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Jenny's Gallery#17|C|Requests:pg 132,137, 143 (Page 129)

JennyPenny IF-Addictz

Joined: 03 July 2005
Posts: 90840

Posted: 23 January 2012 at 8:40pm | IP Logged
You guys can continue to post comments, but don't spam the gallery. I'll be posting more likely requests in this gallery than updates. I am gonna be post TM stuff in IPK gallery but this update I am making on TM will be start of the new gallery.LOL and I'll try to post some requests today.. Requests will TAKE time. I wanna give you the best ones! and I'll make two versions for all . b/w and color.. and U pick:) and it's not mandatory to use them both! But I won't personalize them incase someone else wants to use them!

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monakhan. IF-Dazzler

Joined: 04 October 2010
Posts: 3299

Posted: 23 January 2012 at 8:42pm | IP Logged
^^ Yeah can't wait for mines :)
momentsofme. IF-Dazzler

Joined: 16 February 2010
Posts: 4482

Posted: 23 January 2012 at 9:44pm | IP Logged
Jen! You're too good! Damn if words could say na I would have said a million words!!LOL & I had no idea if you were open! Can i still please request?Unhappy Say yes only if that's comfortable for you! Or else, Koi nahi! Better luck next time!Wink Anyways ..Keep up the AWESOME work like you already do! I mean each update of yours shows me something new, something innovative and something dats totally outta dis world! I can bet you that half of the crowd at IF takes you as their GURU ..Just like I do! Hug You're a magician I tell you Heart
JennyPenny IF-Addictz

Joined: 03 July 2005
Posts: 90840

Posted: 23 January 2012 at 9:46pm | IP Logged
^ Sorry yaar, I am closed. I wish I could, but it won't be fair:(
Dangelz IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 06 May 2006
Posts: 12391

Posted: 23 January 2012 at 11:00pm | IP Logged
Jens, I'm done editing on pg.123 =) Goodluck with all requests!

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JennyPenny IF-Addictz

Joined: 03 July 2005
Posts: 90840

Posted: 24 January 2012 at 1:07am | IP Logged
Using the @ format so much easierLOL

@ Meera: Thank you so much for liking the Krystle sigs. I keep making them for a friend and everyone goes gaga on them. Thanks for liking them and for your request of course! Oh and forgot to mention, thanks for using the Nia-Krystle and udayveer stuff means alot!

@ Pooja: Thanks so much yaar. Glad you liked the update:) You knew you could request even though I made you a sigLOL

@ Ashu & Aish: Edit your spots soon. @ Ashu: Thanks so much yaar for liking the gift and of course the update!

@ Sabz: I love how you come at such random times. I miss you guys on AT. I am too busy drooling over Sobti, SaRun, Irani and making random posts on the forum. I feel like I am abusing the forum a lot nowadaysLOL Thanks so much for liking the update Sabs! Means a lot and for your words;) thank you once again!PS: Have we crossed 25th AT yet? You know Sobti's are on like 40th or something? Can'tblame them. The guy is too HOT.LOL

@ Maaneetluver: Thanks yaar for your comments, means a lot:) and do edit your spot soon!

@ Indian_beauty: whose name I keep forgetting. Forgive me yaar. Thanks so much for liking the update man! and yes, thanks for the request.. KW and my sigs, this better turn out good.. But thanks for the request!

@ Millu: Thanks yaar for liking the update:) I already made your request but curious, was I supposed to include all the pics or just pic one maaneet and one gurti?

@ Ruky: Thanks so much yaar. So glad you liked the update esp Bua-Shaym ones!

@ Ishu: Haha, thank you so much for your comments and liking the update:) Bua -Shaym is epic. I feel like making a drunk Bua and Shaym being all pissed off sig. Damn, gotta find the HQ version of it now. lols.. Ahh, you gave me such a hard request. I just hope you like what you see;)

@ Sanzz: you edited your post or gonna edit your post? Thanks yaar!

@ Reeno: I am so sorry.. You always give humsafar pics and I can't color them right. Would it be a pain to change them? If you still want these pics, not a problem. I'll eventually find a way to color them properly. and that's a LOT of pics Reeno. will try my best to fit them in.LOL

@ Janu: Thanks so much for your comments yaar. I made the request and it turned out well in front of my standards. Not sure if I can always make them, you would always have to provide the text, but once in a while, I'll def try and will do all your suggestions in the next gallery!

@ Priya: Thanks so much yaar for your comments and for your request. It's the one I am on currently, but hope I do a good job at it;)

@ Minnu: Thanks so so much and thank you for choosing me as your banner person. i'll make that tomm pakk for sure. We should have some hot pics of TM for sure and the other ones of other couple, I am on it.LOL Hope you will be here more often!

@ Maria; thanks yaar. Means a lot and do edit your post soon. If you want a surprise sig, then PM me incase you don't want the person to know about it.LOL

@ Rimli: Thanks so much hun!

@ Zarqua: Thanks for your comments yaar! and will def try to do a good job with your request! and shit, what do you guys take me as Sid? Sid's the pro at this merging so many pics, but I'll try my super best!

@ Sofia: FINALLY. you requested something for yourself. and I am not surprised as to who it is.. I'll def try to whip up something special for you!

@ Sam: LOL. Thanks yaar and will try to do a hatke job on your sig, as if I don't who are the people in the sig!

@ Fatima: Thanks yaar for your comments.:)

@ Aysha & Zaara: Thanks all! will do those requests soon!

@ Nikki, Sid, Faiza, Anku: Thank you SO muchhh!!

@ Senorita; Thanks so much for your comments, and looking forward to your request!

@ RamSitaKiDesi: I finally have confidence to make mytho sig. So hopefully I can do wonders to yours. Thank you so much for your comments!

@ nm21: You are one of those people I look forward to hearing from and if I don't , I get upset that weren't my stuff good enough. thank you so so much for your comments. Clealry means a lot, when someone take such note of my stuff, thank you always for using the stuff! Just means the world to meHug

@AngadKripa: Thank  you so much. Looking forward to your request..

@ Sahar: Thank you so much Sahar. So glad you liked them and damn a request. Thats a BIG challenge for me. I hope I can make your request super awesome just like you!

@ Kirann: Thanks so much yaar for your comments. Means so much to me;) and thanks for your request. The pics are very HQ so the sig's gonna be amazing. Thanks yaar!

@ Harshu: Thanks yaar. So glad you liked the sig and about request, next time I'll reserve you a spot pakka, so you can request then. Thanks so much for likingt eh update!

@Fairy: Thanks so much for liking the update esp Bua-Shaym ones. Means a lot!

@Jhan: Oh god, you wanna make my cry or what? Thank you so so much for such kind and sweet words. Means so much to me. I know, so many people left IF and new ones came in and it's just, I wish they could come back, Kaira, Momo, Khushi , and so many more!

@ idreamboutyou: Thanks so much for your comments and will def take care of your suggestions when making your sig for sure!

@ Sarru: Thanks so much for your comments and for your request:) will def do something different for sure. Aww, Sanaya looks effen beautiful!

@ Ravs: I just went back and realized you edit the whole damn thing with a comment. jumping up and down. Thanks so much Ravs. Means the world to me when you comment. Itni lamba comment man? Yes, I can def make the Aaja Nachle stuff, is there any scene you want or any song or something? It's no longer a surprise since you told me what you wanted, but will do it for sure;) Thanks so much for your comments. Means a lot:)

@ Dangelz: Thank you SOO much.. U heard? He's leaving Maryada? :( But will def make a nice sig for you and thanks for giving a mixture of pics, because it's easy to come with text for it;)

@ Nikki: Thanks yaar:) will def do something cool with your request!

@ Mish: Thanks so much yaar for your comments and like I said in the PM, you can edit with a request. Have added you!!

@ Aish: Thanks so much hun for your comments. ( That;s muffin by the way, not AISHHH)LOL

@ harishta: Thanks so much.

@ Jaan: Oh god, thank you thank you so much! Means a lot to me ( Like Sanaya, I am saying this but I am clearly meaning it)

@Anchal: Thanks so muchh!!

@ Arhilicous: Thank you SO SO MCHH!!

@ Ishu & Sabz: Gosh, thank you for your comments. Yes, it did look the entire IF got the whole notice - I am open and ran here.ROFL

@ Rummy; Thanks so much yaar!

@ Reeno: Rangila re? WTH?

@ Aishi: Thanks so much for your comments!

Phew, that;s a LOT of comments and I can;t believe I responded themLOL Okay, posting the first batch of requestsLOL

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nm21ClaraOswald.Mariaa.SGpatakhaguddi.Kiran.sofiaaax.muffins2wafflesaa123.80-Faiza-sabihaa.Dangelzpinky_blueskiesyulZtheaisha-Pooja-nikita_88AS..-Fatima--Selcouth-indian_beautySunshine Girl-Harshu-soundsofcedarserendipity.indiandoll89

JennyPenny IF-Addictz

Joined: 03 July 2005
Posts: 90840

Posted: 24 January 2012 at 1:12am | IP Logged
Update time,. I decided to be mean and bore you with my TM update which is not done, yet. This is just a kind of a trailer. I am still waiting for more pics, esp the lean on the door. Uff Sobti!

Feel free to use - PS: there will be moreLOL

Edited by jenny1000 - 24 January 2012 at 1:24am

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nm21...Mina...ClaraOswald.chahaat.S.H.I.E.L.D.* ~ Roshni ~ *Mysterygirl_me-Pooja-sofiaaax.fizii_gurl-Aysha-pinky_blueskiesyulZtheaishaaa123.80Meehak..Kiran.Sabmeratu.-Faiza-sabihaa.indian_beauty-Harshu-WildestDreams-Selcouth-ruky786Sunshine GirlAS..-Fatima-nikita_88HeavenlyBliss.indiandoll89soundsofcedarminuuserendipity.-Swetha-

JennyPenny IF-Addictz

Joined: 03 July 2005
Posts: 90840

Posted: 24 January 2012 at 1:15am | IP Logged
What happens when requests come in? Jenny spends more than 1 hour on each sig to make sure it's perfect which lessens the load of the sigs, forgive me. This will take a while, but I shall be done for sure;) and while I am it, I'll post an update too, so you guys can be dead with the requests and the update.. Will plan something else for the 18th gallery. God knows what!!

DO NOT use them unless they are yours. and if you need a re-do, let me know and I be happy to do it. I them in colors/ and b/w so use either or!

In no particular order:

- Indian_beauty: Hope you like the sig!

- Ishu: There are 3 versions, god knows why. I couldn't pick which I liked better:

- Janu: Hope you like it, :)

- Meera: Hope you like it. I didn't blend since there was one pic, if you want in a different style, let me know

-Millu: was not sure if all were supposed to be in one sig, but included them all. Hope u like it

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Butterfly26nm21ClaraOswald.monakhan.harshita_sahniGunjan....Mina...S.H.I.E.L.D.* ~ Roshni ~ *Mysterygirl_me-Aysha-pinky_blueskiesyulZtheaisharainydays.fizii_gurl-Pooja-Sabmeratu.Meehak..Kiran.aa123.80-Faiza-sabihaa.indian_beauty-Harshu-WildestDreamsSunshine GirlAS..-Fatima-ruky786nikita_88HeavenlyBliss.minuuindiandoll89serendipity...RamKiJanaki..soundsofcedar-Swetha-

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