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ArHi FF-Love OR Hate?Chap-12-Pg64!20/3 (Page 58)

veds275 Senior Member

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Posted: 08 February 2013 at 11:13am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sikhni_

<font face="Georgia, Times New Roman, Times, serif" size="5" color="#000099">best of luck for ur examsThumbs Up</font>
<font face="Georgia, Times New Roman, Times, serif" size="5" color="#000099">plzzz after exams iss ff ko complete kr dena plzz plzz plzzEmbarrassed</font>
<font face="Georgia, Times New Roman, Times, serif" size="5" color="#000099">i love dis ff naHug</font>

Oh Thankyou sooo much !!

And sure ! I'm myself dying to complete this FF ! Big smile

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Sanaya.Barun IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 February 2013 at 10:02am | IP Logged
Aww.. This is such an awesome ff. read all parts! 
veds275 Senior Member

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Posted: 15 February 2013 at 10:06am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Sarah98

Aww.. This is such an awesome ff. read all parts!

Awww...Thanks ! Smile
veds275 Senior Member

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Posted: 20 February 2013 at 4:36am | IP Logged
PART 12-

"Mmm…you're pretty", Arnav mumbled to Khushi sleepily who was staring down at him.

"Whoa...Seriously ? Lolzz…he's talking in his sleep",Khushi grinned.It's gonna be soo much fun when I'll tell him what he said.

"Arnie…Wake up !" Khushi tried to wake him but with no results."ARNAV ! WAKE UP ! "She screamed literally in his ear.

Arnav woke with a jerk. "Wh..What The !! Khushi..You ??" He quickly straightened up and checked the time."What are doing in my room at 2 in the night ? " And still manage to look soo beautiful.

"I wanted to take a picture of you sleeping"Khushi retorted.

"Seriously?" This girl can do anything!

"Whoever gave you the Award for The Best Youngest Entrepreneur needs to check them into psych. Anyways, I need your car keys."

"Why, you wanna run away with your boyfriend taking my precious car and money?"

Khushi mentally Aaargh-ed. A sarcastic Arnav was way better than a half-sleepy one. "Seriously Arnav? I really don't have time to have a nice chit-chat with you. So just tell me where your keys are. Puhleasee! "

"But why ???" He scorned. He was seriously suspicious of this girl.As she can actually DO ANYTHING !

"I need to go to the hospital.And something has happened to my darling Prem "

"Prem ? You have a boyfriend ? " He felt something lurch in his stomach.It must be the late night coffee.

"Nooo…My car"

"You call your car…Prem ? "He said giving her the 'Are You Crazy?' Look.

"Yes..I do.I'm not in the mood of any of your intelligent remarks on my car-naming qualities.Now out with the car keys,Please."

Then another thing hit him."But why do you want to go to the hospital ? Are you hurt somewhere ? Are you not feeling well ? "

In other circumstances Khushi would have fainted with happiness seeing his concern but right now Khushi simply wanted to throw a jug of water on his face."ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA ! For your kind information.I work in a hospital.Remember I am doctor.A god-damn doctor.And doctors work in a hospital.There is an emergency and I need to perform the surgery on the patient. Right Now.So I need to be In The Hospital.My car is not starting and I have tried to hunt down your keys in the whole house but I probably think that you sleep with them under your pillow.I haven't had enough sleep.I Am Tired like Hell.I'm scared for my patient.I'm not sure if she is gonna survive or not.And your stupid insistent questions are not helping."She sighed after finishing with her sudden outburst.

"Okay.I'm coming with you" He said getting up from the bed.

"No.You're not"She protested.

"It's 2 in the night.And we all know Delhi is not the safest place on Planet Earth for girls to roam out in the night."

"A)- It's not the first time I'm going out in the night. B)-I'm not going to loiter on the roads meaninglessly.I'm going to work.C)- I'm not some teenager girl.I'm a full grown woman."

"A)-If something happens to you, both our families are gonna slaughter me alive.B)-I'm coming with you.End of story.C)-I very well know you are a 'full-grown woman'".And then he passed Khushi his well-known signature smirk .

When the true meaning of his words dawned on Khushi.She first blushed and then quickly covered up by giving her one of her signature scowl which she especially reserved for Arnav."Pervert ! Can we go now ? "

"Yeah..Just a sec"And then to the utmost surprise of Khushi,Arnav actually took out the keys from under his pillows.

When finally they were seated in the car.Khushi spat out what she had been thinking all this while."And you call me crazy ? "

"What ? "

"You keep your car keys under the pillow ? " She tried hard not to laugh.

"It's a Audi Q3 !!! If anyone steals it ? And I only keep its car keys with me.None of the other cars !"

"But still ! Car keys ? Under the pillow ? " She couldn't control her laughter further.

"Come on ! You call your car Prem ! "

"I have a valid reason"

"It's your boyfriends name ?"

"Why are you so hell-bent on coming up with some imaginary boyfriend of mine ?"She asked him with a tinge of irritation.

"Nothing.But wait..that means you don't have one ?"His heart did a double cartwheel.

"Duh..obviously ! So tell me..Why the sudden interest in my boyfriends ?" She asked now seriously curious knowing Arnav and his peculiar ways.

"Nooo…you answer first ! Why do you call your car Prem ? "

"I won't ! First you have to answer my question."

"First you"

"Huh ! Go to hell ! "

After 10 minutes of silence when Khushi couldn't take anymore and thought that she is going to burst like a bubble.She started rambling off."Because I love Salman Khan ! He's HOT ! And I can just drool at him all day long-"At that particular moment,poor Salman Khan without any fault if his became the top most person on the *ASR's Hate List*.

"Soo ?"

"Idiot ! Don't you know in most of his movies his on-screen name is 'Prem'.That is why !"

"Unbelievable ! " He muttered.

"I can hear that ! Now out with the answer of my question"

"Which question ?" This girl doesn't forget anything does she !

"You and your infatuation with my boyfriends ? Are you into boys ? Are you gay ? " She grinned knowing that he was trapped.

"Shut Up !"

"Then what ?"

"Well…"He trailed off.

"Aage bolo"She persisted.

"Bolne dogi tab boloonga na ! Actually,one of my workers wife ran away with her boyfriend. So I thought that maybe you also had a boyfriend because our marriage is not exactly a marriage.So maybe you wanted to run away or something with you ? " Finally Arnav could get it out his system.The problem which had been gnawing him for two whole days.And boy ! How relieved he felt.

"Do you what ?"By the time Arnav zoned out of his thoughts.He heard Khushi laughing her heart out !

"Do you want to run away with your boyfriend ?"This made Khushi laugh even harder."What the ! What is there to laugh about ?"Arnav said trying to concentrate even harder on the nearly empty roads of Delhi.

"Arnie baby…do you actually think that I would have married you if I had a boyfriend ! Awww…I'll never leave my hubby alone" Replied Khushi in her extra-sweet voice which she knew irritated Arnav like anything and then on a sudden impulse went and pulled his cheek making Arnav go all giddy.

"What the ! Why did you that ? "He said trying to hide his embarrassment!

"Because I wanted too "She chuckled.

"And don't you dare call me Arnie and hubby again"He said scowling recovering over his initial shock.

"But you can call me 'pretty' and wifey if you want too.."She said still chuckling.Oh ! How much I love pulling his leg ! Poor guy..kiske saath phas gaya !

"Why will I call you pretty ?I haven't lost it !"He shrugged.

"Yes ! You have lost it.You called me pretty when I was trying to wake you up"

At that particular moment Arnav actually wanted to open the car door and jump out knowing very well that he must have said that as she was the sole person who used to dominate her dreams these days. "No..I didn't ! "He lied.

" did ! "

"I was asleep..I don't even remember saying anything like that"

"You do remember..I can see it on your face !"And he says I don't know how to lie !

He suddenly put that car to a sudden stop with a shriek."Aa gaya hospital."
Khushi quickly jumped out of the car."Thanks and bye".

"Okk..I'll be waiting here then."

Khushi quickly turned back and rolled her eyes."What ? Are you kidding me ? You don't need to wait for me."

"Then how will you come back home?"

"The operation will itself take around 2 hours.You don't need to wait for me for soo long.You go off and finidh your sleep.I'll hitch a ride with one of the co-workers.Don't worry.I'm quite self-reliant."

"Yeah..I know the full-grown woman you are ! "

She rolled her eyes yet again and mentally slapped herself for saying that in front of him."Shut Up and Go Home."

"Aye aye Captain"

"Spongebob now ? You know what you're acting unusually idiotic today or actually tonight.And I'm not liking it."

"Lack of sleep does that"He smiled.

"You're smiling…The world is gonna end today ! Now buzz off Raizada!"
Khushi came out of the hospital talking with the person she was closest in the hospital.As they entered the parking lot.A particular car catched Khushi's attention.A particular-Audi Q3.

As she went towards the car she simply crossed her fingers praying to Devi Maiya that it wasn't him.Ohkay,actually a tiny miniscule part of her also wanted it to be him.But the thing is that Khushi won't be found dead accepting that fact !

Khushi held her breath as she glanced in the car and there he was in his full glory-Her Very Own Husband-Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada sleeping like a baby in his car waiting for his wife to come out.

On other days Khushi would have smiled seeing the sight infront of her but Today Was Different.She was tired to bits and she didn't get the positive side of his gesture at all.When I asked him not to wait for me ! Then why did he ? I specifically asked him not to… didn't I ? Now..without any reason he had to sleep in the car because of me.Pehle toh khud apna khayal rakhta nahi uske baad jo cheez mana karo who karna zaroori hai ! I will never understand this guy..kabhi dikhayega he doesn't care…and kabhi he gets all protective ! Devi Maiya-I hate him so much!

Khushi quickly tapped on the window.He didn't wake up.She tapped more sharply yet again.This time he woke up and seeing Khushi he quickly opened the door.

"What the hell Arnav ! I asked you not to wait..didn't I ? Then why didn't you go home ?"She shouted at him.

"But Khushi…"

"What Khushi ? You've been sleeping in that damned car for 3 hours ! I'm never ever going to let you drop me to the hospital at night ! Can't you listen to me once ? Just once ? I don't want people to wait for me.I'm strong enough to live my life and do what I need to !"


"It's not good for your health ! Don't you know ? You just know how to be an arrogant jerk ! That's it ! You…"

It was unlike Khushi to react at such small things in such a big way.Maybe the pressure of her profession was catching up.Maybe her tired body was reacting.She didn't know.All she knew was that she had to take out her pent up frustration at someone and who better than Arnav.Now lets look at Arnav.It was unlike Arnav to listen to someone shouting at him.Maybe he was too tired to react.Maybe he understood what Khushi was going through.He didn't know.All he knew that he did not had the heart to scream back at a disheveled Khushi.

Khushi would have continued had a female voice not stopped her midway."Khushhiii..!!! Why are you shouting at Jijaji like that ?"

Both of them turned to look at the owner of the high-pitched yet sweet voice.Khushi to look who dared to interrupt her.And Arnav to look for the guardian angel who saved him and called him Jijaji.He liked that.


Note-All those who want PMs...Please Buddy me...!!

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OMG ShockedShockedShocked
update kr hi diya aakhir tumne ,,m so happy CryHug
ok me read kr k cmmnt marungi 
waise i knw wonderful hoga
beautiful hoga Embarrassed

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YAYYY!!!!... finally you updated...god how much i wanted you to finish this story...

and a great update...wating for the next...loved it. 

also i thought you were having exams till march...

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superb update.

thanks 4 d pm

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