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Tum Mere Ho (RTMC FF) Part69 on Pg153 (Page 6)

ridzzi Goldie

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Posted: 20 October 2011 at 5:44am | IP Logged
'there isn;t anybody on this earth who can seprate you from prithvi'
well that's true...Tongue
'you are mine nandani...remember this'
everyone knows...Tongue

nice update
do update next part soon...

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ridhithakur Senior Member

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Posted: 20 October 2011 at 5:53am | IP Logged
waaaooo now the luv story begins ...waitin 4 nxt update

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lisalafaiya Groupbie

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Posted: 20 October 2011 at 5:03pm | IP Logged
awesome update fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Freethinker Goldie

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Posted: 20 October 2011 at 6:58pm | IP Logged

Part 9

He got down from the taxi and the electronic gates of the bungalow opened as Prithvi entered. Renuka came running towards his son "you should have informed us...we could have picked you up from the station"...Prithvi hugged his mother "you know ma...i feel like …." and his mother said "ya ya ...i know like to come by yourself.."

The Bungalow was huge and built in a wider area near Delhi. It was far more beautiful and exquisite with expensive furniture and decoration done inside. It had huge garden full of beautiful flowers and a big shower right in the middle of the garden. With ten huge bedrooms, the bungalow was made by Prithvi's great grandfather who belonged to a royal family in Rajasthan and then rebuilt by his Father. Though being one of the richest boy Prithvi behaved very down to earth and kind.

Renuka " I have made your favorite dishes, now freshen up and come fast...i am waiting"

Prithvi "ok mom...where's dad ?"

Renuka "he's about to come ….so hurry up now..." said happily...she loved her only son, who was her life...she never wanted Prithvi to go away from her but Prithvi's Father insisted as he too studied from the same college. She was excited to see her son back home. She went running up to Prithvi's room to check if he's ok with everything.

She arranged a lavish lunch for his Son and called over their close family friends to join.


Esha was a pretty daughter of Manmohan Malhotra and Kadambari. She studied in Delhi and was very outgoing and loved parties and had huge social network. Though she had so many friends but she only liked Prithvi who was her Father's best friend Rajveer Singh's only son.

Prithvi and Esha had a very nice bond of friendship between them. Both the families were very close to each other. She was all excited as Prithvi had come and she was getting ready to go to his house.

Esha was standing neat the car outside a huge Bungalow and her eyes inside the house...

"dad...lets go...we are getting late"

Mr Malhotra " yes my daughter...lets go" came out adjusting his coat...

Kadambari "are you going to wear this short skirt???" her Mother said annoyingly as she looked at her while holding her expensive purse.

Esha "yes...what's wrong with it ?" said cooly...

Kadambari "use some sense..this is not your night out party...wear something sensible..."

Esha didn't care to what her mother said and simply sat with her dad in the car. Kadambari made a annoying face at her while sitting at the back seat of the car.

Once they reached the bungalow, Esha rushed inside and went straight to Prithvi's room after saying a quick hello to Renuka. Renuka came out smiling "oh these kids" and went to greet Kadambari and Manmohan who were just entering inside.

Esha knocked the door as it was bolted from inside.

Prithvi said annoyingly "who's that?" and quickly kept the letter Nandini gave to him in his cupboard.

Esha "its me..Esha...c'mmon open the door".

He quickly opened the door "i knew it must be you..i was missing to see your face" said sarcastically.

Esha felt overjoyed "really...did you miss me???...well thats certainly not possible mr Boxer"

Prithvi said coldly "have you applied something on your face"

Esha "why? I look more pretty?"

Prithvi "doesn't matter, witches look always the same." and grinned at her as she frowned.

"Esha ...Prithvi come downstairs" Renuka was calling them.

Prithvi "yes mom..coming"

Esha "i will beat you...ok" and went rushing towards Prithvi while he was running downstairs.

Kadambari "they have grown up but still behave like kids" said smilingly while Prithvi came towards Manmohan and Kadambari to greet them..

A big car stopped in the drive way and Prithvi saw his dad Rajveer Singh and went outside to meet him... his Father turned came out of the car as the driver opened the door and saw Prithvi " hello Prithvi son are you ?" Prithvi overjoyed and happy "dad" and hugged him tightly.

Prithvi "i am good as usual"

Rajveer "i know my boxer, and congratulations for winning the match again...i am so proud of you"

He then saw some bruises on his face but they were very little.

Esha "hey should we plan something...since this boxer is here for one month...we should spend some time with him together or Prithvi you can come with me then.."

Prithvi laughed "with you!!!.." Esha looked at him surprisingly "why are you laughing?..was it that funny?"

Renuka "Prithvi stop teasing her now... and eat your food"

all were talking and Esha telling about her social stories... everyone congratulated Prithvi for his success. All of them decided to organize a small party for Prithvi's success.


Some days later...

Prithvi was reading a book when Renuka came to him "Prithvi your friends have come to see you"

Prithvi was surprised and he went downstairs. Piyush and Angad were sitting in the launge. "hey you two here...what happen" Renuka went to get something to eat.

Piyush looked at him seriously "Why your phone is switched off?" Prithvi realised he did not charged her phone since he had come and said "oh ..yes I forgot...went out with family friends for few days...and had this function at home... didn't realise." and then thought for a moment and looked up at his friends "why?..what happen?"

Piyush "Nothing..we thought we'll go about that"

Prithvi thought about Nandini...he should have called her once...

Prithvi went to the phone and dialed Nandini's no but it was switched off. He thought something Then he tried Richa's no

Richa picked up "hello"

Prithvi "hi Richa...this is Prithvi"

Richa "hi..."she said

Prithvi "how is Nandini ?"

Richa "i don't know as I am not in the town...i am reaching next Monday...don't worry she should be alright"

Prithvi "can you ask her to call me"

Richa "yes sure...once I reach back home ...will go to her house first...she must be fine...she was happy when I met her last week..."

Prithvi "thanks Richa" and got relieved that Nandini must be fine.


The room was big with huge bed , dressing table and a couch. A young girl was crying sitting next to the bed. She was sitting in dark room when the door of the room opened and someone switched on the light.

"so have you made up your mind or not?" Biji asked her

Nandini got scared and was sweating because of the harsh treatment she has been receiving ever since she came back from her hostel...

Biji continued "and if not then I know how to prepare your mind" "get red hot coal from the kitchen" she said to one of the servants.

Brinda begged in front of Biji to spare her daughter but Biji did not listen to anybody. All the other ladies in the house were looking at each other but no one could speak anything in front of their Mother in law.

The servant got the hot coal in a big vessel and kept it in the room.

Biji walked towards Nandini and pulled her from her arm "either pick up the coal or say yes"

Nandini looked down and kept on crying. Biji "i am not going to wait whole day here...pick up the coal or say yes you are ready for the marriage"

Nandini thought and moved towards the vessel to pick up the coal. Brinda cried and begged Biji "she's still too young ...please don't punish her...let her study for sometime..."

Nandini picked up the red hot coal with her hand and closed her eyes in pain...tears rolling down her beautiful eyes...but she did not utter a word...

Her Mother saw this and felt the pain inside...she kept on crying loudly and asked Biji to not let Nandini burn her hand. Biji starred at Nandini and said "ok so you won't marry...than I have much bigger punishment for you"

Vinod saw this and came running towards his daughter and dropped the coal from her burnt hand. He could feel the pain his daughter was going through and just for he sake of his daughter's life he had to commit and said while tears in his eyes... "yes ...yes...Biji she will leave her" Biji smiled wickedly "that should be yes now..i don't want to delay"

Nandini looked at her Father who was crying "Nandini why don't you say yes...i will see what I can do" Nandini kept on crying with pain.


All the celebrations were done nicely in Mehra Palace. Biji ans Bauji were happy as their Grand Daughter had agreed to marry.

But Vinod begged them to let her study and Bauji agreed only on one condition that Nandini will get engaged now and than she can study for one year, after that she will get married. Vinod was satisfied ..all he wanted his daughter to study..and he decided he will talk to the Boy as well to let her daughter study even after marriage.

Abhishek Batra was an industrialist and quite old for Nandini's age but her family wanted her to marry Abhi as the family background matters a lot to them.

….Finally an early date was fixed for the that Nandini could go back to her hostel after the engagement to study...

Biji strictly instructed no one to enter Nandini's room without her permission. No one was allowed to see her until engagement.

Nandini was crying in her room when her aunts and Mother came with her dress and advised her to wear the dress and get ready.

Mehur one of her eldest aunt said "Nandini its your engagement don't cry...after your engagement you can go back and study for one year."

Bella her another aunt said "even after can ask your husband to let you study..." and smiled..."so you are lucky..."

But Nandini was thinking something else in her mind...

She thought of informing Prithvi...if Prithvi knew her condition he would have come to save her by now...but how should she inform him... she thought as her aunts were helping her to get ready. But it was too late...she will get engaged in another one hour...she kept on thinking about him...


It was bright day...Prithvi was sitting in his garden and reading his book when... 

Esha came to Prithvi "you are so boring...lets go out ...we can enjoy."

Prithvi "i hate your parties...let me stay alive here..."

Esha "no I don't know have to come"

Prithvi "you can't force leave me alone...and let me read"

Esha "so rude of you!!!... ok atleast tell me when you are going back"

Prithvi "so you want to throw a party after I leave...good...soon"

Esha "i pity on the girl who will marry you...oh..she will be the most unluckiest girl on this earth"

Prithvi "why are you worried about her??"

Esha "i am leaving...ok"

Prithvi "bye"

Esha made a big frown and was about to leave when Renuka called her "Esha..where are you going beta?...come have lunch with us."

Esha "no aunty...i have eaten so much" and left annoyingly

Renuka turned towards Prithvi who was reading a book "did you said something to her??"

Prithvi "no mom...why will I...she's stupid and gives me headache"

Renuka smiling "ok come and have lunch..i made your favorite dishes"

both went inside...


She looked extremely beautiful in golden lehnga and choli with heavy red duppatta, she wore exclusive ornaments that made her looked like heavenly damsel. Her eyes looked dull as she had been crying throughout.

She thought only about her love and how she will explain her condition to one can understand her in this stone hearted family...she was thinking and did not even looked up at the boy who was sitting next to her...she thought herself as if she no longer exists...its only her body here...but her mind and heart were already with Prithvi...

Ceremony started and Nandini did not lift her hand up ….then one of her aunts and her mother lifted her hand for the ring towards Abhishek...similarly handed over the ring to Nandini who did not hold the ring in her hand first and was literally forced by her aunt to put in Abhishek's finger...

The rings were exchanged and everybody congratulated them and offered sweets to Nandini but she stopped them...and asked her mother "is everything over ????...can I leave ...i am not well" her mother looked at Biji who said "its fine...let her go...all the ceremony is done..." and smiled at Nandini who only felt anger inside her...she wanted to yell and shout at everyone for ruining her life..but she couldn't and swallowed the pain she was given from everybody around her...

Nandini went up to her room and threw away the ring from her finger and cried out loudly... she took off her jewellery and duppatta...and cried out "Prithvi ….please come and take me from here..." and kept on crying in pain.

Abishek wanted to talk to Nandini but Biji said "sorry son we don't have this let you talk now face to can talk on the phone..."

Abhishek respected but felt bad he always liked Nandini and was dying for this day to come and now he couldn't even talk to her.

After the ceremony Brinda came with a huge plate in her hand happily going towards Nandini's room and said "Nandini I know you are not happy with this engagement but we have done for your good. Abhishek is a good boy and he will let you study further. Your dad has already spoken to him and he happily agreed. We have one year to prepare for your wedding now. Now you should accept Abhishek as your would be husband. Do talk to him sometime on the will feel good" and left the room leaving Nandini sitting and frustrating about the whole thing.


Next day

Richa was expecting she would reach by morning but it took her afternoon to reach home...she wanted to see Nandini as Prithvi had asked her to call her as soon as she meets Nandini.

She came out of the car when she saw huge decorations of lighting at the mehra palace.

She asked her Mother who was clueless. Her Father came out of the house happily as he was waiting for Richa and her Mother to come... and said "Nandini got engaged yesterday...they had such big function" ..and helped them pick up the luggage. Her mother said " that's why it is so beautifully decorated...who is the boy??...they didn't even was so quick!!!!"

Richa's father said "i don't know much but he is very rich...but not as good looking as Nandini...looks much older than her...yes they didn't plan before..they informed me day before yesterday" her Mother said ".hmmm...its upto the family...Lets go inside...come Richa"

Richa kept standing in shock...she felt bad for her friend...and was feeling guilty of herself as well...leaving Nandini alone will she inform Prithvi who's so desperate to talk to Nandini...She felt bad and shocked and slowly moved into the house.

Richa asked her Mother... "we should visit Nandini...can we go now" .Her mother was Brinda's close friend and she was happy for Nandini. She said "yes ..yes we must go and congratulate her but after getting ready...we have just arrived...we'll go in the evening"


In the evening

Richa went into the Mehra palace which was decorated...full of lights...and wished Biji and bauji who were happy and were sipping tea.

Richa went upstairs straight to Nandini's room as her Mother joined other family members downstairs.

Nandini was crying and she knocked the door "Nandini open the door..its me Richa".

Nandini opened and hugged her tightly "Richa I don't want to live know...what happened" and kept on sobbing...

Richa made her calm down and closed the door and said "ok...please don't worry...i know what all happened shouldn't have please stop crying and talk to Prithvi... I will dial his no and you can talk to him."

She took out her phone and dialed Prithvi's no...gave it to Nandini and looked around to see if someone was coming.

Nandini did not speak and cut the phone. Richa looked at her astonishingly "why did you cut the phone?"

Nandini "no I shouldn't talk to him now...i am engaged to someone else...and I don't want to spoil Prithvi's life"

Richa "what are you talking about?...are you insane???"

Nandini "no Richa...i can't tell him anything..."

Richa's phone started ringing..."its Prithvi to him"

Nandini tried to stay normal as her heart beat increased and said "hello are you?"

Prithvi " Is everything alright Nandini??" sensing something wrong with Nandini.

Nandini "Yes everything's fine...don't worry?" said smilingly

Prithvi " when are you going back to college?"

Nandini stammered "college..." then thought for a while to avoid this topic and lied to him "someone is coming...i will call you later" and cancelled the call...started crying again...

Richa saw this and asked "Nandini why the hell are you doing this to yourself?????... understand Prithvi loves you a lot and you too love him ...then whats the problem???"

Nandini "i am engaged...will get married next year...that is the biggest problem"

Richa "ok fine now when are you leaving for college...we have to leave by this weekend"

Nandini "no I wont go now...i don't think I can study anymore..."

Brinda was coming towards Nandini's room and heard the last words from her Daughter's mouth...and was shocked "Nandini why don't you want to study????"..."i sacrificed my life so I can help you to study further and your father keeps on begging for you...and you don't care for our you don't want to study???..."

Nandini kept quiet and did not say anything when her Father came and heard the conversation "Nandini I want you to study ….i have asked Bauji to give you time to study...he has agreed for one year...and after that I will try and convince him for some more time..."

Nandini felt she cannot be selfish with her parents specially her Father and said "ok I will study"

Vinod "so when are you leaving" Nandini did not answer and was thinking something when

Richa said "uncle on Friday"

Vinod "alright...Brinda can you help Nandini pack up her stuff...i will get the train tickets for them"

Nandini looked at Richa and then thoughts going in her mind.


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lisalafaiya Groupbie

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Posted: 20 October 2011 at 8:24pm | IP Logged
SmileSmileSmileSmileSmilefirst 2 comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! awesome awww i feel bad 4 nandini

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Manipadma Senior Member

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Posted: 21 October 2011 at 1:00am | IP Logged
poor nandini... :(...hope prithvi will do somthing...thanxx for update...waiting for next part...lov u :)

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Amor. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 21 October 2011 at 2:05am | IP Logged
its sad part 
but nice 
continue soon

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ridzzi Goldie

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Posted: 21 October 2011 at 3:31am | IP Logged
nice part...
hope prithvi and nandini's love story will find it's destiny...

update next part soon...

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