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Tum Mere Ho (RTMC FF) Part69 on Pg153 (Page 28)

ridzzi Goldie

Joined: 25 September 2011
Posts: 1798

Posted: 20 November 2011 at 8:11pm | IP Logged
nice update...Clap
oh changing room...''ahem ahem''...Embarrassed
hope prithvi will able to take nandini with him...Smile

update next part soon...Tongue

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sweetnandu Goldie

Joined: 05 May 2011
Posts: 2450

Posted: 20 November 2011 at 8:18pm | IP Logged
nice update..!!
changing room scene tho ..too hot Embarrassed
so both r going to states.. hmmm...interestingWink

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sanyogitaprc Senior Member

Joined: 31 May 2011
Posts: 515

Posted: 21 November 2011 at 3:17am | IP Logged
omg...PriNi going to USA...thats great...

i really hope nandini will be able to go with him...i don't want to see them away from each other...

& what is planning of abhishek...hope all his plans will be flop...

i also want angad & richa friends of PriNi together...they will make a good couple...

looking forward for PriNi dance in more romantic scene...please update soon...

Edited by sanyogitaprc - 21 November 2011 at 3:20am

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ananyashera Senior Member

Joined: 06 February 2011
Posts: 438

Posted: 21 November 2011 at 3:43am | IP Logged
lovely updates...

PriNi changing room scene... 

well prithvi is taking nandini to USA with him...thats good...please no judaai part in love story...i want PriNi always together so they can face any problem & win over it...

please update soon...waiting...

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samikshachauhan Senior Member

Joined: 10 August 2011
Posts: 181

Posted: 21 November 2011 at 11:36am | IP Logged
wonderful update dear!!! Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap

the scene in the changing room was Day Dreaming Wink

well i know prithvi gets wat he wanys so  he wud surely take nandini with him as he has said.

hmmm.. waiting for them to reach the disc...

update sooon ...

wAITING... Wating...

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Simran_14 Goldie

Joined: 20 May 2011
Posts: 1603

Posted: 21 November 2011 at 1:51pm | IP Logged
awesome part dear Clap 
loved it 
PriNi were really cute n hot Blushing Day Dreaming
I hope Nandani goes with Prithvi 2 U S
looking forward to the disc part
also hoping a cute scene between Angad n Richa Tongue
cont soon
thnx 4 da pm

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Rukmini13 Groupbie

Joined: 21 August 2011
Posts: 122

Posted: 22 November 2011 at 3:27am | IP Logged
Sorry for late...nice the scene in changing room with full of trust...humm like the convo bw angad nd richa...i hope that brat not creating any worst thing infront of them...would like to see both in state for there further education...luv this part too dhanvi nw waiting for next...luv u

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Freethinker Goldie

Joined: 16 August 2010
Posts: 1989

Posted: 22 November 2011 at 3:57pm | IP Logged

Part 20

Angad "anybody wants juice?"

Sneha and Piyush were busy cajoling while Richa said "yes I will...thanks"

Sneha "lets go on the dance floor Piyush."

Piyush "sure...come"

Richa "thanks Angad"

Angad was looking around for Prithvi and Nandini "i am sure they must have changed their know Prithvi hates discs...i was surprised when he said yes"

Richa "really?? oh that's because he thought Nandini wants to go"

Angad "yes could even Nandini doesn't like discs??"

Richa "yes..and she thinks Prithvi likes..."

Nandini saw Richa sitting in the corner "Richa" she shouted as the music was loud...

Richa startled "oh my God that you?? you look awesome"

Angad surprisingly glanced at Nandini then looked at Prithvi "hey I thought you won't come"

Prithvi "well I never wanted to anyway"

Angad "ok..leave what will you have??"

Nandini "can I have some juice please?"

Prithvi "no...i am fine"


Piyush while dancing looked at other girls and smiled...

Natasha "hey Piyush..what are you doing here??"

Piyush "hello '.i am dancing...what else can I do here"

Natasha "did you come alone?"

Piyush "look over there.."

Natasha went to say hello

Richa saw Natasha and some other boy with her "hi are you?"

Natasha "good my boyfriend...he studies in other college"

Richa "hi"

Angad brought the juice for Nandini "hi Natasha" he was excited to see her

Natasha "hi my boyfriend"

Angad quietly nodded to say hello...Richa was looking at him...

Natasha "ok I will catch you later...bye"

Richa "bye"

Prithvi "who else has come in this pathetic place?"

Nandini "this isn't that bad Prithvi...i think we should dance"

Prithvi "you really want to dance here ??" looked hopelessly

Nandini "why not...have we come here to sit?"

Prithvi didn't reacted

Nandini "fine I will go alone then" and got up

Prithvi hold her hand "don't go alone...i am coming"

Prithvi "i hate these dance floors" he said while dancing very close to Nandini and making sure no one comes near her. He glanced around.

Nandini "can you look at me and dance"

Prithvi "why?? can't I look around??"

Nandini "no you can't...i am in front of you and you are..."

Prithvi " you are jealous of all the girls who are staring at me?"

Nandini "no...but" she looked around to see so many good looking girls staring at Prithvi. She came more closer to him and put her arms around his shoulder. Prithvi gazed her her "i like the way you react? Smiled at her...and put his arms around her waist...

Nandini "i am not reacting...i am dancing and I don't care who so ever looks at you"

she said while getting red.

Prithvi hold her tightly and very close to him "hmmm well I can see how you are dancing" with a slight grin.

Nandini "ok...then leave me...i will go and dance with someone else..."

Prithvi glared at her "what did you say??" his grip was more livid this time...

Nandini "you are hurting me now...please leave"

Prithvi pulled back and went out of the disc...

Nandini saw his extreme reaction and thought how stupid she was to say such annoying thing to him...she had spoiled his mood... she went after him...


Angad was feeling bad inside as he liked Natasha and today he saw her with someone else

Richa "hey what happened?" she asked while looking at him

Angad "nothing '.just.."

Richa "do you like her?"

Anagd looked at Richa "what...i '.no"

Richa "its so clear...anybody in the world would guess...its different if you don't want to tell"

Angad "Richa ...i..liked her"

Richa "see Angad when you like someone its not necessary that the other person has to like you as well. I can understand your feelings" she moved closer and kept her hand on his shoulder.

Angad looked at her "thanks Richa"

Richa "friends are there to support...please don't feel are very nice person Angad...i am sure one day you will find your perfect match" and smiled at him

Angad smiled back at her...


Nandini "Prithvi I was just joking...i wasn't serious"

Prithvi "i hate these kind of jokes"

Nandini "please Prithvi...i won't say that please look at me." she said pleadingly

Nandini "ok you give me any punishment for that..."

Prithvi came closer and bent to kiss her...she closed her eyes...his kiss was longer and fierce this time... after few minutes he pulled back a little..

she looked at him passionately...

Nandini "lets go form here"

Prithvi "where do you want to go?" he asked while kissing on her cheek.

Nandini "anywhere...but I don't want to stay her...i came because of like discs"

Prithvi "what?? who said I like was your plan with your friends."

Nandini "no...i mean Sneha said you are I said yes"

Prithvi "ok...never mind...lets go"


Richa "ok...come lets dance"

Angad "dance ...but"

Richa "ok...then I will also sit here and feel bored"

Angad "ok." both went towards the dancing floor

Richa "i don't see Nandini '.has she gone?"

Angad "you know love birds can't stay at one place" both smiled

Richa "you look good when you smile..."

Angad gazed at Richa...while she was looking at Sneha and Piyush.


Nandini "no don't Prithvi...leave"

Prithvi "why do you stop me."

Nandini "i have to leave know we have exams coming...let me go and study"

Prithvi "you will be alone in your room...should I come and we both can study together"

Nandini "no...please" tried to pull away from his arms "let me go"

Prithvi "ok...i will meet you tomorrow...good night" he deeply kissed her pink lips.

Nandini went upstairs...while she switched on the light of her room she heard some noise

"is that you Prithvi??"

she looked around there wasn't anyone...she closed the window and was about to change when she saw the packet Prithvi gave her "oh let me see what is in it..." she opened the packet and was surprised to see maroon transparent saree.

She immediately picked up her phone and dialed his no

"so you want to see me in a saree??"

Prithvi "hmmm if you can guess right"

Nandini blushed

Prithvi "are you wearing it now??"

Nandini "no ...not now...let me think when can I wear it"

Prithvi " then let me sleep at least"

Nandini "do you want to sleep?"

Prithvi "yes"

Nandini "fine...go to sleep...bye" and disconnected the phone while Prithvi smiled.

Nandini was studying when she heard some noise again...she got up...was scared to get out of her room to check...she opened the bathroom to check...there wasn't anyone...

she relaxed and thought of sleeping...


Next Day

"when did you come back last night?" Nandini asked while yawning

Richa " you were sleeping when we won't believe Nandini we had so much fun...but why did you came back so early?"

Nandini "Sneha you lied...Prithvi doesn't like discs...and I went because of him... we went out for a dinner and then he dropped me back"

Sneha "that was romantic...but I had a bad night yesterday" said angrily

Nandini "why?? what happen?"

Richa laughed "oh Nandini you will burst out laughing if you hear this..."

Nandini "tell me...please"

Sneha "yes yes Richa tell everybody...go print a poster and put everywhere"

Richa still laughing "ok...ok...wait Nandini"


Angad "does it hurt??"

Piyush "don't even touch there..." shouting in pain

Prithvi "i think you deserve it" said smilingly

Angad "better have these medicines...they will help... I told you before..but you don't listen"

Piyush took the medicines "oh..its hurting badly...i think its swelling all the doctor"

Angad "you ass...wait I will check with the everyone will ask what happened?"

Piyush "aahh...tell them I was hit by a buffalo"

Prithvi and Angad laughed


Richa "Piyush had a big beating yesterday...oh...i couldn't see his face could you"

Nandini "what?? did Sneha beat him??"

Richa "yes" and laughed

Sneha "bloody ass...he was staring other girls with lusty could I have let him watching...i was so angry that I would have killed him..."

Nandini laughed "but how did you beat him??"

Sneha "with my high heeled sandals" smiled "now he won't look at any other girl except me"

Richa " should have seen the way he shouted for help"

Nandini "really...oh poor Piyush"

Sneha "he's not poor...he's very cunning...and I hate when he looks at other time he will think twice"


Professor Rai "Nandini your work is complete...but I want you to do one more assignment from this chapter..."

Nandini "yes sure..."

Professor Rai "Please give your names by tomorrow if you want to go for this trip."

Tanya "can I please ask where exactly this place is?"

Professor Rai "yes it is four hours from here...few kilometers from the kangra valley"

Meenal "maam where are we staying ??"

Professor Rai "its a hotel...there aren't many hotels boys and girls will be adjusted accordingly...but give your names by tomorrow"

Meenal "thanks maam"

In the evening

Angad "yes its not a bad idea...we can go"

Richa "yes ...and its only for two days..."

Sneha "hmmm we can think..."

Richa "what do you say Nandini ??"

Nandini looked at Prithvi who nodded yes

She smiled at him and said "yes I will go"

"ok done...then we will give our names today" Sneha said... "and Angad could you give Piyush's name as well...i know he can't come today but I am sure he will fine by this Friday."

Richa " I have to go for my class...will catch you later...Nandini you are coming??"

Nandini "yes of course.." and smiled at Prithvi who watched her while she walked away...


After some days

"We should pack enough...i think it will be cold there." Richa said while packing her bag

Sneha "yes we are going to have fun...i have heard its snowing there"

Richa "wow..i love snow...but I don't understand why are we going now...our exams are coming in two weeks"

Sneha "its only a two day trip...we can study after that...don't worry"

Nandini knocked the door "you all are packing??"

Richa "yes..we are leaving tomorrow you want to get up at 5:00am to pack??"

Nandini "what time ?" asked while getting her clothes from the cupboard.

Richa "its 7:00am but don't worry we are not going in separate buses. Boys and girls are going together."

Sneha "wow..isn't that nice"

It was 11:00pm and everybody was in deep sleep...Nandini was sleeping peacefully without knowing where her life will take turn.


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