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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

OS: The Accidental Marriage-Updated Part 2-Pg 4

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The way they showed Lavanya picking up a hint today gave me this weird idea so I sketched up my thought knowing we probably wont be getting anything close.LOL It starts from where the episode ended today.

Comments/Suggestions appreciated, alwaysBig smile

OS: The Accidental Marriage

Kushi paced her room thinking what was the right thing to do. She loved Payal so much and couldn't stand the sight of her being upset all over again. Akash had worked so hard to win her and she could not punish him for Shyams mistake. Then there was also Anjali, who she adored as much as Payal. Anjali was so soft-hearted, and that made Kushi even more worried. "What if she can't stand the truth? What if something happens to her" she thought.  "Does telling the truth matter so much? Even if it means it would break someones house and so many hearts?" she questioned herself, completely torn. She wanted to stand by the truth because that's what her principles said, but she couldn't bare the fact that it would bring about so much chaos and pain in so many peoples lives. Her principles also taught her not to hurt anyone, especially not those who loved and trusted her so much. As she continued to pace the room, deliberating with her heart and mind, her phone rang. She was even more saddened seeing Anjalis name. She accepted the call, hesitant but couldn't ignore it.

"Yes, Anjali Ji" she said in an almost quiet tone

"Kushi, we need you urgently."

Panicked Kushi asked "Is everything ok, Anjali Ji."

"Yes' No'I mean'I don't know" she said extremely confused "Actually, Lavanya's wants the wedding instead of the engagement. (Kushi's eyes widened, shocked)And she keeps insisting. She also wants me to make Arnav agree. I don't know what to do, Kushi. Please come!" she completed herself in a very pleading voice.

Kushi agreed without second thoughts. She grabbed her bag and quickly told Payal and Amma that Anjali needed her and she would be back soon. She pleaded her Mom to take care of Bua, and that she could not refuse Anjali. She ran out, and looked around for a ride. She walked a little ahead, hoping to find something. Arnav, who was sitting a little far from her house, debating whether he should go and check up on her, spotted her and was surprised. "What is she doing out this late" he thought. As she spot a rickshaw from afar, she waved but he drove by fast. She groaned and looked around helpless. That's when Arnavs car drove up. He rolled down his windows and jumped at her "What are you doing out this late" he asked in a demanding tone. She starred at him confused and remained silent.

"Kushi I am asking you something. Where are you going this late" he asked again.

She continued to stare. She was so shocked with his behavior. She wanted to yell and cross-question who he was to ask. But she couldn't, she just couldn't. There was so much concern in his voice, and so much tension on his face, she couldn't refuse the care he was showing.

"Kushiii" he said in a loud tone now.

"Huh" she said coming out of her thoughts.

"Where are you going this late?" he questioned again, this time angrily though.

"I was going to your house." She answered.

"My house? This late?"

"Yes, Anjali Ji needed me for some work."

"Dii" he thought. "Ok, come sit."

"No..It's ok" she whispered.

"I am not asking you Kushi, I am telling you COME SIT!" he yelled.

She jolted at his scream and quickly opened the front door, taking her seat.

"Am I going to have to close that now?" he asked pointing to the door.

She shook her head, and quickly shut the door. As they drove away, Kushi thought "why am I seeing this new side of him all of a sudden'Why has he become so mellow and that too with me?" Arnav observed her from the corner of his eyes. He had been so concerned about her and left the house right after his little chat with Lavanya. When she pointed out that Kushi was not there and it was her, he didn't have an answer and just asked her to leave him alone. He knew deep down that until he saw her, saw her safe and sound, he would not be able to rest and would end up making more such bloopers. So he set out to her house without much thought. He just needed to see her once. He parked a far from her house preparing himself, thinking what excuse he would give and how would he get to Kushi if someone else opened and above all, whether he should even go. That's when Kushi had came out herself.

"There is so much pain on her face and even though she's trying so hard not to show it, why can I still see it.? Why do I want to know the reason so badly!" he complained to himself. Home was almost near, but Arnav took a wrong turn deliberately and acted as if he erred when Kushi pointed out. He needed more time with her, he wanted to ask her what her fianc did. He just didn't know how to start the conversation and what Kushi would think. But he was adamant to know.

"Kushi" he spoke, hesitant.

"Ji" before she could say more, her phone rang. It was Anjali. She picked up "Yes, I am almost there''..No no'it's ok''.I found a ride (looking at Arnav)'" Just as she was talking to Anjali, Arnavs phone rang and it was Lavanya.


"Where r u" she questioned, upset. She heard Kushi's voice from behind, upsetting her futher. She hung up the phone without hearing Arnavs answer. Arnav looked at his phone, confused. He didn't get much of a chance to think about it because Kushi spoke up, distracting him.

"Don't miss this turn" Kushi spoke looking at the road. Arnav remained silent and took the turn. Kushi wanted to be there fast. She was so restless to say the least. There so many questions in her mind, so many emotions stirring in her heart. She didn't understand why Lavanya was demanding for a wedding that fast. But what troubled her the most was, she couldn't understand why it was aching her hearing about the wedding. It was going to happen, sooner or later. She couldn't reason with herself. Her mind and heart began a war. She rested her  head back, distressed, Arnav looked her way, even more concerned. But time was out for them to speak alone, for home was in front of them now. As she stepped out, Lavanya observed from the window above. Her eyes teared up as she turned out and sat on a nearby chair, offended.

Kushi rushed to Anjali, while Arnav just stood outside watching her leave. He leaned against his car thinking about himself now. What was happening. Her tears use to move him, but it had reached such a point now, that even the slight possibility of her being upset made him distraught and so restless that he took such a step, the old Arnav Raizada would never. He laid his head back starring at the sparkling stars shining in the dark sky. "Why do I worry about her so much? Why do I get so moved by her tears and emotions? Why do I become so restless when I don't see her? Why do I find reasons to be near her? Whyyy do I feel a sense of ownership over her? Why, Mom" he asked with his eyes tearing up.

"Saab" a guard called out. "Is there something you need." Arnav sniffed and shook his head, handing him the keys. He started to walk in, stopped at his last step and turned and starred at the shining stars once again, hoping for some answer.

"It's a heart" Lavanya said from behind.

"Huh" he said without turning back.

"The stars are in a shape of a heart today, see" she said connecting the dots.

He turned and looked at her shocked. He gulped and looked back, starring even more confused now.

"It seems like there is a storm inside of you, Asr" Lavanya said thoughtful. "Seems like you are trying to reach a decision"

He shook his head vigorously saying "No..It cant be'It can never be."

"Asr" Lavanya touched his arms. He looked at her and whispered "never" very firmly. He walked away, leaving an even more upset Lavanya.  

She knew exactly what war he was fighting. It was just too difficult for her to say it. But she couldn't deny the fact and keep herself in the dark either. Arnav needed to make a decision and she wasn't going to wait around for it. She called out to him but he continued walking. Frustrated, she ran up to him and grabbed his arm "I need to talk to you RIGHT now!" she demanded. He turned around and looked at her angrily. "Not right now" he said shrugging her hand off his arm. He turned to leave.

"People can not talk as per your convenience Arnav!" she yelled. He turned around shocked. Soon enough, Anjali, Akash, Shyam, Nani and Mami gathered in the hall.

"I said I need to talk to you right now!" she yelled. She gathered herself seeing everyone around. She looked at Arnav who was still shocked and walked over to him. "I want the wedding in place of the engagement" she said, determined. His eyesbrows came together as he starred at her, bewild. "I want the wedding on the 16th. I don't care how much running around that requires. I will work all day and night and make it happen, but I will make it happen." She finished.

Anjali looked up at Kushi worried. They barely even got to discussing it because of the ruckus Lavanya created. Mami laughed at her wish and said it was impossible. The wedding had to be grand because it was Arnav Singh Raizada's. Lavanya looked at her and with an angry glare said "I am not saying to have a run-down, low class wedding, I am saying I want my wedding! He is (turning to look at Arnav) Arnav Singh Raizada after all, he can definitely arrange the best wedding even if only hours are given." She silenced Mami, who looked away. Nani came forward and said it was impossible. Anjali tried to pacify Nani but keeping a hand on her shoulder.

"When Asr wanted the engagement to the 16th, everyone eventually agreed. I want the wedding now, why cant everyone agree? All I am saying is to change the event from an engagement to a wedding and invite a pandit for the pheras. Theres not much change!" she  reasoned.Arnavs eyes searched Kushi and finally found her standing by a pillar upstairs looking down at them, sadly. Her eyes finally met his, and both starred at each other, longing. So many untold feelings spurred in their heart as they tried to understand each other through the eyes. Lavanya looked at Arnav and then followed his gaze. Hurt to see Kushi stand there and how aloof they both were of the surroundings, Lavanya's eyes started to tear up. She stood in front of Arnav and held his arm, instantly breaking their spell. Kushi hid behind the pillar and rested herself against it while Arnav looked down at Lavanya.

"To be with you is all I wanted" she said to Arnav "and to make sure that happens I went through a lot. If you feel the same way, you will agree with me. I am only asking for this and after it, I shall not ask for more, I promise" she assured. He looked at her and then where Kushi once stood.

"I need sometime Lavanya" he asked politely.

Not being able to refuse that tone of his, she nodded and let him free. Arnav walked up the stairs not once looking behind. The crowd cleared. Anjali took Lavanya to her room to talk.

As he walked to his room, he met a crying Kushi. Her tears instantly made him forget everything but he was tired of feeling that way for her now and he grabbed her arm dragging him to his room. He closed the doors behind them, while she quivered, scared.

"What is it, why don't you tell me" he demanded, completely annoyed! "Your tears" he pointed "they drive me crazy! For Gods sake, stop it already and tell me." She stood flabbergasted. Her silence frustrated him even more, and he grabbed her delicate arms and pulled her closer, tightening his hold on her soft arms. "Tell me Kushi!" he yelled. Tears started to fall out quickly now and she just starred at him not knowing what to say. She didn't have anything to say, matter of fact. She didn't even know why she was crying, certainly not because of what had happened earlier. It was this new pain, something inside of her ached, and he demanded to know what even before she could ask herself. As he searched her eyes for an answer, his grip tightened, and pain spread all over her innocent face. She tried to loosen his grip by pushing her arms back. His grip was too tight for her too even more. She tried to tell him she was hurting, but he was in no mood for anything else. He wanted an answer, and she knew it. She made another attempt "You're hurting me" she said almost inaudible to his ears. "Please" she pleaded. He didn't hear her, his head was so hot, and he was out of his forms. There were so much stirring inside of him and she became the victim to baring it all.

"Arnav Ji" she cried. That's not what he wanted to hear. Fuming with anger at no help from her, he pushed her back causing her to fall. He slammed his hand against the mirror making him bleed. Hurt by his actions but more worried about his wound, she rushed to his side, holding his arm and trying to inspect his wound. He shrugged her away from his other hand and asked her to leave.

"Please'" she pleaded crying "let me look at it'" he waved his bleeding hand over her head, accidentally filling her maang with his very blood. As his blood dripped down her maang and over to her forhead, her hands shivered as she touched her maang and starred at him completely shocked. His eyes widened as he saw her maang completely filled with his blood. 


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superb !
awesome OS !
loved every part of it :)

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so sweet i think la will go back to being a vamp when she realize asr don't love her or she will pretended to be there friend and create misunderstanding between them 

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wow yaar its really unbelievable and lovely os...

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Originally posted by rafid11

superb !
awesome OS !
loved every part of it :)

Awww..Thank you so muchEmbarrassed

Originally posted by anu17

wow yaar its really unbelievable and lovely os...

Thank you for reading it! Glad you liked itSmile

Originally posted by dumas

so sweet i think la will go back to being a vamp when she realize asr don't love her or she will pretended to be there friend and create misunderstanding between them 

Thanks! I do hope that Lavanya does not go being back to her old self. If she changed for love, then she should bid goodbye to that love with the same change knowing he never really loved her. But knowing soaps for awhile now, I am sure they will turn her into an antagonist :-(

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wow wow super amazing i loved it... so touching...,.,
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OHHH so wonderful.ClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClap
Please write what happened next. Please please please.Big smileBig smileBig smileBig smile
That was amazing full of such raw emotions.
You captured everyones feeling into words so well especially Arnav's and Khushi's. Execellent work.StarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStar
Now please find the next part. WHat was Arnav's reation to the blood in her maang etc. At least you are giving us an Arhi marriage, accidental or otherwise, we will take anything except a hate marriage.Smile

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loved it..really good

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