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Tum Mere Ho (RTMC FF) Part69 on Pg153

Freethinker Goldie

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Posted: 03 October 2011 at 3:27pm | IP Logged
               Tum Mere Ho
I am writting this story keeping my favorite couple Rajat and Mugdha in my mind. Do comment if you like my story.

Rajat Tokas as Prithvi, Mugdha Chapekar as Nandini


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The long lush green valley covered so many things and most of it was the beautiful college with young girls and boys. College was big enough to conduct many sport curriculum activities and other college functions and parties. It had 3 big buildings consisting of arts, science and commerce blocks. Students all over the world came to study in this enormously good institute which extended its roots all over the beautiful mountain of Himachal. It had separate hostels for boys and girls which was separated by a big wall and some wild bushes. Tall green trees stood on the outskirts of the college. DJM was a renowned college for decades now. It started in the morning at 9 till late 7 in the evening with students studying, chatting, playing and eating.

The college security was high enough so that the students do not get into any trouble. There were some senior students responsible for the security of the whole college. Prithvi was in charge of the whole campus security. He was a tough guy, with exquisite features, no one could dare do anything wrong in the campus. He belonged to very rich family and was far good in engineering studies, horse riding, skying, boxing. He had been boxing champion since last 2 years now. He was perfect for any girl to fall for him. Being the most handsome boy in the whole college all the girls had big crush on him but he never even looked at them.

Angad came running from the hall and brought for the first aid box.

Prithvi " why did you get this box"

Angad " for you, see your nose is bleeding."

Prithvi " keep it away or your nose will start bleeding soon, I told you so many times not to interfere with my game, now just leave and let me practice"

Rohan "common Prithvi, you should apply something else it will keep on bleeding and I cant fight if you get injured" he said sarcastically.

Prithvi "i hate when you talk, just once you could hit me and now wait and watch till I smash you down"

It was a tough fight between Angad and Prithvi. Both were strong and capable enough to hold the match unless one of them lost it completely. Angad could not go over Prithvi's anger and had a tight punch on his left side which made him fall and he got ear injury and was unable to get up.____________

It was February and new classes had started, new students were welcomed by the seniors with a big smile and fascinating. This whole gang of boys only wanted introduction of every new girl in the campus. They were sitting on the benches just outside their huge canteen and eyes towards the gate as freshers were coming to enter the college.

They were laughing or passing comments to every new girl and were enjoying. Prithvi who was with his friends got irritated and asked them to stop doing this stupid act and do something useful. To his annoyance he picked up his books and marched towards the hostel outside the college gate to change his clothes and get ready for his boxing. He always looked center of attention with his strong features and personality. With white shirt and blue jeans he almost got every girl looking at her to skip a heart beat.

There was huge rush at the entry gate and the exit gate was closed, so while Prithvi was passing the huge gate of the college a pink duppatta came over his face covering it completely. The fragrance made him close his eyes for a second and he took it of from his face looking around to find whose duppatta had fallen on him, when suddenly he heard a  voice in the big crowd " sorry it was my duppatta" and she looked at him. Her eyes were not going off him while he was folding the duppatta and looked at her once and gave the dupatta to her and moved towards the outside gate of the college. Nandini kept on looking at him without blinking her eyes as if he had said something.

Nandini was very beautiful and innocent girl. Her beauty was adoring to everyone, she had lovely big black eyes, fair complextion, long hair, and was so pleasing that any boy could fall in love with her. Nandani entered the college gates and all the boys sitting outside the canteen, who were laughing just paused for a moment and looked at her, while she kept going through the cemented path towards the college building. Her ankelts were making noise but not more than her beautiful and expensive bangles.

Nandini belonged to a very rich and orthodox family who agreed to sent her out of the house to study and stay in the hostel only because  of her Father who always supported her in every way and fulfilled all her wishes even the ones beyond his control. Nandini was his only daughter and the only child in the house. Her uncles did not have any kids and the whole family was worried about the evil spell that must have casted on their family some years ago.

She lowered her eyes and walked towards the office when a few senior students tried to talk to her but the office staff did not allow them to ask her anything. So they walked off from the office while Nandini filled up some forms and headed towards her classroom.

Next day

Both the hostels were separated but had a common path towards the college, so once the gates were open girls and boys started walking together from the hostel towards the college. Prithvi was walking with Angad when a girl collided with him.

Prithvi watched her and said "Make use of your eyes, dont walk blindly"

Girl sighed and watched him lovingly "my day will be good today as my shoulder touched yours Prithvi" and then smiled.

Angad " she touched the wrong man, you should walk on my side"

Prithvi "stop it, will you ?"

Angad "sure but she was good looking, i like all the girls who are good looking and ."

Prithvi "will you shut up with your nonsense or you will have one "

Angad "i don;t understand why you are so rude all the time "

Prithvi and Angad entered the college when they joined other boys to move to their respective classes. When the classes were over in the evening,

Nandani was strolling in the garden next to the canteen with a book in her hand when a group of boys came towards her and asked her

Piyush " hey fresher, whts your name ?"

Nandini "Nandini Mehra"

Piyush " so which course are you in and"

Nandini "Literature"

Boys "ohhh Literature hmmm"

Piyush "so you like love stories. Romeo Juliet Aaahh..."

Nandini did not speak and the boys asked her to speak up but she got scared a little as she never faced so many boys together in her whole life. Tears rolling her beautiful eyes as she moved backwards towards the canteen and her face towards the boys. As she was stepping backwards her back  touched someone else's back. She was scared enough to turn around to see when the boys halted and fled away from the spot. It was Prithvi and when she turned with tears in her eyes, He looked at her, her eyes were looking at the ground and she did not have the courage to look at him. She said her eyes still on the ground "i am sorry, i did not see you".

Prithvi "its ok" and walked from there. As he walked she saw his back and remembered the first day when she entered and saw him. She found in him something unusual as he just walked and did not even said a word to her, so it was because of him that the other boys who were teasing her ran away. She thought of thanking him and went towards his direction.
As she went nearer to him she said " thanks

Prithvi "for what ?" he aksed with a strange anger in his eyes.

Nandini "for saving me from those boys"

Prithvi "i don't like tears, so next time dont cry" and he entered his building.

Nandini stood there and looked at him until he walked out of her sight.


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Smoking_up Senior Member

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Posted: 03 October 2011 at 4:23pm | IP Logged
nice start dear... :-)

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smile.sara IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 October 2011 at 11:17pm | IP Logged
Dancing0mg!!! Pls UD soon. its very good. I can imagn rough tough RajatDay DreamingCool and bholi bhali nandini like snayo..  uff its too good. ThanxHug

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ridhithakur Senior Member

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waaaoo what a sweet  story hop CV may see this story n shoot on the same

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moonbeautie IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 October 2011 at 3:43pm | IP Logged
nice start cont soon :)
thanx for sharing the link on rtw 


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Freethinker Goldie

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Thanks for appretiating :) here is Part 2

Part 2

It was lovely day. All the girls and boys seemed excited on the valentines day. College was full of red and yellow flowers.

Prithvi was practicing with the punching bag when Silvi walked towards him and said "happy valentines day Prithvi" but Prithvi did not answer and neither looked at her.

Silvi was most fashionable and smart girl in the college, she had won many beauty pageants and almost all the boys wanted her as their girlfriend. Silvi was going around with Rohan before and she always had a big crush on Prithvi.

Silvi kept looking at Prithvi and said " you have perfect physique and you look hot when you sweat"

Prithvi arrogantly "don't you have anything else to do?"

Silvi came towards and touched the punching bag and was bending towards Prithvi "why do you keep running from me all the time, are you scared that you will start liking me"

Prithvi gets more angry " stop interrupting me and get lost"

Silvi "what if I don't go"

Prithvi "then I will forget the difference between a punching bag and you"

Silvi got to know he was angry and fiercely looking at her, scared she quickly left.

There was huge gathering on the grounds of the college and no student wished to sit in the class. So there were almost no classes. Everyone was enjoying and laughing.

Saurabh and Rohan always wanted to create a scene in the college, they thought of the students who are sitting in the classes should be scared so that there wont be any classes today. They thought of an idea and took out the cigarette from their pocket and went to the toilet near to classroom. They left the burning cigarette between the toilet seat. The smoke slowly built up and the smoke alarm went on. There was a huge noise in the building when so many students were rushing down thinking if it was fire around.

Prithvi heard the noise and came out. He saw so many students banging into each other rushing towards the gate. Being in charge of the security he went through the building to check what was wrong when he saw a girl just trembling facing the wall on the stairway, wanted to move but was scared to move as so many students were passing by. Nandini was sticking to the wall like a magnet. To avoid being touched by any student she was standing there and wished the crowd becomes less so she can face the other side and move out of the building Prithvi went towards Nandini thinking she was the only girl who was so scared to move in the crowd. It wasn't difficult for him to reach her and he saw she avoided people banging into her. Her hands were touching the wall, as if she will go inside the wall. Prithvi came behind her. She was totally unaware that he was standing behind her so closely as if guarding her so that no force can come and touch her. When she looked behind she could see him looking around and guiding students to move faster but his hands were above her hands touching the wall and the distance between them was merely an inch. Suddenly she was not scared and looked into his eyes whereas he was looking around when suddenly he said "you can go now, the crowd has reduced". She simply nodded and started moving downstairs. She felt relieved as he came to help her and stood behind her so that so one could bang in her, she felt a slight attraction towards him while she watched him going upstairs.

Prithvi went into the toilet and saw the cigarette, annoyed over such behavior by the students he was angry and went towards the ground where the whole college was gathered.

He went on to the stage in anger where students were enjoying and he said "if you have the guts to create this kind of stupid scene in the toilet than you better be prepared for the scene which I am going to show you soon" and looked around annoyingly. Rohan and Saurabh were shocked to see Prithvi saying these words and thought if he found out than they will end up in the hospital.

Prithvi was in full anger and went straight to Principal's office.

Prithivi "sir, everything is fine now, nothing to worry" standing in his boxing clothes.

Principal "i did not ask you Prithvi, if you are there I don't have to worry. I am so proud of you"

Principal smiled and asked him to continue his work

Prithvi left from his office and went towards the hall when he heard a voice following him "thank you" Prithvi turned around to look to see, Nandini was standing looking towards him. Prithvi looked at her beautiful and innocent face for a second and suddenly his anger was gone in the air but he was still harsh he said "you are always scared of something?". Hearing this Nandini trembled little but got some words to answer "not always but sometimes" Prithvi looked at her and started walking towards the building when Nandini again asked him "you are very good and helpful, I am Nandini"

Prithvi "did I ask your name ?" Nandini got puzzled and stopped not to go after him, and stood still. Prithvi kept on walking and did not look behind.

Nandini said to herself "may be he does not like me and thats why he never talks politely. May be I should not talk to him" and walked towards the college gate.

Prithvi was about to enter the building when suddenly he looked behind once to see her.

All the boys were playing carom board before there dinner in the hostel and were talking to each other. Piyush "do you remember that new girl, she is so beautiful doing literature."

Angad " I know I saw her once, she is damsel"

Piyush "I think I will propose her, she won't say no" thinking and smiling mischieviously

Angad "whats her name, you bas***d how many girls will you propose to" hitting him with a book

Piyush "of course , her name is Nandini hmmm ohh I can imagine her with me" laughing aloud

Prithvi heard the name and walked towards the boys "once more I hear this name from your dirty mouth, i you will have what you really deserve"

Piyush and Angad were silent and thinking Prithvi has never spoken anything even if they talk cheap about girls In the college.

Piyush asked smiling "are you threatening me"

Prithvi "warning you"

Piyush "why ? Do you like her ?if yes confess it and I will not speak about her."

Prithvi "don't you dare question me anything or you know me very well. Dont you ?"

Angad and Piyush went silent and thought it could be something else, Prithvi can never think about any girl, so lets leave it. Prithvi is not the one who can fall for any girl. They all started smiling and Angad indirectly asked Piyush not to start the topic again. Prithvi was standing near the window, when suddenly he heard his cell phone ringing, he went to pick it up " Hello" It was Prithvi's Mother Renuka " hello beta, how are you, its been a week since you have called me, are you busy"

Prithvi "no ma, I am good, how are you , and hows dad ?"

Renuka " he is fine, always keeps on talking about you. When are you coming home, June is coming soon"

Prithvi "yes ma I will come in June, I too miss both of you"

Renuka "ok talk to your dad"

Mr Singh "hey son how are you, so hows my champion doing ?"

Prithvi "i am good dad, was about to go for dinner soon"

Mr Singh "ok than I will talk to later, you take care and eat well. Talk to your mom"

Renuka "Prithvi eat on time and god bless you"

Prithvi "by ma you take care as well"

Prithvi keeps the phone and walks towards the dinning hall for dinner.

Nandini could not sleep and the moment she closed her eyes, she saw his face with his eyes gazing hers. She remembered when he was standing behind her so close as if he would just bent down in between her neck and shoulder and hold her hands. She opened her eyes and started thinking , why she is imagining him when he doesn't even want to talk to her and why would she even think about him. She felt unable to sleep that night.

Nandini entered the gate of the college when she saw Prithvi sitting outside the canteen with his friends He was wearing black shirt and blue jeans, as always he looked so handsome and his attractive looks made him centre of attention for all the girls.

She was already late for her class as she got up late in the morning due to less sleep last night. She walked past him but did not looked at him in his eyes. He saw her beautiful face again with a little blush as she walk past him. She looked even more prettier in her light blue suit. He saw her from behind, her silky long black hair touching her waist, she always left her hair open. He could see the anklets worn around her fair ankles as they made noise when she walked. As she was walking he could see her getting nervous as she walked from near his group. She carried her elegant white bag on her right shoulder and moved the flick of her hair with her hands towards other side, he could see her beautiful silver bangles which added nice touch to her simple beauty. He just kept on looking at her while she walked past him. But Nandini did not lifted her eyes off the ground. Her heart was beating fast when she walked just by his side. She did not dared to turn back and look at him. She walked until she entered her building and then vanished. Prithvi closed his eyes for a moment and than looked around. Everyone was looking at her but did not dare to speak anything in front of Prithvi.

Prithvi asked "what the hell is this ?" His friends heard his voice and did not utter a word ...

Piyush "nothing I was just looking at na..." he was about to complete when

Prithvi "did you forget what I said last night?" He was getting angry. Piyush immediately changed the topic "i was looking at Natasha"

Prithvi saw Natasha just standing next to the building and looked at him with raised brow "it better be Natasha"

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smile.sara IF-Sizzlerz

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Nice UD Thumbs Up as bef Dhanvi Hug !!! Thanks
ClapBest thing thaat I can imagin Rajat Day Dreamingas Prithvi... very good charactersketchCool

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ridzzi Goldie

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nice storyTongue
n prithvi n nandani Embarrassed
i luv them

update soon
n all the bestSmile

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