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-dhundlae aks- MAANEETFF THREAD 14 (Page 80)

Water. IF-Rockerz

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maaneet23 Goldie

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Maza aa Gayaaa

Water. IF-Rockerz

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PoojaMishty Goldie

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OMG I am back after two days.. aur kitna kuch hogaya..Shocked

Maaneet ke shaadi aur wo bhi payjama ma..ROFL Muskan.. u r best...
 Muskan ur simply superb.. what a confusion about names..ROFLROFLROFLROFL

Aur kya kya karvaogi humare Maaneetse...Wink  But i m loving it..WinkEmbarrassed Carry on.. Dont end MU soon... 

Yeh NT pagal hai kya.. Khudke marrige form pe Geet ka naam... Confused.. Lekin jo bhi hua accha hua...LOLWink

Loved the Maaneet convo about Geet's performance in exam. Maan caring for Geet in spite of so much of MU and anger... Teling her to do Best in finals.. Loved it very much.
I am in love with this puchki from head to tow...Embarrassed
.(i m commenting on all the parts from last two days. so pls bare with me)Wink

Muskan ek doubt hai.. NT termitaed her pregancy or not? and does dev know abt it?OuchConfused

Muskan r u updating.. OMG.. u r such a cutie pie.. Love you so much...

Me waiting..

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muskanp IF-Sizzlerz

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Dhundlae aks

PART 118

Mid of all this Nt got really tensed .. she was not willing for this marriage at the forst place & upper yeh sab is definitely not a good sign she felt & walked away.. Dev exactly knew wat she might be feeling.. he dipped his head .. then calmed Geet.. don't worry Geet..
u both talk to him & sort it out. I don't think it is much of a problem..  legally dehka jayen tho u both r married.. bhi aur nahi bhi.. I mean BOD..aur name is not correct na..
he looked at Nt .. walking away.. wiping her tears.. he excused himself.. Geet nodded.. she knew.. Nt needed him right now.

The moment Dev went behind Nt...
Maan looked at her awe.. she actually had nothing to do with  Dev. He dipped his head low in shame.. thinking of accusing her as someone trying to rope in the khurana family guy.. here she is fighting to free herself from someone who has willingly..
he sighed.. he couldn't stop cursing himself..
how could he be so mean & said all that.. he even tore their puchki. Every thing he said to her that day without thinking even once.. not even pausing..all seen to suddenly feel fresh in his mind.. hurting his heart. Why didn't she say anything, why didn't she deny.. why didn't she protest???.. his heart felt burden with his own deed. To add to his misery she was angry at him yet again.



Aap ko pata tha na.. phir aap ne sign kyun kiya?
Tumne hi kaha tha.. kuch mat pucho
main kaho ghi well main kudo tho kud javogen


useen main tho kuda hoon
she made a big O
aur kya ..shaadi wo bhi tumse
she crossed her hand.. & looked away. Mujhe kaun si shaadi karni thi aapse
just then the registrar's assistance came & requested for their Ids.. they gave their respective licenses & continued to argue.
Maan ' leker tho tum hi layen thi
wo tho Dev aur di ki shaadi main witness ban ke liyen, mujhse shaadi karne keliyen nahi
chado..aap se tho baat karna bekar hain.. main jaake registrar's baat karti hoon

Maan pulled her back.. wo kyun?
Aisen Geet nahi shaadi karti

his eyes couldn't stop admiring her cutely stressed face.. he softly pushed her strands behind.. phir Geet kaisen shaadi karti hain
she waked him.. aap ko mazak sooj raha hian
nahi I am dam serious.. if want to get married in a different way.. challo
she looked tensed..
yash sir ko pata challega tho pata hain kitni problem ho sakti hain
Maan almost left her instantly & stepped like a one arm distance.

She marched angrily to the registrar..
Registrar smiled weakly at her.. wondering wat she was planning to do now.. before she could say anything.. he promptly gave back their Ids..
sorry for all the confusion mam he said very politely.
Geet wanted to tell them to cancel the whole dam thing, but jhuta hi sahi.. she didn't want break this unknown.. meaningless bond with him. She couldn't say anything.


maan took advantage of her silence. he came around  & whispered in her ears.. Challen Mrs Khurana
Geet almost jumped..wat??
wat ?' wat did u say?
Very innocently looked at her..main ne kya kaha
nahi aapne abhi kuch kaha
uske baad..
he pretended.. kis ke baad..
she knotted her brows..
he teased legally hi sahi.. ho tho tum Mrs Khurana na
she was getting so angry but couldn't hide the blush that was getting reder every time he addressed her like that.
Dehko... yeh shaadi yeh sab wrong hain.. main nahi manthi.. aap bhi nahi manthen
phir problem kya hain he said taking the car keys from her
she sighed.. dehko this is not done.. we r not married ok
r u kidding, dad will kill me

she sat in the car.. still not able to let go..  that happened.

All that was just one big mistake ok she said reassuring herself more than him. He could just eat her up live.. she was so innocently cute. He took the car out of the main road .. & turned into a different road.
Yah kanha ja rahen ho aap?
honey moon pe
he said very casually
she screamed in horror honeymoon???
he stopped the car.. & looked at her intently. She fluttered her eyes gave him a amused look. Yeh tho waisen hi kiss karne ko koi mauka nahi choten.. aab tho..
her heart began to beat frantically in anticipation. He opened his seat belt & leaned closer to her. His breath deepened .. she took in his smell.. natural.. just him. She could feel herself completely helpless underneath his gaze.. the crimson eyes that just mesmerized her.


Shaadi ke baad sab honey moon pe hi jathen hain na.. he teased. His lips were so close to hers.  Her heart was racing thousand beats per minute & she felt her breath would come out faster than normal. She felt her skin burn now wherever his breath touched her leaving her longing.. & terrified of this longing.
He started to laugh.. looking at her nervous face..
she breathed out in release...
she waked him.. u r so mean..
aauch.. main ek lota pati honga puri duniya main jo aapni shaadi ke din se hi patni se mar kha raha hain
wat do u mean shaadi ki din se hi??
waisen sab pati mar kaaten hain

oh really??
aur main tho special.. aaj se hi mar kha raha hoon
very funny
aur nahi tho kya
aisen thodi hota hain.
Mera hi haal dehk lo..
she made a cute frowning face & looked awaymujhe aapse baat nahi karna
yehlo.. abhi tho madam gussa bhi hogayen.. yaar Mrs Khurana.. aaj ke din tho gussa mat karo
main Mrs khurana nahi hoon..
he pulled her in his arms.. nahi ho??
his gaze searched her eyes.
She looked down immediately  turning out of embrace.
wify hubby passionate hug.
thanks for the lovely comments & likes

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maaneet23 Goldie

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Me First...
Going To read now...

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jasraj123 IF-Sizzlerz

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I never felt so low on ending of any show, as I am feeling todayCryCryCryCryCry

muskaan your updates are giving me hope and courage

please keep us togather by keep writing.


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Water. IF-Rockerz

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