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ArHi FF-Love OR Hate?Chap-12-Pg64!20/3 (Page 8)

.Sandal. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 November 2011 at 10:18am | IP Logged
update soon please Big smile

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veds275 Senior Member

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Posted: 15 November 2011 at 5:39am | IP Logged
Hey Guys!!..I'm back with the next part..thanks for the feedback..It keeps me going...Btw...It's a continuation of the flashback and is according to Khushi's POV...Hope you like it and do comment!!...Smile


"No you are'nt!!...You are way better than her...and I mean it..."...He consoled me...!!

"Then why did he do that??...Why??..."...I asked sobbing on his chest!!

"Well..get the logic behind it...ek ladka jisko aaj tak koi ladki dhang se dekhti bhi nahi thi...all of a sudden has his hands full with girls...then ofcourse the chemicals in his brain will start flowing in the wrong direction...!!.."


"I mean...See...I'm dead-sure Pranay never ever had a girlfrnd like you in his whole life...You may not beleive but truly guys swoon over you at school"

"Tell me it's not a dream!!...Tum meri tarif kar raho ho!!..Are you up with temperature or what??"

"That's why I said you won't beleive me!!...By the way...kabhi-kabhi karta treasure this rare moment!!...Haan so..God knows why you went out with that dumb guy whose not worth a single penny!!...Okay so back to the when that dimwit got you he thought that he's got the whole world under his feet..and when that stupid frnd.."


"Cool down...I got it..Synonyms dena band karo..!!...So when that friend of yours..."

"Maine kaha na dushman..frnd nahi!!"

"Sorry 'Miss Precise-Details'...So..when that 'dushman' of yours must have approached him he must have just grabbed the oppurtunity...afterall he has'nt got a single activated neuron in his head and he must have thought that he's the most smart and handsome guy in the world that is why girls are approaching him!!...And bas jaise hi uske chote se khali dimaag mein aise bakwaas khayal aaye uske baad toh uski barbaadi hone se koi nahi rok paya!!...You should actually thank that girl instead of abusing her.."

"Thank foot!!...Hmmm...but about your other theory...maybe you're right"

"Not maybe...I know I'm right!!""...he asserted..

"She's a tramp..!!..."

"But you're over him..remember..??.."

I gritted my teeth and stewed.I was over him.A smart girl like me was never again going to be hung up on some guy.I wasn't a typical moronic teenager and certainly wasn't going to start acting like one now.And if Pranay was stupid enough to beleive whatever Aastha had told him,well,he definitely wasn't the Pranay I had loved.

"I don't care what he does..."..I said..."I just always thought Pranay would be too smart to fall for those kind of girls.."..I realized I sounded petty,stupid..and jealous.But I had to let it all out..."Whatever..let him have his fun..I give him a weeek before he comes crawling back..Then I'll be the one having fun..Hmm,how many ways can you say,'Go to hell'..??..I'll tell him in other languages..Do we have an international thesaurus in here..??.."

Then,I don't know how long I stayed in that position.My head leaning on his chest and his sturdy arms comforting me.I was thinking-sulking-contemplating all at once.My head felt so light and his words were surely convincing!!And then as a jolt it hit me that I was actually in Arnav's arm and I quickly withdrawed myself and started looking here and there unable to meet his eyes due to embarassment and I think the same thought crossed his mind because then he went around the room looking at things,triyng to look interested and failing misreably!!

"You've got Hunger Games..wo bhi teeno books!!...Bakwaas kitaab hai!!"

"Shut up...I love the trilogy...kuch kehna mat unke baare mein!!.."

"You are totally crazy!!.."

"And so are you!!"

"Waise I was thinking...u guys were commited for just a month..."

"Kinda...Soo..??..Another of your stupid theories I suppose..Arnie...??"

"They're not stupid..??..And stop calling me Arnie..!!..Anyways...Toh tumlog ne kiya hi kya hoga except for a couple of kisses..I suppose"

"Hmmm..."...I was again lost in my own world!!

"What??...u guys have done something more...I never expected that from you!!"...He intentionally misinterpreted my answer...!!

"Paagal ho gaye ho!!...I have'nt even kissed him!!..."

"Then what were u thinking so deeply??"

"Areee baba..I was just thinking how can any one even kiss him...It must be so horrible...Eeew...Cheee!!.."

"I know!!"...he looked horrified!!

"You have thought about kissing him...??!!"...Now it was my turn to look horrified...!!

"Ab tum paagal ho gayi ho"...He told me by raising one of his eyebrows!!..He looked so cute doing that..Hold on Khushi..!!

"Haww...Arnav I never expected that from you..I thought u were straight!!"

"I am straight"

"Wo toh mujhe pata chal hi gaya!!"

"You've lost it..."

"I know"...and gave him one of my biggest grins..

"Isse better toh ro hi rahi thi...atleast chupchap toh baithi thi..but kahan main social-service karne laga...I know main bahut accha hoon"..This reminded me about my misereable state.

"Agar chup nahi karate na..toh ab tak kamre se baahar hote...!..."...And passed him one of my famous mean look.

"Go drown...!''

"After you..."

"Leave that..Is there anything I can do..??..Slash his tires..??..Get the soccer team together and paint 'male wh**e' on his garage door..??..Would'nt that be a Desperate Housewives moment..??.."

I almost laughed at the thought.Usually I would tease him about his closet Desperate Housewives addiction,but I did'nt feel like it today..."There's no reason to do anything.I'm over it.He's a fool.I'm not spending another moment thinking about him.Okay.??..No more.."

"You mean that..??.."..To my annoyance,Arnav sounded amused,and not the least bit convinced.

I sighed.Arnav knew me too well.I swore I saw a hint of smile on his lips."Don't laugh at me..!!.."..I yelled at him.."..I'm over him..I hate him...I'll give him a piece of my mind when I see him next.."

"Yaa..yaa..I know.."..He said laughing.


"What??...I know you're over him.."..He winked witha glint of mischief in his eyes.

"Wo nahi..Mujhe na jalebi khaani hai!!"

"What the..."
"Arnav please..Main bana leti but woh kitchen busy hoga aur ma banane nahi dengi"

"But raat mein 10 baje jalebi??...Milegi kahan??..."

"Mil jayegi..."


"Shut up..male chauvnist!!.."

Just then there was a knock at the door..and when I opened it...Manish uncle was standing with a packet in his hands...

"Hello uncle..!!..."

"Hello beta...I just came to check ki tumhe Arnav tang toh nahi kar raha...!!"

"Kar toh raha hai Uncle...afterall habits are hard to break!!...but zyada nahi...abhi tak main sambhal le rahi hoon"...I told him and then winked at Arnav..getting one of his glares in return...
" darling girl..koi nahi...zyada kare toh batana!!.."

"Sure uncle...!"

"Accha beta..dekho main tumhare liye jalebiyan laaya hoon..u like them na...!!"

"Like..??..she loves them!!..."...I heard Arnav mumble...

"Awww..thankyou uncle...I love u so-sooo-sooo much!!..."...And gave him a huge bear hug...

"Love you too baby...!!.."
A couple of days I went to Aliza's place...Tanmay told me that Arnav had got into a fight with Pranay the day before and had beaten him black and blue...When I asked him if he knew the reason...he told me that Arnav was not ready tell anyone not even him...!!...I don't think Tanmay even knew how much of a storm he caused inside me by telling me he knew nothing about what all had happened in the past week...!!

I was curious to know the reason of Arnav's insincere act...and was adamant to ask him someway or the other...!!...We met a few times but I could'nt find him alone and so I could'nt talk to him...and when finally I found him alone..."Hey..Arnav.."

"Oh..You...Ummm..Hiii..!!"...Is it only me or he is actually acting weird??

"I heard you got into a fight with Pranay..??.."...Silence..."Hellooo...I asked something..!!...Atleast reply toh kar..!!.."

"Yaa...I did..!!..Tujhe kya karna..??"

"But why??..."...Why the hell is'nt he looking at me...??

"Meri marzi..main chahen jo karoon..."

"Per kyun Arnav...??..."...

"Kyun...kyunki..mera mann kiya..."

"Tujhe nahi karna chahiye tha.."

"Kyun tujhe kharab laga...maine tumhare pyaare se ex-boyfriend ko mara...??..."...He asked in a angry tone which I had never actually heard from the happy-go-lucky Arnav..!!

"I never said anything like that..!!..For godsake galat matlab mat nikalo..."

"Khushi...Leave me alone...!!...I'm sorry I hurt your boyfriend...jaa...uski chot ko sambhal..mereko usse problem thi...maine apna badla le liya...Go...Jaa uske paas wapas...jisse ki woh tujhe phir hurt kar sake"

"Per main uska side kahan le rahi hoon..??...Kya ho gaya hai aaj tujhe"

"Kuch nahi hua hai...Leave me alone Khushi..I don't want to talk to you..."

"I'm sorry Arnav...I came here to talk to you...!!...Bhagwaan jaane kab kya chahte ho tum...kabhi bhi kisi se gussa ho jaate ho...ekdun se kisi se nafrat karne lagte ho..!!...aur nahi mujhe tumse baat karne ka shauq hai aur na kabhi karoongi..."

"Go Away..Khushi..!!..Mujhe akela chod do"

"Mujhe bhi shauq nahi hai yahaan rehne ka...I'm going away..!!!..."


Now after 10 years when I ponder over what happened that night...I think my curiosity had slowly changed into fear...because somewhere deep inside I already knew the answer...And I was scared to face it!!...I was scared of my reaction if he had told me the truth..and on the other hand...I was scared that if he would not tell me the truth...some part of me would break inside!!...I was scared to lose a confidante and ruin whatever friendship we had...[ if I had'nt done that..]...because however we fight and argue...a very-very small part of me enjoyed our stupid banter immensely and always looked forward to it...!!

I decided to keep this in my heart forever...and soon afterwards we had our exams...and Arnav shifted overseas...and after 10 years...this things just don't matter...everything has changed...Arnav has changed!!...But somewhere I still want to ask him that why??..why did he do that..!!..I just hope that my curiosity gets the better of me next time...But..but...does Arnav even remember that incident like I do??

ENJOY...Big smile

Link To Next Part:

Note-All those who want PMs...Please Buddy me...!!

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.Sandal. IF-Rockerz

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thanku thanku love u veds

loved it

thankx alot

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ipkkndank IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 November 2011 at 7:35am | IP Logged
Aww loved it soo much ... Hug 
thanks for the PM and now you better continue this soon
coz waiting eagerly for the next part after all of those flashbacks can come to the reality pretty soon na ? LOL 
Loved it alot and pls continue soon...

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alice54 Goldie

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Posted: 15 November 2011 at 7:38am | IP Logged
thanks for the pm and update was truly great:) loving their relationship and a little curious abt their past:) continue soon:)

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devishree IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 November 2011 at 8:32am | IP Logged
Stari loved it Star
it was so nice and goodClap
i loved the flash back scene it was greatBig smile
i enjoyed the fun between them Smile
thanks for the pm dear and waiting for the update
so words to explain awesome workHeart

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.Sandal. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 November 2011 at 8:47am | IP Logged
veds prepare another one asap i can't wait plzzz i just loved it

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Pinam3 Senior Member

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woww.. lyk the smooth flow of the story.. and ofc.. lyk the way he consoled her in the story.. keep updating.. :)

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