello friends
this is vandy
ur mohan bawri updater Day Dreaming


saroj asks mohan to get a pic in convocation dress..he agrees...mohan doesn't have a  good day at work and he shouts at kastur...but soon apologises to her...rina remembers her hubby!


Summary Of Today's Epi
 Mohur Share a light moment..all thanks to baa...reena gets divorce papers from her husband and mohan announces that he is buying his own car...much to the dislike of baapji!

Detailed Update
Part 1
 the epi startswith baa watching a salman khan movie...but not enjoying itOuch she tells sharda that she is missing kasturOuch and before they both can make a call to her...kastur comes there...Smile all of them are super hppy to meet each otherSmile...kastur then calls sonal and gives her gifts for her would be child...sonal then takes her leave to go o the doctor while sharda goes away to get refreshments for kastur...Smile
baa then shares her thoughts with kastur that she did not like the way saroj behaved the other day! kastur tells her that she is fine...and is not hurt by saroj's deeds!Smile
baa then asks her wat the matter is...as her face says so!
kastur tries to avoid the topic but then knowing fully well that she can't hide anything from baa...she decides to tell her!Smile
she tells baa that mohan was a bit angry on her but he called and spoke nicely with her...so she is fine now!LOL
baa then teaches her the tactics of a good wife...tells her not to give in so easily...as such chances come rarely in life...and if they come one should use them to the fullest! ROFL
if hubby apologises...one should show more nakhras so that there r less chances of fights in future...if wife forgives easily..its the hubby's victory...so one shouldn't forgive that easily!ROFL
baa then goes ahead to teach kastur how to do nakhras with mohan wen he apologises to her!ROFL
then kastur acts like mohan and baa takes kastur's place as they both enact the whole scene...ROFL(hilarious scene)
at night mohan comes back from office...saoj again starts with the convocation dress thingSleepy...mohan tells her that he'll get it himself!Ouch
she then asks mohan abt his meeting...mohan tells her that it didn't go well!Ouch
Part 2
saroj then starts bad mouthing kastur and blames her for the failed meetingAngry ...but mohan cuts her in and defends kasturEmbarrassed...tells her that kastur was just giving him the file...but saroj doesn't listen and goes on blaming kastur...OuchSleepy
just then reena comes there with water for mohan...and mohan asks her abt kastur's whereabts.Embarrassed..(notice how he glances at a fuming saroj by her side...and then asks rina)
saroj is pretty shocked at mohan's response to her fuming wordsLOLLOLLOL...and tells him that she had gone to her parents place and she hasn't seen her since then!Sleepy
rina tells mohan that kastur cooked the food and is in her room now...Smile
mohan thanks her and leaves from there much to the dislike and surprise of saroj...LOL
here kastur is busy folding mohan's clothes...and as soon as she sees mohan...baa's advise rings in her ears...ROFL
she decides to avoid mohanROFL
mohan is a bit taken aback...seeing kastur avoiding an eye contact with him!LOL
he moves towards her and tells her that he knows she is upset with him...and mumbles a genuine sorry...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
baa's advise of not giving in so easily flashes infront of her eyes...ROFL
she starts fidgeting and tells him that a mere sorry will not solve anything(notice how she avoids an  eye contact with mohan..)ROFL
she stammers and tells mohan that she will not forgive him...she still very angry...mohan gives her a Shockedlook and watches her move from the bed to the cupboard...ROFL
mohan hen decides to try again...and tells her that she is angry coz he had disconnected the call in the morning...but now he is talking to her(don't mind guys...but during this shot i was busy admiring hc's noseDay Dreaming...the side view of his face is superb!Star)
kastur stops mid way as she hears mohan say these words and wonders that mohan is saying exactly the same things...she had enacted with baa...ROFL
mohan looks  at her with a longing in his eyes that now maybe she'll talk to him...but is disappointed as she says that she is in no mood to talk...they'll talk the next day as she is feeling sleepy and is going to sleep!ROFL
saying this she starts walking towards the door...only to be stopped by mohan in mid way(omg...i just loved the way he held her arms to stop herEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed)
mohan(who looks pretty amused with the nautankiROFL) grabs her arms and tells her to slep if she is feeling sleepy...why leave the room!ROFL
kastur now is at loss of words...(definitely this was not the way this drama was suppose to be)...ROFL
she tells him that yes she is going to sleep and moves towards the bed as mohan decides to play along with her!
he stands there...not saying a word...chewing his nails as kastur makes herself ready to sleep...still waiting for mohan to manao her!ROFL
but mohan being mohan pays no heed...instead he decides to  tease her to the fullest!ROFL
kastur decides to put her best drama forward...and lays  down...ROFL
mohan who had been waiting all this while...confirms from her if she's asleepROFL...but instead of replying...turns her head and acts as if she's sleeping...ROFL
mohan sits down by her side...while kastur senses it...and checks wat he is doing...as she sees him peeping to have a look at her...she closes her eyes forcibly...ROFL
mohan pats her back...but no use! nautanki is still on in full swing!ROFL
he then pats it again and asks her to get up!ROFL
this time kastur getsup...but asks him irritatingly wat he wants!ROFL
mohan suppresses his smile as he watches kastur failing to do typical wifey dramas..ROFL.
he asks her if she had by any chanmce spoken to baa that day!ROFL
kastur very innocently tells him that yes...she did go to meet her!
mohan then laughs out loud...and tells kastur.."thats why"ROFL
kastur asks him wat is amusing him soo much as mohan keeps on laughing and replies that its ok!ROFL
kastur understands something is wrong...and asks mohan if baa spoke to him too!
mohan confirms her doubts and tells kastur that baa made afool of both of them today!ROFL
she taught her to do nautanki with him...and taught him how to manao a wife who is upset!ROFL
kastur starts smiling at being fooled and the fact that mohan knew all this while wat she was upto! and was putting up a bigger drama with her!ROFL
mohan then tells her that they both are mad.ROFL..both she and her baa are mad!ROFL...kastur breaks into a smile...as mohan goes ahead to add that her full family is madROFL...but corrects himself as he getsa glare from kastur...boh laughing at the situation created by baa!ROFL
Part 3
rina comes to their room only to find mohan and kastur laughing away as mohan teases kastur abt sleepingEmbarrassed...she wonder how happy both areEmbarrassed...just like shewas with her hubbyOuch...but stops heself from comparing...lest an evil eye is casted upon the love of mohan-kastur  ...Ouch
kastur notices rina and both of them ask her to join them...but she excuses herself that she just came to call them for dinner...mohan tells her that they'll join soon...she leaves!Smile
just then a courier comes in rina's name and she recieves it...she gets pretty disturbed seeing the envelope...and decides to go toher room...saroj asks her if she's oki...and rina lies that the courier man had come to the wrong address...Ouch
kastur noticesa disturbed rina...and asks her wats the matter...but rina leaves from there...saying  she is fine...Ouch
here rina locks her room...and opens the envelope only to find that its adivorce notice from her hubby...she breaks down and cries inconsolablyCryCryCryCryCry(superbly done by additiStar)
just then narmada knocks...rina hides the letter and opens the door...but her swollen eyesare not missed by narmada...nor the letter which rina tries to hide...narmada decides to find out wat the matter is as rina leaves with her for dinner!Ouch
dinner is served as the men sit down to eat!
kastur is abt to serve to mohan wen saroj very subtly barges in and asks mohan take one more rotiShocked...but he refuses...LOLLOLLOL
kastur then requests him to have some kheer...but he says he is full and is in no mood to eat sweets...kastur gets a bit disappointed...Ouch
keerti then asks mohan why is he eating so less...esp wen the food is soo delicious...kannu cuts him and says that the food has to be delicious as kastur has cooked the full dinner!Smile
mohan looks upto kastur as she smilesEmbarrassed...while saroj isn't very amused!Sleepy
vipul too praises kastur's cooking skills...esp the kheer cooked by her only to get a glare from his wife!LOLLOLLOLLOL
now mohan is in a fix...not knowing wat to do as he had already refused the kheerROFL
(notice how he puts his fingers in hi mouth thinking how to get some kheerROFL)...
keerti then asks kastur to replenish his kheer bowl for the third time...LOL
mohan decides to grab this opportunity and as kastur serves to keerti...he asks kastur to give him some kheer too!ROFL
kastur immediately breaks into a smileEmbarrassed...as mohan is teased by kannu and vipul...that till now he was full and in no mood to eat sweets...but the moment he knew kastur had cooked the dinner...he  decided to eat the kheer too!ROFL
saroj who had been witnessing kastur praising session for too long...and was not liking it...shuts up kannu and asks himto concenterate on his eating...Ouch
vipul then asks for some sabjee...which narmada serves him...making him fully aware that she was going to give him a tough time for praising kastur!ROFL
bhanu then asks him abt his meeting...
mohan tells him that it didn't go well...old fashioned people who don't want to give new ideas a try! they neither try out new things...nor let others try them out!no wonder india lags behind in everything!
both baapji and bhanu are not very happy hearing mohan's comment!OuchSleepy
he then goes ahead to inform everybody that he is planning to buy a new car...Smile
bhanu and baapji are shocked...while saroj is very happy...kastur is happy too!
bhanu tells mohan that they already have a car in the house...mohan tells him that a new car will help him create a good impression on his clients...Smile
he  then says that two cars will benefit the family too...esp saroj...saroj is delighted as mohan tells her that he'll buy the car of her choice...Smile
kanj is very excited too...so is vipul...Smile
bhanu then asks mohan how hell arrange for the money for the car...and as mohan excitedly shares his plans on buying the car on EMI...they all notice baapji leave without saying a word!Sleepy
bhanu then tells mohan that he should've discussed this decision with baapji as baapji takesall the decisions...
mohan tells him that it was of no use asking baapji as he refuses everything that he wants!Ouch
 bhanu keerti and vipul all of them asks mohan to atleast discuss the matter with baapji...but saroj supports mohan and says that he is buying the car with his own money...there is no need to ask baapji...whether he likes it or not!
epi ends
Precap: bapji mohan tiff regarding the car Partywhere mohan tells baapji that he doesn't want to go for a morning walk like himROFL...life is a race...he wants to run!Big smile
Episode Rating: 9/10
a very good epi...a must watch by all means...esp the mohur scene...it was a treat to watch!

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Thanks a lot for the update. It's very much appreciated.
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Thanks a lot for the update which was very well written.
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thanks a lot for wonderful update
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Thanks for the detailed update
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thnk u sooo much vandy
 really appreciate ur effort
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Lucky you, Vandy!  Kya mast epi mila update karne ke liye...loved your update & the epi a lot!!! Big smile

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