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Maneet FF-Love makes Life Beautiful#3-Ch 41-P141 (Page 25)

MysticRiver IF-Addictz

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Posted: 26 September 2011 at 1:27am | IP Logged
any chances of update today??

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Shruti_Goyal IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 September 2011 at 1:29am | IP Logged
waiting for the update...

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GurruKiDeewani- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 September 2011 at 2:13am | IP Logged
sob sob aap mujhay PM nahi kar tay ab =( i missed so many updates
dear plz PM me also 

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cute-aly IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 September 2011 at 2:26am | IP Logged



Maneet Nok jhok   

Maneet Phone  and sms Convo

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pickle6586 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 September 2011 at 5:59am | IP Logged
Hello everyone,
Here is the next update

Chapter 32

"SO, what do you plan to do after going to Singapore?", he asked her putting his phone aside.

"I dunno", she said, hating the very idea of going to Singapore again.

"You dunno what you are going to do there, and you are ready to stay there for the few months?", he asked. The server came back with Geet's fresh limejuice.

"You dint order any drink?", she asked him.

"No, I think I had too much for the day", he said. "I'm pretty sober right now. Don't wanna lose my balance".

"Ah well, I am actually surprised you are not angry like you always are, when I'm around", she said.

"Geet, I am very short-tempered. You should have understood that by now. And one more thing, I dunno why but you don't anger me that much these days"

"Why is that?"

"Maybe I've started to see you from a different perspective than before", he said.

"Hmm", she said, sipping on the fresh lime asking, "And why the sudden change in perspective?"

"Geet, you ask too many questions", he said, moving back and relaxing on the chair.

"You don't wanna answer?", she asked, looking at him. "Well just this one question. I wont ask anymore"

"Hmmm", he said, thinking for sometime and then looked at her and said, "Geet, I realized the situation you were in and that I was being harsh to you. So I let you take your exams. Well, I just fulfilled my promise to my mom. I am not in a mood to tell you the connection right now, between you and my promise to my mom. So just let it go for now. And then I noticed how well you got along with my family and noticed how everyone only appreciated you and never thought you were being a pain to them. So, I knew I was wrong because only I thought that way. So, I thought I'd give you a chance to prove me wrong and time and again, Geet, unfortunately, you've proved me wrong".

Geet sat in her chair motionless for sometime and almost forgor breathing. She suddenly moved uncomfortably in her chair and said, "I cant believe I'm talking to Maan Singh Khurana".

"What makes you think so?"

"You gave me a chance to prove you wrong Maan? I mean, how many people till today have you given this chance?", she asked, smiling.

"Honestly speaking- None! But somehow I thought you deserved a chance, because I had too many presumptions about you and too many misconceptions about you. Well, I never expressed them. But you always understood and answered my questions, without literally answering them, but through your actions", he said.

"Maan, okay enough. I'm gonna faint", she said, laughing slightly.

He smiled back and said, "Too many revelations to handle is it?"

"Yes", she said and looked at the family that had walked in. Maan cleared his throat and Geet looked at him, "any more questions Ms. Handa?"

"Nope!", she said.

He continued, "Geet about that day" and cleared his throat and looked away for a moment, and then looked at her. She looked at him, waiting for him to continue.

"The snooker day", he said, and looked at Geet, who maintained the same expression. "I thought I owe you an explaination". She remained silent and let him do the speaking for once.

"Geet, for various reasons, I have never taken any interest in marriage. So, that is the reason I rejected you even without seeing you or meeting you. I knew how wrong I was, the day you explained to me, what you had to go through. I apologize for that- I accept that I was plain proud and excessively egoistic. I should have atleast met you and told you that I was never interested in marriage", he said and paused, to look at Geet.

"I'm listening Maan", she said, with a slight smile, playing on her lips.

"And Geet, about your confession, I dunno what to say. I mean, you have behaved extremely matured and handled everything so well. I dunno how it feels to be standing in front of a person whom you love and you know that, that person can never be yours. But you've neither misbehaved nor have you crossed your limits. The best thing is you've never changed because you love me- you are being yourself. I really appreciate that. I dunno what you expect from me, but all I can say, is a "thanks" Geet for making everything so easy for the both of us".

"Maan I don't expect anything from you. I know you don't believe in marriage and you are not interested", she said. "But what I don't understand is, why are telling me all this now?"

"Geet, I wanted to clear this up before you leave to Singapore", he said.

"Okay I have one personal question. You don't have to answer if you don't want to", she said.

"Go on", he said.

"How many alliances have you got before me?", she asked, being very candid.

"May be around 20-25", he said.

"I suppose you have rejected all of them even without seeing them. Am I right?", she asked.

"Yes!", he said.

"Then how many girls have you cleared up that issue with?"

"None!", he said.

"Then why did you think you ought to clear it up with me?", she asked.

Maan smiled and looked at her for sometime. He answered, "Geet, out of all the girls I have rejected no one ever came back to me, to ask me why I rejected them. You did. No one ever explained to me, what they had to go through because of that rejection. You did. No one ever told me that they loved me for what I am, rather than the fact that I am Maan Singh Khurana. You did. No one ever came to talk to me, without expecting anything in return. You did." he said. The waiter served their food and Maan and Geet ate their food quietly.

"So how many shots did you have in the party?", she asked him.

Mana looked at her surprised. After all the revelations and confessions he did, this is what he asks him.

"You never fail to surprise me, Geet", he said.

"Why?", she asked, taking a bite of the nachos.

"This is what you ask me after everything I've spoken?" he asked, her taking a bite of his enchiladas.

"Maan, I thought you were clearing the whole issue up. And when you're words are so crystal clear what else would I have to ask?" she asked, him, looking at him.

"Hmm, well 3 shots", he answered her question.

"I see", she said, smiling.

"How come you don't drink?", he asked.

"I dunno. I didn't ever feel like. Actually even my best friend Niharika does not. So when we go to parties or pubs we make sure we stick along and no one forces us. Plus it is not allowed in our families", she said.

"Oh ok!", he said.

They finished their dinner and Maan paid the bill. They walked out of the restaurant and waited outside for the car. They stood beside each other and Maan as usual was checking his phone. Geet looked to her side and saw a group of 4 young men standing there. One of them waved to her and Geet looked away.

Maan held her waist and pulled her towards him. "Geet don't look that side", he said. He shot those youngsters an angry look. By then his car had come and Maan gestured Geet to get in.

They got back home and Maan stopped the car at the mansion for her to get off. He then wished her a "good night".

"Andar nahin aaoge?", she asked.

"Nahin", he said. "I'll head straight to the outhouse", he said, "I need to change".

"Oh okay", she said and wished him, "good night"

"Yep!", he said. Geet moved back from the car and waved to Maan. Maan smiled and drove off.

Geet walked into the living room, smiling. She did not notice the rest were sitting and waiting for Geet and Maan to get back. She walked into her room and Daadima smiled, "yeh itni chup kyun hain?"

"Bro ne hosh uda diya hoga", said Dev, reading the newspaper.

"Oho Dev! Who has rahin hain. So Veerji ne obviously gussa nahin kiya", said Nintara.

"Yaar kamala karte ho. Maine kab kahan ki bro ne gussa kiya hoga. Maine sirf yeh kahan hi bro ne uski hosh uda diya hoga", retorted Dev.

"Chup rahiye aap dono", said Daadima. She picked up the phone and called Maan. "Hum aapke wait kar rahen the. Aap yahan nahin aaye?"

"Oh sorry! Mujhe nahin pata tha. Maine Geet ko drop karke seedha outhouse chala gaya. I'll change and come Daadima. Gimme 10 mins", he said.

"Okay!", she said and waited for him, while the rest changed and came back to the living room. Geet, too, changed and came back to the living room.

"Hi", she told everyone and Maan walked in saying, "Geet, your left it in the car". She took the purse from him and said, "thanks!". He smiled and everyone else in the room, nearly fainted.

"Bro, aapne Maan bro ko smile karte hua dekha abhi abhi", asked Kiara to dev, in whispers.

"I dunno, let me ask my wife. She's a good observer", he whispered back and pinched Naintara slightly. "Did bro just smile?", he asked, softly.

"Haan", said Naintara and Maan turned to look at them. He asked, "Kya hua? Kya ghus ghus kar rahen ho tum log?"

"Kuch nahin veerji. Kuch nahin", covered up Naintara, pinched Dev, and gestured him to sit properly.

Geet sat in the couch and put her purse to her side. "Ab kab aaye?", she asked.

"aapke aane se kuch 20 minutes pehle", said Kiara.

"accha maine dekha nahin", she replied.

"Haan, kisi ke smile dekh ke hosh udh gaya hoga na", whispered Dev and Naintara whispered, "Shut up Dev".

"Ji kuch kahan aapne?", asked Geet.

"Ji main keh rahan tha, ki aap shayad change karne gaye honge", said Dev, smiling.

"Haan", said Geet and falling silent. Daadima noticed Maan was still standing and listening to the conversation.

"Maan sit down", said Daadima. Maan did not notice and lazily sat on the couch beside Geet. Geet did not bother too. However, that sight surely did not miss the attention of the others. They quickly exchanged looks, straightened their faces, and sat.

The women spoke about the party and the women and their dresses. Maan rolled his eyes and finally blew up, "Oho tum aurten, kahin bhi shuru ho jaate ho. Chup rahon", he yelled at them.

"Aur Daadima, aapne jewellery aur dresses discuss karne bhulaya hain mujhe?", he asked, angrily.

"Nahin beta. Ab aap tuo kuch bolte nahin ho aur aap expect karte hain ki hum bhi aapke tarah baite rahe", she said, mockingly.

"Yeah whatever", he said. They continued talking about the party and the business opportunities. Geet's phone beeped and she wondered who texted her. Maan turned to look in the direction and saw her messaging back someone excitedly. The rest of them continued to talk. Geet excused herself and walked to the corridor and screamed, "Niharika kaisi ho?"

Niharika spoke to her very softly, "Hi Geet, main theek hoon.Tu kaisi hain?"

"Main theek hoon. Yaar kahan chali gayi? Itne saare baatein karni hain tumse", she said.

"Yaar main vacation pe gayi thi. Aur mom , dad Bhopal gaye hain, daadiji se milne", said Niharika.

"tu nahin gayi", asked Geet.

"Nahin yaar. Ek kaam kar tu ghar aa ja na, baat karenge. Aur khoob masti karenge", said Niharika.

"Yaar main teen chaar din mein Singapore jaungi. Masti tuo karna padega", she said.

"Kya itni jaldi?", asked a shocked Niharika.

"Oh Niharika ji, itni jaldi kya? Ghar se phone aa rahen hain. Jaana tuo padega. Anyways, yaar main tere ghar kaise aao. Mujhe tuo kal hi aana padega", said Geet.

"Hmmm!", said niharika. "theek hain rukho main dekhti hoon agar main aa sakti hoon tuo. Khurana's ko koi problem tuo nahin hoga na?", she asked.

"Itni raat ko tu kaise aayegi? Rehne de, kal aungi subeh aur raat tak rahungi", said Geet.

"theek hain, phir kal baat karenge. Main bhi abhi abhi aayi hoon. Rest karti hoon aur kal milenge", said niharika.

Geet wished her a good night and came back to the living room. Only Kiara and Maan were talking.

"Hey I was waiting to wish you good night", said Kiara.

"Oh!", said Geet, "You should have told me"

"No problem", said Kiara, "thanks Geet. You made the party rocking and interesting. Otherwise I always complain to bro that those business parties are all so boring"

"I had a wonderful time too", said Geet, "no need to thank me", she said, sitting down on the couch.

"Okies Geet, I'll go and sleep now. Bro what 's your plan?", she asked.

"I'm going to the outhouse too", he said, getting up, from the couch.

"Good night Geet", said Kiara and hugged her.

"Good night and sweet dreams", said Geet, hugging her back.

Kiara wished her brother too and left. Maan walked otwards the door and Geet looked at him. He walked away, when she thought, "You don't fail to surprise me, too, Maan". She got back to her room and fell asleep.

The next morning, Geet was about to leave the mansion to meet Niharika, when Nakul called out to her.

"Madam, yeh Maan sir ne kahan hain aapko dene ke liye", he said, handing over a sealed packet to her. Geet knew it would be her passport. She carefully opened it and checked her passport to see if all the details are correct. She quickly applied for a visa appointment.

She texted Maan, "Thanks! I just got my passport"

"Ok good!", was his reply.

That's it for now. the same precap holds for the next update too... since  I could not get it into this update. There is more story involved, so  I had to push the precap to the next update.
Now waiting for your comments, about Maneet's conversation...!!!!!
Alright, see you later.!!!!
Take care

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awesome part.

superb convo between Maaneet.Big smile

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honeygrape IF-Rockerz

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lovely update... when is he going to realise that he actually loves her??  cant wait to see that happening... but this man is very slow Confused above all she s leaving for singapore soonCry continue soon

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---nishu--- IF-Sizzlerz

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i just keep my finger cross
that in flow maan and geet also hug and say gud night
but you never belive in giving surprise to us
its just they who enjoy this

and about their talk 
its improvment
but passport kuch jyada hi jaldi aa gaya

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