Sapna Babul Ka...Bidaai


Sapna Babul Ka...Bidaai
Sapna Babul Ka...Bidaai

ANGINI..Ek Anokha Rishta.Apurva Parul APP.THREAD..

saveeta24 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 September 2011 at 12:01am | IP Logged
Friends this is an appreciation thread for our two most loving characters anmol and ragini..
Jahan anmol wahan ragini..they make the most beautiful magical couple angini..
Anmol-Ragini played by two actors with immense talent  apoorva..parul and whose chemistry spoke volumes..they complimented each other on screen..
Must say our luck we got to watch them through a show coming in a 9pm slot on the starplus channel...

DKUT production and a show that made a big change in the  television industry..

RAJANJI ..a director..producer came up with a new concept that was like a breeze of fresh air ..

It was a saturated time with all these saas..bahus sagas every night ..

STARPLUS and DKP chose the right moment to bring the show that will get the viewers interest back..


A tale of two sisters and their life beautiful ..sadnah..and the other with a dusky complexion..ragini..

The story of two sisters in search of its said beauty is not what is on the outside but is what is on the inside as well..the concept that beauty becomes from within..sadnah fair complexion and ragini dusky one...their ups and down in the society one because of her beauty and the other one for being unattractive .life moves on and their wedding...sadnah  married to alekh and ragini married to ranvir..

A new chapter of their life after their bidaai with their in laws and husbands..the numerous twists and turns continued in the story and life of these two couples..

The show got some very high TRPS and SAPNA BABUL KA BIDAAI  was the must watch show of SP..

As all shows in the television industry there reached a time where story becomes stagnant move on with the show some changes are needed and that's how a leap is incorporated..bidaai too was not an exception..

Death of two main leads of the show ..a leap incorporated with a new storyline ..intro of a new character and main lead..

Apoorva agnihotri playing the character anmol..someone who will change the life of those residing in the rajvansh house..anmol married to ragini after ranvir death.

A compromise marriage..7 yrs later the story unfolds for us viewers.. . anmol the pillar of support for ragini and the rajvansh family..

Its also the story of a little girl who got the love of a father though no blood relation between them..for tammy ,anmol was her father for life..ragini who got a second chance in love with her husband anmol..A beautiful simple pure  mature love story of two strangers who became friends and fell in love with each ended on a love confession and a wedding..

An unfinished story with an open climax for a return... hopes are there to see the love journey and another chapter of this beautiful couple life in the sequel to come in the near future..

As rajanji has said in his interview when the show went off air it became an iconic show..two characters  and main leads who elevated the show in the post leap were anmol-ragini..two characters enacted so well by apoorva and parul..

An unfinished story with an open climax for a return... hopes are there to see the love journey and another chapter of this beautiful couple life in the sequel to come in the near future..what rajan ji says that it will have some key elements which would be a basis for a new story a new beginning, Hoping that these elements would be a future of the Characters which gave a new feel with new dimension in the leap,  the future  of a new season can blend these key pivotal character with a Anmol and a Ragini and some  blending of a new relationship, with the show catering the husband , wife bonding and  the parents  they cater for the babul's angan before the bidaaii of their child who is groomed to be beautiful women.

Indeed angini relationship was an anokha rishta..a unique one that has captured our heart..
A hope of a new journey of this beautiful couple is there ..Ek Nayee Subah..
Friends do write your thoughts as how angini has inspired you and why you appreciate them as a couple..
forgot to add the title of this appreciation thread goes to our friend..shanti..Clap


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saveeta24 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 September 2011 at 12:02am | IP Logged

Apoorva our own anmol...Smile

Apoorva agnihotri heard the name right..Smile


Apoorva no doubt is one of the best actor in this tv industry.who dont know the serial jassi and it became a super hit and got acclaimed for his role in actor..the show got fame and recognition so many times..


In all his roles he portrayed he was at his best..ARMAAN SIR ..DEV..SHEKAR.ANMOL...


The show bidaai..when the story became stagnant and not getting the deserved trps RS/channel decide to take a leap in story and change in storyline with some twist..


 As they say the show must go on and definitely RS wont sit idle so he made the right choice APOORVA AGNIHOTRI as he is the one who contributed with the jassi show  being popular..who knows better than a producer and director who will be perfect for a character..RS was right on his choice for the character ANMOL..must say he hit the bull's eye..


ANMOL  a so well sketched character with so many shades..apoorva had to play the role of a bro..son..father..husband to each one he excelled to the perfection..


Be it emotional scenes or romantic ones he was perfect to the capital T..apoorva emoted so well these emotional scenes that it he made us cry along with him. He made every scene so real that you could feel his pain and anguish he was going through..romantic ones just left us in awe as his chemistry with parul was just same frame both apoorva/parul burn the screen with their awesome chemistry..


Today it proved that apoorva is a very versatile/daring  actor ..he can take any challenging role coming his way..i think not lot of actors will do take such a risk .to be in a show which he was not in from beginning and had to adjust with the concept and costars too..apoorva took that role and today he is a household name..ANMOL became an instant hit with the audiences..his hard work and dedication paid off.the belief RS had on him ,he did not deceive him at all..apoorva worked with sincerity.gave his best performances and made the audiences accept him and also his pairing with parul as ragini/anmol..


Yes apoorva you proved it also that its not necessary to be in a show for long even a few months on screen you can become a made your mark with the character ANMOL and people will always remember apoorva as ANMOL..


Its the mass out there watching you on their tv screen that has done it..the show received good trps after leap and also got you fame and much much more popularity..a very well deserved one as ashita said in the poem she wrote for bidaai ..apoorva ka anaa hum ne subh manaa.yes apoorva's entry in the show was lucky for them..he was the lucky charm and essence of the show..


Apoorva you really deserves all the praise for this remarkable role of ANMOL in take a bow and applause for your success..ClapClapClap


Mr rajan shahi you too deserves applause for bringing back a caliber of an actor as apoorva to portray ANMOL. And to believe in him and to let him showcase his multitalented acting.....ClapClapClap


Your name will always be associated with bidaai and of its success..Rajanji interview proved it you are very much a part of his team..

Apoorva you are a good human being and no doubt a great actor too..Hope to see you back with a bang.Thumbs Up


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saveeta24 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 September 2011 at 12:20am | IP Logged

Parul our own ragini..Smile

An actress with talent ..bidaai the show which got her to showcase her acting skills more...a character so apt for her ragini..
From the bubbly girl to a very mature woman in post leap bidaai..
The change in her characterisation post leap was so beautiful...

The ragini of post leap bidaai..a woman of great poise and elegance...she was simplicity is the beauty..Clap

Ragini a character played by parul chauhan and who has captured so many viewers heart.

I got to watch her more in post leap of the show..

I was just amazed by the total change in her beautiful and above all the maturity in her character much poise that it was a delight to watch her on screen..a character which got elevated in the leap  be it characterwise or talentwise..she was at her best..Clap

Ragini who had to play  the role of a mother  to a 7 yrs old kid..she blended so well in her character and lived up to the expectation of the PH and for the viewers ..a bahu..a sister in law to alekh..a maasima to khushi..a good daughter to all these shades of her character she was brilliant..

Ragini as a wife to anmol..her lifepartner..anmol ki ragini..

Ragini married to a complete stranger anmol... a leap and we get to watch such a pure relationship of angini...a compromised marriage to a sweet-simple but yet captivating love excess romance but each of their scene is so memorable and still captures the heart..the beauty of this relationship was just class apart as the couple themselves..thats why we call them the magical couple as wat they did in such a short lapse of time is definitely outstanding..

 Credit without doubt goes to apoorva and parul..the two main leads of the show..apoorva a caliber of an actor with so much talents..experienced actor and he blended in his character as anmol so easily..alongside parul an actress with the leap sharing screenspace with apoorva she got to showcase her talent much much more..parul as ragini matched apoorva's  character as anmol to the T..both in same frame and it was a delight to watch their scenes. Outstanding performances by both esp in the emotional scenes ..

Talent..elegance..sizzling chemistry and aprul as angini made a complete sizzling chemistry with talent personified couple..

parul hope to see you back in B2 soon as ragini is definitely a tailor-made role for you..Clap

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Wonderfullife IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 September 2011 at 1:40am | IP Logged
WOW Mindblowing Saveeta.Clap

You have written so good Clap,loved to read it.Heart

Will post my comments soon.Smile

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anizor IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 September 2011 at 6:21am | IP Logged
wow saveeta,excellent post.i just loved the chemistry of angin. apoorvas acting skills put the depth in anmols character, it was a treat to watch this magical couple. hope we get to see them again.

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Wonderfullife IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 September 2011 at 8:33am | IP Logged
Awesome post saveeta.Clap

I just started to love this couple from the roomlock scene. Still i love this couple and forever too.Day DreamingHeartDay Dreaming

Their simple and beautiful story just stole my heart.Day Dreaming

Actually i fell in love with anmol's character , as he was sacrificing his life and pouring his unconditional love for ragini and her family even though not getting their love in return.Heart

Apurva as anmol just was so perfect.Clap I didn't expect him to be such a fantastic actor. EmbarrassedThough i know JJKN is a huge hit ,i haven't watched it. Sometimes while changing channels i have seen him RKBKKD .Smile

But to me watching apurva as anmol was really a wonderful treat. Day DreamingHis subtle and soft acting just stood out so well, Clapstill i drool over him watching his scenesDay Dreaming especially i 'll always be in smile seeing his romantic gaze at ragini. Day Dreaming

Apurva's chemistry with kids was always so enjoyable to watch.SmileHe just excelled in all type of scenes ,be it happy,romantic and emotional .,he was just so fantastic.ClapClapClap

And in post leap parul as ragini was just too good.ClapClapClapIn post leap ragini's character was given so much importance that i loved to see her mindblowing performances .Day DreamingHeartDay Dreaming

Ragini's acting raised to the next level post leap Clap.Her eyes spoke more than her words Day Dreaming,Angini's eyelock is always a visual treat for me.Day Dreaming
Though angini didn't have any lovey dovey romance their chemistry was  just sizzling and mesmerizing.Day Dreaming

As my craziness on my angini increased day by day ,i thought of doing VM's.Embarrassed I always love to watch sami and sanjana's VM.Day DreamingAnd i too wanted to try VM making. I told my sister and she got me best tutorials from youtube and i learnt from there.Smile

My first VM ,  was on the song Socha Na Tha ,i thought this song would definitely suit angini Smile,and i got good comments from all of you ,my friends.Big smile

I just want to post here ,my first ever creation on my favorite angini ,my first VM.Embarrassed

Wish to see my angini back ,actually it's my on and only WISH.Smile

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sami01 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 September 2011 at 10:01am | IP Logged

beautiful post dear savee...

a AT for our beloved angini...
lovely vm kritika..u always post lovely vms adn lovely siggies...
i want to share some old memories friends...
zindagi ne diya mujh ko ek aisa naya safar...
aansoo hamare thaamne ke liye..aaayaa kahaan se wo...
 aayi jo yeh bahaar jivan ki baghiya mein...
thaama hai zindagi ne phir se hamein..
tum hi tum ho is kaayanaat mein..
and in end i would say...
mili hai pyaar ki manzil naye safar ke liye...
tumhare ho gaye hum aaj umar bhar ke liye..
pyaar kar ke nibhana hoga...
aane waale ko aanaa hoga..
angini ko waapis aanaa hoga

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shanti05 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 24 September 2011 at 10:03am | IP Logged
Reserved to talk about the atwa ajooba jodi Embarrassed

Awesome post Saveeta wil be back in a short while!!

Awesome Title !!


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