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Tum Mere Ho (RTMC FF) Part69 on Pg153 (Page 3)

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Part 4

Prithvi was sitting in the library when the bell rang and all the students rushed to their classes. Nandini saw Prithvi sitting in the far corner of the library reading something. He was looking stunning in the white shirt and blue jeans. She thought of talking to him as there was no one around and even if he says something insulting no one can hear.

She walked towards him and reached the table "hi Prithvi" Prithvi simply looked at her and than looked down at his book. She went more closer "you have hearing problem" grinned at him

Prithvi got little frown on his forhead and asked her "what do you want"

Nandini "anything but not your anger" raising her eye brows and smiling.

Prithvi got up from his seat and started moving towards her. He walked across the table where she was standing, she moved back as he was coming closer to her, her bangles were making noise but could only hear her heart beat.

Nandini saw a wall behind her and thought she cannot run anyway from here...why did she have to say anything to him... she moved until her back was touching the wall.

Too scared she asked him looking pink"why are you coming closer...why are you looking at me like that...why are..." she was about to say something when Prithvi kept his hand on her mouth "sshhh..." and looked into her eyes... slowly moved his hand from her mouth and held her hands against the wall with his hands on top of her hands and came closer. He saw her beautiful face going pale and her hands getting cold. He bent his head, his lips came closer to her lips and he said " so you want anything except my anger...".

Nandini got pale and started trembling "no I didn't mean that...i...i..."

Prithvi getting more closer "than what do you mean?" Nandini kept quite , her eyes fixed down. Prithvi pulled his hands away from the wall and held her from her shoulder, his finger tips went towards her chin and he lifted her face upwards forcing her to look into his eyes "answer me...Nandini"

Nandini's cheeks started burning, she could feel the sweat in her hands and something running down her body...she had to say something...she could not look into Prithvi's eyes...she said "i...i ….just checking if your wounds are alright now..." than suddenly she looked down.

Prithvi looking at her nervous face "how does it matter to you ?...and why did you cry that day ?"

Nandini couldn't speak and went red blushing all over as if something she was hiding has come out...She said "i have to leave now ...please let me go" as she said his hands slided down her shoulders and he moved little away from her leaving her from his grip.

She got relieved and looked at him and went to pick up her bag which was on the chair. He kept on looking at her. She looked at him once leaving and something In her heart was stopping her... he was looking at her and she could not meet his eyes...the Her hands were feeling the warmth of his hands...she wanted to move away from his sight but her heart was stopping her. Finally she made her way towards the library door without looking at him.

She came out of the library and ran towards the garden until she reached under the shade of one banyan tree. She was breathing hard and looked at her hand...smiled and scared of the feeling she had she closed her eyes and imagined what happened in side the library...she got a strange feeling in her heart and her body. It was hard to escape but she had to control her feelings for Prithvi...She was still unsure whether he liked her or not...she thought he doesn't have a heart and may be he will never think the way she thinks...she seems to be falling for him everyday...his attractive features, his eyes gazing at her, his strong body, and something that was attracting Nandini towards Prithvi. She was breathing heavily and could not stand the strong force that had just lifted her in some different world.

Nandini lying down on her bed and was thinking about how Prithvi grasped her hands and came so closer, the more she thought ...the more she got pink. Richa came and said "hi Nandini" but Nandini was lost in her thoughts and she didn't hear Richa.

Richa came closer and asked her "are you alright ?"

Nandini became aware "oh...yes ...when did you come?"asked not looking directly at Richa.

Richa "i think something is wrong, you look different" smiling mischievously.

Nandini got nervous...looking around herself she said "what ...nnnooo...i...i am not..." and looked at her books. "so how was your day today"

Richa "not bad...we have college function coming up and will prepare something. You sing well Nandini why don't you give a try..."

Nandini laughing " wan't to hear me singing..." she laughed again "and here!!!..this college...its not our school Richa..." …..smiling "you know I don't sing in public, people will throw eggs and rotten tomatoes on me"

Richa "oh common Nandini ….or you can dance with me ….now don't say you don't know how to have won so many dance competitions you will be coming for auditions tomorrow."

Nandini looked at her and bursted out laughing "you are crazy..."

Richa "i am not if you don't come than I will not talk to you..." getting furious...

Nandini "ok fine...but if I don't get selected ...then ?" again smiling...

Richa "you will are such good a dancer"

Suddenly Nandini heard her phone ringing, it was her Father Vinod Mathur

Nandini "Hello papa, how are you"

Vinod "i am fine, what about my lovely are you beta"

Nandini "i am so happy papa to hear your voice...hows everything"

Vinod "you know your Mother...and other family members"

Nandini "is mummy still angry...she doesn't want to talk." her face turned sad.

Vinod "don't worry I will convince her ….you just concentrate on your studies...if you need anything else...just let me know...take care"

Nandini "thanks you ...take care...bye"

Nandini was loved by all her family members but they wanted her to get married and settle down. She turned 18 in January and her family wanted her to marry instead of attending college because of the tradition in their family. She belongs to a high class family in Punjab where daughters were not allowed to study further or have any relation with any boys at all. She came to college only because of her Father who wants Nandini to enjoy her life rather than getting married at a tender age. Because Nandini being extremely beautiful, her Mother wanted her to stay at home and not face the society full of boys who might misuse her innocent daughter. She stopped talking to her... so that Nandini might try and understand her Mother's feelings and come back home, but her Father wanted her to study and complete her graduation at least, so he sent her to one of the best colleges in Himachal.

Students were getting ready for auditions when Nandini saw Prithvi entering college and her heart started beating faster...her eyes fixed on him while he was talking to other boys... she was standing with Richa and Natasha who was organsing the dance event...she asked Nandini to give audition in the hall …..Nandini got scared and immediately said " the many can't"

Richa "what i cant ????... of course you one will eat you..."

Nandini looked at Richa "you won't understand" and walked away from the hall.

Richa said to Natasha "please try and understand, can she give audition when there are less students..."

Natasha "she better get use to crowd...what is she going to do on the final day!!!...ok then come after 4 pm ...i don't think there will be much crowd then...

Richa "oh thank you so much" and went after Nandini who was walking so fast and she didn't see wet floor and slipped, was about to fall when Prithvi held her. His arms around her waist and her hands around his neck, she was leaning backwards. Prithvi's grasp was really tight enough for Nandini to release herself.

Prithvi looked at her and she was nervous enough to see people looking at her.

She stood still and Prithvi took his hands off her waist while looking at her and said "do you ever make use of your big eyes" sarcastically.

Nandini stood there and started turning red... "did I ask you to hold me"

Prithvi "even I don't enjoy holding you, next time I would love to see you falling on the floor" and walked away without looking back.

Nandini got angry and went towards the opposite side. Richa who watched all this said "Nandini I think you and Prithvi should either become friends or enemies" smilingly

Nandini " what the hell...I don't want to hear his name..."

Silvi was passing by and she saw what happened and walked towards Nandini and said " so you dont like hearing Prithvi's name ?"

Nandini turned around to see Silvi who was completely opposite to her, was wearing a tight short skirt, had small hair till her neck and was smart looking.

Silvi "I don't want any girl saying anything about you understand that...remember Prithvi is mine and don't you dare come between us …...and now get lost.

Nandini's tears came rolling down her cheeks and she walked away from there. Richa tried to console her but she didn't say anything.

She reached her room and closed from inside and started crying. Richa got angry over what all happened and she never wanted Nandini to cry. She tried talking to her but she didn't open the door.

Nandini thought to herself …. so that was why he was always rude to her...because he likes Silvi and she thought something else about stupid was she to even think about Prithvi. That was his reason of always being sarcastic and …..she was was all rubbish...

Nandini did not open the door and she told Richa that she won't go to college as she is not well. Richa new Nandini is stubborn and will not melt easily so didn't force her and went to college.

Next day

Nandini had to go to the library to return her books... she saw Prithvi near the canteen and got furious the moment she looked at him...she starred at him angrily for a second and walked away. Prithvi saw this reaction and was shocked as he never saw Nandini turning furious and he could make out from her eyes.

She walked straight not in the mood to talk to anyone, she simply returned the books and walked towards the gate of the college. When she was walking towards the road to the hostel someone grabbed her arm and pulled her towards the bushes next to the road. She was about to scream when Prithvi put his hand on her mouth.

She was fiercely looking at him " dare you hold me like that ?"

Prithvi was holding her shoulders and pulled her towards himself and said "what the hell has happened to you"

Nandini trying to free herself from his grip and tears almost came into her beautiful eyes "leave me Prithvi" Prithvi looked into her beautiful eyes. His one hand came towards her lovely soft cheek and he wiped her tears and said "look at me Nandini"

Nandini looked into his attractive eyes and was not able to control her feelings and hugged him tightly. Prithvi was shocked and surprised as to how Nandini was crying as if someone has hurt her badly. Her arms were around his neck and her face buried in his chest. She kept on crying.

Prithvi felt bad for her and lifted his arms towards her waist and grasped tightly. The moment he held her tightly, she felt as if her body is not hers and a feeling of passion ran down her body and she held him more tightly.

Long moments had passed while they were still tightly holding each other. Prithvi ran down his hand around her back and held her more closer. He lifted up his head and looked at her with passionate eyes which drew Nandini even more closer to him and her lips touched his lips. They were passionately kissing each other without even knowing anything else until Nandini's back touched a strong tree but they continued to kiss each other, when suddenly Prithvi's phone rang and he opened his eyes in shock and lifted his head up. Prithvi drew himself back and looked at Nandini who was running out of breath as well, he realised what they were doing and moved himself away from her. She looked at him slowly opening her eyes and both did not say anything to each other but got shocked.

Nandini picked up her bag and walked towards the road, turned around and saw Prithvi was still standing near the bushes waiting for Nandini to leave and enter her hostel. She walked and reached her room when suddenly she touched her lips that were aching and became sore. She went to wash her face and saw herself in the mirror and realized what has she done. She thought it was all her mistake that she could not control her feelings for Prithvi. She thought what would Prithvi think of her, it was she who hugged him to come closer and now how will she face him and ….a thought struck her mind and she lay down on her bed. She kept on thinking of the previous moments and felt helpless.

Prithvi was sitting in the hall and thinking of what all that happened... how could he let himself do that, when he always knew how to control his feelings. Then why couldn't he control anything when it came to Nandini. He got up to practice his boxing with a punching bag and took out all his feeling on the bag.

Richa came running towards Nandini who was washing her face.

"lets will get late for the audition"

Nandini "i am not well...please let me rest ...i am not coming to college"

Richa "what it fever???"

Nandini "nothing...i want to rest..."

Richa was surprised as she had never seen Nandini behaving like this before...but she didn't wanted to disturb her and left form there.

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Awesome update 
luvd it
Awe Prithvi is so naughty
luvd the library scene
Marriage? that 2 at the tender age of 18? Nandini's family members are insane or what!
This Silvi or whatever her name is, i so wanna strangle her.
Prithvi is mine! Ya right like he is your property!
Awe my poor Nandu is so hurt.
luvd the bush scene. OMG! prithvi nandini's 1st kiss! wow.
Oh no now Nandini is avoiding him.
eager 2 read more
plzzz update soon.

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gud work ,i get eagr to check update to know wats new in the story.

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Thanks for appreciating :)

Part 5

College function was coming near and all the students were rehearsing for their events. Angad, Piyush and Manish were in the group dance with girls Richa, Sneha and Meera. They were busy preparing their dance no. On the other hand Natasha was helping with the events and reporting to Prithvi who was the head of college activities and functions.

Nandini was selected for individual singing competition by Natasha and she told her she needs to present again for the final round of selection. Since they have to chose only five singers and only one will be the winner. For the final round of selection she had to sing in front of the teachers and the head of college activities. Nandini was not aware of Prithvi being the head of college activities. She nodded her head and started preparing. She went to college straight to her english department and than to the practice hall and than back in the hostel without even looking around. She felt herself embarrassed in front of Prithvi's friends and her friends of whatever had taken place some days back with her.

She went to her final auditions in the hall and was getting ready to sing her song , she started singing "Thoda sa pyaar hua hai...thoda hai baaki."

when she saw Prithvi coming inside the hall and sitting on the front seat of the judges and her voice choked. She got embarrassed and scared. She couldn't face Prithvi and started to move away from the mike, when Prithvi got up from his chair and walked up towards Nandini and said "Nandini you sing well and I know you will give your best" and he picked up the mike to place it near Nandini. As he went, she felt a strange feeling over her body covering her with his feeling of closeness. She closed her eyes and started singing , assuming Prithvi being on her side and holding her.

"Thoda Sa Pyar Hua Hai Thoda Hai Baki

Thoda Sa Pyar Hua Hai Thoda Hai Baki

Hum To Dil De Hi Chuke

Hum To Dil De Hi Chuke Bas Teri Haan Hai Baki

Thoda Sa Pyar Hua Hai Thoda Hai Baki

Kaun Sa Mod Aaya Zindagi Ke Safar Mein

Bas Gaya Tu Hi Tu Ab To Meri Nazar Mein

Dil Ki Har Ek Dhadkan Tujhko Pehchaanti Hai

Meri Chaahat Hai Ab Kya Tu Nahin Jaanti Hai

Main Tuhje Jaan Gayi Tujhko Pehchaan Gayi

Phir Bhi Teri Haan Hai Baki

Thoda Sa Pyar Hua Hai Thoda Hai Baki

Thoda Sa Pyar Hua Hai Thoda Hai Baki

Aaj Yeh Kya Hua Hai Dil Nahin Mera Bas Mein

Is Liye Sochti Hoon Tod Doon Sari Rasme

Umr Bhar Ke Liye Tu Aa Mera Saath De De

Tera Ho Jaaonga Main Haathon Mein Haath De De

Haathon Mein Haath Sahi Tu Mere Saath Hi Sahi

Phir Bhi Teri Haan Hai Baki

Thoda Sa Pyar Hua Hai Thoda Hai Baki"

She heard people applauding and opened her eyes to see so many students were sitting in the hall and listening to her song. She got nervous and than looked at the judges, when she saw a smile and yes from judges she felt happy. She looked at Prithvi who got up from his seat and started walking towards the exit door of the hall. She thought of calling him but than something stopped her.

Everyone appreciated her voice, she felt good, and a broad smile came on her lips after long time. Richa saw her smiling and felt happy. She did not wanted to talk anything about Prithvi with Nandini cause she thought it might upset her. Richa new there was something going on with both of them but she didn't asked Nandini.

Prithvi was practicing his boxing when Piyush and Angad came to him

"hey Prithvi...its Saturday tomorrow...want to go out"

Usually students were allowed to go in the nearby town from the college on Saturday and Sunday, if they wanted to buy something or wanted to spend some time outside the college.

Prithvi questioned "for what"

Piyush "for fun..." and smiled smirkingly.

Prithvi starred at him with a frown.

Angad "you know that girl Sneha, she likes Piyush and Piyush wants to go out with her, and Sneha will not go alone, she will take her friends with her but Piyush wants to meet her in private, so he wants to take us so that we can sit with Sneha's friends and he can take Sneha somewhere in private to talk"

Prithvi didn't seemed interested and kept on punching the bag.

Piyush "please Prithvi, I know you are free tomorrow, please help yaar"

Prithvi "why don't you take somebody else, why do want me to talk to your girlfriend's friends? I will have headache..."

Piyush "i know you hate talking to girls but just once...i won't ask again"

Anagd "come on Prithvi"

Prithvi "last time"

Richa was looking at Nandini who was standing at the window looking outside. Richa new something was going wrong as she never saw Nandini so quiet.

Richa cheerfully said "Nandini come on get ready, we are going out"

Nandini "no you go ahead...please I dont feel like going anywhere"

Richa "its the town behind that hill...i have heard its a beautiful town, let go and see"

Nandini seemed unhappy and tried to convince Richa for not going but Richa said finally "ok ...don't go than and I will also stay here with just want to ruin my day...fine ….i will stay in this room"

Nandini felt bad and finally said "ok lets go"

Richa "get ready...wear something look so dull"

suddenly Sneha entered the room "are you both coming with me"

Richa said "yes we are getting ready"

Nandini "so sneha is going with us"

Richa "hmm" looking at Nandini's dresses " get ready faster...wear this pink color look so pretty in this one."

Nandini was looking more beautiful in her pink suit and chudidaar. Her silver bangles made extra noise and the anklets looked pretty on her fair skin. She brushed her long silky hair.

Richa came to her "wow you look don't look good when you don't smile"

All the girls were walking towards the town when Sneha received a call from Piyush asking her to wait near the college as they will join them. Sneha asked Richa and Nandini to wait for the boys.

Richa surprisingly said "boys!!!!...who else is going with us"

Sneha "piyush and his friends"

Nandini "what ?????...i am going back..."

Richa "why ???... will they eat you ??? are too much Nandini"

Sneha "what happen …?"

Richa "nothing..." and was holding Nandini's hand.

Nandini thought what if Prithvi comes with Piyush...what will she can she face him...all those moments again came flashing in front of her eyes. She just shut her eyes nervously.

All the boys came walking from there hostel. Prithvi was looking handsome as usual in his blue shirt and black jeans. He took out his car from the parking area when Piyush said "are you mad? you think we will go in the car?"

Pithvi "so you think I will walk to that hill??? will take you all day to come back" said annoyingly

Piyush "you won't understand because you run away from girls...we should walk and spend more time talking on the way...i don't mind even if takes midnight to come back"

Angad laughed " you are mad Piyush" and kept his arm around his neck.

Prithvi "so you walk with your girlfriend, but at least let other people sit in the car, why do you want to punish everyone because you are in love"

Piyush " understand brother...just understand my feelings...leave this car here...and when you have a girlfriend, you can take her in this car." folding his hands in front of Prithvi.

Prithvi "ok you dumbo...lets walk"

They reached the college gate and saw three girls standing in nice dresses.

Piyush "who is that in pink ?" from behind " she looks ...hmmm.."

Angad "she is Nandini, you should look only at Sneha now...ass" hitting him on his back.

Prithvi looked upwards and saw Nandini looking extremely beautiful.

Sneha "hi Piyush...we are waiting since last 15 minutes"

Piyush "oh sorry...lets start walking..."

Angad "hi Richa, hi Nandini"

Richa "hi, hi Prithvi"

Nandini just nodded her head and smiled little. All started walking towards the town. It was quite far. Piyush and sneha were holding hands and walking towards one side on the road. Richa and Angad were talking to each other. Prithvi and Nandini were walking slowly and behind everyone. Pithvi looked at her and than looked at her anklets that were making noise while she was walking.

Nandini was holding the edge of her duppatta and walking nervously looking around but not at Prithvi. Richa and Angad looked at Sneha and Piyush who were walking between the bushes rather than the road and laughed at them.

Richa "they are crazy"

, Angad "i know...Piyush is even more crazy" and then looked at Prithvi and Nandini. He signaled Richa that something is going wrong with them, and Richa nodded her head saying she was thinking the same. Angad and Richa walked faster and wanted to give Nandini and Prithvi some private space to talk.

Nandini saw Prithvi's shadow and her shadow walking separately. Then she thought of saying something related to that day. Then she thought what if he already thought wrong about her. She kept on thinking when...

Prithvi said "forget anything happened and believe me I wont ever mention anything"

Nandini looked at him and again his eyes were making her fall for him but than she looked down and stopped walking.

Prithvi "what happen? Why did you ..." was about to complete the sentence

Nandini " it was all my fault... I thought you...and it was wrong...and …." tears came rolling her eyes again

Prithvi "nandini I know there is something that is disturbing you...will you tell me what is it ?..."

Nandini wiped her tears "no...nothing...i just thought something else and it was something else"

Prithvi "what ????...please be clear"

Nandini "so you love your girlfriend a lot and she too loves you a I don't want o come in between..." and looked at him.

Prithvi astonishingly "my girlfriend!!!!...who ??"

Nandini "now please don't say you don't know her name"

Prithvi "shut up...just shut up" he said angrily..."enough Nandini" ..."its useless talking to you.."

Nandini "what ??? ….how can you say that"

Prithvi "you don't have brains and I don't want to talk to someone without her just leave"

Nandini "fine ...even I dont want to talk to you... " started crying

Prithvi "what the hell is this...i am frustrated because of you...why the hell are you crying" he shouted loudly...

Richa and Angad came towards them...

Angad "Prithvi are you alright"

Prithvi "shut up ….its all because of that idiot Piyush that I have landed here in this jungle with this stupid girl. Now let me go from here..."

Angad "what happen...tell me"

Richa looked at Nandini who was crying and asked her "Nandini what have to tell me"

Nandini didn't say anything and kept on crying. Richa kept asking her what happen.

Prithvi "i feel like..." closing his fist... "all girls on this planet are brainless and silly"

Angad "Prithvi calm down and tell me what happened"

Prithvi was getting angry and he punched a tree on the left side and hurt his knuckles. Nandini saw this and came running to Prithvi "show me your hand" Prithvi was till angry and Nandini pulled his hand from his side and touched his bruised hand.

She felt bad and said "i am sorry I believed what I was told"

Prithvi looked at her "who told you ?" still a big frown on his forehead.

Nandini "a girl in the college said she doesn't want me to come between you and her. ...i don't know her name ...but I can recognise her"

Richa and Angad thought of leaving them alone and started walking towards the town.

Prithvi "Monday... you will come with me to college and show me that girl" said angrily

Nandini nodded her head, and stood still watching Prithvi's hand. She thought of applying something on his hand once they reach town.

Prithvi "should we start walking ?"

Nandini again nodded her head and started walking after him.

Prithvi " why are you walking behind " it was a very narrow path and wasn't plain, it was upwards as they were climbing the hill to reach the other side. He looked at her sandals and thought it must be difficult for her to walk faster on the slope.

He moved his hand towards Nandini, She looked at him and thought whether she should hold his hand or not...lost in her thoughts... she heard Prithvi saying " what are you dreaming?"... she looked at him and slowly moved her hand towards Prithvi's hand and her heart started beating faster the moment she held his hand and walked towards him. She got pink and was looking more pretty with her fair complexion and pink color reflecting her. She saw Prithvi was looking at her and she she simply said "thanks"

Prithvi "for what"

Nandini "for holding my hand, it is hard for me to climb with these sandals"

Prithvi looked at her and smiled, "I won't leave your hand now" both looked at each other, when Nandini said "ouch my sandal" she looked down and saw the heel half broken and she thought of taking it off.

Prithvi "i was getting the car but that idiot stopped me and now I don't know where he is ….otherwise I would have..."

"its alright" nandini said and took off her sandals. "Lets walk"

Prithvi "like this...bare feet and on this hill with so many little stones and grass."

Nandini "nothing will happen...i will buy some shoes or something from the town...i can walk until we reach town..." said smilingly.

Prithvi looked at her open hair coming on her face while she was pulling her duppatta on the other side, he came closer and with his hand moved her hair back. Nandini's heart began to beat faster and she blushed. She didn't looked at him as she knew she can't look into his eyes which might attract her and drown her again.

Prithvi "you have nice hair" Nandini trembled and couldn't control the compliment she had from Prithvi, she just managed to be normal and said "thanks"

It was hard for Nandini to control her feelings for Prithvi. It was something that drew her closer to him. She thought she might be falling in love with him and he may not be even aware of it. She had to control her feelings and act normal.

Both started walking when they reached halfway and Nandini got tired and said "how long will it take" Prithvi called Angad to check where they were and found out its only ten more minutes away. Prithvi thought it must be difficult for Nandini to walk without her sandals and he walked slowly with her.

They saw a beautiful valley with so many small houses and small market which was so beautiful. Both started walking towards the valley when...

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very nice  just luving the activities hop nandini n prithvi get togther

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Originally posted by ridhithakur

very nice  just luving the activities hop nandini n prithvi get togther

Thanks Smile
Smoking_up Senior Member

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when???????????? Huh u and ur suspenses will definitely kill us some day lol...
loved this update... Keep it up dear... :-)
And next part shud be update soon(its not an order its just a request)

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Originally posted by neha_dubey1709

when???????????? Huh u and ur suspenses will definitely kill us some day lol...
loved this update... Keep it up dear... :-)
And next part shud be update soon(its not an order its just a request)
Thanks Neha...will try and update soon...good to know you liked...i love reading the comments

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