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Calling out all MaHiness & MaDness ~ (Page 4)

Silentsoul IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 29 March 2005
Posts: 15860

Posted: 14 December 2011 at 9:57am | IP Logged

Thanks Vinu for giving us best show of our life time. There was time it became life and breathe of 100s thousands on this forum. We loved cherished every single moment of MAAN GEET love story. I don't know about others but this fictional love took over my real love.  Virtual friends took over real ones. Life was just confined to 2 words or worlds. One was GEET and other was GEET FB/GF. 

Many of most rational minds here stop thinking anything everything beyond rationalism.  Every second of our life and every moment were all dedicated to GEET in one way or other . Watching it, Discussing it and Dissecting it was like 3 living essentials of many GEET fan. Our personal life went upside down everyone close to us start praying for  it end.  And guess you heard them, you were like their shining armor.
 When there was nothing on earth that could deaddict from GEET its only its creator has power to do that.   Its gradual death in quality and content throw out many of us from dream we were living.  IT made us realize how much we love it we have no control over it, only its creator has.  IT made me realize how much we love a fictional show , how much we fight for it we will be blamed in end if its not what it was. But I just want to know one thing, Why best thing was your creation and  worst was our fault. Is loving a show more than your own real life is crime. In a sense many geetian are criminal that way

I am heartfelt thankful to you bringing a masterpiece in my life and and equally thankful to make it crap as it was in last few month and helping us deaddict ourself. 

 Every good thing end 'but most painful thing for every geet fan is that a class apart show when end was not even entitle to classify as good ...there always remain a unanswered question what was need to make masterpiece to piece of crap before ending. 

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md410 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 02 February 2008
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Posted: 14 December 2011 at 9:59am | IP Logged

I never got attached to any show in my life like I am to geet. Do not know what and why it is but it feels very close to my heart, today last episode make me feel  as if some one very near and dear to me going away. But I will  make the same near and dear to come back in my life i.e. my maanet.  They have to come back as lead pair  on the screen and I will go to any extent for it. I mean it. I will give my best and maximum effort to make it happen.  May be today we are watching last episode of Geet. PH is sure happy about it but in my views  FAN power has won. PH tried since march to shut down the show, they tried their best to spoil and kill the show starting from making devil as saint, but they were unsuccessful. Yes agree show is ending but show is not ending because TRP was down it is ending because of thr REVAMPING. There fore WE FAN STILL HAVE upper hand. WE have defeated PH in their own game. So guys HALLA BOL and keep on fighting. Have your fighting cap on and jai bajrangbali bolte hue lage raho.


This is consumer era and WE are NOT GOING TO GIVE UP at any cost.  We will make sure we get lead pair back on the screen





humko aise viase na samjhe

hum woh log hai jo, jaha LAATH maare vahaa paani nikaal sakte hai.

channel better not underestimate FAn ka power



Now  a little reality check about why having after such wonderful fan base, excellent actors as lead pair and talented director, skilled dialogue writer why we have to fight for our beloved show.

ONLY and only PH is responsible for it.  They had an opportunity to cash with lead and fan base  lekin they had lost it. The truth is they never wanted to go for it. They put their energy to insult and hurt fans or calling them demanding, they wasted their energy to shut down the show by getting Moron Mahesh Pig head Pandey in the show.Only them are  responsible for the mess and are totally liable to end the geet. 


I will not blame the channel, as for them popularity matter and If I own the 4 lion then I would jump on the mauka to get new show with skilled lead pair and strong fan base on revamped channel and would not go for V. I will support fan and not mock or insult them on geet FB page. anyways but it would be not them. They got what they wanted. I will never watch any of their show PERIOD As a matter of fact, Ph should rename their name4 Lions se 4 Snake

sach mein saanp hi hai dhoodh pilao phir bhi dasenge.

they basically have cut their own root.


pata hai na. sandle wood tree pe snake rahte hai aur usko hi khokla karte hai basically they cut who support them or shelter them yeh Ph bhi aise hi hai, so 4 sankes name fit them perfectly.

we fans put them on Top

they are what they are beacuse of fan and now they are insulting and hurting and throwing us like dhood mein padi makhii. Isliye  soco  baabaji unki kaise bhali kar sakte hai?? Nahi baabaji itne insensitive ho hi nahi sakte, baabji unlogo ki Kabhi BHALI kar hi nahi sakte. Hai na babaji.


Life okay without GC/DD no way how life could be oky with out them so forget about it.

abput 4 snake, I want SHOW but I do not want 4 snake as PH.  so unka toh koi bhi show mein dekhne se rahi.

they are most unreliable, unfaithful, not trustworthy, unprofessional, unethical PH on the Mercury, venus, earth, mars, Jupiter, slattern,  Uranus,Neptune ,pluto Sun and Moon.


I am strong believer of the KARMA. 4 snakes ke KARMA will come back to them. I also believe dua se jyaada baddua asar karti hai.


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--Nargis-- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 17 July 2008
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Posted: 14 December 2011 at 10:11am | IP Logged

Gosh...I don't know where to start...I am more emotional than I thought I would be...Cry

Saath Humara pal bhar ka hi sahi,
Par woh pal aise jaise koi kal nahi
Rahe zindagi mein shayad phir milna humaara
Par mehekti rahegi tumhari yaadein humare sang sahi!!

This sher is for GEET, the SHOW, for my IDIOTS...and for all of the fellow forum members...for you have made a permanent place in my heart, and an indelible imprint in my mind.  

I have no words in me with which to thank you all for the countless hours of LOVE, LAUGHTER and CONCERN, and a lifetime of MEMORIES that you have given me...for these I will treasure with me always.

You guys have help me find a hobby...pushed my to refine a skill...and have always given me an opportunity to provide an outlet for ramblings of my mind and confusion of my heart.

This show became a zariya to make FRIENDSHIPS that will last a LIFETIME...for that GHSP...I will always be indebted to you!! Hug  These Friendships start virtually initially, and then has forced us to meet and connect personally as well!!  We have become such integral parts of each other's lives, that I pray we will always remain as close as we are today!!!

Pehle mera ghussa...phir mera pyaar...I guess somethings will never change!!WinkLOL
THANKS seems such a small word for all of our interactions...our madness...our zidd for demanding things from you...I don't know what to say...i think for once in my life...perhaps I am SPEECHLESS...Shocked  wait...can that really happen??Big smileLOL

Koshish Kijiye Hame Yaad Karne Ki,
Lamhe To Apne Aap Hi Mil Jayenge,
Tamanna Kijiye Hame Milne Ki
Bahane To Apne Aap Hi Mil Jayenge!

With loads and loads of love -- Nagzzz Hug Mirchi...MIXXX!!

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dewdropred IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 08 August 2010
Posts: 28952

Posted: 14 December 2011 at 10:44am | IP Logged

we want GHSP season 2 ...Crywith gurmeet & drashti as maan & geet ...

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maaneet_pisces Goldie

Joined: 22 November 2009
Posts: 2079

Posted: 14 December 2011 at 12:27pm | IP Logged

Thankyou for the fabulous show...which has led to exceptional attachments, relationships, love and hope...HugDancingParty

There are always If's and Why etc but what remains cherishable are the memories and the questions fade away with time and Geet has given us innumerable memoriesss...Dancing

Its going to take time to digest that it is over but honestly... i can give u in written that there can be , there will be, no other show like Geet...ClapBig smileCry

Everything about the show (except the script n cast post last DecWink) has been fantabulous...

PHENOMENAL...Clapand thats the only word which comes to my mind... I am sure in the journey loadsa criticism, appreciations, abuse, love has come accross the team but hoping that only care,love,appreciation and wishes would be remembered...Tongue

A hugest Thankyou to Kurbaan Hua dance which gave me this fabulous show, an opporunity to meet amazing people and super cool friendsBig smile

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adoremevirgo IF-Rockerz

Joined: 15 June 2006
Posts: 9855

Posted: 14 December 2011 at 1:44pm | IP Logged
this is a very emotional moment for all of the final episode comes to an heart constricts and tears overflow..."hasi hotho se sukh gayi...aur aasoon palkon ko sukhne nahi deti"...the journey that we had with maan and geet was an amazing maan said that as long as love will be there...maan and geet's love story will always be remembered...we are going to miss them forever and ever...

i loved the way geet remembered all those golden a stranger came into her life and one day swept her off her feet and took him to the world of dreams, hopes, romance and happiness...although maan does not remember those days...but he can live those moments in geet's eyes...

thanx to barry sir for all the wonderful dialogues that made this journey so special and maan once said to geet "meri zindagi tumhari bina adhoori hai...aadat ho gayi hai meri zindagi ko tumhari"...similarly one part of our life will always be attached to this saga of love...
my love and heartfelt thanx to the entire unit of GHSP...whose hard work and dedication has given us the most wonderful 20 months...i am going to miss the show terribly...
at the same time i am not going to lose hope...i will keep my fingers crossed with the wish that one day soon the wonderful trio of Gurmeet, Drashti and Barry will come together again to give us another wonderful show that will once again change our life for the better...till then "kabhi alvida na kehna...phir milenge...chalte chalte"...

this is not just a is a period of my life that i will cherish forever...the last 20 months was a wonderful experience for me...maan is that prince who comes all of a sudden and takes his princess in his arms to save her from the evils of life...they did not know that day that their hearts reached out to each other and never once separated...
the journey that followed is a saga...a love saga...the epitome of love, trust, understanding and caring...maan once said to geet "tumhare bina mein ji nahi sakta"...those r just not words...maan and geet r living those words every moment of their i am living those life will never be the same again...maan's magical touch on my heart has changed me forever...

the show has not only given me something to hold close to my heart has also given me loads of friends with whom i hv chatted and discussed and argued over the show day in and day out...i feel proud to be a viewer of the most wonderful show...

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mysterygurl1427 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 15 April 2005
Posts: 18630

Posted: 14 December 2011 at 6:38pm | IP Logged
Hi dude, long time no see huh?
Just came by to say hi...and to say i agree with everything that Kullu said...and what my Nags di said...
and now here are a few words from me...
It is over, it finally is over! I cannot believe this, this truly feels like a nightmare. You know guys, when a product is being sold to the customers, they say the product is SOO GREAT that you will need nothing else but this! I must say, 4 Lions did a job well done. They sold GHSP so well on television...portrayed Maaneet sooo brilliantly especially for the first 9 months...that there is no other product "show" in other words, that will ever satisfy us as audience...meaning "customers" this "product" show has given us soo much much attachment that we don't need any other show to make us feel this way again...because no other show will ever make us feel this way again.
But here i can also contradict my own statements...the product (show) turns out to be sooo beautiful...but then u start to see some bad side effects in doesn't work well it runs out of battery...and also it is causing something bad on may have been the best product (show) but even so its side effects teach the customer such a lesson that they get put off by every other product seller...that they think twice before ever buying...or ever being entertained by it...
GHSP no doubt was the best show i have ever watch on Indian television, and trust me i have been watching thousands of shows since the age of 11...and no show has come across to me the way GHSP has will forever remain in my heart...fingers crossed for a new season...and hopefully more luck...
However, I do want to thank you 4 lions from the bottom of my heart for putting up the best team of GHSP ever for the first 9 months...Swati, Mrinal, Pawan, Niesshi, Nissar, Mukta, Vincent, Hrishikesh...and other members i missed or do not know of for being part of a beautiful journey of Maaneet...
it was you all that brought the masterpiece of GHSP for those months...they will forever stay in my heart.

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hemamurali65 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 19 July 2011
Posts: 4253

Posted: 14 December 2011 at 7:41pm | IP Logged
vinu thank u so much ...
 but ll miss maaneet very badly n it s al our wishes 2 c gurti bak n season 2
 v ll never ever give up our fi8 until v get out maaneet bak 
 dunno abt wat other feel 
 but they made mefeel real meaning of love uneffaced by any storm 
 they ve created history 
 they ve becum legend 
 v know they both r true professionals nd ll surely cum bak 
 wish 2 c them soon bak 

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