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Tum Mere Ho (RTMC FF) Part69 on Pg153 (Page 25)

shruja IF-Dazzler

Joined: 06 February 2008
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Posted: 17 November 2011 at 1:06am | IP Logged
Part 17
thanks for updating
loved prithvi teasing nandu making her angry and he surprised all he knew ball dance wellApprove
imaging cute couple dancing like in fairy talesStar
they had to won as Prithvi  don't know how to looseThumbs Up
so angad likes natasha but richa will be perfect for himDisapprove

loved this part

Prithvi "leave it didn't do anything...i didn't let you do" gazed at her...

Nandini "ok so why didn't you let me do...was I doing something wrong?" she asked innocently...

Prithvi came closer to her "well in that case...we can continue now if you want to" he looked at her lovely lips...Embarrassed

we also want continuationWink
the pic of mc with red dress is very beautifulClap

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samikshachauhan Senior Member

Joined: 10 August 2011
Posts: 181

Posted: 17 November 2011 at 1:38am | IP Logged
wowww absolutely awesome as usual!!!

nandini so innocent. loved the way prithvi teases herEmbarrassed
 she was looking sooo beautiful in the red dress. 
and of course prithvi had to be perfect in the dance after all he never losesThumbs Up
congrats to the winners!Clap

the way u described their dance step was perfect!Clap

thank u so much 4 updating!!!!!!!
 plz keep updating like this.Smile

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Amor. IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 27 August 2008
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Posted: 17 November 2011 at 3:37am | IP Logged
awesome n beautiful part

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ridhithakur Senior Member

Joined: 16 September 2010
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Posted: 17 November 2011 at 4:47am | IP Logged
its awsom prithvi teasing nandini was very good

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ridzzi Goldie

Joined: 25 September 2011
Posts: 1798

Posted: 17 November 2011 at 7:49am | IP Logged
well nice or i can say...awesome update as usual...Clap
waiting for next part...Smile

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Rukmini13 Groupbie

Joined: 21 August 2011
Posts: 122

Posted: 17 November 2011 at 7:56am | IP Logged
Awsom part...but its shock to me as it so fast..b/w like it..awww my nandu dosent knw anything abt last night...nd prithvi take advantage...teasing her...:>.bt i like his teasing way..muhha...keep it up finally the day arrived..yipee dance nandu looks sooo preety nd beautiful in red dress...*shock*shock*shock* prithvi knw the dance...aur kya kya pata hai use!!!! They dance well i can imagin it only coz u dhanvi..luv u...well described the dance...whts that!!!! angad like natasha:(:(:(i like to see his pair with richa...hope so it will happn... Wow dey win as prithvi don't knw hw to loose...nandu u sooo innocencent...prithvi will continue if u want sweety as u want to knw wht u did last night;););););) luv u dhanvi for such swt part...

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anumeha_rajat IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 12 February 2010
Posts: 10172

Posted: 17 November 2011 at 1:49pm | IP Logged

hi di..

really sorry for not commenting to all the previous parts...

was busy as exams r going on..

but nw read all of them..

simply awsum...superb n beautiful..

loved prithvi n nandini alot...

n the b'thday celebration...n ball dance...

all were sooo awsum...

im simply in love wid this story...

continue soon..

thnx for the pm...

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Freethinker Goldie

Joined: 16 August 2010
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Posted: 17 November 2011 at 6:06pm | IP Logged

Part 18

Piyush "wow...i would love to go with Sneha...but how far is it??

Rohan "well have you seen the town...its just in the town to the central opened recently...but the crowd there is simply awesome...i believe the students from all the nearby colleges go there."

Piyush "that's cool...i must go...thanks for letting me know..."

Rohan "go on Friday or point going on the weekdays"

Piyush immediately called Sneha "don't do anything on Friday"

Sneha "why?? you know we have exams coming...i have to study"

Piyush "just this Friday...i will take you somewhere"

Sneha "where...???" annoyingly

Piyush "its a surprise."

Sneha "then keep it with you...i hate your surprises"

Piyush "please don't get angry my love...i am taking you to a discotheque"

Sneha excitedly " wow... hey tell me...did you exchanged your brain with someone"

Piyush "no...why??"

Sneha " wonder everyone says you ass...when are we going then"

Piyush "you get ready by will take one hour to reach..."

Sneha " let me study...i will talk to you later"

Piyush was all happy...he was thinking while entering his room...

Angad "watch ass!!!... you will collide with the table otherwise" and laughed

Piyush "oh...well I didn't see it...i was thinking about girls...beautiful, sexy girls of the other know they all come to this new discotheque opened recently in town"

Angad "so you want new girlfriend now ??? what about Sneha"

Piyush "oh leave her...let me think about other beauties"

Angad laughed "she will beat you and you know her temper"

Piyush "who cares...i am not scared of her"

Angad "we will see"


Abhishek just finished his work and his eyes fell on Nandini's photograph... "well enjoy as much as you can because I will injure you in such a way that the pain won't go throughout your life" and laughed wickedly...

He thought something and dialed a no "hello uncle...did you get a chance to talk to Nandini??"

Vinod "not yet Abhi but I will call her today and let her know about the good is work?

Abhishek "your blessings are there...everything is smooth. Can you please let me know when you had a word with her"

Vinod "sure beta...take care"

after some time...

Vinod dialed Nandini's no

Nandini "hello called me after such a long is everything..."

Vinod "a good news for you...your marriage date has been fixed"

Nandini shocked at his statement and gathered some courage to speak up to her father "papa I ...i don't want to marry"

Vinod "i know but Abhi is a very nice boy...he won't come between your studies... so you can continue studies after marriage"

Nandini "no...its not that papa...i..."

Vinod "what is it it something else?"

Nandini "yes...i don't want to marry Abhishek"

Vinod "why? Did he.."

Nandini "no its not related to him...i like someone else and I will only marry him"

Vinod stunned at what his daughter had was difficult for him to believe "what?"

Nandini "yes papa...i know I should have told you before but I like him very much and I can't live without him...he is very nice..."

Vinod didn't say anything and listened carefully to each and every word his daughter was saying...

Nandini "please can do something...i cannot marry someone else...this will be wrong"

Vinod "ok let me think 'but you should have told me before" and kept the phone

Nandini got relieved of something but she knew her family is very orthodox and may not accept her relation with Prithvi...but she fully trusts her father.


next day

Sneha "hey Richa...listen to will be fun...please come"

Richa "as far as I know ...i will need a partner to enter discotheque."

Sneha "well that we can arrange...but at least come...we should all go together"

Nandini while writing her assignment "well I am not going to any don't even ask me...i have to study"

Sneha "we are not asking you... we are taking you with us"

Nandini didn't bothered and was busy doing her work.

Richa "well we can think...but I can't promise"

Sneha called Piyush "listen...Richa needs a partner to enter discotheque and what about he going?"

Piyush "well why do always gather everyone?? why can't we go alone??"

Sneha "do you want me to go??? then you have to ask everyone...i am not going alone with make me insane"

Piyush "ok...ok don't get so hyper...i will check with my friends"

Sneha "that's better.."


Sameer came running towards the hall and saw Prithvi boxing...he was almost out of breathe and a bit scared..."Prithvi some unknown boys have entered the college campus...they are carrying some hockey sticks and chains with them."

Prithvi immediately stopped his out of the ring, took off his gloves and walked out of the hall

He walked straight towards the boys who were walking inside the college campus, Prithvi stopped right in front of them...

"where the hell do you think you are going??" Prithvi asked aggressively

"we are looking for Prithvi" one of the boys said

Prithvi "well then you don't have to take the pain to look around..." looked fiercely in his eyes "i am Prithvi"

It was evident that Prithvi was far better, one of the boys moved forward to hit him but Prithvi knocked the boy down with a blow in the nose. As the latter was rising Prithvi struck him again and he fainted on the ground...

Prithvi approached the second boy who started fighting using his fist but Prithvi put his ribs in with a shin kick, winding him in the process...

Prithvi landed a load of heavy southpaw lefts and more low kicks on to the third one.

Fourth boys was on the back foot and Prithvi had to chase him to get close enough to land anything, then he punched him into the corner.

The fifth boy responded with a body kick which Prithvi caught, threw to the side and landed another nasty low kick to the side of his standing leg.

He was so smashed up and exhausted that he could barely stand, and said

"Prithvi is equivalent to ten fighters...we cannot beat him" and fainted...

Prithvi glanced around...all the students were horrified at the scene...Prithvi did get some small injuries but he was fine...some security guards approached him , Prithvi's eyes were full with rage and he said while looking at the security guards "ask them who sent them and throw them out". and walked back aggressively towards the hall...


Piyush "Angad please...otherwise Sneha won't go either"

Angad "let me think...well ok but we can't stay longer"

Piyush "yes that's you have to convince Prithvi"

Angad "are you insane...i can't"

Piyush was talking to Angad while Prithvi banged the door annoyingly...

Piyush unlocked the door "hey Prithvi... we were talking about you...what happened you are sweating so much..."

Prithvi "get aside..." while he moved towards his cupboard...took out a diary and dialed the no

"its me...find out full details of this Abhishek Batra...full means full...even his ancestors" and angrily disconnected the phone...

Piyush and Angad looked at him while Prithvi went to change.

Angad "well it seems he's in a bad mood"

Piyush " what should we do?"

Angad "wait...don't open your mouth until he's alright"

Prithvi was having shower when suddenly his phone rang...

Prithvi "i will talk to you later...bye" and disconnected the call...


Vinod thought about what his daughter had said and made up his mind to talk to Abhishek...he knew Abhi will agree as he is very nice boy and will understand Nandini's feelings...

He knew Abhi liked Nandini but he will try to convince him...he thought if the boy whom Nandini was talking about makes Nandini happy and belongs to a nice family than he won't have to think so much and for his daughter's happiness he will talk to his parents.


Prithvi was looking for something when Piyush asked him "are you free on Friday?"

Prithvi "why?" still searching his study table.

Piyush "we all have planned to go out to discotheque"

Prithvi stared at him "where did you say??? and who all are going ??"

Piyush ", Sneha, Angad, Richa and Nandini ofcourse"

Prithvi glared at him "alright"

Piyush couldn't believe what his ears heard "did you say means yes"

Angad "yes ass he is going..."

Piyush informed Sneha...

Sneha "well Nandini...Prithvi is going with us..what do you say now??"

Nandini smiled "when did I say no" and winked at Sneha 

Richa hesitantly "i think its better for you all to go...see Angad might feel awkward with doesn't look good anyway"

Sneha "oh no...don't you say no are going"

Richa thought something and then concentrated on her assignment...


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