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Tum Mere Ho (RTMC FF) Part69 on Pg153 (Page 5)

Freethinker Goldie

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Posted: 15 October 2011 at 4:55am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sweetshera

Awesome update dear
wow 3 cheers for Prithvi n Nandini
Awe! He took the ointment frm Nandini 
offcourse after all his princess bought it. 
how cud he dissapoint her.
God! I feel like poisoning these bauji n biji. wierdos.
Yayyy! Tit for tat for Silvi.
Awe Nandini is frightened even with the thought of Prithvi getting hurt.
Cho Chweet.
update soon.

Thanks for appreciating...will update soon...:)

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Posted: 17 October 2011 at 3:03pm | IP Logged

Part 7

Huge crowd gathered in the college premises as the inter college activities had started. There were two auditoriums. One had all the dances and singing programs and the other had all the sports and games.


Nandini hurriedly went as it was her no and all her friends were sitting to cheer her. She was about to sing when some boys from other college started whistling and she got nervous...she saw Prithvi standing near the entry door and walked slowly towards her ...looked into her eyes and raised up his thumb to encourage her. She smiled and felt tremendously happy inside...closed her eyes and started singing. When she opened her eyes he was standing there and applauding. She could here so many students applauding. She felt happy.


Richa and Sneha came back stage and appreciated her voice. They wanted to talk to Nandini but her eyes were looking around for someone else and she excused her friends to look around for Prithvi.

She was crossing the garden to reach the other auditorium where Prihvi will be having his match. She stood still and she felt someone behind her and as she looked she she saw Prithvi standing behind..he was looking into her eyes "are you looking for me?"

Nandini startled by what he said and looked nervously around "no I ….i was ..." and he came closer before she could complete. He came so closer and touched her shoulder with his hand "you sang very well...i know you will win"...she was happy the way he appreciated her and said "thanks...if you..would not have come than...i..." she stopped looking at him...He asked "what …..what did I do ?..." asked surprisingly.

She got embarrassed and changed the topic "when is your match starting ?" ….he pulled himself little away and looked at his watch "in another two hours I think"..said casually...Nandini started thinking ...he is just not worried and taking it so could he not get scared of hitting someone ...or...even thinking...he's talking it so lightly... and suddenly she heard "i better leave coach must be waiting for me".

Nandini looked at him and said " very dangerous game...i..i...think...if you get hurt then ?" Prithvi's little frown turned into smile at what she was asking... and started laughing...

Nandini got surprised...she had never seen him laugh...he looked so handsome...she smiled and asked "why...why are you laughing?"...

Prithvi smiled and took a long breath... "i will catch you later...i better leave now" and Nandini kept on looking at him as he was going towards the hall. He turned once and waved his hand...She too waved her hand but than realised she could have wished him good luck. She thought of going after him but than she thought of he friends waiting for her. She quickly went back.

Vinod was coming down the stairs when Bauji questioned him "where do you think you are going?"

Vinod kept silent and he knew that all his family will not let her innocent daughter study. "when are you going to get Nandini back?..i have to answer to boy's family."

Vinod hesitantly "i am going soon...she will come in two weeks...but...can we just let her study ..."

Bauji did not listen to his last words and went off from there.

Biji was siting in the kitchen supervising what all the daughter in laws are doing.

She said "hurry up its time for all are lazy bones..." and kept on muttering "Oh God what wrong did I do in my past life that I had to have such daughter in laws...all of them useless...and you Brinda you had to produce only one daughter?...couldn't you give me a grandson." and kept her hand on her head.

Brinda kept quiet and thought of Nandini. She knew her daughter must be happy as far as she is away from this house. She was worried for daughter and prayed that she must get a right boy in her life who will keep her daughter happy.

Prithvi was all getting ready for his match. Sunil was a good boxer and it was hard to knock him down but Prithvi always liked his tough competitors. Everyone in the hall was cheering up for both these guys. Last year Prithvi had won the match against Rohan who was also a good boxer.

It was a tough competition between Prithvi and Sunil. Both kept on boxing until

Prithvi punched Sunil badly and Sunil could not get up. He just gave one tight punch on Sunil right side and he was knocked down completely. Prithvi gathered himself with little difficulty but finally won the match.

It was a pride for the college as it was consecutively third time since college won the the boxing match. Prithvi's coach held him and made him stand up as he was too exhausted.

Sneha had been watching the match and thought of going to Nandini and telling her. She went to the hostel room where Nandini was praying in front of God, her eyes were closed and hands folded and tears were rolling down her eyes.

Sneha saw her and said "Nandini..."

Nandini looked at her and asked her "what happen???"

Sneha smiled and said "Prithvi has won the match"

Nandini kept still and than asked "is he alright"

Sneha "yes ...he's fine but got hurt"

Nandini rushed towards the college...she was smiling and tears were rolling down her eyes...she could have been with him but she didn't had that much courage to see him hurt...she went inside the hall and saw people cheering Prithvi. She was standing near the door...there were so many students around Prithvi ...who were congratulating him...he saw Nandini standing at the gate and came towards her...He saw her eyes full of tears and she was smiling "Prithvi are you alright" she asked. Prithvi simply nodded his head...and she could see some bruises around his eyes and mouth.

Prithvi came out of the shower and saw his phone ringing. It was Nandini "hi Prithvi...can I meet you today if you are free"

Prithvi "can you come at the college canteen"

Nandini "yes I will come in half an hour"

Prithvi thought it must be something urgent if she was calling him to meet. Nandini was waiting near the canteen when she saw Prithvi coming from the gate. He still had some marks of the bruise from boxing match.

Prithvi "yes what is it ? Something important?"

Nandini kept looking at him and tears started rolling her eyes. Prithvi looked at her and came closer and wiped her tears with his thumb. Prithvi was a bit surprised and shocked at why Nandini was crying.

Prithvi "what happened Nandini? ...please tell me"

Nandini smiled and wiped her face "nothing...when are you leaving for your place?"

Prithvi "tomorrow"

Nandini looked down and very sad. "Prithvi may be I won't be able to meet you again, but I will always remember you in my life" and hide her face with her hands and started crying miserably.

Prithvi felt something was surely wrong and he tried asking her "Please tell me what's going on with you" .

Prithvi thought it may not be a place to discuss any matters with her as other students started starring at them. He said "can you wait outside the gate, I will be right back" and went towards the hostel to pick up his car.

Nandini sat with him next to the driver's seat. He drove away from the college and till they reached a beautiful garden..he stopped the car and looked towards her..."now tell me what's going on"

Nandini kept on crying and said while he was looking at her "i know you don't like me...i know...i...i...its all from my side...i don't want to go away from you...i...really...can't family..." and starting sobbing.

Prithvi looked at her and touched her hand and made her come closer...she looked at him and put her hands around his neck and hide her face in his chest. He put his arms around her waist and his fingers rubbed her hair. She cried out and said "i...i know...please don't think I am wrong...i...can't't know..."

Prithvi embraced her more closer...after some moments he pulled back a little to look at her and said "i am not taking you wrong"

Nandini looked at him surprisingly as the words she heard from him were far more than she had expected. He came closer and kissed on her forehead. She looked towards the button on his shirt and said "i...i am going back tomorrow morning...can..i be with you today...please"

Prithvi kissed on her rosy cheek and she felt embarrassed but deep inside she was feeling...if Prithvi did not liked her...why is she with him when she doesn't even know about his feelings...she must ask him...and clear all her doubts...she thought...

"Prithvi do you like me" she asked. Prithvi caressed his hand into her beautiful hair "i would not have been here, if I did not"

She looked at him and smiled shyly...he came closer to her and kissed her lips gently...than embraced her. Both were in each other's arms until it was evening and...

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Posted: 18 October 2011 at 3:29am | IP Logged
great up ... plzz continue.

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Posted: 18 October 2011 at 5:33am | IP Logged
awsom update,...
waitin 4 next

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ridzzi Goldie

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Posted: 18 October 2011 at 11:36am | IP Logged
nice update
prithvi is encouraging her
o hoooWink
and nandini is praying for parithvi wellbeing
so sweat
finally prithvi said he likes nandiniTongue

nice ud
waiting for next...

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Part 8

..dusk was approaching near.

Prithvi said "you should go back now"

Nandini scared of even the feeling of going back and grasped him more tightly towards her. Prithvi with his hand tugging into her hair and lifted her face up to look into her eyes, he could only see damp and passionate eyes looking at him as if waiting to hear something.

Nandini wanted to tell him about her family background but she stopped and thought what will he think...he may not even think about her if he gets to know about her background...her violent family will try to kill him if they get a clue about her relation with Prithvi...even if its one sided...they might harm him...and suddenly the thought made her pulled back.

"we should go" and she adjusted her hair and was waiting for Prithvi to drive off.

But Prithvi got shocked and asked her "now what ?" … "can you elaborate the reason for this sudden change"

she got scared...even thinking about her family made her sweat...and she realised she was taking a wrong step...she should move back before she gets too weak... she cannot see even a scratch on Prithvi.

She tried to take off her hand from Prithvi's warm hands when he held her hands more tightly and came closer to her with just an inch difference between his and her lips and said "i will always be with you and nobody on this planet can even touch my Nandini" ….she looked at him as he wiped her tear with his thumb touching her lovely cheek. "and any one who makes you cry...will cry for his entire life..."

She looked at him lovingly and felt satisfied while touching a strong shoulder. Nandini whispered while her arms around his neck "i...i get scared even by a little thought of separation from you...what if...something happens...and..." Prithvi kept his finger on her lips and said "there isn't anybody on this earth who can separate you from Prithvi".

She looked at him passionately...when he leaned towards her seat and lowered her seat backwards to come on top of her while she closed her eyes and lay on the seat. He kissed her on the forehead and slowly his hand moved towards her waist and he kissed her eyelids, she got red hot and a feeling of passion was running down her body. She opened her eyes to see Prithvi on top of her and his head bent down to kiss her lips...he grasped her waist tightly as she lay her arms around his neck.

He kissed her lips she touched his hair...he went down a little to kiss her was wild this time and she could easily feel the love that he was giving her...she ran her fingers into his hair...she was lying down as if she got drowned in his ocean of love and passion.

He moved her duppatta sideways to explore her throat and kept on kissing her... her eyes were closed...she could experience the touch of his tongue and lips on her throat and around her ears, his one hand was touching her chest and other hand tightly grasped her waist …. his hands were exploring her body... He touched her beautiful and fair body and kissed passionately.

She could feel her body lifting up and a strange but wonderful feeling running down her entire body.

She felt it electrifying, she never imagined Prithvi would be so passionate about her, she loved the way he kissed her wildly and she could see the passion in the way he kissed her.

She loved the way he touched her body...she got carried away so easily and can give up her entire life in his arms. She trusted him more than anyone else in her life now.

Long moments had passed when he lifted his head almost out of breath... and kissed her lips gently...then he put her duppatta back at its place...kissed her forehead and moved back to his seat..making her comfortably getting up.

Nandini thought for a while and respected him for he did control himself and moved back...she couldn't control herself and would have drowned herself completely as Prithvi was so loving that it made her forget everything else in the world.

Prithvi was sweating a little and he saw Nandini's hands and face were burning hot.

Nandini saw it was getting dark outside and the moment she thought about going back to the hostel she felt sad. Prithvi looked at her and put his hands around her face and said "i always want you happy"... "you are mine Nandini...remember this"

He hugged her tightly as if never wanting to separate her from himself.

Richa was packing her stuff when she knocked the door of the bathroom second time and called out "Nandini please come out fast...we need to pack our stuff" Nandini was sitting under the shower and thinking about the changes that happened in her life some hours back. She was thinking about her future with her is really loves her...protects her...she was thinking when "Nandini come fast ….phone for you"

Nandini asked "who is it"

Richa "who else..hmmm"

Nandini hurriedly came out in the towel and took the phone from Richa.

Richa "Nandini!!!! you came out in towel????"

Nandini did not notice what Richa said and quickly placed the phone near her ear to listen his voice "Hi...i was thinking about you" she said smiling...

Prithvi said "what are you wearing now ??"

Nandini got embarrassed and said "so you must have heard what Richa said"

Prithvi laughed and she could hear him " what time are you leaving tomorrow?"

Nandini "my train is at 10am so will leave around 9:30am in the morning."

Prithvi " go to sleep...and don't think too much".

Nandini just smiled and happily said "goodnight".

But deep inside she was scared of loosing something...she loved him more than her life and she knew she has given invitation to a big storm...she tried not to think...and then tears came rolling down her eyes as she slept.

Next Day

Prithvi was in deep sleep when his phone kept on ringing, but the vibration of his phone did not help him get up. Angad came in after couple of minutes "Prithvi get up...we have to leave now..." but Prithvi was sleeping peacefully. Angad thought he might be awake all night and now he's sleeping, its almost 11am.

Piyush rushed in shouting "lets move quickly...otherwise we'll miss our train"

and than saw Prithvi still sleeping "he's still sleeping!!!!!!", "Prithvi!!!! get up now" he screamed in his ear" Prithvi woke up and saw Piyush shouting in his ear and was about to give him a punch when Angad said "its late, we have to leave now"

Prithvi looked at his watch, it was 11:00am...shocked he got up and checked his phone... "30 missed calls!!!!!..." "how could I sleep for long" ….

Angad and Piyush looked at him "don't worry our train is at 12:30pm"

Prithvi "i am not worried about my idiot" ….Angad "then what????"

Prithvi tried calling Nandini but her phone was not reachable...

All the boys were ready to leave the hostel when Sneha came running towards Piyush " give me a call in these holidays" and took out a letter "here Prithvi ...thats for you" .Piyush looked at her "what is this ???? are giving a letter to Prithvi!!!!??? how could you do that Sneha ???"

Sneha said "you really don't have any brains...this is from Nandini" and Prithvi immediately took it and started looking at the letter that said

" the time you will be reading this letter I must have reached quite far from you but my heart will always be with you...i feel happy when I think about you...please don't feel bad that we haven't met each other before are my strength Prithvi...i will be waiting for the day when we will meet again...and I will try not to cry...

love you


He closed the letter and kept in his pocket.

Angad looking at him " you will be writing love letter to each other now..."

Prithvi "i hope you don't want to break your legs before getting into the train..." said angrily.

They all simply started walking towards the taxi stand to reach the station...Piyush, Angad and Prithvi all lived in around Delhi ….they booked their tickets together...they knew each other since many years now.

They all had booked a compartment for them since it was one day and one night long journey.

While sitting in the train Piyush waved towards Sneha "will miss you my darling..." meet you soon, will come to Mumbai" and smiled at her. Sneha gave him her number and asked him to come soon to meet her.

Train started moving and Prithvi took out a book to read while Angad smiling wickedly towards Piyush and said "Piyush you are a you know that"

Piyush "i know ...and thanks for telling me".

Angad "so what about those sexy girls in Delhi???"

Piyush "what about them ? I can handle Delhi and Mumbai don't have to worry dear Angad" ..."i am not like Prithvi...keeping my foor only on one platform." and started laughing.

Prithvi starred at him angrily and saw Piyush's smile vanishing slowly "stop being a nuisance all the time"

Angad "so Prithvi are you serious about Nandini?"

Prithvi did not look up and said "no more questions about Nandini...and don't disturb me"

Angad "you always want to keep mystery about her...fine I won't ask you again"

Piyush "let does it matter to you... lets talk about Sneha...She is damn sexy...and her body..."

Prithvi "get out if you want to talk ass"

Piyush kept quite and took his laptop and started playing games while Angad was just sitting and looking outside the window.

Train was moving fast passing by the beautiful surroundings...

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o god wat an update wonderful nadini said confessed now it is prithvi turn ... great going plz continue soon

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Manipadma Senior Member

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hey nice update...nandini is so worried ...hmm ...lets see wat Prithvi can do for his love...thnxx for pm..n plzzz update soon...lov u

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