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ArHi FF-Love OR Hate?Chap-12-Pg64!20/3 (Page 38)

veds275 Senior Member

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Posted: 13 January 2012 at 5:39am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Jalebibaby

hey its superb ya...i even lovd ther fighting..its so interestin to read..and the msg of mr to his mrs was cute...lovd..thanks 4 pm ya..

Thanks for the chweet comment..Good you liked the part..!!...Smile

veds275 Senior Member

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Posted: 13 January 2012 at 5:42am | IP Logged
Originally posted by inocence

loved it!!! thanks so much for the pm!!!

Your welcome..!!...Continue commenting..Smile
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Posted: 13 January 2012 at 5:44am | IP Logged
Originally posted by andru_sk

Ha ha ha  ... this game of them it reminds me of a movie '' two can play that game'' ROFL Thanks for the PM

Well..I lifted the line from there only...LOL
veds275 Senior Member

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Posted: 13 January 2012 at 5:57am | IP Logged
Originally posted by smileyhug7679

Wow I loved all ur chapters
Man how they fight got its kind of cute 

 It's like watching Tom and Jerry they outdo each other 

Pls pm me for ur next update

Hahaha..nice comparison..Tom and Jerry..!!..Big smile
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Posted: 13 January 2012 at 6:05am | IP Logged
Originally posted by meenaluma

awesome update

anu17 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 January 2012 at 7:08am | IP Logged
hey please PM me yaar...lovely FF...

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veds275 Senior Member

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Posted: 13 January 2012 at 4:08pm | IP Logged
Hey Guys...Sorry for a bit delay in the update but I was actually busy with my school-work...My tests are from17th...And as I have spent my winter hols studying basically nothing...I have to do a lot of prep right now...!!..Cry...Thank you again for all your lovely comments...Continue giving your feed-backs...It really means alot...Smile...

Part 9-
Arnav and Khushi were on the flight from Lucknow to Delhi.Both of them were somewhat releived that now they would not have to carry on their fake husband-wife act in front of their families.Arnav as usual was working on his laptop while Khushi was trying to unsuccessfully keep herself entertained by reading a book,beating her highscore in Tap-Tap,checking her Facebook account,etc-etc.When none of the past-times could keep her mind engaged she thought of making an attempt to talk to Arnav eventhough she knew it was going to be a futile one..!

"You're working..??.."

"I used to think that only your mind doesn't works..but now I know that even your eyes don't work..."

"Very funny...itna bakwaas joke sirf tumhi maar sakte ho...!!.."

"Jab bakwaas question poocha tha tab nahi socha tha...!!.."

"I just meant ki yaar tum har waqt kaam karte rehte ho...Your life revolves around just kaam-kaam-kaam and kaam..!!...Chutti pe ho...Chill maro...Enjoy.."

"Leave it..Khushi...I don't want to argue with you on this subject..tumhare chotte se dimaag ko anyways meri baat samaj mein nahi aayegi.."

"Moron..Jo karna hai karo...I don't care..!!.."

And she went back to watching Harry Potter like before...Suddenly her hand touched slightly with Arnav's and with a jolt the morning's memories came flooding back to her mind..

She had awoken in the morning feeling refreshed...and trapped...!!..Arnav was wrapped around her..legs tangled with arm around her waist..the other under her pillow...She could feel his face buried into her hair..and she wondered how he could even breath..!!...

She didn't had much time to bask in the utopia of the moment and she quickly came back to reality...!!..With a bit of squirming she managed to get free of Arnav's hold and after quickly making the pillow wall again which had managed to magically disappear...She made a sprint toward the bathroom..Just after closing the door...She dropped down to the floor and took a minute to regain her composure and to control the longing she felt to go back to him...!

She was somewhat happy that Arnav was not awake yet because she knew that if he had seen them like this she would never ever have the guts to look into his eyes again..She sighed due to desperation and quickly went to take a cold shower..!!

After sometime Khushi went off to sleep in the plane as she was really very tired with the late nights spent with the family...Suddenly her head went on to rest on Arnav's shoulders..!..Arnav who had been diligently working on the laptop sensed the heaviness on his shoulders and turned to look at her peaceful and serene face..!

Suddenly...even his version of morning memories came back to him..and he remembered how he had woken up to find Khushi next to him...within his arms..!!...On his first thought...he had thought of letting her go...but his desire had won this time and he had kept staring at her for god knows how long..!..When he had noticed that Khushi was waking up...He had quickly faked sleep to save her from the embarrasment...!!

As the Raizada House came into sight..Her excitement to see the house multiplied...!!...She had been told by everyone that it was really very majestic...!!...She knew that Arnav had not been living there but lived in a seperate condo because the house was too big for a single soul like him...and he was shifting there only because of his family's insistence as everyone wanted the new couple to start their married life in a new house..!!

She could'nt help but stare when the gates opened and the gardens...then the main house came into view..!!...It looked like something from the movies for her...She fell in love with it on the first sight..!!

As the doors of the house opened...Khushi made sure unknowingly noticed by Arnav to keep her right foot first as a good luck sign...Afterall she was going to spend her next six months of her life in this house..!!...(Just imagine the Raizada Mansion guys...just that this house is a bit less huge...)

She threw her handbag on the sofa and exclaimed..."OMG...this house is so beautiful and huge...I just love it.."

As he went after her...He bit back a smile seeing her childlike happiness jumping around the house checking each and every room..!..Suddenly she came to a halt..."Whose room is this..??.."

"It's a guest room...Why..??.."..The room had a large glass window on one side and you could see the outside gardens from it...!

"I want this room...!!.."

"But there's a different room for you...!!.."..He said with a frown appearing on his forehead..!!

"Nooo na...I want this room.."

"Nooo Khushi..."

"Yess Arnav...Please na...I want this room...and waise bhi legally I'm your wife now jiska matlab hai ki tumhari property pe mera bhi haq ye ghar bhi mera hua...So I can take any room I want.."..She told him as a matter-of-fact..

"Soch lo..agar koi doosra room pasand aaya then main nahi lene doonga...Deal..??.."


They then went towards Arnav's room and when she saw the pool...All she could do was jump up and down like crazy..."You have the best room in the whole house you know..??..."

"Yaaa...from the past five minutes..."..

"Nothing...!!..You continue..."

As she was admiring the poolside area she noticed another room opposite to Arnav's on the other side of the pool..It was looking identical to Arnav's room..."What's that...??.."

"The room that was supposed to be yours...but it is'nt now.."

"Acchawww...??..Main bhi dekhoon kaunsa room tumne mere liye rakha tha..Ghatiya hi hoga.."


He waited on the door for her...He felt a twinge of happiness inside when he saw her face turning from admiration..and then to pure awe...!!...The room also faced the poolside just like Arnav's but the other side of the room was attached to a glass balcony which looked out to the gardens with a breathtaking view...There were stars hanging from the ceiling..But the main attraction of the room was a wall which was covered with Khushi...It was full of Khush's framed pictures from her childhood till the present...There was one even on of her wedding day...In short there was Khushi everywhere on that wall..!!

"I am speechless.."

"But still you are speaking..."..he taunted..!

"Shut up...!...This room is mine...!!.."..She exclaimed happily..

" 'was' yours...Not now...Remember our deal ten minutes ago..."

"But Arnav.."

"Maine toh roka tha..but you had already made up your!!.."

"Arnav..How can you be soo mean..???...The room practically screams that it belongs to me from every nook and corner.."

"No...Khushi..Deal toh deal hoti hai.."

"Arnav...Please..."..She folded her hands...and he nodded his head sideways in denial.." want this room..."..Again he denied...!!

Then she smacked him on the chest and said.."Stop teasing me..okay..??..I know ye room mera hai..toh chupchap mujhe de do..Bhav khaana band karo.."

"Chalo...itna bheek maang rahi ho toh main de deta hoon.."

"Bheek...???...Accha beta...Koi nahi...Main bhi tumhare jaise shrewd business-man ke saath rehke na deals karna seekh hi jaongi...Just wait and watch..But right now...I'm in love with this room.."...She sighed...

And his face turned into a half-smile seeing her excitement..!!.."We'll see that..."

"Waise thankyou..."...And she jumped up to give him a quick hug...eventhough she didn't realize anything and went back to her admiring session but Arnav was taken by shock and again a surge of warmth overtook him by her small but sweet gesture..!!
"By the way...You got this done..??"...She pointed towards the wall with her photos on..!!
"Yess...Who else...I mean NOOO..!!...I mean...Anjali di got this done..."...

"Awww..that's soo sweet of her...She's the best sister-in-law anyone can have..."

"Hmmm...I'm going to my room...u unpack...and if u want something call Hari Prakash.."

"Sure..."..Just as he was exiting the door..She called him again.."Arnav...two things.."


"Number one..From where the hell did you get all these pics of mine...??.."

"Umm...Facebook.."...He rolled hi eyes..!

"Ahh..right!...Silly me...and Second thing...!!..."...She stopped a bit as if she was reluctant and then blurted out in one breath..."Please...Get used to my hugs because like you don't realize what you do when you're angry even I don't realize what I do when I'm happy..."..Then she bit her lips..!

"Umm...It's...It's ok..Khushi.."..And he went back to his room lost in her thoughts...thinking fondly about her innocence..!!
Khushi then decided to call up Anjali di to thank her for the lovely gift..!

"Hey di..."

"!!..Pahuch gaye tumlog..??..U liked the house...??.."

"Haan di...and the house is just awesome..!!..It's sooo sooo sooo hadd wala sundar...I love it..."

"Hahaha...ab toh tumhara hi hai...Ghar bhi aur ghar ka malik bhi hai...You don't know how happy I am to see my Chotte finally hitched..and to know that there is a person so caring like you to take care of him..."..And for a split second Khushi felt sad that she was betraying all of them and the shock they will get after six months...Still she ignored those thoughts...!!

"Woh chodiye di..I called up to say thankyou for the photos in my room..."

"Woh wall pe lagane wali...??.."

"Yup di...Thankyou sooo much and a bada wala hug..!!..."

"Wait...but I only gave Chotte the idea a month back when your marriage was fixed.."


"Yaaa...I never thought he would take it seriously...He actually did it..I can't believe it he took all the pains for it...!!...Ayee  Hayeee...My little brother is totally fida over her wife..."...She blushed furiously..!!

"Kya di..aap bhi...!!.."

"Hehehe..Kyun sach hi toh bol rahi hoon...Chal Khushi..Mereko kaam hai..Even you freshen up...Thak gayi hongi after the flight and all...Byee.."

"Byee di...Take care.."

After the phone call was over Khushi sat on her bed with the pillow in her hand...Thinking that till when will this guy let his false ego come between his relationships and happiness...??...When will he let himself go free and become the old Arnav and enjoy his life..??..When..??

ENJOY...Big smile

Note-All those who want PMs...Please Add Me As A Buddy...!!

Link To Next Part-

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awesome part!! i love Khushi!!

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