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SS:-*~Inner beauty or outer~* Part 2 pg 3

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Posted: 13 December 2011 at 10:43pm | IP Logged
Hy guys ! Today My Friend Told Me A Story ! I Thought That why not pen it down as i really loved it and wanted to add some of my scenes in it ! Guys i will like to inform that first onwards khanak name will be sapna ok later on u guys will know how it changed into khanak :P

Inner beauty or outer?

part 1 :-

This story is about Sapna Sharma ! She have a older sister "Priya (Pri)" , She is in love with "Prem" . Her class mate . She have a Gang "Pri , Prem , Shaan , Aliya , Aman"
They all are best buddies but some where Shaan doesn't like Sapna because he think she is So called "Behenji" ( Hope this is the word =P) Sapna is attracted towards Shaan . may be its call Love . yeah she is in love with him ! But she is still too innocent like a child . Doesn't know how to dress up , how to enjoy life and how to defend herself from those compliments which she gets on her look ! Sapna is Beautiful , but no one can see that because she is beautiful from in not from Out ! She always oiled her hairs she wear big big specs. And behave likes a Child ! Pri loves her alot and Prem , aliya & Aman too ! But shaan, he never tries to look her inner beauty after all he is very handsome & dream boy of million hearts , he always make fun of her where as Sapna always ignore his compliments and adore him ! Every girl is beautiful but it takes the right guy to see it ! Sapna was adopted and her parents never like her ... They provide much attention to Priya...

'Oh shut up Prem ! No words against my sis" Said Pri . " Oh damn why are u damn twisting the conversation" Asked Prem getting irritated . "I am not ... I know she is too innocent but that doesn't mean u'll make fun of her " replied Pri getting angry . " Excuse me when did i made fun of her . I am just advicing u about her future look she needs to be mature" Said Prem . " Come on ... Drive the car .." Replied Pri getting irritated . They reached there school . It was there last year here and 2 days later were there exams. As soon as they enter aliya and aman came running towards her ! "Oh where is Sapna " Asked aliya . " Come on Al , Did'nt i told ya she is sick after what Shaan did with her " Said Pri . "Opps yeah shaan is so ruthless " Said aliya a little bit sad . Al ( Aliya)....

Shaan mom wants him to marry Sapna and shaan made fun of her ... saying non sense things about her but ... Sapna heard them and now she is really hurt ... Sick . Pri and her gang left for there class and she captured shaan flirting again ! he noticed Pri entering . "hey Pri ! Where is ur non sense sister ?"asked shaan. " Oho shaan .. stop irritating her .. she is soo sick that se can't even walk properly! Shaan stared her for a moment " Why is it so?" asked shaan . "umm she heard u talking non sense about her. U know na se really loves u" Said Pri . "Oh ok .. neways don't talk about love bwah love with non sense girl ! Damn it" said shaan and left ! Pri stared him disgust ! Shaan walked towards his girl friend but his mind was some where else " I think i have hurt her badly i need to apologize" Shaan thought . After school he left for Sapna's house . "hy aunty where is Sapna" asked shaan . " In her room" said Sapna mom. Shaan tip toed in her room and found her sleeping... He Writes a not

""I am Sorry ... I think i was too much angry at mom !
And i am seriously not interested in marriage so...

So ffriends...?


And smiled and stared her ! Her hair was open ... She was not wearing specs. She was covered with blnket so that her tradiotnal clothes weren't shone and her face was glowing in dim light .. he smiled and shook his head . "she is not that weird ... She looks like an angel rigt now... may b some people needs make over " Shaan thought and left ... Sapna mom who was standing there went in her room . She picked the note and tear it " I can't let this happen ... Sapna won't marry Shaan ... Only Priya will marry shaan " ... She changed the note with

""Sapna don't act smart ... By acting like u r sick ..By doing this wat do u think i'll fall for u never !
I can never marry a girl like you ! I hate u ... becoz i don't want any clown too be my wife !...


She smiled and left.. Sapna waked up and looked around her room she tied her hair wore her big specs and moved toward washroom lost in shaan's words .. When she bumped into her dressing table .. She sighed and picked the things which felled mean while keeping them she saw a piece of paper ... She cried as she read it .. It was enough he think i am acting just to get his love...And he insulted me she wiped her tears and left for college she passed with good marks and didn't give a damn look at shaan where as shaan was irritated that she didn't replied him..." I think i should go her house"
...he reached her house climbed from the pipe to her balcony and he saw her crying .. he made a weird face "Drama queen" he moved in her room. sapna was shocked to see shaan in her room .. "You what are u doing here?" .
"i need my answer" .
" what answer?"
"Didn't u got the note?" .
"Oh note yeah i got it"
 by this shaan received a tight slap on his face . This was it shaan got angry and by a angry glare at her he left . "I was soo dumb .. she is so crazy ... damn crazy... how dare she slapped me...No one dares to slap shaan Khanderwal .. No one ... She have to repay " Shaan thought . Sapna sinked down on floor .."how cheap of him...I love him thats why ignore his complients but that doesn't mean he will be so harsh towards me"...Sapna was sweating so she went out to drink cold water she was aboutt to go back when she heard her name from her parent's room. she knew they hate her but why in late night they were talking about her? . She moved close there room . "Come on ... Kuch bhi karo lekin priya k shadi shaan se hi hogi .. " said her mom .. "of course aur waise bhi us clown sapna ko apni wife kaun banayega" With tat both started laughing "But is ko bhi jaldi se yaha e nikalo ... Kahi bhi iski shaadi krdo waise bi ye Day by day ek burden ban ti jarai hai ... " . " hmm yea ... My friends Aryan's son Abhay uske sath iski shadi kr dete hai " . " yea u r right kal unhe bola lo.".. Sapna Felt alone , shattered...She ran into her room . They know Abhay was a drunkard and play boy . then how can they do that to her ... after a while she came to a desicion ... RUN AWAY !!! She packed all her stuff not leaving a single thing of her for them ... Writes a note kept it on te dinning table and sighed and ...

She rented a house and booked her train for mumbai ... She didn't know where she was going but all matters to her was that mumbai was a city which can give her a sigh of relief.. she have already resigned from her school ...and her train was tomorrow ..., It was early morning she stepped on the station and waited for her train. prem and priya was too present there.. One of her friend was leaving so they came to bid bye to her ! When Pri saw a girl who looked same as sapna facing her back to Pri but she ignored the thought thinking that how can sapna be here ! She reached home doubt full where as ... she got invitation of a party tonight for the end of the school and starting of college life ! Mean while Shaan , Aliya and Aman reached Sapna & Pri's house as they were dearest to pri... And so they were dearest to her parents becoz they loved pri alot .. " U guys so early in my home ?" Asked Pri. "yeah , ur mom called" Said shaan . Theyy all sat on the dinning table ..."Mom where is Sapna?" Asked Pri getting nervous. "Umm in her room" Replied her mom in not so interested tone. Pri smiled and shouts her name ! But no reply ... Where as shaan made a face and anger took over him . Rage of anger can be seen in his eyes .. "may be she is really tired ... So she might be sleeping" Said aliya . Everybody nodded cursing shaan for her condition . While having the breakfast aliya removed the flower pot aside so she can get the toast .. She found a paper .. "From Sapna" Was written on it . Aliya looked at it "Um..mmm Guys Look at this paper.. It have " from sapna"Written on it . pri Gulped and snatched the paper from aliya's hand and opened it ...where as her parents look at each other ...

I am tired of my "Unlucky" Life and i think , It is affecting all u too. I don't wanna be a Burden so u guys are free from me ... u guys will never get to see my face ever again


Pri opened her mouth wide, tears form in her eyes .. everybody stares at her blank face . "Wh...h..at happen pri". 'She left ... She ran away" replied pri crying .. Every one was too shocked including shaan ..." I knew it ..this girl will soon do some thing crazy like this" said her mom . " Wait a minute mom.. Its because of u .. u guys did'nt treated her well ... u always called her a burden right ..." She broked into tears ... where as her parents look down not knowing wat to say ! Sapna stepped into Mumbai ... She carried her stuff ...She was in tears and sat on a corner she was very hungry thank god she had lots of money to spend ... she was crying and eating her meal...She saw a women in her late 40's sitting next to her looking her ."beta...tum kaun ho" ... She smiled first time in her life some one called her with so muchh love .. " Mera naam Sapna hai ..." . "Tum ro rahi ho" .She wiped her tears . " Wo buss...u...mm..m" , Suddenly a girl came running towards the lady and hugged her tigtly the girl was familiar to her . "Chalo mom ghar chale"the girl said . " Ek minute Sanju ..." She turned towards her , " Beta main tumhari koi madad kr sakti hu" Asked the lady . "Ye meri beti hai Sanju" Samju turned and was shocked to see sapna.. same reaction was of sapna ...

"So how do u guys know each other ..." . "Mom we both were in same school, remember grade 7 we were best friends i awlays told u about her ! but later on i changed the school " Said Sanju . Sapna was in sanju home her old friend... "Oh wo tum ho jis k bare mein Sanjhu hamesha baatein krti thi " While Sapna passed a smile. " So beta tum yaha kaise aur tum ro kyun rahi thi " Sapna felt blessed...Some one was worried for her with that sapna narrated her story . Sanju and her mom Aabha were in tears . "Oh my gosh how can shaan be like that ... And your parents..." Said Sanju. "Guys plss don't cry .. ok thankx for the food and ya i am new here so pls guide me where r the rent house here and some job's " said sapna sadly . "what dear? u r too small for job and ya no rent house after all u r sanju's old friend u will be staying with us " Said Aabha . 'No aunty how can i ..." . " Shsh sapna ... "

Sapna was welcomed into a rich , kind, caring sweet family , sanju's Mom n Dad accepted sapna as there daughter though sapna was so stunned that in just few hours her life changed alot... From a cruel one she was now a part of sweet family ...."Sapna i want u to change and be happy and ya if u don't mind i want u to change ur name..Cchange ur self... forget everything that will pull u towards ur past " said Sanju . Sapna listened her quietly and then smiled her name was changed she was now KHANAK MALHOTRA..." Make over time Kaddi " . " Kaddi? " Asked khanak . " yea kaddi ur nick name sapn... opps khanak" .. Khanak smiled ... "But i don't have D in my new name sanju" .
" Wo cares " Said sanju ... She led khanak into a parlour and was stunned by her beauty ! She couldn't believe khanak could be that beautiful ! "Now Dress like me" ... "Hmm" Said khanak while looking shy ... Khanak weared a short skirt and no sleeves top .. Her hair was cut into layer cut ! Sanju whistled and sanju parents were stunned and shower their blessing on her...

years later!

FInally both hot girl of college sanju & Khanak were graduated ! both shouted"Mom" and hugged her ! yeah Khanak in these years found new parents .. " Wohho we r graduated " ... Both party alot that day when aabha called them down ... "girls we want u attend a marriage of my old friend daughter and her friend both are getting married on same day . "awee" Said khanak and sanju and started laughing . "Ok when is our flight" Asked khanak. " After Tomorrow" replied their father Suneel . "Kk.. but what about Preity, Tani , Aditya , Raj and oh my god Sidhant! He is gonna kill mom dad w8 i need to inform him by this khanak ran upstairs !

"Heelooo Sid i am soory i forgott to call ya sorry sorry" Saiid khanak
"Chill Kaddi no worries ok anyways wat r u upto" Asked Sid
"EE i am leaving for London"
"WHATT THE..." Said Sid
"yeah sid not only me but Sanju too"

"Oh shit sanju bhi but why ?"
'umm Mom's friends daughters marriage and her friend's too.."
"Huh...! Umm can i come"
"Huh puchne wali baat .. K bring Preity, Tani, Adi & ya Raj too u know na sanju will be damnhappy !
"Oh yeah , it will be fun !

Tani Agarwal:-

khanak & Sapna's best friends... She is o sensible and mature ! She helps her friend in there thick and thin...

Preity Wadia:-

She is a Chatter Box , She is Aa girl whi loves to talk ! And does'nt give a damn that wht other think !

Raj mehta :-

He is a cute and handsome guy , Atrracts girl towards him & is in lovw with Sanju

Aditya SIngh :-

he is very handsome same perso like raj & loves teasing Preity ....

Sidhant Jain :-

He is the dream boy of million heart's , He rules girls heart ! He is the most handsome of his college .And is best friend of Khanak :)

(In which color their intro is describe , in the same color i'll represent their saying). ( Preity and Aditya are best buddies and are in love but don't accept it ) . ( Raj & Sanju are head over heels in love) .

"Ok Guys how about this" Said Khanak as she walked out of the trial room wearing a blue sari .
"amazing" All Sid . Khanak laughed at their reaction.

They spend there day in shopping and enjoying after all they were leaving london and tomorrow is there flight ! Khanak Excused her self as they entered into restaurant and moved towards bathroom . After coming out she bumped into a Man . The Man stared her and khanak stared him too ... "Why is he staring have he gone mad" Thought khanak , She shook her head . "Kaddi" She heard and ran away ...The Man smiled and dialed number and called...


We see a big house ...Everybody is getting ready and reached the hall & was about to go out when there phone ringed . "You wait here i'll pick" Said a man . "heello .. Oh Mr.Sinha .. What made u call here" Asked the man . "Your Daughter i saw her here in Mumbai". The man was shocked... "Ok" He discussed for a while and then cut the call. Every body looked at sudhir's happy face .. "What happened ?" asked sameer (Shaan father) . "Mr.Sinha saw Sapna ... He said her friends were calling her kaddii and she looked very happy and she is in Mumbai... She was with some friends" Every one got shocked ..."oh my gos sapna" said Pri . After Sapna left her parents realized the real value of her in their lives and in 2 weeks Pri and Prem were getting married and on same day Aman & Aliya were too gettiing married . All the 5 familys Pri's , Prem's , ALiya's , Aman's & Shaan's family were going out for a dinner ... All were happy listening this . "But she hates us ... And i don't even know where she lives . But i have said to SInha that follow her n get her adddress . Pri , prem , Aliya , aman and their family was happy where as Shaan smirked ... The flashes of that night reviewd in his mind and he smirked "She have to Pay " though shaan!

Hope You Guys likes it i am going out and will see how much response i got and ya words are all my mine ! ! !


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luv_shanak Senior Member

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Posted: 14 December 2011 at 12:26am | IP Logged
luv it yaar too good...

OlicityFan IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 December 2011 at 3:27am | IP Logged
hey meera! 

will read it soon and comment ...kinda busy now!

its great to see new members coming up with FFs ! :D
RB81 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 December 2011 at 3:33am | IP Logged
loved it..do continue soon..
Miss.Wahian IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 December 2011 at 4:33am | IP Logged
luved it. i'm looking forword to it. plz continue soonSmile
ktym Goldie

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Posted: 14 December 2011 at 6:59am | IP Logged
superb...loved it a lot...literally i was into tears seeing khanak's condition...plz update soon...
IF_rida Goldie

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Posted: 14 December 2011 at 7:01am | IP Logged
amaizng Clap

its really interesting em already eager to know wht happens next

really nice story line

and em happy that khanak is now a bubbly chirpy gurl

and i really wish to see soon shaan falling for her

update soon.
-Deepali- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 14 December 2011 at 7:01am | IP Logged
Beautiful Update Meera..Keep rocking :)

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