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Tum Mere Ho (RTMC FF) Part69 on Pg153 (Page 9)

geetap Senior Member

Joined: 02 May 2011
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Posted: 26 October 2011 at 12:24am | IP Logged
great part, plz update soon want to know wat prithvi does now.

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Amor. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 26 October 2011 at 6:25am | IP Logged
lovely awesome continue sooon. 

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Rapunzzel Goldie

Joined: 26 October 2010
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Posted: 27 October 2011 at 11:19pm | IP Logged
lovely ff
glad to read one more ff of my favorite RTMC
thanx for the pm

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geetap Senior Member

Joined: 02 May 2011
Posts: 342

Posted: 28 October 2011 at 12:12am | IP Logged
waiting ...plz update soon

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sweetsanyo IF-Dazzler

Joined: 05 April 2010
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Posted: 30 October 2011 at 10:14am | IP Logged
u write amazing...

i m a fan of yours             ...

lovely story...

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Freethinker Goldie

Joined: 16 August 2010
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Posted: 30 October 2011 at 6:57pm | IP Logged

Part 11

Nandini was standing near the window in her room when Richa knocked at the door

"Nandini... open the"

Nandini moved slowly towards the door and unlocked it...

Richa "lets go...get ready"

Nandini "i told you I don't want to go anywhere...please leave me alone" she said facing towards the window.

Richa walked towards her " look Nandini...Prithvi knows that you got engaged and now he has asked me that he wants to see you right now...he is waiting for you..."

Nandini looked shockingly towards Richa "what??? what did I tell you ?????...i told you not to tell him anything...then why did you ???..." said angrily.

Richa "this is not the time to argue over it ...he wants to see you now...lets go..."

Nandini kept her hand on her mouth with shock "do you even know what you have done...???"...looked puzzled and confused "i don't know what to do now...i can't go"

Richa "if you don't go...then he will come here..." said seriously

Nandini got scared and felt was difficult for her to face him...what will she explain to him...he won't believe her...she had broken his could she handle him...Prithvi is very aggressive...she sweated as she thought about the situation that might drew her away from him forever...even the thought of loosing him frightened her...She could not really think of anything.

Richa said looking at her "Nandini lets go...nothing will happen...its not your fault...its your family, tell him everything...he will understand."

Nandini walked towards the college but her mind was still thinking about the situation she had fallen in...she has landed herself into the well of she walked she saw him standing next to college gates near the canteen she looked more she was standing right in front of him with her eyes not looking at him...

Everyone was looking at Nandini...but she wasn't looking at anyone...feeling totally detached from everybody...even her closest friend who was standing next to her...

Prithvi came closer to Nandini who was trembling with fear... "Nandini do you trust me ??" he asked firmly looking straight into her eyes...

Nandini lifted her eyes to look at him confused about the question he had asked... and nodded her head..and again lowered her eyes...

Prithvi moved towards a nervous body and lifted her face with his hand and made her look into his eyes and said "then why are you so scared ?"..

He kept his hand on her shoulder and other hand on her cheek and said "what did I tell you are mine Nandini...and no one on this earth can separate you from me"...

...she looked into his eyes with tears when his hands curled around her arms and he pulled her towards himself "now you don't even think that I have enough strength in these arms to protect you?" he asked with a frown on his forehead.

Nandini started crying and embraced him tightly "i...i got scared Prithvi" and kept on crying "i...i am sorry..." Prithvi held her more closer.

Everybody got emotional as they couldn't see Nandini crying bitterly...

After some time...

Angad said "hmm...Now we understand why God made you for each other..."

Nandini looked around and immediately realised everyone's presence and loosened her embrace..finally just holding Prithvi's hand.

Richa "yes definitely" and smiled while looking at Nandini who had a small smile on her lips after so many days.

Piyush looked at everyone "why ?? tell me..."

Sneha "you dumbo...even God cannot see our sweet Nandini in pain..."

Piyush "so ..."

Sneha "so he made Prithvi...and if Prithvi is with Nandini, he will never let anything happen to her".

Everybody smiled and cheerfully looked at them.

Nandini kept on looking at Prithvi who was holding her hand as he wiped her last tear on her blushing cheek with his thumb.

All were busy eating and drinking in the canteen.

Richa looked at her watch "i think we should attend at least one class today"

Sneha "oh c'mmon Richa you go then...i am in no mood to seems romantic day today...but you won't understand." looking at Piyush...

Richa "ok fine...i think I better leave then..." she said smilingly and picked up her bag '.

Prithvi looked at Nandini and said  "Nandini you should also go and attend your class now...i too have to practice...i will meet you in the evening"

Nandini didn't wanted to go but unwillingly agreed. Prithvi and Nandini walked towards their respective departments.

Angad said "i think I too will leave... I have some work to do"

all went away leaving Piyush and Sneha together...


In the evening

Abhishek kept on trying her no, but it was switched off. He got frustrated and threw the phone away... "Nandini...for how long will you manage to stay away from me..." said smirkingly...then looked at Nandini's photograph he had in his office and said "you are the most beautiful girl I have every seen in my life and I will have you...i will not allow any hurdle come between us" with lust in his eyes...he remembered when he saw Nandini while she was wearing a sari once and he saw her lovely fair waist that made him obsessed for her... " are my prey" he said while running her finger across her photograph.

He picked up his phone and spoke to someone "did you find out? quick I need the address soon"

Suddenly his secretary came in "Sir there's an important call for you" it was from the company's owner and director where he was working as CEO. He got worried and quickly picked up the call.

"sir I am about to finish that project as soon as I can" he said confidently.

He held a quick meeting with all the managers and asked them to finish off the report today as the company's director needs to authorize it.


It was late evening...

Nandini seemed to be relieved of if some big burden has become less...she thought about Prithvi while waiting for him...She knew that she had come early but she couldn't resist and sitting in her room was boring for her now...she loved waiting for Prithvi...she imagined him all day and night...She thought the first time he kissed her near the large bush where she was standing and started touching the bush and said "so you saw something that day..." smiled shyly looked away...her heart started beating faster as she thought more and more...

Suddenly she felt his warmth from behind, his hands curled around her waist...She closed her eyes...he tightened his grip and bent towards the fair curve of her neck and shoulder and kissed her, She said "Prithvi..." and opened her eyes...

Prithvi "hmmm.." resting his face in between her neck and shoulder...

Nandini tried to turn around but his grip was strong enough and she said "i want to tell you something"

Prithvi pulled away a little so she can turn around and look at him...he looked at her innocent and beautiful face that was blushing...

Nandini said while keeping her hand on his chest..."Prithvi don't know my family...if they get to know about us...they can harm...i cant see you..." and she stopped as Prithvi looked at her while his fingers brushing her beautiful hair and lifted her face to look into her eyes "i would be happy to give my introduction to your entire family...they will regret once they meet me" he said with furious tone.

Nandini looked at Prithvi surprisingly "you are not scared... I mean...they are very dangerous people...and..." she was about to say when Prithvi touched her soft cheeks and moved closer to her and kissed her forehead "...and they don't know how dangerous I am" and embraced her tightly.

"you have cried enough its somebody's else turn" his face turned red with rage.

Nandini did not see his anger,  her face was buried in his chest and she relaxed in his strong arms as the evening sun was settling down'.


Next Day

Angad was getting ready for college when he saw Piyush sitting on his study table and writing something "Hey ass '.how did you get up so early and studying??"

Piyush turned to look at him "if you think I will be studying at this hour of the day then you are the biggest fool on this earth" and laughed.

Angad got annoyed "then what on earth are you doing at this time..."

Piyush "i am writing a letter...for my darling Sneha" and looked out of the window smilingly...

Angad "no wonder...i would have guessed it...anyways I am leaving for college...see you later" looked in despair at Piyush.

College was blooming with beautiful flowers as spring season was in full. There were lovely flowers all around the campus garden. Campus was really big but just outside the campus gates within a few minutes of walking there was a huge garden with beautiful flowers and rose bushes that were covering the green valley.

Richa and Nandini were entering the gates when they saw Angad.

Richa waved her hand "hi Angad..."

Angad looked at them " are you?"

Richa "good, we have important lecture know Professor Rai ?...She is taking our lecture today"

Angad "oh sorry I don't know any literature professors , I am always busy in my department but I am sure Prithvi knows all the professors." and smiled towards Nandini who looked shy.

Richa "where is Prithvi always come together..."

Angad "oh.. he has a match today...even I forgot I will go to the hall first and then attend my class"

Nandini looked at him in surprise and Richa asked him "ok ..when is the match starting?"

Angad "in another one hour or so...ok I will leave...bye"

Richa "ok bye"

Nandini looked at Richa "i think I should go and see Prithvi...he didn't tell me anything yesterday...i must go..."

Richa "we have important lecture now...are you sure you want to go ??"

Nandini "i know you will help me cover go and attend the class..i have to be with Prithvi"

Richa "ok...i will see you later then ..."

Nandini started walking towards the hall...she felt scared as she could not see Prithvi hurt but she thought she must wish him good luck.

As she was walking and about to enter the hall she saw one of her anklets missing. She looked around to see but couldn't find. She least cared and walked inside the hall.

There was a huge crowd of audience who were cheering up their players. She went towards the audience seats and occupied the seat which was almost isolated in the corner.

The match was about to start...

She saw another player coming from her left side , not many people were cheering him but he looked strong. He came and stopped at the ring.

She heard the audiences cheering for Prithvi as he was coming from the other side. She looked at him and her heart started beating faster...there was something that pulled Nandini towards him...she saw him dressed in red boxing shorts, and red robe which he took off when he came inside the ring and wore his red lace up gloves and headgear.

Nandini closed her eyes to pray to the Gods .

Boxing had started which was supervised by a referee over a series of between one to three minute intervals.

Prithvi looked fierce as his strong body moved towards the other player. Prithvi had won many of his bouts with first-round knockouts.

Overcoming a shaky start, the other player began to dominate the fight, but after a round had ended, Prithvi knocked him out with a cross punch and he landed hard on the floor unable to get up before the referee counted to ten seconds. Prithvi won the match.

Nandini opened her eyes to see Prithvi safe and everyone cheering him. He did not see her sitting and went towards his changing rooms with his trainer.


It was late evening when '.

Nandini was collecting some flowers in the garden near to college when she asked Prithvi "why didn't you informed me about your match??"

Prithvi said while lying down on the grass in a beautiful garden "it was just a small match... and even if I informed wouldn't have dared to come.." and looked at her with a raised brow.

Nandini "you played well...i think people really like you" smiled at him while collecting beautiful roses.

Prithvi "so you did come...thats good to hear...we should go now...its been so late ...won't your warden ask you"

Nandini was picking up flowers when she heard him "oh...yes I have to..wait let me collect these flowers..i love them..." and quickly went from one bush to another...

Prithvi kept looking at her... "Nandini you will get late..." he got up...picked his jacket...and went towards Nandini who was sitting near a bush and held her arm "come..." Nandini "oh ...wait..." she said and he pulled her towards the car and made her sit on the seat.

Nandini looked at him "why do you want me to go back so early"

Prithvi "its early???? look at the time...silly girl...its so you are not scared ???"

Nandini looking into his eyes "no...i am not scared at all"

Prithvi came near her...and very close to her lips and said "shall I scare you then" looking at her lovely lips...

Nandini closed her eyes and Prithvi came closer with little amusement in his eyes...but Nandini did not notice and said "Prithvi please don't" '.but he did not moved an inch, his hand grasped her waist...suddenly she said "lets go..." Prithvi saw her face going pale...and suddenly laughed.

Nandini noticed his mischievous look "so you were making fun..." she touched his tussled hair with her soft hands and smiled lovingly looking into Prithvi's eyes...

Prithvi looked at her and the amused look on his face somehow was taken over by some other emotion,as he put his hand around her waist and pulled her closer...he kissed her lips fiercely..

Nandini pressed her hand curled around Prithvi's arm so hard because of the strong passion in his kiss...

After very long time his hand drew towards her chest...Prithvi felt the touch of her skin and lifted his head...then bent down a little towards her chest and sensually kissed fair and soft skin until Nandini was completely lost in Prithvi's arms...she felt his touch always melting her...why does she forget everything once he kisses her...why couldn't she stop him...why she feels so good and over sensitive when he and only he touches her she thought...

He slowly pulled himself away after kissing on her chest...and looked at her...kissed her lips again and she embraced him tightly.

"do you think we should go back" he said and she smiled shyly.


Nandini and Prithvi :)

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ridzzi Goldie

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Posted: 30 October 2011 at 9:10pm | IP Logged
nice update...Tongue
see nandini prithvi is strong enough to save u from ur not to worry dear...Wink
well done...Clap
waiting for next part...Smile

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geetap Senior Member

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Posted: 30 October 2011 at 11:47pm | IP Logged
nice update dear...plz update soon

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