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ArHi FF-Love OR Hate?Chap-12-Pg64!20/3 (Page 43)

sharneil92 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 January 2012 at 8:26am | IP Logged
heyyy!!! I'M SO VERY SORRY SORRY FOR REPLYIG SO LATE! BUT WHAT TO DO!!! i was... nvm. I am just tired of explaining my horrible behaviour to everyone, so darling, SAMJHA KARO PLEASE! :P

anyways, great updates! I am greatly amused by their fights, and I hope this funny element doesn't die out! would love to see more of this! :D

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veds275 Senior Member

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Posted: 22 January 2012 at 1:02pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by sharneil92

heyyy!!! I'M SO VERY SORRY SORRY FOR REPLYIG SO LATE! BUT WHAT TO DO!!! i was... nvm. I am just tired of explaining my horrible behaviour to everyone, so darling, SAMJHA KARO PLEASE! :P

anyways, great updates! I am greatly amused by their fights, and I hope this funny element doesn't die out! would love to see more of this! :D

Hehehehe..It's OK..I understand..!!...Atleast you took time to read it NOW...that's more than enough for me..!!..Big smile
And thanks for liking the FF...your comment means alot..!!...The update's most probably on the way..!!...Smile
veds275 Senior Member

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Posted: 23 January 2012 at 3:59am | IP Logged
Originally posted by srahs

knock knock knock 

ved get up itx update timeEvil Smile

I'm upadating..!!...Big smile

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veds275 Senior Member

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Posted: 23 January 2012 at 4:32am | IP Logged
Hi Guys!...I know this is stupid but I'm feeling a bit low nowadays and I feel as if my FF is not that good and quite childish and nonsensical...Even my writing style is not that good...I mean compared to all the other wonderful FF's on the forum...Is it so??...Please...tell me if you feel the same...I won't mind any of the criticism...really!!...Love-Veds..!!..

Part 10-
Khushi came home after a tiring day at work.After she had freshened up,she went towards the kitchen to inquire about dinner,"Hari Prakash ji...Khushboo toh bahut acchi aa rahi hai...jaldi bataiye khaane mein kya hai..??.."

Aree..Khushi bhabhi..aap aa gayi neechen..!!..aaj toh humne chhane ki daal...aur paneer ki sabji banayi hai..."

"Aree waah...aap toh hamesha hamari pasand ki cheez banate hain..!!..waise aapko agar taklif naa ho...toh aap humaare kamre mein khaana laa sakte hain...??.."

"Taklif kaisi bhabhi...hum abhi laate hain..!!.."

As Khushi turned to go to her room,she remembered something..."Hari Prakashi ji..Arnav ne khaana khaaya..??..."

An unreadable expression passed his face.."Woh bhaabhi...baat ye hai ki..Arnav bhaiya ne subah se kuch nahi khaya hai..naa toh naashta karke gaye...aur humko Aman bhaiya ne bataya ki dopahar mein bhi office mein unhone kuch nahi khaya..Hum abhi khaane ke liye poochne gaye toh unhone mana kar diya..bade gusse mein the...bhaabhi ab aap hi kuch kar sakti hain..humari kuch kehne ki toh himmat hai nahi.."

"Aap mat chinta kariye...hum kuch karte hain..."

As Khushi went towards his room...Khushi mused that how she hadn't met him for more than two minutes in the past week after their marriage despite living under the same roof.Both of them were too busy with their work,catching up with the time they had lost during the marriage.Both of them came home at odd hours and only had time to exchange pleasantries if their paths crossed accidentally.She had reached the room and turned the knob to check if it is locked.Fortunately for her,it was open.

She saw Arnav sitting on the bed with his eyes closed and his head on the bed-stand.There was only a dim light from a lamp.It seemed to her that he was in deep thought about something because of the creased lines on her forehead and it was evident that he had not noticed her presence.

"Tum yahan kya kar rahi ho..??..."...How the hell did he know that I'm here..??

"You had your dinner..???..."...


"Jhooth mat bolo.."..

"Jab pata hai toh poocha kyun..??...

He was still in his previous position.She came close to his bed and asked him..."Do you remember that you have diabetes...and if you don't can be really very harmful for your health...??...Why did you not eat anything the whole day...??.."..No answer.."ARNAV!!...I'm talking to you not the walls..Reply me for godsake..!!.."

"Nothing will happen to me if I don't eat..You don't know anything"

"Can you stop fooling around with a doctor...??.."

"Khushi..Can you leave me alone..??..."

Khushi noticed the despair in his voice and kept a hand at his shoulders and asked in a concerned voice.."What happened Arnav..??...Did you not get the deal that you were telling me about the other day..??.."

He opened his eyes now and looked at Khushi straight in her eyes..."Khushi...I'm Arnav Singh Raizada..Such deals are a child's play for me.."...Oh that means she remembers what I told her..!!..So what Arnav...??..That's no big deal..!

"Then what happened..??..."...

"Just leave me alone.."

" can share with me you know..."

Suddenly,Arnav got up from his position and held Khushi tightly by her arms,he brought her closer to him with a jerk and his eyes were full with rage.."I don't want to share it with you..!!..Why can't you just leave me alone..??...Why do you have to meddle with my life..??..Can't you just keep your stupid suggestions to yourself...I don't want them..!...You get it..??..I just don't want them..!!...And I don't want to tell you anything...It's my own bloody life...Stop taking interest in it...Okay..??.."

"A..Ar...Arnav..It's hurting.."..Arnav realised the immense force with which he was holding her arms and left them quickly.He could see the unshed tears in her eyes as she sprinted towards her room.He fisted his hands in regret..Why do I always end up making her cry..??...Aaargh...Why do I always lose control when she is around..??

After ten minutes when his anger had finally subsided,he went downstairs and asked Hari Prakash..."Khushi ne khana kha liya..??.."

"Nahi bhaiya...humaare paas pehle aayi thi kehne ke liye ki khaana kamre mein bhej dein lekin abhi jab hum lekar gaye toh unhone wapas lauta diya..Pata nahi kya ho gaya achanak se unko.."

"Accha..thik hai..tum table pe humdono ke liye khaana laga do.."

"Ji bhaiya.."

Arnav heard her muttering to herself when he reached her door.."Hey devi maiyya..aap hi batao meri kya galti thi..??...Main toh sirf us gadhe ke bhale ke liye hi pooch rahi thi...!!..Per nahi usko toh jaise mujhpe chillane ke liye mauke chahiye rehte...Bhalai ka toh zamana hi nahi reh gaya..Lord Governor kahin ka..!!.."

He nodded his head in astonishment seeing the scene infront of her.."Tumne khana khaya..??.."

"Jab answer pata hai toh pooch kyun rahe ho..??.."

"Chalo...khana kha lo..."

"Mereko nahi khana.."

"Khushi..Chupechap chalo.."..He said in a stern voice..!

"Pehle sorry bolo.."


"Yess...yess..Mr. heard it right..First you apologize tabhi main chaloongi.."

"Sorry...wo bhi main...wo bhi tumhe bolon..??..Have you gone crazy..??.."

"Probably..!!..Waise sorry bolna hai toh bolo warna leave me alone...You know na..this is my own life and I don't want you to meddle and interfere in it..You got it..??.."..She said enjoying the 'You have gone mad' look on his face."

"I'm not gonna apologize when there's no fault of mine..!!.."

"No fault..??...Helooo bruises dekh rahe ho mere haath pe...tumhari wajah se hain..I can sue you for marital abuse..Wo toh main itni acchi hoon ki..."

"Khushi..drama karna band karo.."

"Ye drama lag raha hai tumko...Acchawww..??..Then...darwaza udhar hai...byee

After ten minutes when there was no sign of Arnav.Khushi was forced to question herself...Kya maine zyada toh nahi kar diya..??..Asking him to say sorry..!!..Bechaara bulane toh aaya tha..waise hi uska mood off tha maine aur zyada kar diya..!!...And khud bhi bhooki baithi hoon...Bhakk...itni tez bhook lag rahii hai...neeche jaake kha loon kya..??..Nahi-nahi agar us rakshash ne dekh liya toh zindagi bhar sunayega...Aaargh Devi Maiyya...I need your help..!!

All of a sudden,she heard her phone beep twice in succesion telling that a new message has arrived.She opened the first message and mentally cursed the telecom companies.She was just going to delete the second message too when she noticed the name of the sender..her heart did a double leap seeing the sole five-letter word written in the text..which was 'Sorry'.

She danced downstairs towards the dining table.She saw him sitting on the table and passed him a triumphant smile.He was lost in his own world during most of the dinner and when Khushi couldn't bear the silence anymore,she asked.." you want to tell me what's bothering you..??.."

"Khushi..I have already told you that I don't.."..He said trying not to lose his temper again but was cut midway by Khushi.

"It's OK..I understand..!!.."
..She said with a sincere and assuring smile on her face.."So how was your day at work..??.."

As he answered her general questions he was amazed that how can she be soo tiresome at one instance and then soo understanding.After they had finished their dinner,she asked him..."You want coffee..??.."

"Umm..sure..but sugar.."

"I know Arnav...Sugar-less.."

When she took the coffee mugs to his room.She saw him standing near the poolside with the same lost look.She couldn't understand why but it hurt her to see him like this.She wanted to share his worries and erase all his problems and the worst part was that she couldn't do anything towards achieving what her heart ached for.

She went and gave him the coffee and sat on the bean-bag kept there.He went and sat on the swing opposite to the bag.Both of them sipped their coffee silently.Him,looking lost as usual while Khushi observing him.Suddenly,he spoke..."Ten years ago...aaj ke din papa ne mujhe ghar se nikala tha..!!.."

The hurt in his voice sent shivers down Khushi's back..."Nikala nahi...tumhe UK bheja tha.."

"Same thing.."

"It's not the same thing..Arnav.."

"Khushi..mujhe zyada pata hai ki.."

"Arnav...there is no point arguing over it.."

He nodded his head in agreement.Khushi thought...Good going Khushi..Be patient..Don't pressure him over the issue...He is already very sensitive over it...And his ego will not let him understand what is wrong and what is right..!!...But if you take one step at a time...maybe...maybe he will understand..!!

She went and sat next to him over the swing.."Arnav..I know you just hate my stupid advices but just last one...May I..??.."...He again nodded his head..."Arnav...There's no need mourning over the past..and if you really want to remember the past...then remember the good times you had...just let the bad memories go away..Just let them go..."..And she put her hand over his tensed ones as if trying to give him strength..!

"It's not as easy as it sounds Khushi.."

"I know...but you can try..!!..And I'm always there for you as a friend..Arnie..!!.."
..Arnav turned to look over at her smiling gleefully when she said the nickname which she had given him in their childhood...He used to hate it like anything..

"I know...meri jaan..."..He said with a taunting smile..!

"Aaargh..You still remember that..."...And his face broke into a huge smile seeing her scowl.She smacked him hard.

"Ouch..!!..How can I forget..??..That guy in the coaching we used to go in class ninth used to leave anonymous letters to you na..??..with all these sick nicknames..!!.."...And he laughed out loud.Khushi couldn't decide to be shocked that he was laughing or that he still remembered that incident.

"Yaaa...and all those letters with hearts and cheesy lines..!!...And wo ladka kitna ganda dikhta tha..Gosh...Uski height tak mujhse kam thi..!!.."

"Itna accha ladka toh tha...Kya naam tha uska..??...Haan Anand..Itni mehnat karta tha tujhe woh cards dene mein aur jaan likhne main..aur jaanu..aur shona bhi toh tha..aur kya bolta"
..And he again burst out laughing.

"Kaafi ho gaya...!!..Uda lo mera mazak tum as bhi udate the aur ab bhi.."

"Wo cards the hi aise...and when you had showed me the cards...I was soo interested in knowing the guy who can be such a romantic hero..!!.."

"Romantic..??...I found those cards sick...aur tumhe yaad hai uss din coaching mein tum atleast 10 baar toilet gaye hoge...Jab bhi koi ladka toilet jaata...tum bhi uske peeche-peeche nikal jaate ye dekhne ki koi mera bag toh nahi choo raha hai..And that stupid sir of ours.."

"Jinki humlog jhal lete the...cartoon the poore wo.."

"Areee...tumse toh woh darte the...har baat pe unki gandi wali le jo lete the.."

"Unke paas mujhe 10 baar toilet jaane se rokne tak ki toh himmat thi nahi.." 

"Hahahaha..Haan..Poore case the wo..!!...waise tune uss Anand ko kaha kya tha..??..Poora next week coaching hi nahi aaya tha...aur jis din aaya uss din behen-behen
karke baat kar raha tha..main toh darr hi gayi thi ki isse kya ho gaya...!!.."

"Maine usko bas apne style mein dealing de di thi..."

"Haan...haan..bas yahi sab toh karte the tum..!!...Waise kuch ulta-seedha hi bola hoga tumne usse mere baare mein.."..

"You know me too well..."
...And he smirked at her.

All the time during their conversation Arnav was smiling and laughing,Khushi was happy that finally she had taken a effective step towards getting the old Arnav back.Eventhough she did not want to break the moment,but it was already getting late.."My god..!!...It's soo late..Mujhe sona hai..kal jaldi hospital jaana hai..Goodnight..!!.."...She said getting up from the swing.

"Yaa...Even I need to sleep.."..Arnav said getting up from his place.

Just as both of them were entering their respective rooms.Khushi called.."Arnav.."

He looked back.."Hmmm..??.."


But before he could ask for what she was already inside her room.Then he realized that why he was feeling soo different all of a sudden.He had laughed and smiled after all those years.His mind told him that letting his ASR mask crumble infront of Khushi was wrong but his heart told him otherwise.He could'nt make out,why the time spent with her felt soo Perfect??Soo Effortless??Soo Wonderful??Soo Peaceful??And most importantly that why did it feel as if this was the thing that he had been waiting for all these years!!

ENJOY...Big smile

 Link to next part:

Note-All those who want PMs...Please Add Me As A Buddy...!!

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.hea. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 January 2012 at 4:41am | IP Logged
res, have to go back and read the previous parts Embarrassed

me first PartyLOL

Okay vedsBig smile

me done, and I am totally awed by your story, the concept is something which is absolutely catchyHeart
I loved the first flasback where they hugged, how he said he will not be able to control, holy crow did he say that?ShockedDay Dreaming

The whole irritating game, he knows the effect he has on herBlushingROFL , the whole room thing, I always wished to have that kind of roomCool Lucky girl..the coffee meet, he called her jaanDay Dreaming

Absolute treat to read. Update soonHug

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alice54 Goldie

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Posted: 23 January 2012 at 4:59am | IP Logged
Lovely Update!!!!!!
Your FF is unique and i love it...
The conversation between them was very nice...actually very cute...
Hope they start realising their feelings...
continue soon...

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zafi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 January 2012 at 5:02am | IP Logged
Aww, Arhi remembering there childhood and laughing was so sweet.
Fabulous update.StarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClap
Loved it. Continue soon. Thanks.

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anjs IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 January 2012 at 5:07am | IP Logged
lovely update...please don't feel sad, u are doing a lovely job...

thanks for the pm

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