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Tum Mere Ho (RTMC FF) Part69 on Pg153 (Page 8)

b1h1 Newbie

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Posted: 24 October 2011 at 12:07pm | IP Logged
wonderful didiClapClapClapClap
plz update soonSmileSmileSmileSmileSmile
warm regards

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Nandini25 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 October 2011 at 11:39pm | IP Logged
Sry fr la8 dear
All the 3 updates are awesome
I luvd Nandini's innocent confession
n the car sceme was so romantic
Oh no! Nandini got engaged! But I know 1 thing fr sure Nandini can only be  Prithvi's  n noone else
I hope she shares her predicament with Prithvi soon n he helps her out
update soon.

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Freethinker Goldie

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Posted: 25 October 2011 at 8:17pm | IP Logged


It was a stormy night and the window panes were hitting the wall due to the heavy winds. Nandini got up from her bed to close the window when she looked outside...thoughts occupied her mind ever since she was away from Prithvi...feeling sad..she said to herself "these strong winds have brought such a storm in my life...that I can never rest in peace now" and thought about her moments spent with Prithvi...the way he looked at her...touched her..kissed her and embraced her in his could she be able to forget him...the precious moments of love and happiness had shattered into pieces will she face him??...she had already cried so much that even her tears had dried up...she thought what if Prithvi gets to know...and started thinking deeply about the consequences that might effect everyone...

Nandini knew what Prithvi's reaction will be, the moment he gets to know what all happened with her...God forbid if he did something extreme...she got scared ...she shouldn't tell him...she knew he will do anything for her happiness...she went towards her bed and tried to get some sleep into her moist eyes...


Next Morning

Vinod and Brinda helped Nandini pack her stuff...she didn't talk to anyone accept her Father and as she was stepping out of the house Bauji said "now be belong to someone else and you know we are cultural and traditional are going to complete your studies so bear that in your mind"

She looked at him and lowered her eyes...moved into the car.

Richa and Nandini's parents went to see off them...

Richa talking to her parents while sitting in the train. Nandini's Mother said smilingly "i have given your phone no to Abhishek, he will call to him nicely and do call me and let me know...everything will be alright...take care.."

Nandini did not said anything but tried to smile...the moment train started...she looked at her Father and waved at him...he smiled and waved back...train left the station...she became sad and kept her hands on her face...

Richa saw this and came near her "Nandini until when will you keep hurting yourself" and kept her hand on her shoulder "get out of it...if you aren't happy with this engagement then just leave it...don't just accept it if your parents want you to..."

Nandini " you won't understand Father is happy with this relation so I have to accept it...i can't see him getting more insults from my Grandparents."

Richa looked at her and said "ok fine.. then don't think about your life..and don't think about Prithvi..."

Nandini starting sobbing... "i can't tell anything to him...and please don't tell him anything about my engagement...i beg of you" and started crying..

Richa wiped her tears and hugged her closer "Nandini...please...i can't see you crying...i won't tell him look at me...lets talk something else..."

Nandini looked outside the window...


Almost all the students came back from their summer was again full with students around the campus...enjoying...talking and playing with one another. Spring was about to come and the campus garden started blooming with beautiful flowers. College canteen was as usual the most talkative place in the campus. Students had started going to their classes for regular studies...everyone was enjoying their lives...

Angad " where the hell are you going" said irritably

Piyush "you know I didn't meet" said smirkingly

Angad "you least attend your class first.."

Piyush "you go ...i will come later"

Piyush called sneha and asked her to come near the canteen...

After some time...

Sneha "where the hell were you ? calls...emails..nothing..." said annoyingly

Piyush "oh ho...just leave your complaints now...lets go outside..."

Sneha "outside??? where.."

Piyush "i have seen a beautiful garden just few minutes from the campus...lets go and spend some time there"

Sneha said happily "ok...but not for so long..i need to attend my class"

Piyush "sure darling...come"

both were leaving when Prithvi entered the gate and saw Sneha and Piyush.

Piyush "hi Prithvi...when did you come...we thought you will come late since you cancelled the tickets with us"

Prithvi "i purposely did not wanted to come with you..." grinned at him

Sneha "Piyush you irritate everyone!!!….."

Piyush "my company is the best sweetheart...see how much you missed me...Prithvi thinks exactly opposite of what I think" said smilingly.

Prithvi simply walked irritably towards the campus... Piyush and Sneha watched him walking …..


Richa was putting stuff in her bag when she saw Nandini sitting on the bed and thinking something...

Richa "Nandini get will get late for your class"

Nandini did not listen to her...she was lost in her thoughts when Richa came near her and kept her hand on her shoulder "Nandini...get ready for college"

Nandini looked at her and took a long breath as if to come out of her never ending up from her bed to get ready...but again something struck her mind and she felt weak as if she can never face Prithvi... suddenly her phone rang … was her Father...she picked up...

Nandini "hello Papa...i have reached safe..."

Vinod "how are you...i am really worried for you..."

Nandini "i am fine...paused for are you"

Vinod "we all are fine just thinking about you...are you going to your class"

Nandini "yes papa ...i was getting ready"

Vinod " have to study Nandini...i know you will fulfill my dream"

Nandini "yes papa...i have to leave now"

Vinod "ok..ok I will call you later.. take care"

Nandini "bye papa" and kept the phone...

She did not think of anything else and got ready to leave...


Prithvi was practicing in the hall when Angad came and asked him "so you aren't going to meet Nandini??"

Prithvi did not looked at him "why are you so concerned ??"

Angad "i thought you must be desperate like Piyush??"

Prithvi "have you ever seen anything common between me and Piyush??"

Angad "She must have come back though...did you see her?"

Prithvi "will you let me practice...???" said annoyingly

Angad left and Prithvi stopped for a while and thought about Nandini...and started practicing again.

After some time ….

Nandini was entering the gates of the college when she saw Prithvi coming out of the hall with his boxing kit on his right shoulder looking extremely handsome...his hair looked wet as of the sweat all around...he was practicing for the last two hours...

Nandini stood still and kept on looking at him...her heart skipped a beat...her cheeks got warmer because of the pink blush. Her hands were holding the bag more tightly...she got nervous and forgot everything... she hide herself behind the tree as he was coming towards the gate...may be he did not notice her... she breathed faster and was so much excited as she saw him after such a long time...she felt as if she will be out of breath...

She turned around to look but he was not there...Nandini thought he must have gone to his hostel to change...she moved from there and started walking towards her class when a strong hand held her wrist and pulled her ….she looked was Prithvi...he was looking at her, smiling...her heart started beating faster ….she felt her hands ice cold.

He pulled her against the tree and kept one hand around her waist and other hand was holding her wrist. She looked down...she knew she will not be able to look at him... his eyes will make her forget everything and he will make her melt in his arms again.

He slowly freed her wrist from his grasp and his fingers moved towards her cheek...he touched her cheeks and her lips... she simply closed her eyes... he lifted her face to look into her eyes...but she had closed her eyes, not to look into his attractive eyes...

he bent down slowly to kiss her lips when she opened her eyes and said "no...don't"...

Prithvi frowned and looked at her .. "what happen??" looking astonishingly

Nandini did not said anything but was almost out of breath because of the terror she thought and quickly moved aside...completely out of his grasp and looked at the distance between them...

Prithvi "Nandini tell me...what's wrong???"

Nandini "no...nothing...i am actually getting late...i will meet you later...please" and turned around to go her building...she moved faster to join the crowd coming from the entrance gate without looking back...

Prithvi looked at her...there was a sudden shock and anger in his eyes...he didn't try to stop her...but he knew something was disturbing Nandini...


Next day

Prithvi was waiting at the gate when he saw Nandini coming. She was thinking while walking when her duppatta from one side was rubbing the ground and she did not notice...she looked completely lost in her thoughts that she even forgot to adjust her duppatta which was about to fall on one side when Prithvi who was watching this constantly came towards her...picked up her dupatta from the ground and wore it around her...

she looked at him and then lowered her eyes and was about to walk when Prithvi held her arm and pulled her towards the side of the gate... and asked her "come with me"...

..Nandini did not said anything...she knew Prithvi will never listen to her...he has noticed something is wrong with her ….He held her hand and walked away from the college...just near the bushes and looked into her eyes "now tell me what's wrong ???"

Nandini thought of something... she had to leave before she gets too weak in front of him...

Nandini "nothing...will you leave me alone please"...she said with tears about to roll her eyes...

Prithvi "no I will not leave you alone" said firmly still holding her hand

Nandini "i am fine Prithvi...i...i don't want to talk to you..." she said avoiding looking at him

Prithvi smiled..."My Nandini doesn't even know how to lie properly" and lifted her face to make her look into his eyes...

She looked into his eyes and couldn't control her feelings...hugged him tightly... "Prithvi..."

she cried as she burnt her face into his chest... he embraced her tightly more closer and rubbed his hands slowly on her back...she felt his warmth and was about to tell him everything but something stopped her...if she told him everything and he fights with her family...she knew her family is violent...if they tried to harm him...she can't see him getting hurt because of her...

After long time she lifted her face up to look into Prithvi's eyes..

She simply looked at him and tried to smile..she knew Prithvi is waiting for an answer...she lied to him "i was away from you...i was angry that you didn't called me...and that's why i tried to stay away from you..." ..Prithvi looked into her eyes... "why do I think...its something else"...Nandini tried to relax herself and said calmly "no..there isn't anything...and if there is something...i will let you lets go...i am getting late for my class"

Prithvi looked at her but did not believe what she had said. They started walking towards the college...when Nandini's phone rang and she saw an unknown no...she picked it up

Nandini "hello"

Abhi "hello Nandini this is are you ?"

Nandini startled for a moment, looked at Prithvi who was walking by her side...nervously she said "i am fine.."

Abhishek " I was thinking about you...i asked your dad...where exactly is your college??...i know our families won't like this...but I would really want to meet you."

Nandini got red as she was all sweating now "can I call you later" she asked hesitantly

Abhishek "yes sure. But call me soon. I am waiting" said happily.

Nandini cut the phone and looked at Prithvi who looked straight into Nandini's eyes while she was avoiding to look at him.

Prithvi saw her sweating and getting red as if something wrong has happened with her. She said "i have to get something room...i will call you when I come back and rushed towards her hostel...she didn't know what she was doing...and started crying the moment she reached near the hostel gates.

She reached her room and closed from inside...she thought of ending her life rather than suffocating every minute... she cannot tell anything to Prithvi...neither she can tell her Father about Prithvi...what can she do...

Prithvi realized something terribly wrong and he knew very well that Nandini was hiding something from him...


Next Day

Richa was sitting in the canteen with Angad, Sneha and Piyush when Prithvi came towards her..

Prithvi "Richa where is Nandini ?" he asked with raised eyebrow

Richa looked at him and tried to avoid the truth which might spill out of her mouth...she hates lying but she had to ….because of her friend.

Richa "she is...not hadn't come today"

Prithvi "really...if she's not come you are sitting here??? are really close to Nandini and as far as I know...if she's unwell you will never leave her alone" he said with a frown on his forehead.

Richa got confused "she ….she …" and kept silent. Everybody looked at her.

Prithvi looked at her while crossing his arms "so...enough of tell me the exact reason behind this whole drama"

Richa looked at him "this isn't any drama Prithvi. Nandini is in trouble"

Prithvi "yes go on...i want to hear this trouble"

Richa "i can't tell...she's asked me not to..." fidgeting her Prithvi looked at her...

Angad interrupted "tell him Richa...he won't let you go otherwise..." said seriously looking at her.

Prithvi "shut you mouth Angad and stop poking yourself in between...yes Richa go on...i hate will you finish this quickly" he said as his eyes looking fiercely towards her.

Richa realized that if she didn't tell anything to Prithvi then she or Nandini might have to face his arrogance.

She looked up at him "During these summer holidays...i went out with my mother to my grandmother's place...when I came back I heard Nandini family is..." before she could complete the sentence...

Prithvi looked at her "go and call Nandini now"

Richa looked at him "now...she won't..." Prithvi again said "hope you hear me very go and call Nandini now" looking straight into her eyes demandingly.

Richa went to call Nandini from the hostel...


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lisalafaiya Groupbie

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Posted: 25 October 2011 at 8:22pm | IP Logged

ClapClapClapClapClapClapClapawesome like usuall aaawww i feel so bad 4 nandini and prithvi and loved the line MY Nanidini cant even lie properly amazing update fast

Edited by lisalafaiya - 25 October 2011 at 8:31pm

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ridzzi Goldie

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Posted: 25 October 2011 at 9:06pm | IP Logged
awesome update as usuallSmile
feeling bad for nandini...but not that much b'couz prithvi is their for her...

waiting for next part...Smile

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Manipadma Senior Member

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Posted: 25 October 2011 at 10:55pm | IP Logged
finally he got the news...wat wll he do now??? Hope every thing wll b fine...u r a grtt writer dear...simply loved ur writing ...plzz update soon...lov u Smile

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ananyashera Senior Member

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Posted: 26 October 2011 at 12:00am | IP Logged
nice updates...your dialogues r always awesome - my nandini...just loved them...

feeling sad for nandini...hope she will tell everything to prithvi...& there will not be misunderstandings b/w them...update soon...

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Rukmini13 Groupbie

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Posted: 26 October 2011 at 12:18am | IP Logged
Thank god finally he knw abt engagement...nw waiting for wht prithvi did to get back her...thank u for PM me dear...luv u...Happy diwali to u nd ur family...

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