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Maneet FF-Love makes Life Beautiful#3-Ch 41-P141 (Page 3)

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CONGRATULATIONS for new thread.

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Reserved for the next update...!!!!
Before You guys spam this new thread too...!!!! YAar abhi abhi tuo shuru kiya hain... LOLLOLLOLLOL
Okay People, here is the next update- Big smile

Chapter 30

"Because I missed you, too, Geet, the last few days. Missed bickering with you! Missed a loud speaker in the house and all of a sudden the mansion suddenly fell quiet. Bye now!", he concluded.

Geet thought she would fall off the bed, reading the message she got. "what?", she screamed and sat up in bed, trying to balance the smile and the blush that were slowly growing larger on her face. She shook her self up and said, "Okay Geet! Do not feel off too much. He must be joking. Very soon, you are going to get a message that he was kidding".

She re-read the message and screamed, "He called me a loud-speaker. What the hell?", she pushed away the pillow in anger. "How mean, can this man get?"

"I missed you Geet, because you sound like a loud speaker", she mocked his voice. "How dare he?", she thought and fell onto the pillow again, "But he missed me too?", she asked herself.

"Okay enough! Wait for the "I was kidding", message to come, Geet", she told herself and put the phone by her side. She closed her eyes and turned the other side, away from the phone and switched off the lights. She waited for sometime, for her phone to beep again, but fell asleep.

Like Geet had expected, would the "I was kidding", message come any time soon? Well, this time she was wrong. The message never came from Maan Singh Khurana.

Next Morning

The knocking on his bedroom door waked up Maan. He looked at the time, with his eyes half open. he was surprised that it was 7:30am. He then looked at the date, which read, "Spetember 18, Sunday".

"Oh Sunday!", he thought and fell back onto the bed and heard the knocking again.

"Gosh! Kaun hain?", he yelled, pulling his quilt away and getting off the bed. He opened the door and found Nakul standing there, with the breakfast tray.

He walked in and left it at the table by his bed.

"Tum breakfast yahan kyun leke aaye ho?", asked Maan.

Nakul turned to look at him, and said, "Maaf Kijiye chote saab. Pata nahin Daadima ne kyun kahan aapko breakfast yahan karne ke liye. Aur unhone hokum diya ki main abhi isi waqt breakfast yahan pahunchaadu".

Maan looked at how lost he looked and nodded and said, "theek hain,jao". He picked up the intercom and dialed daadima's entension.

"Yes Maan! I asked him to get your breakfast there. You need to fresh up, have breakfast and rush to the office. Dev's already leaving", she said, as soon as she took the receiver.

"Today is Sunday! And what is the hurry? Why on the planet is Dev heading to office so early, that too on a Sunday? Woh tuo weekdays mein time pe nahin aata", he complained.

"That's because he got a call yesterday night from some company in Singapore. They want to meet up with you people and discuss some projects etc etc. I do not know the exact details. So get ready and rush to office", she told him.

"Ok! I'll get to office and find out what's happening" he said and hung up. He quickly took a shower and had breakfast. He was about to leave when he found another bowl that was covered.

"Now what's in here?" he thought, removing the lid. He smiled and said, "Fruit salad". He took the bowl and fork and had the fruit salad while he walked downstairs. "This reminds me of someone", he thought, as he had the fruit salad and then again smiled.

"Geet!" he said and smiled again. He remembered how she had run behind him to make him eat the fruit salad the last time she had breakfast with him.

He left the bowl in the kitchen and walked to his car. "That's strange! Fruit Salad should remind me of Daadima. She makes awesome fruit salad. How is that I remembered Geet?" he got into the car.

"Okay whatever. Let's see what's cooking in office", he said, driving out of the Khurana Mansion.

Maan arrived in office and found everyone there, Dev, Sasha, Kiara , Adi and a few of his other employees and the foreign delegates. Dev excused himself and went with Maan inside his chamber, while Kiara spoke to the delegates and introduced the staff of the office, who would be working on the project. Dev explained their project strategies and plans to Maan, who thought it was a good idea.

They came out of the chamber, met with the foreign delegates, and spoke to them for quite sometime. Later, Kiara, Maan, and Dev had lunch together and got back to their meetings. The delegates wanted to finish the project discussions, which ran through all afternoon. Dev asked Maan if they should arrange for a small party in the evening, since the project was almost going to be finalized. Maan agreed and Dev asked Kiara to take care of the arrangements and inform people at home to join in.

The discussions were done by evening and they took a break. Maan told the delegates that they had arranged a small party and invited their families to join in too. The delegates agreed and went back to their hotels to bring their families along and so did the Khuranas.

Sasha wore a baby pink color off shoulder dress for the party and looked at herself thousand times before the mirror. "God atleast today, MSK should compliment me. Otherwise he never notices me", she thought.

Naintara and Kiara were dressed in long dresses that were white and turquoise in color, respectively. They pinned up their hair into a bun. Daadima, looked as elegant as always, in a sari and a set of pearls. Dev and Maan were dressed in balck suits.

Daadima walked down the stairscase and Maan smiled at her. She smiled back. "As elegant as always", he said, as he walked towards the stair case and held out his hand to lead her.

"Thanks you son!", she said, taking his hand and walking down the staircase.

"Shall we leave?", asked Dev.

"Someone's missing", said Daadima.

"Geet kahan hain?", asked Kiara, when everyone else looked around. "Didn't you inform Geet, Bhabhi?", asked Kiara.

"I did go into her room to inform her. But she wasn't in there. Nakul told me she went out somewhere. I told him to inform me when she comes back and he has not. Anways lemme quickly check if she's in there", she said, walking towards her room.

"We still have time bro!", said Kiara, when Dev checked his watch. Dev nodded, smiled, and sat on the couch and so did the others.

Naintara knocked on the door but did not get an answer. She pushed the door open a little and quietly walked in, when she heard the sound of the shower in the bathroom.

"Oh she's in there", she thought, walking towards the bathroom and knocking on the door. Geet turned the shower off and asked, "Kaun hain"

"Naintara", said Naintara.

"Oh aap, ek minute Naintara ji", said Geet, pulling her bath robe and putting it on. She opened the door and looked at Naintara and said, "Oh my god, you look so pretty. Date pe jaa rahen ho kya, Dev ji ke saath?"

"Haan, lekin office mein", she said, smiling. Geet walked out of the bathroom and said, "I see! But you look gorgeous", she compliemented her again.

"Thanks Geet. I was here to tell you that there is a party in the office and all of us are going to attend the party. We still have time, so you should join in too. I came to your room before but you weren't here. Quickly get ready and come, lets go", she said.

"Office ke party mein, main kaise?", asked Geet.

"Oho aisi koi baat nahin. Sab jaa rahen hain, main , Daadima, Kiara, dev aur Maan veerji. Hum wahan honge, so you wont get bored at all and you wont even feel off place. So quickly hurry up", she said.

"Okay!", said Geet, half heartedly.

Living room

"Kya ho gaya, Geet hain ki nahin?", said Kiara. She got up and walked towards Geet's bedroom and walked in.

"Arey wah yaar, tum dono kitne acche lag rahe ho", said Geet, gesturing to Kiara, that he looked awesome.

"Haan, tum bhi taiyyar ho jao, tuo tum bhi awesome aur beautiful lago ge", said Kiara.

"Chalo Geet jaldi karo", said Naintara.

"Koi dress code hain kya?", asked Geet.

"Haan, western! Agar koi dress hain pehen le", said Kiara.

"Theek hain", said Geet, wlaking towards her wardrobe, "How much time do I have?", she asked, opening her wardrobe.

"You have about 15" and before she could complete the sentence Kiara's phone rang. "Haan Veerji kahiye", she said.

"Kiara, lets go- Daadima and Geet will come together", said Dev.

"Okay Veerji. We'll be there and I'll let Geet know", she said and told Geet, "Geet we will leave now to check if all the arrangements are done and perfect. You come along with Daadima. She is waiting for you", said Kiara.

"theek hain", said Geet.

"Arrangements tuo Sasha dekh rahin thin a?", said Naintara as the ladies walked towards the door.

"Oh bhabhi, woh party ke arrangements pe kam, apne make up pe zyaada dhyaan de rahin hogi. Maan Veerji ke saath jo party attend karne ka mouka jo mila", said Kiara, "Isiliye us pe bharosa nahin kar sakte".

Naintara laughed and said, "Well she would not mess up things too, she has to impress Veerji"

"Even then", said Kiara, finally walking into the living roon. Geet giggled as she heard the women conversation and pulled out a black color dress that was an off-shoulder one. It would come upto her knees. She rushed into the bathroom and changed into it. She quickly dried her hair and left it open. She wore a pair of simple balck earrings and skin colored lip-gloss. She looked at herself in the mirror and went outside, after 20 minutes.

"Ready Daadima", she said and Daadima looked up from the newspaper and smiled.

"Oh you look pretty. Wapas aane ke baad, humko aap sab ki nazar uthaarni padegi. Aapki, Naintara aur Kiara ki. Kitne pyaare lag rahen ho tum sab. Aur khaas kar aap", she said, kissing her forehead.

"Nazar Daadima?", asked Geet, wondering if even sophisticated people like her, would believe in all that.

"Haan, kyunki aap sab itne acche lag rahe ho", said Daadima. "Chaliye the party must have started", said Daadima.

They walked towards the car and got in. They reached the office after about 40 minutes and the party had already begun. Geet stepped out of the car and looked at the huge builing that read "Khurana Constructions", outside. The lights and the fountain sparkled at the entrance and Geet was led into a huge atrium that had some people. They instantly stood up, when Daadima walked in and greeted her.

She nodded her head and smiled back. Geet followed her nervously, looking around the huge building that she had stepped into.

"Hello Ma'am", said Sasha, as Daadima, walked towards the entrance of the huge hall, where the party was to be held.

"Hello", said Daadima and Sasha touched Daadima's feet. Geet rolled her eyes and suppressed a smile.

"You don't have to do all that", said Daadima and Sasha moved away instantly. Sasha looked at Geet and raised her eye-brow and Geet smiled back. Sasha wondered, "yeh yahan kaise?"

Daadima walked into the hall and so did Geet, but her phone rang and she stopped. Daadima turned back to look at her and Geet said, "Daadiji, mom ka phone hain, main abhi aati hoon, aap jaaeye".

"Okay come in soon!", said Daadima and walked in.

Geet walked towards the atrium and sat on one of the couches there, while she answered the call.

She spoke to her mom. "Mom, kaise hain aap?"

"Main theek hoon, tum kaisi ho?", asked her mom.

"Main bhi theek hoon", said Geet.

"Geet, tu HP gayi thi? Tumhaare bhai keh rahe the. Wahan kyun gayi puttar?", asked her Mom in a tensed voice.

"Ma, woh Kiara aur Naintara kahin bahar jaan chahte the, Delhi se, tuo maine unhe HP le gayi", she said.

"Geet, accha kiya. Lekin tumhaare bhai chilla rahen the, kit um yahan nahin aayi aur wahan India mein ghoom rahen ho, ajnaabiyon ke saath", she said.

"Ma woh log ajnabi thodi na hain. Itne dino se unke ghar reh rahin hoon.. tuo", said Geet

"Haan puttar main yeh baat samajthi hoon, lekin tumhaare bhai ko kaun samjhaaeye? Tumhaare daadiji bhi naraaz hain, ki tumhaare exams khatam ho ke itne din ho gaye, aur tum ab tak Delhi mein hi ho"

"Ma, main jaan bhooj kar thodi na yahan hoon. Savitri ji, papers ki taiyyari kar rahe ho. Aa jaungi, jab paers taiyyar ho jayenge", said Geet.

"Pata nahin Puttar kya ho rahan hain. Lekin tum jaldi aao. Isi mein tumhaari bhalai hain. Warna tumhaare Daadiji aur tumhaare bhai dono tumhare jeena haraam kar denge. Khayaal rakhna", she said.

"Ji", said Geet and disconnected the call.  she sat for sometime thinking when she heard some women giggle. She turned in that direction.

Sasha stood there along with tasha and said, "Zaara isse poochna ki yeh is business party mein kya kar rahin hain?"

Tasha laughed and told Geet, "Suna hain na, Ma'am ne kya poochi. Jawaab do. Tum jaise gawaar middle class ki ladki, aise high society business meets mein kyun aaye?" Sasha had a lopsided smile.

Geet rolled her eyes and took a deep breath and stood up. "Meri tuo chodiye. Aap yahan bahar kya kar rahe hain, aapko tuo andar hona chahiye", she said, smiling.

"Don't tell me what to do", said Sasha, rudely.

"Right, don't ask me, why I am here, then. It is none of your business. I am here because Savitri Singh KHurana invited me. If you have any questions, you should go and ask her, why she invited me", said Geet.

Okies, the party not over yet..!!! Another update coming up in a couple of hours... Wink hence no precap...!!!!

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Congrats for the new thread.

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congrets for new thread... wonderful part 29... loving this maaneet fight...

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congrts for the new thread. superb update loved the messages of maaneet. how romantic. U r simply superbbb. love u for such an outstanding FF.

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eagerly waiting for the next update...
we will try our best soumya not to spam this thread...LOL LOL
do update soon...

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 on the new thread soumya...!!

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