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Tum Mere Ho (RTMC FF) Part69 on Pg153 (Page 2)

Nandini25 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 October 2011 at 11:27am | IP Logged
Awesome ff
luvd it
so prithvi is protective as well as possessive towards Nandini
pm me weneva u update

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smile.sara IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 October 2011 at 1:32pm | IP Logged
Hey Dhanvi!!! Dear Hug i xceptd ur buddy req... now u can make PM List . and PM at every time when u UD... UD soona haanSmile   me waitng Tongue

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Freethinker Goldie

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Posted: 06 October 2011 at 3:22pm | IP Logged

Part 3

It was just the beginning of the year and new students were attending their classes. College closes in June when students go back home for a month.

Every year there is an inter college sports competition where students from all over India come to play and win in their games.


It was 10:30 in the morning and most of the students were in their classes. Nandini was in the Library doing some research work for her thesis. She went through the whole section of books in the literature block, there wasn't anyone around in that block. It was pin drop silence and all she could hear was the noise of her anklets and bangles. As she moved to pick up one book from the middle of the book shelf, she saw big black eyes gazing at her and suddenly she looked at the book, when she looked back again, to find his gaze, he was not there. Nandini's heart started beating faster and she thought what he must be doing here and at this time. She looked around but could not find anyone. He must be checking around if everything's alright and she moved back to her seat. She was not completely studying, her mind was lost in Prithvi's thoughts. She could barely study for some minutes and than thought of talking to him once and probably if she talks to him, it might be possible that her thoughts could settle down.


She packed her books and left the library, She saw in talking to someone in the garden next to the canteen. The moment she looked at him, she thought of going back since it was hard to face him. He gets angry so quickly. Finally she took a long breath and started walking towards him to have a word with him. He could not see her as he was facing his back towards her. As she came closer her heart started beating faster, she felt her hands too cold but she had to talk with him else her thoughts will kill her. She was scared and it could be easily seen from her lovely face.

She was standing right behind Prithvi and could smell his jacket. He looked extremely handsome in his black jacket. She looked at his dark black hair and called his name "Prithvi". Prithvi turned behind to look and saw her lovely eyes gazing at him. Both were silent for a moment and then Prithvi said "what is it ?"

Nandini could not face his eyes now and there was a frown on his face that made her drew back and she said "i...i... was going to the canteen and you were in between, so...I was asking you to excuse me to give some space to move ahead"

Prithvi looked at her constantly and raised up his eyebrows "do you think I am so big that you cant pass from behind me. There is so much space"

Nandini's cheeks were burning hot and hands went cold. She couldn't speak another word but just passed from behind him.

Prithvi with big frown on his forehead "next time open your eyes first and then decide what you want without interrupting other people"

Nandini saw so many eyes looking at her as if she had done something wrong, she went towards the gate and did not look behind. She felt humiliated and tears were about to roll down her beautiful eyes. Nandini said to Richa who was waiting for her in her room. Richa was very close friend of Nandini, both went together in school and now in college. Both their families were happy to see them together.

Nandini "what does he think of himself, how could he insult me like that in front of so many people"

Richa was surprised to see Nandini crying and talking like this, she asked "whats the matter Nandini, why are you crying, will you tell me what happened"

Nandini was feeling angry inside, she was bursting and said " Prithvi that campus leader, he is so arrogant, I went to talk to him and he …."

Richa "what he … what did you tell him, whats going on, why did you wanted to talk to him"

Nandini wanted to say something but stopped "nothing, leave it … I will never ever talk to him now... let him to go hell...who cares"

Richa was surprised to see Nandini talking about a boy and that too because he did not talk to her

She saw something in Nandini's eyes and asked her "Nandini, do you want him to talk to you ?"

Nandini kept silent and did not speak a word but said "no way, why will I want to talk , and with him...never"

Richa looked at her face and asked her to go for dinner

Prithvi was playing his match and was almost winning over Rohit. There were many students in the hall and were doing there practice when Rohan said to Sourabh "it was real fun on the valentines day, wasn't it" Sourabh and Rohan did not see Prithvi could hear them.

Rohan "i feel like doing it again, what say"

Sourabh "i know it was good, no class and all day fun"

Rohan "have you got the cigarette today ?" Sourabh "hmm ...we will use in the toilet" Both were laughing loudly.

Prithvi turned around and looked fiercely towards Rohan and Saurabh. Both got scared and thought of running when Prithvi caught hold of them from their neck. They started pleading but he dragged them to Principal's office. Principal was really angry and suspended two boys for one month. Both of them looked at Prithvi and said "you did not do right, now we will show you" Prithvi starred at them annoyingly and said "you are most welcome to come and show me what you can do." smiled smirkingly.

It was quite cold and windy evening, mostly students were inside the building and their hostels. Nandini really liked collecting flowers. She could see some lovely flowers outside her hostel room and wanted to collect them.

She opened the window of her room and strong wind blowed her lovely hair as she moved her hand out of the window and wanted to peep outside and see the flowers hanging down from the roof of the hostel till her window, she lost her balance because of the strong wind blowing towards the opposite direction, she hung herself on the roof of the window and kept holding it, but it was hard for her to keep the grip and she shouted for help. She thought if she fell down she might break her leg or head may be.

Due to strong winds her shouts were less clearly heard. Being inside the hostel she was wearing her yellow night dress which ought to blow up because of the wind making her legs half visible. She screamed loudly for help when one of the boys in the boys hostel saw a girl screaming and hanging the roof of girls hostels.

He went to the gym room where most of the boys were excersizing and yelled at them to save a girl hanging on the hostel roof. Nobody dared to go beyond the wall which was so dangerous, and had glass pieces, It was to avoid any boy going beyond the wall. If anyone dared to touch the wall, he might result in heavy bleeding. So they thought of at least looking at the girl.

Angad also went to see with his binoculars and the moment he saw it was Nandini, he ran towards the room to call Prithvi. He told Prithvi about Nandini hanging on the roof and hearing this Prithvi wake up from his sleep and went upstairs to see her. He was wearing his shorts and came without even changing in hurry.

He went towards the window of one of the boys room and caught hold of one of the tree trunks and managed to go near the wall that was full of small glass pieces scattered all on the wall, he wasn't wearing his shoes and the moment he went to hold the wall with his hand, it started bleeding, but he managed to climb the wall and then catch hold of the tree on the other side of the wall and jumped on the roof of the girls hostel.

His hands and feet were bleeding but he did not even look at his hands and reached for Nandini who was about to leave her grip when Prithvi came from top of the roof and yelled "Nandini...hold my hand faster" Nandini looked at him, having no other option she held his hand and he tightened the grasp of her hand to pull her towards himself.

Girls from the hostel and warden came outside and saw Nandini's condition and Prithvi trying to save her. All got scared. Prithvi pulled her so hard that she almost fell in his arms. With a jerk Prithvi fell on the floor of the roof and Nandini on top of him. Both looked into each other's eyes but did not say anything. Nandini's hand were on Prithvi's chest and she realized she was almost sitting on top of him and got up immediately. Finally Prithvi realized something hurting him and he saw his hand. Nandini got scared and tears rolling her eyes.

Prithvi "are you alright," and he looked at her from top to bottom to check if she got hurt.

"why the hell are you crying ?"

Nandini did not said anything and kept on crying.

Prithvi "you go to your room and next time I will not come to save you from your idiotic acts." getting more angry while walking towards her.

Nandini got angry and while crying said "did I call you for help, why did you come?"

Prithvi got red with rage "i have never seen silly girl like you, don't you ever show me your face again"

both got down the building and Prithvi could hardly walk because of the glass pieces that had cut his skin, but he managed to walk till his room and did not look back.

Nandini went to her room and talking to Richa "i will never see his face again"

Richa "Oh common Nandini, its your fault..."

Nandini blasting on Richa "my fault!!!! "how ?"

Richa "see...he came to save you and got himself hurt so badly...instead of saying thanks, you just yelled at him, how could you Nandini"

Nandini thought for a while and than realized that she did wrong, he was bleeding badly. She started crying and thought that she is so mean and did not even said sorry for her behavior as she laid down her head on Richa's lap.

Prithvi was attended by the doctor and was asked to take bed rest for next 5 days. His feet and hands were badly cut by the sharp glass kept on the wall.

Angad "is it painful , you should have some painkillers"

Prithvi "shut up, I don't need anything and now you leave"

Angad "i won't even if you say horrible word this time, you are hurt so badly"

Prithvi did not say anything but looked frowned.

Angad "so you really like her ?"

Prithvi "you are insane"

Angad "thats why you didn't even thought anything and jumped to help her ….hmmm... that is love my brother"

Prithvi "do you want me to kick you out of my room, or will you go yourself" getting red with anger.

Angad "ok boxer...i will go now if you want..but I will come again to see you" and went out of the room.

Prithvi trying to close his fist but saw white bandage all over his palm and fingers. He thought he might not play for another five days. But who will stop him. He kept the hand on his chest and closed his eyes, he saw Nandini's lovely face, her eyes looking at her. He opened his eyes looking up the roof smiled and said "silly girl".

Nandini and Richa were waiting at the gate when she saw Angad.

Nandini asked Richa to ask him about Prithvi

Richa asked Angad "hi, how is Prithvi ?"

Angad got surprised as she asked and said "he is fine but cannot come to college for next 5 days", do you want to meet him ?" he asked smiling.

Nandini got embarrased

Richa "no I was just asking, thanks" and they started walking towards their building.

Angad thought something and said "Nandini do you want Prithvi's phone no?"

Nandini stood still thought for a while and Richa turned around "we won't mind"

Angad smiled mischievously and gave her the no.

Richa "thanks, bye" and they left.

Prithvi's phone was ringing as he woke up from his deep sleep, he saw an unknown no and did not pick up. It rang the second time and disturbed Prithvi's sleep. He picked up "who's it?"

Richa asked Nandini to speak up but she couldn't speak as if something struck into her throat.

Prithvi got angry and cut the phone.

Richa "why didn't you speak up ?"

Nandini "i don't know, he seems to be angry all the time"

Richa "oh common Nandini …. talk to him ...ok .. I will dial again... this time talk to him nicely..."

Nandini simply nodded her head.

Prithvi's phone rang again and he blasted on the phone "who the hell is this ?"

Nandini got scared and Richa took the phone from her "is that Prithvi ?"

Prithvi heard a female voice and was confused "yes"

Richa "my friend Nandini wants to talk to you, she is scared, can you please talk to her"

Prithvi did not say anything and heard another voice saying "Pithvi how are you?"

Prithvi "You are so scared to even call me by yourself ?????, coward"

Nandini got stunned by what he said and yelled at him "i am not coward and I will not call you again, I ….i only called you to ask about …..cause It happened ….because you saved me...nnnow I will not call you..." and kept the phone.

Richa asked "whats happening with you? ….he must be in pain or could have apologized..."

Nandini "i dont want to...leave it..."

Richa "i am going to the library ...are you coming with me ?"

Nandini "no I will sit here for sometime" and she was sitting alone on the bench in the garden and thinking about how she spoke to Prithvi. She was not angry at anyone but whenever Prithvi talks to her she gets in anger...but deep somewhere inside she knows that she likes him.

Was that just a feeling and she remembered how he held her hand to save her and how she was sitting on top of him and his eyes were looking into hers, her hands on his chest and he was so close to her... he did not even cared about his wounds and bleeding but simply came to save her...why did he do that...


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Nandini25 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 10 August 2009
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Posted: 06 October 2011 at 11:47pm | IP Logged
Awesome update
Prithvi is so rude. What was the need of insulting Nandini like that.
luvd it wen he saved Nandini.
Now Nandini is acting like a jerk.
He saved her n she yelled on him only.
no wonder the poor girl is so scared of him, he's always so rude.
Wow seems like both have fallen really hard for each other.
gr8 again he infuriated Nandini.
cant w8 2 read more.
update soon.

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smile.sara IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 October 2011 at 5:23pm | IP Logged
Nice UD  Dahnvi... ThanX for PM.

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ridhithakur Senior Member

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Posted: 08 October 2011 at 3:48am | IP Logged
very nice dhanvi ,luvd every bit of it...thanx 4 sharing waitin 4 next update

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Smoking_up Senior Member

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Posted: 09 October 2011 at 4:42am | IP Logged
awesome update yaar loved it... Prithvi and nandini both r jerks seriously... Anyways do update soon will be waiting :-)

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Freethinker Goldie

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Posted: 10 October 2011 at 1:03pm | IP Logged
Thanks :)

Will update doon

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