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Maneet FF-Love makes Life Beautiful#3-Ch 41-P141 (Page 97)

Ramhari IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 October 2011 at 10:00pm | IP Logged
Awesome part.
Geet's sister is a sweet heart.
Loved her pranks with her grandmom.
Maaneet's  emails were awesome.
Maan is missing Geet
 he accepted it and Geet is not ready to believe.
Poor Maan Big smile
Sasha was the best
she tried so hard but couldnt speak her heart out and Maan' s secertary enjoyed the drama.
Geet called Maan wow
wonder what their convo this time would be

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maanluvsgeet IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 October 2011 at 12:52am | IP Logged

Awesome n beautiful update.

The feelings of both Maan n Geet were expressed beautifully. Maan is missing Geet terribly n he even confessed d same 2 Geet. Though she took d confession as sarcasm LOL
Luved Maaneet's e-mail convo.  Heart
"Dheere dheere pyaar ko badhaana hai
Had se guzar jaana hai
Dheere dheere pyaar ko badhaana hai
Had se guzar jaana hai
Mujhe bas tujhse dil lagaana hai
Had se guzar jaana hai".
Their convo reminded me of d above song.
Di plzzz continue soon.

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maansee IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 October 2011 at 1:50am | IP Logged


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-bansi- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 October 2011 at 1:59am | IP Logged
Waiting for the update...soumya..!!
update soon..!!

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pickle6586 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 October 2011 at 2:21am | IP Logged
Hello Everyone,
I may not be able to make an update today and tomoorrow...!!! It's Dassera so I'm going to be very busy...!!! I'll try but cannot promise...!!!
To all those who celebrate Dassera, HAppy Dassera...!! And to the rest, have a wonderful day and take good care...!!!!!
HEre is the next update, people...!!!!!!

Chapter 39

Maan called up Shreyasi and asked her if he had any travel scheduled. She asked him to give her a few minutes and said she would call him back. He hung up and changed. He received a call from an unknown number and answered it, thinking it was Shreyasi.

"Maan", came an excited voice, from the other side.

"Geet", he said, softly.

"Haan! Kya kar rahen hain, aap?", she asked.

"Tumhaare baare mein soch rahan tha", he said, grinning.

"Yea right. Anways, I have important news", she said.

"What?", he asked.

"My results are out. I did fairly well. I made a GPA of 3.5/4.0", she said.

"Oh that's good!", he said, "is your family?", he asked.

"Well, my parents and sister is", she said, not wanting to continue any further. Maan did not need be told the rest. It was understood.

"So lot of partying in store?", he asked, trying to change the topic.

"Oh well, niharika is not here. So have to wait till I get back to India", she said.

"Okay Cool!", he said.

Geet paused for sometime, when she heard her bhabhi greet someone at the main door. She then heard her brother speak and almost dropped her phone.

"Main aapse baad mein baat karti hoon", she said, whispering and trembling.

"Kya hua?", he asked, noticing the uneasiness in her voice.

"Kuch nahin, baad mein, bye", she said and hung up without waiting for an answer for him. Maan looked at the phone and wondered what would happen to her at times. He waited for Shreyasi to call back.


Geet went running to the living room to greet her brother. She wanted to tell him about her result but she did not bother. It would not make any difference to him, as much as it made to her sister-Heer, her parents, Niharika and maybe even the Khuranas. But then she realized she would have to tell him, her result atleast to show him, that she was interested in continuing her studies for one more year, until the course completes. She waited for him to fresh up and rest for sometime. She watched TV until then and walked to him, when she knew the moment was right.

"Veerji mujhe aap se baat karni hain", she said, softly, lowering her eyes, as she spoke to him.

"Bolo", he said, loudly.

"Aaj mere results aaye hain, aur mujhe aache grades mile hain", she said.

"GPA?", he asked, raising his eye-brow.

"ji, 3.5", she said.

"Hmmm, aur acche bhi tuo aa sakte the", he said, and played with the TV remote.

"Kya acche bhi aa sakte the? Ab padai wadai bahut ho gayi. Hum tuo kehte hain, shaadi kara lo, iski", came her Daadima's voice, from behind. Geet closed her eyes in frustration and shook her head in anger. For once, her brother was listening to her, and this woman had to arrive that precise moment to give him all the wrong ideas and ruin his mood.

She then remembered Savitri Khurana, tell her about a rishta once. She wondered if she should raise that topic now. She decided to shut her mouth because that would only give a wrong impression to the elders in her house.

"Daadiji shaadi bhi karenge, lekin abhi tuo koi rishta bhi nahin aaya, isiliye who padegi. Aur Heer tu bhi. Lekin jab accha rishta aa jayega tab tu dono ko shaadi karni hogi. Tab tak aap padh sakte hain", he declared.

"Lekin Rioshta dhoond le tuo milegi na", snarled Devanshi.

"Tuo aapko roka kaun. Aap dhoondte rahiye aur yeh dono padh the rahenge", he said.

Devanshi looked away, while Geet and Heer smiled at each other and immediately straightened their faces. Devnashi walked away into her bedroom, mumbling something, which no one bothered.

"Veerji main ghar baite baite bore ho jaati hoon. Kya main internship kar sakti hoon?", asked Geet, gathering some courage and keeping in mind the options that Maan had given her.

"Tu bahar nahin jaa sakti, tuo internship kaise karegi?", he asked, angrily.

"Veerji, main tuo ghar baite bhi kaam kar sakti hoon. Bas aapke permission chahiye tha", she said, softly.

"Dekh Geet yeh sab work out nahin karega", he said, looking away.

"Veerji, aap samajh ne ki koshish kijiye, agar maine internship nahin kiya, tuo mera padhne ka koi faidaa nahin. Aap jaante hain na experience kitna zaroorai hota hain", she said.

Brij was left thinking and looked at Geet, who stood in front of him, with her eyes lowered. Brij looked at his parents who gestured he should agree. Brij looked away again.

"Internship kahan karegi?", he asked.

"Pata nahin. Abhi dhoondhi nahin maine", she said.

"Theek hain. I'll think about it later", he said. She looked at him pleadingly, when he spoke up again,

"Kahan na, I';ll think about it", he said and walked away into his bedroom.

"Hmmm, kuch nahin hone walaa", said Geet's sister-Heer and sat on the sofa with a thud. "Aap na sapne bahut dekhne lage hain".

Geet looked at Heer sideways and wondered where she had so much strength and courage to actually speak to her brother about an internship. Was she dreaming? She pinched herself, screamed softly, "Ouch", and shook her head, realizing it was no dream.


Kiara walked around the mall lazily while Naintara stopped at some shop to buy some shirts for Dev.

"Unke paas kya kam shirts hain?", thought Kiara, while she looked around some kurtis and dresses.

"Jaldi aayiye bhabhi", she texted NT. As she walked around looking into her phone, she dashed into someone.

"Sorry", she said, and did not even look up from the phone. She started to walk away, when she heard the voice, "Kiara"

She stopped and turned to look back, when she found a middle-aged lady standing there. She smiled at Kiara and Kiara smiled back, not knowing who she was. She then looked behind the woman. She was a tall young handsome guy standing behind the lady. He was wearing a red color T-shirt and blue color jeans.

Kiara walked towards them and said, "Sorry but I don't recognize you".

"Ofcourse how would you?", said the woman smiling. "I am Revathy Nanda and this is my son Anurag Nanda. My husband is Ritheish Nanda".

"Oh Ritheish uncle, our Company Secretary", said Kiara.

"Yes", said Revathy smiling.

"Nice to meet you, Ma'am", said Kiara, holding her hand forward for a hand shake.

"Thank you and same here", she said, shaking her hand with that of Kiara's.

"So what do you do?", asked Kiara, while looking at Anurag.

"I finished CS too. I am interning in your company", he said.

"Oh I see. Whom do you report to?", she asked.

"Ah I report to Sasha Shergill", he said.

"I see", she said, "Suprising I've never seen you in office", she said.

"Yeah, I ususlly work in the South Wing of Khurana Constructions. I guess you work in the East wing which is the administrative wing",m he said.

"Yeah", she said. "Okay, I'll meet you some other time. Nice meeting the both of you", she said.

"Yes Beta, see you", said Revathy. Kiara excused herself and walked away calling Nt again while the other two got back to do their shopping.


Geet prayed to her Babaji that her brother would agree to her internship plan. While she sat praying her phone rang, "Abey kaun hain", she thought, picking up the phone.

It was Niharika. "Geet, I know you don't have much time to listen to me or talk to me. I called you to tell you that I would be interning with ICICI bank. I just got a confirmation today morning from the HR department", she said, excited.

"Oh Good Congrats!", said Geet, smiling.

"Ok then. I'll talk later", she said.

"Why so soon?", asked Geet.

"Arey hello. You only tell me not to talk to you for long know, as long as your brother is in the vicinity. That's why I'm hanging up", she said.

"Oh yes! Thanks for reminding. Even I want to do an internship", she said.

"Ask your brother", said Niharika.

"I did. He said, he'll think about it", said Geet.

"That means a "no". ", said Niharika.

"Tu meri best friend hain ya meri dushman?",asked Geet, angrily.

"Geetu baby, main tumhari dushman tuo nahin hoon. Lekin dhimaag ka batti jhala. If you're brother were to say "yes", there would be signs already. But nothing of that sort has happened. So simple. No internship for you", she concluded.

"What signs are you talking about?", asked Geet.

"Arey signs of earthquakes or tsunamis or tornadoes. I mean imagine Brij Handa agreeing to Geet Handa's internship means some disaster right", she mocked.

"Haa Haa Haa, very funny, Niharika Sharma. Bye now", she said.

"Arey gusse mat ho meri jaan, dil hain tujh pe kurbaan", said Niharika.

"Chup chap phone rakh. I'll tell you very soon, where I would be interning", said Geet, confidently.

"Yep, good luck with that", said Niharika, "Bye Geetu baby", she said.

"Bye", said Geet and hung up.

Khurana Outhouse

"Sir you don't have any travel scheduled", said Shreyasi on phone to Maan.

"Okay", he said.

"Anything else I can do for you, Sir?", she asked.

"Ah no, thanks! That's it", he said.

"Okay Sir, See you tomorrow", she said.

"Yeah", he said and hung up. "Great, no travel. Now seriously, looks like I have to take care of the mansion and the office", he thought and sat there, wondering what to do.

He heard the leaves of the trees hustle with the wind, smiled, and looked out of the window. It was a pleasant night. He looked at the moon and walked upstairs to the terrace. Surprisingly he had left his phone, in the bedroom itself. He stood staring at the moon and the sky. He smiled and remembered the moments that he had spent with his mom, when he was a kid. His mom would tell him, that she would get him the moon if he had his dinner without making a fuss. He walked around and now faced the snooker room. He bent over and rested his elbows on the wall there. His gaze fell onto his watch that now showed the date and time.

"Its been a month since Geet confessed", he thought, "Time runs so fast".

He then remembered something and smiled wickedly.

Okies, that's it for now!!!! TAke care and have fun. thank you for all the wishes and I hope you had loads of fun, during the festive season...!!!!



Precap: "Geet madam ne dinner kiya?", he asked.

Edited by pickle6586 - 08 October 2011 at 10:00am

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Thx and wish u the same
paponecon IF-Rockerz

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happy dassera...Party

but its not fair...Unhappy

waiting from morning that when will get update and now this news..Disapprove...feeling so sad...Cry...nywy njoy...Smile...kyun ki hamari waiting to kavi khatam nehi hone wali...Embarrassed
MysticRiver IF-Addictz

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Originally posted by pickle6586

Hello Everyone,
I may not be able to make an update today and tomoorrow...!!! It's Dassera so I'm going to be very busy...!!! I'll try but cannot promise...!!!
To all those who celebrate Dassera, HAppy Dassera...!! And to the rest, have a wonderful day and take good care...!!!!!
P.S. I will be editing the same post with the next update, later on...!!!!!! :):):)

Happy Dassera To You Too Soumya..Will Edit This Post For Comments Later On...Smile

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