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Tum Mere Ho (RTMC FF) Part69 on Pg153 (Page 14)

Nandini25 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 November 2011 at 1:18am | IP Logged
lovely update
Argh! This Abhishek is such a hypocrite!
I wonder when they'll come 2 know about his truth
Awe prithvi is so rude sometimes
i know it was Nandini's fault but he could make her understand calmly too.
But no he has to make her cry everytime.
No wonder she's so infuriated.
Okay so now he's there to compensate
i'm really eager to read about  his compensation
update soon

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smile.sara IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 November 2011 at 2:35pm | IP Logged
G00D Going Dhanvi Dear!! I think this Abhisheikh belongs to Prithvi's Dad company or may b u can show this... it would be fun to know Prithvi as this jerk Abhi's Boss...wats say...???? 

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geetap Senior Member

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Posted: 05 November 2011 at 11:26pm | IP Logged

waiting for the update

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sweetsanyo IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 November 2011 at 8:26am | IP Logged



n waiting...

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Freethinker Goldie

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Posted: 07 November 2011 at 7:04pm | IP Logged

Part 13

Angad got up from his study table and was startled...he thought Prithvi must be with Nandini...he tried Prithvi's no but it was switched off...

He said "this Suri will surely murder us all"...he thought something and woke up Piyush who was lying slumberously

Angad "get up ass..." and waggled him

Piyush "yes what ??...let me sleep..." said sluggishly

Angad "i want Sneha's no..."

Piyush gaped at Angad "at this late hour you want my girlfriend's no????" said appalled

Angad said brushing off "you are give me the no...i want to ask her Nandini's no..."

Piyush "brother I hope you are not you need Nandini's no..." said inertly

Angad paid no attention to what he said anymore and took his phone...saw Sneha's no and called her.

Bell was ringing but Sneha was in deep sleep and couldn't hear any bell... Richa who was sleeping next to her phone picked up the phone "hello" she said while her eyes closed...

Angad "hi Sneha...its me Angad...can you give me Nandini's no"

Richa "hi Angad this is Richa...why do you need Nandini's no?? what happen ??"

Angad "is she in the room...??" he enquired

Richa looked at her bed and opened her eyes shockingly and got up...she saw her pillows under the sheet but she wasn't there... she said "no she's not here..but.."

Angad "now please call her and tell them to come back the warden is looking for Prithvi"

Richa got alarmed... "oh my God...ok I will try her no"

Angad "please let me know soon..." apparently looked outside the door to see If warden is coming...


There was darkness all around surrounded by bright, silver-blue light.

It was silence between them. Prithvi watched her and she looked elsewhere... she knew his gaze will make her feelings go frenzy... he softly kissed her and took her hand...she leaned towards him...

Prithvi came closer and hugged her, his chest was hard and his lips were pressed against her forehead.

Her hands were around his neck and he held her to him...he breathed into her neck

she felt the toned hardness of his body. He trailed heated kisses along her throat and into her hair...The feel of his lips on her skin felt like fire.

Suddenly she heard her phone ringing... Prithvi stopped kissing her...

she cautiously reviewed the no "its Richa!!!...but how did??.."

Prithvi "answer" said tranquilizing.

Nandini answered "hello Richa..."

Richa perplexed "where are you...come know its been so late and please tell Prithvi to go back to his hostel as the warden is looking for him"

Nandini "yes we will come soon" said apprehensively.

Nandini solicitous looked at Prithvi who heard everything "ok...don't worry..." he said amiably

Nandini got mused

Prithvi teased "its your idea never want to go back...I insisted you thrice before" gazed at her hysterically..."don't worry...i can't see you upset" while rubbing his fingers in her hair "now lets go back..."

Nandini was complaisant this time.

He remigrated back to his seat and started driving towards Nandini's hostel... stopped the car outside the girls hostel and saw the gateman sleeping...

He opened the car door for Nandini and lifted her in his arms and walked towards the wall... slowly made her sit on the wall next to the gate... then ascended himself and helped Nandini to get off the wall...with her sandals in her hand she moved inaudibly inside the hostel...Prithvi traipsed with her and stood near the hostel building just below the window of her room...she perused her room and saw the light must be Richa...she comprehended...and glimpsed at him as Prithvi put his arm around her waist and lifted her towards the tree trunk...which led to the window...she smoothly climbed the tree, opened the window of her room and absconded inside.

She turned and peeped outside the window and waved her hand...signaled him to call her...

Prithvi retired back to his car after he perceived Nandini safe in her room...


Richa dazed at Nandini with her arms crossed..."Nandini!!!!...what is this ??? could you just go????"

Nandini "you won't understand" said vivaciously and went to change.

Richa couldn't believe it was the same Nandini who was always so timid... and could never even think of stepping out of the hostel and today she seems so relaxed not at all daunted about what she it because of love...she thought confusedly...


Prithvi went to his hostel...the gateman never questioned him...and let him in...he parked his car and started walking towards warden Mr Suri's room...

Prithvi knocked the door "can I come in Sir?" said assuredly

Mr Suri "come in Prithvi...your Mother wants to talk to you"... gave a bemused look "by the way I have made the announcement twenty minutes back at least...where were you??" then casually looked back into his books... "i think your Mother must have cancelled the better talk to her..."

Prithvi "yes Sir" as he turned around towards the door Mr Suri sulkily said "next time don't be late when I make an announcement to see you"

Prithvi "sure Sir" and left his room. He breathed a sigh of relief.

As he was walking towards his room he took out his cell phone and checked the missed calls from his Mother...he immediately called her back

Renuka heard her phone ringing "hello are you beta??" asked disquietly

Prithvi "hi Mom...i am fine...what happen...everything alright" he said earnestly

Renuka "where were you????..."

Prithvi " where, I was in the hostel" he said obscurely

Renuka " listen, Esha is going for her expedition in Le Ladakh and on the way she might visit you need anything in particular"

Prithvi " no Mom...i am fine...don't need anything...when is she coming though"

Renuka "i think after three days...she is leaving from Delhi tomorrow.." she said drowsing.

Prithvi "i think you are sleepy...Mom I will talk to you tomorrow...good night"

Renuka "ok take care beta"

Prithvi retired to his room...

Angad unlocked the door "where the hell were you...imagine if Suri would have come into the room, he would have killed us" said spooking ...

Prithvi took off his jacket and carelessly flung it away... and jumped on his bed "stop it now...relax" he said while lying down on the bed.

Angad astonished at Prithvi "relax!!!!! come you are not worried Prithvi????...what if someone would have caught you ????"

Prithvi "no one can ever catch forget it and sleep" while lying on his bed...

Angad "so where is Nandini ...did you drop her back" said curiously

Prithvi irritatingly "Angad do you want to have a dose or will you sleep yourself???"

Angad did not question and confusedly laid down in his bed...still surprised and anxious at Prithvi's cool behavior...he thought Prithvi is really strong both physically and mentally as he is just not bothered about the situation that took place...and how did he manage to get back in the hostel...and how did Nandini got back...all these questions puzzled him...and thought ...he would have surely died if he was in the similar situation...


Next Day

Natasha hurriedly gathered all the volunteers in the auditorium and announced that the dance event will take place next week so the work needs to be completed.

Richa "but we need some more things to make it look nicer"

Natasha " can fill up the form and I will order for you...we don't have enough time so guys please hurry up"

Angad "i have selected nine pairs but looking for the last one..."

Natasha "Angad ,everyday you come and tell me the same story. You are getting on my nerves now .just find one pair whose interested in learning the dance and can participate. I don't think its that difficult"

She went to check dress materials.

Richa looked at Angad "don't worry I have a very nice pair in my mind...and they will be the most beautiful couple"

Angad "who?"

Richa "you wait and watch"


Nandini got up and looked in front of the mirror and shockingly saw another hickey. This one was visible...just on her neck...she was looking at it when her phone was Prithvi...

Nandini "hello Prithvi...i wanted..."

Prithvi "ok listen..i am in class now...i will meet you in another one hour...outside your building...bye"

Nandini "i am" and stopped as she heard him disconnect the phone.

She thought to herself how will she get out of her room with this mark on her neck...anybody in the world would guess. Then she thought of something and wrapped her duppatta very nicely around her neck...which made her mark invisible.

It would make her look little odd but she couldn't help...


After some time

He was waiting for her when Sneha and Piyush saw him looking at his watch..

Piyush "Hey you started standing outside literature department..." said teasingly

Prithvi starred at him as he was already irritated of waiting... "there isn't any shortage of fatheads around me"

Piyush changed the topic "we are participating in the ball room you want to join...i mean you and Nandini"

Prithvi "Have you ever seen ass performing ball dance???...well it will fun watching whose that unlucky girl??"

Piyush and Sneha looked at each other and Sneha starred at Piyush "you seem joker in front of everyone..." and walked away from there... Piyush called from behind "Sneha" and walked after her...

Prithvi grinned as they both left...but then again looked at his watch .He thought of going away, couldn't wait he started walking he saw Nandini coming towards him...

Both looked at each other as if they haven't met for ages...

Nandini came running towards him... "Prithvi.." she was out of breathe... "i...i"

He kept gazing at her "wait...take it easy..."

Nandini smiled at him..."yes...i came"

Prithvi "lets have taken enough time"

Nandini "where???" she intrigued

Prithvi grasped her hand and treaded towards the gate... "come I want to show you something" he said

Nandini "what is it?? said inquisitively

Prithvi "we can walk...its not that far" said evenly

Nandini "but you aren't telling me anything" having avidity to know

Prithvi swayed her out of the college gate...both walked on the steep road...then he turned towards the side of the road into a narrow path full of bushes...

Nandini "oh no...where are we going... it seems like a small jungle" said acidly...

Prithvi didn't say anything and still holding her hand kept walking...

Eventually after the narrow path they entered a beautiful garden full of was very small but admirable...a small river was flowing by the path...

Nandini looked at the surroundings amazingly... Prithvi looked at her lovely face...

Nandini "wow...its so many did you find this place...its too good..."she asked hesitantly as he was gazing at her...

He came closer and hold her arms...she looked at his shirt...his arms slowly curled around her waist...he came forward to kiss the elegant girl..she thought something "no...not now"

Prithvi "why...??? not now" he asked confoundedly.

Nandini "you don't know what you have done Prithvi" she said impeccably

Prithvi looked passionately at her "what did I do??" getting more closer to her...

Nandini "" then stopped and looked at him...

Prithvi "tell me" he said bantering...

Nandini unwrapped her dupatta "see this mark" she said worriedly that showed Prithvi's permanent possession...

Prithvi saw the mark " looks good"

Nandini turmoiling at what Prithvi had said "what????. You know anybody would guess its a..."

Prithvi pestered her knowingly.. "its a...??? what?" and griped her in his arms...

Nandini "you know what you call it...don't you??" asked shyly

Prithvi "hmm..." and kissed her cheek

Nandini "what are you doing??? I told you no more now...that's it"

Prithvi "why not??" he asked smirkingly

Nandini "you kiss me so hard that it leaves a mark on my it will take some days to go off" she said innocently...

Prithvi "i hope I could leave a permanent mark on you" he said passionately.

Nandini tried to pull away but he made her look into his eyes and slowly moved towards her lips ,kissed her deeply and imprisoned her in his arms.

After a very long time...

They heard some noise and Prithvi turned to look around...


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Simran_14 Goldie

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Posted: 07 November 2011 at 8:24pm | IP Logged
loved the update dear
cont soon
thnx 4 da pm

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Rukmini13 Groupbie

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Posted: 07 November 2011 at 10:00pm | IP Logged
Woww whtt part dear...i Thought may be dey caught by warden...agar pakde jate to woh prithvihi kaisa??? I think we have to give bravery award to nandu...;););););) i can guess which pair in Richas mind...;););) awww prithvi ye kya hai..poor nandu very heard for her to managed to hide dat marks... Hw romantic...prithvi u r sooo swt...luvly place...nd my dear prithvi u knw vry well whts call that ;);););)... whats dat noise??????????koi janvar to nahi na...oh dhanvi... dhanvi u made my day always whn u update...nd with such romantic scence...luv u dear luv u sooo much...update soon

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geetap Senior Member

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wow wat an update, wonder who is it, plz continue soon

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