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Tum Mere Ho (RTMC FF) Part69 on Pg153 (Page 17)

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Posted: 08 November 2011 at 1:29pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by sweetnandu

hey ..
i am a huge fan of RTMC ..:)
came across ur ff..
nice story !!
pls do add me into ur pm list
Thanks a lot...sure i have added you right away...Smile

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Posted: 08 November 2011 at 1:30pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by shruja

love changes all
so nandini n prithvi having beautiful moments
n nandini not at all scared abt anything
wow richa thot for the best couple but u n angad also will make good n wise pair
again prithvi going naughty poor nandu now prithvi is out of control
but wht this esha is comming
like to see nandini jelous but hope esha will know prithvi loves nandini
waiting for next

Thanks again...lets see how the story continues...even i don't know what will happen...Big smile
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Posted: 08 November 2011 at 1:31pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by sweetsanyo


wat a update...
Thanks Dear.Smile
anumeha_rajat IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 November 2011 at 11:16am | IP Logged

simply amazing n awsum part di...

i thought they might get caught by the warden..

but glad they not...

aww...he left hickey...n i hope bcoz of problem will be there b/w them...

thnx for the pm...

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Part 14

Prithvi turned around to look...

Nandini "what happened??" she asked bewildered at Prithvi's reaction...

Prithvi encompassed the area "nothing..." but he knew someone is following them...

Nandini couldn't figure out...

All of a sudden Prithvi saw a few bushes moving and he quickly budged to see and asked Nandini to wait until he comes back...he hastily moved towards the place and distantly detected a yellow color...he briskly hustled nearing towards the object ...

Prithvi dashed and clasped the yellow jacket...It tried to escape but Prithvi grabbed the man by his was too tight for him to breathe... Prithvi punched him in the head and he fell on the ground... Prithvi ferociously starred at his dark face and the camera in his hand... "will you tell me yourself or you want me to help you?" he asked boorishly...

The man was sweating and didn't had the courage to fight with Prithvi and said " just a visitor here...i was taking photographs of the surroundings.." and coughed as his neck was still tight….Prithvi pulled him up from his collar "really??" and punched him hard on his face...he landed on to the ground again and this time it was difficult for him to get up...

Nandini thought she must see where Prithvi had gone and started walking towards the path where Prithvi had gone...

"i will tell...please don't hit me..." the man said terrorized by the strong force...

Prithvi coerced "fast...i don't want to dawdle here" picking up the camera from his side "bas***d" tenaciously focusing at him...

"i...i was sent my take pictures of Nandini..." seemingly panic-stricken

Prithvi "yes go on..." enraged with the last word...

" he can keep an eye on she...she is his fiance" the man said overcome with trepidation

Prithvi irefully starred at him and after hearing the last word from his mouth Prithvi smashed his face with the tree trunk next to him...there was blood all around...horrified he started pleading in front of Prithvi "please leave me...i...i am a only servant of Abhishek sir..."

Prithvi's eyes were red with rage, he closed his fist and hit him hard on his head. He fainted on the spot...while Prithvi looked scornfully at him...

Nandini came running when she heard the sound...she saw bloodied man lying on the ground...she yelped..terrified at the scene...then looked at Prithvi who was standing near his half dead man..

"Prithvi" she called out... "what happened"...he didn't say anything and walked towards Nandini "come lets go" he said...

"wait" she said alarmed while looking at his hands... "you...your hand is bleeding"...

"you must go back to your hostel Nandini" Prithvi said firmly

Nandini looked at him "now..but ...why...and you got hurt..who was..?" she said petrified

Prithvi "Nandini its nothing...don't worry...i will see you in the evening"...paused and put her arms around her "lets go" and started walked with her until they reached the hostel...after he saw her going inside, he walked towards the same place where the man was lying...


After some time

"I mean come right now" Prithvi said and cut the phone...then he looked at the camera and saw his and Nandini's pics...he immediately broke the camera in great anger..."

Suddenly one big van stopped on the path...and three men came and lifted the body... Prithvi watched while they plonked the body in the van.

"Do as I have said" Prithvi commanded.

The men said "don't worry will be done"

Prithvi smirkingly said "now you wait and watch Mr Abhishek Batra."


Abhishek leered at Nandini's pic... "soon you will be mine Nandini..."...then paused and smiled "so I will be the first person to touch you...your beautiful fair body...Oh Nandini.. ..well I will feel like heaven that day" and laughed …..

He heard some noise at the gate and came out of his room and shockingly said "what are you doing...who are you??"

Three men dressed in black "a gift for you..." said angrily

Abhishek horrified when he noticed the injured body of the photographer he had sent, outside his room "who are you ??" he asked the men...

one of the men said "don't you dare ask will get to know soon" and exited...

Abhishek stood still for a moment and visually examined the form lying on his feet and called his doctor to handle the situation.

He felt confronted...and said to himself "who wants to defy me??...who dares to come between me and Nandini"

He thought of revealing himself...but then anticipated... "i will wait for you to come …." said viciously...


Next Day

Renuka happily telling Esha " I am sending you there to give these gifts to him...he never wants anything big on that day"

Esha "don't worry aunty...that boxer will like whatever you give him...but I know birthdays should be special"

Renuka "i know beta...but you know Prithvi... he never likes to celebrate his birthday..." while giving the packets to Esha.

Esha "ok aunty...i have packed all the stuff..." closing the bag...

Renuka "i know he never remember's his birthday"

Esha "of course aunty...all he remember's is his boxing...don't worry...i will wish him from your's and uncle's side...well I can only stay for one or two hours over there...but will surely cut the cake with him"

Renuka "thank you beta...and take care..."

Esha waved good bye...and asked the driver to leave...


Richa came towards Nandini while she was studying "Nandini are you doing something important??"

Nandini did not look at her "yes I am completing my assignment" while writing on a paper

Richa "have you heard about the ball dance party in college?"

Nandini "yes" still doing her work "so"

Richa "have you thought" before she could complete her sentence Nandini's phone started ringing

Nandini "hello ….i was waiting for your everything alright"

Prithvi "yes...don't worry...Nandini I will meet you tomorrow, I have to go for my gym and after that I have a meeting with my trainer"

Nandini "we can meet after that..."

Prithvi "Nandini!!! you still want to take the risk of getting out of the hostel at night??" said annoyingly...

Nandini kept quiet …. "alright I will meet you tomorrow"

Prithvi "ok bye" and kept the phone.

Nandini "ok" and felt sad..for not meeting Prithvi...she wanted to meet him but she knew she cannot go out of the hostel every time...she closed her eyes and thought about him...she knew she was getting addicted to him...and smiled...

Richa looked at her puzzled "Nandini are you day dreaming ???"

Nandini " yes you tell were saying something before?"

Richa "yes I listen we have ball dance party and ...imagine if you and Prithvi make pair and dance..."

Nandini laughed "have you gone insane??"

Richa "why ?? what's so funny ?"

Nandini "it is funny...Prithvi and ball dance!!!" she laughed

Richa "why not...have you ever asked him ??? may be he knows ball dance."

Nandini "Oh my God Richa … could you even far as I know him...he is not that sweet sweet boy who will agree with me and start dancing. He is very tough and stubborn...instead of ball dance he will start boxing with me..."...laughed "so please forget it..."

Kept on laughing...but Richa looked at her and thought of some idea..

Richa "ok fine...what if Prithvi asks you for a ball dance?? then will you agree?"

Nandini "oh..." laughed again "he will ask me...??? and that too for ball dance????" laughed out loud...

Richa "tell me yes or no...will you agree then ?"

Nandini "yes ...yes..if he asks how can I say no...but I know this is impossible" and started working on her assignments again...

Richa thought of something and called Angad

After some time

Angad "ok I liked your plan ...but what if it doesn't work"

Richa "it will...i know both of them and I am sure it will work..."

Angad "ok …. I will try my best"

Richa "thanks I will meet you tomorrow...bye"

Angad "ok ….bye"


Richa went towards the hostel and called Nandini "hello Nandini are you free now"

Nandini "oh Richa I am doing my know we have to submit tomorrow..."

Richa "ok ….i wanted to tell you what Prithvi thinks about you"

Nandini startled "about me??? what ?" paused for a second "how do you know...did he tell you anything??

Richa "no no...Angad told me ...both are good friends..."

Nandini "really...what did he say??"

Richa "i think you are busy now...i will talk to you later"

Nanidni " ..i can do it later...when are you coming?"

Richa "i am on my way will reach in five minutes" and cancelled the phone...

Nandini thought what must have Prithvi told he never tells her how he feels for her...Prithvi never expresses anything to her...she got excited to hear...was eagerly waiting for Richa to come...

Richa knocked the door

Nandini quickly opened the door.."what is it ...tell me fast"

Richa "wait seem super excited to hear what he feels about you"

Nandini "no its not will you tell me"

Richa "ok...well he said he wants to see you in a stunning dress"

Nandini "dress???"

Richa "yes, he says Nandini doesn't even know how to dance."

Nandini "dance??"

Richa " know Nandini ...boys never show but they want their girlfriends to be smart and stunning...he loves ball dance and said he would love to see Nandini in a ballroom dance dress" she paused and looked at Nandini .

Nandini "well he never told me??"

Richa "why will he tell you...when he knows you will never wear a dress."

Nandini "you know I feel awkward ...i mean to show your back and cleavage..."

Richa "oh Nandini you can get a decent dress...don't worry...but don't you think you should make your boyfriend happy...and he should feel good about you"

Nandini "yes Richa are right...i will wear a dress and will go for ball dance"

Richa smiled "thats my Nandini...don't worry he will come and ask you for the dance...but you be prepared for it...i mean he shouldn't think that you don't know how to dance"

Nandini "but...who will teach me ?? I seriously don't know this ball dance."

Richa "you don't worry about that...leave everything on to me..."

Nandini smiled "oh are so sweet"

Richa smiled at her plan...


After some time at the gym...

Angad "so you aren't meeting Nandini today??"

Prithvi while lifting the weights "why??"

Angad "no actually Richa met today and said Nandini is sad...she is not eating properly"

Prithvi "so its good for her...she will loose some weight..."

Angad "i am not joking...she is not happy with you"

Prithvi "that's even better." he said while wiping the sweat from his arms with towel...

Angad "Prithvi ...try to understand...these girls need attention...but you give more time to gym and boxing than to your girlfriend..."

Prithvi looked at him with a frown

Angad "now listen ….she likes dancing ….she said to Richa that she wants to dance in the ball dance but Prithvi will never accompany her as he doesn't know how to dance"

Prithvi " mean to say Nandini knows ball dance?"

Angad "yes she knows...but how can she perform without you?"

Prithvi looked at him...

Angad "its ok leave it...i know you will never go for ball dance.."

Prithvi firmly said "why not??"

Angad shockingly "what????? you mean you can go for ball dance ????"

Prithvi " it such a big thing??"

Angad "i think you should surprise her and ask for dance."

Prithvi "well...enough Angad we will think about it later...let me exercise now..."

Angad smiled...


Next Day

Esha saw her phone ringing "hello"

Manish "hi Esha when did you leave ??"

Esha "i have left one hour back...i am on the way...first I have to meet Prithvi on the won't take more than two hours after that we won't stop anywhere...this will be a good adventure...Sheeba is with me..."

Manish "ok ….no worries...well we have planned river rafting, tracking, paragliding and much more...we are waiting for you guys..."

Esha "ok see you soon" and disconnected the phone...

Esha glimpsed at her watch and looked at Sheeba...

Esha "i think we will reach by 5:00pm ….but don't you think its gonna be too soon to wish him"

Sheeba "its alright...i think he may not come out from his hostel at late hours"

Esha "you are right...ok so we can buy some cake before we reach...because I have heard that his college is in a hill station and doesn't have many good shops there..."

Sheeba "ok..."


Nandini " I can't do...see I told you.." getting nervous and tensed...

Richa "you have to practice...see we have four days left and I am sure you will learn"

Nandini was recapitulating her steps, with other girls in the hall located in the girls hostel...a private dance teacher was hired. Shruti Dixit was a renounced dancer who taught many dances. She was appointed to teach the girls and prepare them for the dance event. Nandini fumbled twice but Shruti comforted her...

Nandini believed she can never learn this dance...but then she realized if Prithvi likes this type of dance then she will have to master it anyway.

Nandini was rehearsing since last four hours...when suddenly she remembered that it was almost 5pm and she knew he must be waiting for her near the canteen. She requested Shruti to let her leave for one hour...


"Esha wake up!!!! I think we have reached Prithvi's college" Sheeba said

Esha opened her eyes and glanced around "oh...yes I think so...its such a huge college...anyway lets get out and see"

they walked towards the entry gate of the college and went to Principal's office to take permission to see Prithvi. Campus principal was more than happy to let them meet as it was his favorite student's birthday next day.

Principal asked the peon to make an announcement for Prithvi in his hostel and check if he was in the campus...

Esha and Sheeba were waiting in the visitor's lounge...

After some time

"hey Esha" Prithvi said smilingly

Esha gazed at him and walked towards him...both hugged each other "let me look at you boxer" she said while still holding his arms "hmmm you haven't changed" smiled happily at him...

Prithvi "now stop it ….lets go out ...come"

All went towards the canteen...

Prithvi "mom told me you are going for an expedition?"

Esha "yes...i am adventurous you see...not like you" while sipping coffee "well I have some special reason to come here"

Prihvi "then I am pretty sure it must be very useless" said smirkingly

Esha "oh...may be for you its useless but not for us... Sheeba bring that box please"

Nandini hurriedly walked towards the canteen...she thought she might get late...and Prithvi doesn't like waiting...

Esha opened the box with beautifully decorated chocolate cake...

Angad "happy birthday Prithvi" while he read on the cake "wow…..that's Prithvi its your birthday today???"

Esha "no its tomorrow...and this boxer never remember's his what are you waiting for cut the cake"

Prithvi looked at her "why did you do this ??? you know I.."

Esha "i know...don't keep us waiting now..."

Prithvi looked at his watch..."ok wait for sometime"

Esha "wait..??? but why??"

Prithvi looked outside the gate... he saw her coming and she came near the gate... "sorry I am late...i was" she said almost out of breath...

Prithvi "come fast..."

Esha smiled "oh...i will ask you about her later... now lets cut the cake..."

Prithvi looked at nandini who was confused...

Esha looked at Nandini "hey I am Esha... you are..."

Nandini "i am Nandini..."

Esha "well its Prithvi's birthday tomorrow but I promised his mother that I will wish him" while holding Prithvi's arms "ok Prithvi lets cut the cake" Prithvi cut the cake...Esha took a piece of cake and offered to Prithvi, wished and hugged him ...he happily took the cake and was about to give to Nandini when his phone was his Mother ….he went on one side to answer the phone...while everybody else helped themselves with the cake...

Angad "wow made my day with such delicious cake"

Esha "thanks Angad...i met your mom before coming..she really misses you"

Angad "i know...hey are you going back now"

Esha "do you think I will come specially here?? I am actually on my way to friends are waiting for me...i will be leaving in another one hour or so"

Nandini felt bad as Prithvi did not tell her...she stood still and thought about Esha's relation with Prithvi and how she hugged him...

Esha saw Nandini lost "hey Nandini please come and help yourself" she said smiling

Nandini smiled slightly at Esha and nodded...

Esha "so how's life in college?...well I can never stay in a hostel...i love parties and enjoy going out..."

Angad "i too...this hostel life is boring..."

Esha "so Angad you haven't made any girlfriends or girls still run away from you" and laughed

Nandini watched them talking but she was feeling isolated...

Prithvi joined them after talking to his mother on the phone …

Esha "so Prithvi...what did aunty say??...hey I forgot she sent something for you...wait I will get"

She walked towards her car...

Prithvi looked at Nandini who was looking daggers at him...he smiled to make sure she's alright but she didn't smile and looked more angry...he knew Nandini must be angry at him not telling anything about his birthday...meanwhile Angad, Sheeba, Piyush, Sneha were enjoying the cake... Prithvi took a piece of cake and offered to Nandini...she took it but didn't say anything...

Esha came running towards their table "ok ….here's your gift from aunty and uncle..." and looked at her watch... "i think we better leave Sheeba else we might get late" and took her bag...she hugged Prithvi tightly "see you soon and take care" then gently kissed him on the cheek "happy birthday in advance my boxer" Nandini looked invidiously...

Prithvi "enjoy your expedition"

Esha "i will...bye...and do enjoy your birthday and bye Nandini"

The moment car fled away...Nandini turned red with anger and started walking towards her hostel...Prithvi tried to stop her "wait Nandini"

Nandini "for what??? to see something more??...i shouldn't have come could have enjoyed with her..."

Prithvi "oh come on...she's just a friend Nandini...she is like that...i mean she meets everybody the same way..."

Nandini furiously "really??...its good for you...go and hug her again"

Prithvi hold her arm " stop it...i am explaining you, that doesn't mean you will say whatever you want...i don't understand what goes in your mind" and angrily pulled back...

both turned in opposite direction annoyingly.


After some time

Richa "ok so its his birthday tomorrow..hmm and you don't have anything to gift him"

Nandini "yes...and I don't know what to do...i made him angry today...but I couldn't control could I see that girl hugging Prithvi and kissing him..."

Richa "Nandini ….leave need to think how you can make his birthday special.."

Nandini thought for a while "i can wish him at midnight"

Richa "on the phone ??? that anybody can do...see if that girl can do something special than you must do more than her...think Nandini"

Nandini "yes Richa... but what?? my brain has stopped working somehow"

Richa "ok let me think something...first you need to have a cake..." paused for a moment "we can ask the kitchen hand person to help us"

Nandini "what ??? you mean you want me to go in the kitchen and make cake for him??...i have never made tea...and you expect me to make cake??"

Richa "you have to do something special...well I can help you with cake...i will tell you and you do it.."

Nandini puzzled "somehow I am scared now...will that work??"

Richa "lets go the kitchen..."

Richa spoke sweetly to the lady who was the kitchen head and requested her permission to make cake...the lady was bit arrogant but she allowed the girls to make cake...she gave one hours time to use the kitchen...

Richa quickly asked Nandini to gather the ingredients...Sneha looked at them

"you guys are you think he will like this cake...well he already had such moist chocolate cake that was...yummy"

Nandini looked sad...Richa enlivened her "Nandini don't be bothered at what Sneha said...remember you will have to make his birthday a memorable one."

Nandini smiled and nodded her head... and started making the cake...


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ridzzi Goldie

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Posted: 10 November 2011 at 6:46pm | IP Logged
awesome update...Tongue
mr. abhishek batra...u r dead...Ouchprithvi is not going to leave u...Wink
hey did prithvi know abhishek from before?...Shocked
and parscal for abhishek...lLOL...very nice...
prithvi's birthday...Embarrassed
o ho...nandini is jealous ...LOL
waiting for ball dance...Big smile

well done...Clap
waiting for next part...Smile

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sweetnandu Goldie

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Posted: 10 November 2011 at 8:51pm | IP Logged
awesome update..!!
so nandini is making Prithvi's b'day special..Wink
lets c
thanks for the pm
cont soonSmile

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Nandini25 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 November 2011 at 10:50pm | IP Logged
Awesome update 
luvd it
Awe Nandini is jealous
no wonder ne1 will b on seeing their bf being kissed n hugtged by some other girl
wow so Nandu's gonna make Prithvi's bday special! Awesome!
w8ing fr dat. Update soon.

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