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Maneet FF-Love makes Life Beautiful#3-Ch 41-P141 (Page 33)

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Hi Everyone,Tongue
Here is the next update..!!!!! Big smile
 Super duper!!!!!

Chapter 33

Geet was about to leave the mansion to meet Niharika, when Nakul called out to her.

"Madam, yeh Maan sir ne kahan hain aapko dene ke liye", he said, handing over a sealed packet to her. Geet knew it would be her passport. She carefully opened it and checked her passport to see if all the details are correct. She quickly applied for a visa appointment.

She texted Maan, "Thanks! I just got my passport"

"Ok good!", was his reply.

She went to meet Niharika and was with her the whole day. They spoke about everything right from what Geet did in the khurana mansion while Niharika was away, the trip to HP, the party and then the dinner.

 Niharika listened carefully and asked, "Geet tumne confess kiya ki tum use pyaar karte ho? Main kahan thi tab?"

"Pata nahin", said Geet.

"Hmm, anyways, what does he say finally? I don't seem to understand him", said Niharika.

"Girl, I'm in the same dilemma too. I don't understand him. I mean, at one point I think I understand him and the next minute he does some thing totally unexpected and I am back to square one- confusion", complained Geet, like a girl madly in love with an enigmatic man.

"Hmm. Did you think of the consequences?", she asked, making some coffee for herself and Geet.

"What consequences?", asked Geet, reaching out for some sugar and handing over to Niharika.

"how your family- especially your bro would react when he comes to know that you are in  love", said Niharika, while pouring the coffee into two mugs.

"Unhe bataye ga kaun?", asked Geet.

"Matlab?", asked Niharika, giving Geet, her coffee mug.

"Niharika, its simple. I'm in love with him. He does not love me. So why would I go tell my brother and dig my own grave. I'm not a fool you know", she said, casually.

"Right! I understand that. But what if they start looking for guys for you?", asked Niharika, sipping her coffee.

"Girl, I dunno. But yes, I have deicded that if I am ever getting married, then it is Maan and no one else", declared Geet.

Niharika evaluated Geet's seriousness in the statement for someone and then spoke, "Geet, I dunno what to say, but you got to be careful. Having known your brother and your family for so long, that is all I can say", she said, with a concerned look on her face.

"Arey Nihu, I'll take care of myself. I am confident about the decision I have made and now there is no stepping back. I am in love with a man, who gave me this confidence to never lose or accept defeat. That very confidence is going to make me stand by my decision firmly", said Geet.

"All that is easy to say, but difficult to follow. I'm worried Geet. You wont even be here, so that I could come to your rescue if anything goes wrong. You'd be in Singapore and I don't even know for how long", she said, putting her coffee mug aside.

"Don't worry Niharika. I promise to keep in touch and I promise to take care of myself", said Geet, resting her hand on Niharika's shoulder. Niharika nodded and looked into Geet's eyes. Here eyes reflected confidence, faith, and Niharika decided to blindly believe in it and pray for her best friend.

They spoek for hours together and did not realize for how long they spoke. Geet looked at the time and realized it was 7:30 in the evening.

"Oh god! I better tell Daadima that I would be staying back with you", she said, taking her cell phone.

She dialed Daadima's number and informed her, the same. Geet then checked the visa date availability and luckily for her, there was a date the very next day afternoon. She quickly reserved a slot and got her papers ready. Niharika cross-checked all the paper work and then they had dinner. Geet also called up the agent for tickets, letting him know that she would know about the visa tomorrow and that she would travel at the earliest. Niharika heard the conversation silently and then asked her, after Geet hung up on the phone.

"yaar tu sach main jaa rahin hain. Rukh jao na, kuch dino ke liye", said Niharika, making a cute little puppy face.

"Arey yaar, tu senti mat ban. Jaana tuo hain", said Geet, sadly.

"Mere liye rukh jao na", said Niharika, making a puppy face again.

"Aww Nihu I love you", she said, pinching her cheeks, "But if I don't go, then my bro will kill me and you will have to attend my funeral", said Geet.

"Chi chi Babaji. Yeh ladki pata nahin kaise baatein karti hain. Chal koi nahin. Maan ke liye tuo rukh jaa", said Niharika, winking and smiling.

"You know what. Its never gonna happen that he would stop me. But I really wish some miracle happens this time too", said Geet.

"Geet, why do you need miracles to happen? Tell your family that you did not get a visa. Simple. Now what can anyone do if they don't get a visa", said  Niharika.

"But there is no reason why they would reject my visa too", said Geet, "I already booked the date too"

"So what? Tell your family that you attended the interview but did not get the visa", she said, winking.

"Niharika ji aap bahut intelligent hain. Lekin mere bhai na humse bhi intelligent hain. Main risk nahin le sakti", said Geet.

"Okay Geet. I will pray that you don't get the visa. Shayad main duniya ki akeli ladki hoon, jo babaji se yeh mannat magungi ki meri best friend ko visa na mile", she said. Geet laughed.

They had dinner and fell asleep. They woke up early the next morning and went for jogging. It was Niharika's habit to go jogging every morning. That morning she had made sure, she dragged geet out of her bed, to go jogging with her.

The quietly listened to music and jogged, while a lot of things played in Geet's mind- her first meet with Maan, their first fight, their first pleasant conversation during her exams and the last but not the least, the conversation they had one night before- the conversation that is very special to her- the conversation that made her fall in love with him, all over again. Gosh, he took her breath away with his frankness and openness. He was at ease with her and she liked it. He appreciated her, complimented her, thanked her- everything happened so fast and in a couple of minutes. Was she ever going to forget that dinner "date"? Well, not a "date" technically, but very close she thought and smiled. Was she ever going to forget him? She stopped at that thought and bent forward, catching her knees with her hands and breathing heavily.

"Kya hua?", asked Niharika, removing her ear phone, from her left ear.

"Pyaar hua", answered Geet.

Niharika smiled and said, "Maan Singh Khurana se?"

"Haan, itna pyaar ho gaya ki ab unse door jaana bhi dard nahin deta", she said, finally sitting down on the grass and folding her legs.

"GeeT! come back", said Niharika, while bending and touching her toes with her hands.

Khurana Mansion Lawn

Maan was in the lawn too, jogging. His forehead and upper body was drenched in sweat. He saw Nakul walk towards the outhouse and stopped him.

"Suno, Geet kahan hain? Maine kal use dinner pe nahin dekha", he said.

"Ji who kal ghar nahin aaye. Daadiji ne unse baat ki thi", answered Nakul.

"Theek hain, mere liye orange juice laana", said Maan

"Ji", said Nakul and walked away. Maan continued his jogging when Daadima called out to him. He walked towards her, while she sat in the portico.

"Good morning Daadima", he said, while he sat opposite to her.

"Kya baat hain aaj aap gym mein nahin, yahan jogging kar rahe hain", she asked.

"I'm bored of running on the treadmill", he said.

"I see!", she said, smiling.

"Hmmm", he said and smiled back.

"did you have something to drink, Son? You look tired", she said.

"Yep, I will, in sometime", he said.

"Okay!", she said. Both of them sat for sometime and read newspaper when Kiara came to her.

"Daadiji, I need you to come to my room, right now. I need help with some things, please", she requested.

"Okay! ", said Daadima, "See you at the breakfast table son"

"Yeah!", he said, and smiled at Kiara, who came and hugged him.

"Bro you're sticky", she complained.

"Yeah I was about to tell you that, but you came before I could speak", he said.

"Koi nahin", she said and held her Grandmom's hand and led her inside. Maan smiled looking at the both of them. He went back to the outhouse and freshed up and joined his family for breakfast. he was on phone the entire time. He then went away to office.

Geet, on the other hand, got ready and both of them went for breakfast. They went to a place close to Khurana Constructions.

Geet showed Niharika the building and said, "Andar se aur bhi accha hain". Niharika and Geet, then spent some time in the mall and then took a cab to the Visa Consulate. Geet went in, while Niharika waited outside.

After about 45 minutes, Geet walked out, and Niharika jumped up, "Nahin mila na, mujhe pata tha. Yahan bait ke maine itna maska lagaya tumhaare babaji ko".

"Mil gaya yar", she said, sadly and sat on the foot path opposite to the consulate

"Kya? Gosh! ", said niharika, sitting down beside Geet.

"Kal afternoon tak, aa jaeyegi passport ghar ko", said Geet., "they'll courier it", she said, showing Niharika the confirmation.

Both of them looked at each other sadly and slowly got up and walked aimlessly on the road. they did not talk at all. They did not even know where they were going until a car honked and stopped a little ahead of them.

They did not bother. Both of them were too upset. Dev got out of the car and called out to Geet.

"Geet, dopher ke teen baje, morning walk pe chali, who bhi sadak ke beech?", he asked, walking towards her.

"Mat poochiye Dev ji. Mera mood kharaab hain?", she said, looking away.

"Kyun?", he asked, looking at Geet and Niharika, "Kya hua?"

Geet showed him the appointment letters and said, "Visa mil gaya", very sadly.

"Kya?", he said, laughing, "Isiliye aap itna upset hain?"

"hmmm", she said. "Oh btw, yeh meri best friend hain, Niharika", she said, introducing Niharika to dev. She turned to Niharika and said, "Nihu yeh Dev Khurana hain. Maan Khurana ke brother"

"Hi", they told each other and smiled.

"Visa mil gaya, tuo kya hua? Chaliye ab aap hi itna mood off rahenge tuo hamara kya?", said Dev.

"Hmm", she said, sadly.

"Geet cheer up. Should I drop you guys some where or do you guys wanna continue walking like this", he asked.

"Drop us to CP, please", said Niharika.

"Sure, chaliye", he said and both of them got into the rear seat of the car. Dev directed the driver to first drop him to office and then take them around.

"Arey hume car ki zaroorat nahin hain. Hume kahin aas paas drop kar dijiye. Hum chale jayenge", said Geet.

"Car ki zaroorat tuo mujhe bhi nahin hain. You can go around and have fun. Don't worry about the car. Use it for as long as you want. I'll take another car in office", he said.

The driver dropped him off in office and then drove them around. they finally reached Niharika's place at 9:30 in the night and sent the car back to the mansion. Geet called up on his cell phone to thank him, but he did not answer the call. she called on the landline and after three rings the phone was answered.

Beofre the other person could even say "hello", Geet spoke, "Kya main dev khurana se baat kar sakti hoon".

"Ji who abhi ghar pe nahin hain, main unhe kuch message doon?", came Maan's voice.

"Maan aap?", said Geet.

"Haan Geet, main Maan. Waise Dev se kya kaam hain?", he asked, biting an apple.

"Kuch nahin, unhe thanks kehni thi. Unhone hume ghoomne ke liye car diya tha. Aur maine car ko wapas bejh diya, mansion", she said.

"Tum wapas nahin aa rahe ho?", he asked.

"Nahin, main Niharika ke ghar mein rahungi. Kal sham ko aungi", she said.

"Accha!", he said. "Dinner kiya?", he asked.

"Haan,, abhi abhi", she said, yawning.

"theek hain, so jao", he said.

"Ji, jaise aap chahe", she said, smiling.

"Geet", he said. She laughed and he laughed back too.  "Good night", she said.

"Good night sweethea..", and he stopped, wondering why he kept calling her sweetheart. He cleared his throat and said, "Good night, sweet dreams"

"Yep", she said and hung up. As soon as she hung up, her phone rang again. "Bhai ka phone", she shivered.

She answered the call and almost dropped the phone when she heard her brother's voice.

"Tumne ticket book nahin kiya?", he asked her angrily.

"Pranaam Veerji. Aaj hi Visa mila hain", she said, softly and he cut her, "Tuo kya agle saal aane ka iraada hain?"

"Ji nahin veerji. Passport kal aa jaeye gi aur main.. book" and he cut her yet again, "Maine tumhaare tickets book kiya. September 28th, subeh 8:00 ka flight hain. Chup chap board karo", he warned her.

"Lekin passport nahin mili tuo?", she asked.

"Geet koi arguments aur excuses nahin", he screamed. She said, "Ji" and he hung up, even without telling her that.

She looked at the calendar and realized it was already September 26th. She told Niharika the same. They quietly had dinner and watched a movie together.

"I'll have to go the mansion, tomorrow and settle all my things. I have to clean up the room too and put everything back in place. I have been using that room for so long, so I better organize everything properly", she said, while she rested her head on the pillow, after watching the movie.

"Hmm, I'll help you, don't worry", said Niharika.

The next morning was not a pleasant one for geet or niharika. She hated the fact that she had to go back and Niharika hated the fact that Geet had to go back to a place that she did not like. But both of them spoke nothing about it and sliently expected some miracle to happen this time too. Well, probably it was too much of an expectation, everytime.  

Niharika and Geet went to Khurana Mansion at around 11am. The men were in office and the women had gone to some temple, Nakul told them. They quietly went to Geet's room and first packed all the stuff she had to take to Singapore. Then they cleaned up the room and as Geet instructed Niharika, both of them put all the things back in its places, bringing the room back to its old shape. It was almost 4 in the evening by the time they were finished. Both of them lazily sat on the couch exhausted.

 Niharika said, "Bhook lagi hain. Chalo bahar jaake kuch khaate hain. Aur phir thodi der ghoomte hain. Main kal aungi airport tumhein see off karne".

"You wont stay here tonight?", asked Geet.

"Nahin yaar! Ghar pe bhi thoda kaam hain. But if you want I'll be here at 3am itself tomorrow", she said.

"Okay chalo fresh hoke thoda bahar ghoom kea ate hain", said Geet. Both of them freshed up and went to a mall, very close to Khurana Mansion. They ate food and walked in the mall for sometime, doing some window shopping and talking.

Niharika warned Geet, "email karte rehna. Tumnhaare bhai ke hote hue, main tumhari phone ki umeed tuo kar nahin sakti".

"Hmmm!", said Geet, hating the situation more than ever.

It was seven thrity and Geet saw Niharika off. Niharika took a cab and got back home. Geet did not feel like taking a cab, hence she walked slowly to the side of the road. she entered the lane, where Khurana Masnion was situated. The lane was narrow and had large trees on either side. The trees were so thick and huge that the street lights, hardly penetrated through that thickness to throw some light onto the lane. But Geet did not bother. She did not care what would happen and she knew she could run to the mansion, even if something went wrong. She continued walking even slowly, when a car stopped by again. She did not stop, she just walked past the car, when she heard the voice she always wanted to hear.

"Geet" came the voice. She stopped and turned back to see him, getting out of the car.

"Why are you walking in such darkness?", he asked.

"Felt like walking so '", she said, not wanting to finish the sentence and also knowing that he was smart enough to understand the next.

"Oh chalo, car mein", he said.

"Nahin, main walk karke aati hoon. Aap jaeye", she said.

"Theek hain", he said and walked towards the car. He told the driver, "Mere laptop ghar mein rak dena aur yeh folders bhi. Tum jao".

He walked back to Geet, and said, "chalo, main bhi walk karta hoon".

"Kyun?", she asked.

"Aise hi", he said, "Waise kuch hua kya? Tum itna dull kyun ho?"

"Main kal Singapore jaa rahin hoon. Mere tickets bhi book ho chuke hain. Morning 8:00 flight", she said, walking slowly, maintaining a safe distance between the both of them.

Maan examined her face for sometime. He understood she was not clearly happy and her voice and face said it all.

Precap: Ek game ho jaeye? ShockedShockedShockedShocked 
Alright, that's it for now, everyone...!!! Thanks a lot for your wonderful  comments...
@arthirajendran: I'm with you girl...even i want Geet to go to S'pore for the same reasons you've stated... LOLWink
Dont forget to hit the like button and leave your wonderful comments. I've realized the number of people commenting these days has reduced...!!! Please do comment, it makes us feel nice...!!! and please go beyond just telling us that is was an awesome update.
thanks a ton...!!!! Love you all...!!!!!

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Awesome update as always...!!
so geet n niharika spent the time together...!! n njoyed..
ohh loved maan asking about geet...!!
n geet was sad she has to go back to Singapore...!!
loved the conversation btn maan n geet on the phone...
n now both r walking home together...!!
eager to know wat's gonna happen next..!!
update soon soumya...!!

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i loved their was awesome...n then the bit whre dev told kiara that let him ask his wife as she is a good observer...that was so funny...continue soon...

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really nice yaar
love the way maan and niharika understand geet
feel like maan going to do something now

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Awesome update
luved it

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nice part...but now i'am sad that geet is leaving...i don't like geet's family.. i wish geet ke family members ko maan sabak seekhaye..i especially hate brij...anyway i wish some miracle happens & geet stays back with maan...ClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapanyway good update soon..Smile

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lovely update dear
ossum one
so maan knew that she is not in mood
and i m happy for that
a game omg is it truth or dare dear
and if geet confess again her love then
really waiting for that part dear
plzzz update soon dear
cant wait to see what game it may be

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amazing update Somya...I love your portrayal of realistic...she loves a man but she knows he doesn't love her back...yet
She has a family who doesn't understand her...but she still listens to ehm...a sweet homely girl who is independent and not a push over.
I lobe Nihu as well... a great friend

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