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Maneet FF-Love makes Life Beautiful#3-Ch 41-P141 (Page 14)

anuandavi IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 September 2011 at 1:04am | IP Logged
Part 29,

Soumya, that was a lovely update. Maan flirting with Geet! WOWSmile. And Geet asking him y is he so handsome and pinching his cheeks! Double WOWWink. And jab family saw this, Maan ne Geet se kaha, Be in ur limitsAngry. When he flirts thats ok but if she does the same to gussa aa gayaShocked. Wah Maan Singh Khurana. Wah. Apne pyaar ko chupane ki bahut koshish kar rahe ho ji. Lekin ishq and mushq chupaye nahi chupta ji.Smile

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anuandavi IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 September 2011 at 1:10am | IP Logged
Maan and Geet's conversation through SMSs was so cute. Last SMS, "I missed u too Geet ", ne to dil jeet liyaSmile. Maan Singh Khurana, u r in love, Smileu r in love with an ordinary foolish girl who talks a lot, giggles and laughs without reason,Tongue who loves playing in rain, who has the courage to irritate u and answer u back, who can flirt with you and pinch your cheeksWink and most importantly is deeply and madly in love with youBig smile. MSK you are in love with Geet. You love Geet. Ab jaldi se accept bhi karlo. Smile

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Water. IF-Rockerz

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u r i hear an update coming soon

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pickle6586 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 September 2011 at 2:16am | IP Logged
Hello Everyone,
I have updated my post in page 3 with Chapter 30
HEre is the next update people...!!! a really long one that you will love

Chapter 31

Sasha stood there along with tasha and said, "Zaara isse poochna ki yeh is business party mein kya kar rahin hain?"

Tasha laughed and told Geet, "Suna hain na, Ma'am ne kya poochi. Jawaab do. Tum jaise gawaar middle class ki ladki, aise high society business meets mein kyun aaye?" Sasha had a lopsided smile.

Geet rolled her eyes and took a deep breath and stood up. "Meri tuo chodiye. Aap yahan bahar kya kar rahe hain, aapko tuo andar hona chahiye", she said, smiling.

"Don't tell me what to do", said Sasha, rudely.

"Right, don't ask me, why I am here, then. It is none of your business. I am here because Savitri Singh KHurana invited me. If you have any questions, you should go and ask her, why she invited me", said Geet.

Sasha fumed and said, "Look you are in a place, where I can kick you out very easily and no one can stop me or question me. So watch your words".

And I can kick you out. Are you ready for that?", came Naintara's voice from behind. Sasha and Geet both turned to look at her.

Naintara walked towards Sasha and smirked, "Are you ready Sasha?", she asked.

Sasha walked away, into the hall, closely followed by Tasha and Naintara said, "Idiot that she is".

Geet said, "Aap yahan?"

"Haan loo ja rahin thi, tuo is madam ko dekha. And I kknew she must be upto something. I was right. She was busy insulting you", said Naintara.

"Hmm", said Geet.

"Chalo andar, I'll be there in a few minutes. Kiara and Daadima are in there", said NAintara.

Geet nodded and walked towards the auditorium. She took her phone out to put into the silent mode and unknowingly knocked into some one. She said, "Sorry!", as she lifted her head and the rest of the people at the hall looked at her and the person she knocked into.

Geet looked up and saw a tall white standing in front of her. She apologized again, "I'm sorry!" and looked at his blazer that had some drink on it. She looked back into his eyes, again, apologetically. That Man only stared abck at her, angrily and said, "Miss, you got to watch where you walk".

"I'm sorry. I was putting my mobile into silent and I did not see you coming. I'm sorry", said Geet, again.

"Its okay, Miss. I guess even I was at fault", he said, and smiled. Geet smiled back and that man walked away. Geet walked in and Sasha who was watching all this, smirked. "Ab kaise bachegi tu?", she thought and walked towards Maan.

"Mk you know what just happened?', she said, when Maan to look at her.

"Sasha, where were you? I told you stay here because you know where all the important papers are. We had to sign some papers and we could not find you anywhere", he chided her, in a low tone so that so one else would hear him scolding her.

"No MK, I was at the entrance and.."

"What were you doing at the entrance? Busy serving everyone drinks is it, Sasha? Stay here now and I don't want to know what happened. I'm very upset, right now that the delegates had to wait for almost ten minutes to sign the papers", he yelled at her and walked away, towards the entrance and stopped suddenly.

"Oh shit! Main wahan us cheapo ko sunnaane gayi thi, tuo MK ko yahan gussa aa gaya", fumbled Sasha, pressing her fingers, not understanding what to do.

Maan stood there looking at Geet, who was dressed in black. She kept looking around, while standing by the door, not knowing where to go and find Kiara and daadima.

Maan walked towards her and she looked in his direction and smiled.

"What are you doing here?", he asked, softly, while stopping a waiter, taking a glass of champagne and giving it to her.

"I don't drink, Thanks!", she said and continued, "I was searching for Kiara and Daadima".

"You don't even drink champagne?", he questioned, ignoring the fact that she was searching for someone.

"No!", she said, smiling.

"Okay!", he said, "Come with me, I'll take you to where they are", he said, while sipping the champagne that he had asked for Geet.

"Okay!", she said and followed him. Maan led her to a place where there were some couches. Daadima and Kiara were sitting there and talking to the wives and daughters of the delegates.

"Hi Geet!", said Kiara from a distance, "Come come", she continued. Geet nodded and Maan stopped to let her go.

"Thanks", she said. He smiled and walked away. Geet's phone already vibrated before she could even step into the circle of women sitting there. She quickly checked her message and her heart as always skipped a beat, reading his name.

"Looking Ravishing", was the message he sent her. Geet smiled and joined the women and she was introduced to the women there. She put her phone inside her purse and tried to put off the message and the man who sent it for some time, from her thoughts and mind.

Geet who was very good at socializing had no trouble at all, in getting along with the women there. In fact, she turned the conversation into a lively and energetic one. The women roared into laughter as Geet, Kiara cracked jokes. Naintara joined the conversation too. The men in the hall turned to look at what the women were upto. Maan was no different in this aspect. He stopped talking to one whilte who had run into Geet, a few minutes back, to see what was happening on the other side of the hall.

"Hey this is the same girl", said the white.

Maan turned to look at him questioningly as to which girl he was referring to.

The white understood his question and said, "You see the girl dressed in black, curly hair, standing by your grandmom and laughing", he said, referring to Geet.

"Oh Geet", said Maan.

"Ah well, I dunno her name. However, this same girl walked into me at the entrance. She seems to be a lot of fun. The women have started to enjoy after she joined them", said the white.

Maan nodded and looked at Geet, and at the other women. They seemed to be too busy listening to her. Maan saw Kiara call for another glass of champagne for Naintara and herself. He called the waiter and pointed to Geet, "Serve her some soft drink. No alcohol Please!", he said.

The waiter nodded and took a glass of soft drink for her. Sasha noticed that and said, "YEh behenji drink nahin karti? Ya phir drink karke high ho jaati hain. MK ne specifically kyun kahan "no alcohol".", she wondered. Before she could react Dev called her and she had to leave Maan , who was now glaring at Geet.

He watched her laugh and he also watched her talk, he watched her listen to Kiara and some of the other women. He also watched her stop to turn to look at the waiter and ask him, "Soft drink?" the waiter pointed to the soft drink glass and he watched her, say "thank you!", very politely and take the glass in to her thin white delicate hands. He smiled again, as he watched her turn away to join the laughter and talk again.

It was 8:30 pm and the delegates wanted to leave. Maan, Dev and Kiara bid them goodbye. Literally, every woman who left the hall made it a point to tell Geet that were glad to have met her and that they had loads of fun, that evening. She only smiled back humbly and said, "Nice meeting to you and take care".

Maan thanked the employees too for all their co-operation and help. The employees left the office too and Sasha Adi and Pinky were the last ones to leave, after making sure everythting was in place. Maan stayed back to sign some papers and the rest decided to get back home. Geet and Daadima were waiting for Kiara and naintara to come.

Geet checked her phone and was instantly reminded of her mom's call. she turned to Daadima and asked her, "Daadiji, any progress with my Passport papers. My family wants be back as soon as possible. That's why my mom called", she said.

"Geet, I got all the papers ready and Maan had to hand them over to the agent a few days back. Why don't you go and ask him. He can find out from the agent and tell you the progress too", said Daadi.

"Okay!", she said, getting up. Kiara, Dev, and Naintara walked upto them and Dev said, "chale?"

"Ah I need to find out about my Singapore papers, if you could please wait, for a few minutes", requested Geet.

 "Geet ek kaam karo. Anyways, you have to talk to Maan bro so why don't you come along with him, in his car. We'll head home", said Kiara.

"Okay", said Geet, wondering if she would ever step out of the office because Maan hardly knew the time once he was in office, until and unless he was reminded by his Daadima, to come home.

All of them left and Geet knocked on Maan's chamber door.

"Come in", he said, looking through some blue-prints. Geet walked in and shivered as the room was too cold.

"How is he sitting and working in such cold", she thought, walking towards his table.

Maan looked up and said, "tum ghar nahin gaye?"

"Ji, nahin. Mujhe mere passport papers ke progress poochni thi. So the others left", she said, sitting down. Maan liked the fact that she was not formal and she did not wait for him, to tell her to sit down. She did not have to be formal, she was not his employee.

"Oh  I see, hold on", he said and picked up the phone and called someone.

He spoke on phone and she looked around. Though he spoke on phone, his eyes were on her. While he spoke on phone, he grabbed the remote and turned off the aircon. She looked at him, and smiled gratefully. He did not react. She continued to look at his shields and other awards, got up, and walked towards them to get a better look. His eyes followed her, while she walked around the room. he hung up and she turned to look at him.

"They would come home tomorrow. You can apply for your visa", he said.

"Okay, thanks! I'll do that tonight", she said. She looked at one last award and then came back and sat on the chair opposite to him. "Nice ones", she said, pointing to the awards.

"Thanks!", he said.

"What time do you plan to go home?", she asked, looking at the watch on the wall, to her left.

"Maybe another half hour. If you want to go home, I can arrange for another car", he said, looking into the blue prints again.

"Oh that's fine! ", she said, getting up again and walking to the couch. she sat there and picked up a magazine that was on the table. She began to read it. After what seemed like 45 minutes, Maan looked up and saw her reading very seriously. He put all the blue prints away and picked up his phone. He walked towards her and sat on the couch, opposite to her and asked softly, "chale kya?"

She looked up at him and said, "you finished your work?", she asked, looking in the direction of the table. The table was all neat and she understood he  must have finished his work.

"Haan!", he said, and she put the magazine back in its place and stood up.

"You did not reply to my message", he said, as he saw her pick up her phone.

"I did not know what to say, plus I got busy talking to the women. Ah well, here's the answer, "Thanks for the compliment", she said, standing straight.

He smiled and said, "Come, lets go!"

They walked out of the office, towards the atrium and Maan asked her, "Is this the first time, you've been here?"

"Yes", she said.

"Oh I see! How do you like it?", he asked.

"Like what? The building, the party, your office, or you?"

"All of them", said Maan, handing over the keys at the reception, so that the driver could get his car.

"I think this place is amazing, it looks very royal and opulent. The party was lot of fun. I enjoyed it. Your office is very organized and well kept. Good job Mr. Khurana. And about you, I think I have said it all, a lot of times, before", she said, confidently, looking into his eyes.

"I like your confidence and frankness, Geet", he said.

"Thank you once again", she said, "Looks like today is Compliments from Maan Khurana Day", she said.

"Ah well, the first one was because I have never seen you dress this way. I thought you carried it off well and the second was because you confidently told me what you felt about the place. There was no hype, no extra usage of words- just plain simple sentences about everything. And I liked it", he said, getting into the car. She got into the seat beside him and put on the seat belt. He tipped the driver and drove out of Khurana Constructions.

While on their way back home he said, "I don't think there would be dinner at home tonight. Let me find out!", he said, picking up his phone and calling home. Nakul answered the call and told him that everyone was out for dinner.

Maan smiled at his correctness and called up Daadima. "Maan, hum dinner bahar kar rahe hain", she said.

"Even before I ask, hwo do you answer my questions?", he asked his grandmom, curiously.

"Ah well, because I am your grandmom", she said, smiling.

"Okay so what about us?", he asked.

"Its upto you. You guys can join us in La-Meridian if you want", she said, smiling.

"What? Gosh that is nearly an hour drive and you would be done eating by then. Why did you people go so far?", he asked.

"Well, you should ask your sister that. She said she wanted to dine here and Dev had to bring her here", said Daadima.

"I'm not driving so far", he said.

"then eat at a place near by", suggested daadima.

"Alright!", he said, "See you at home"

"Yes son!", she said and hung up.

Maan pulled over the car to the side and turned to Geet. "You just heard the conversation. What do you wanna do?"

"Your wish. I dunno this area that well, so I have no clue which place is nearer", she said.

"Any choice of cuisine", he asked.  Geet nodded in a "no".

"Okay lets do one thing. You choose a cuisine and I'll choose a place that serves that", he said.

Geet thought for sometime and said, "Mexican"

"Ok", he said and drove to some place that was exactly 12 mins away from the place they were parked.

Geet and Maan walked into the restaurant that had some soft music playing. There were not many people and Geet understood Maan never liked too many people and too much crowd.

"I like this place because this is very serene and even in the heart of the city, it is far away from the crowd", he said, pulling a chair for her. She sat down and he continued, "I was lucky you chose Mexican"

She smiled and looked around. "What's you favorite color?", he asked.

"Shades of blue and green", she answered, "What's yours?"

"Black", he said. She smiled and then they had a woman walk upto them with a menu in her hand. Maan ordered what he wanted even without looking at the menu and said, "Give the lady a few minutes please". She nodded and walked away.

Geet looked at the menu while Maan checked his email and replied to them. Geet waved to the waitress to come, when she was ready ad placed her order too. Maan instantly kept the phone down when the woman walked away and looked at Geet.

"You can continue doing your work", she said.

"Well, My Daadima would lecture me, if I did that", he said. She smiled and he continued, "SO, what do you plan to do after going to Singapore?"

"I dunno", she said, hating the very idea of going to Singapore.

Precap: "I'm leaving tomorrow morning" ShockedShockedShockedShockedShocked
That;s it for now!!!! Hope you liked the updates and thanks for the comments and thanks for not spamming...!!!!! :):):)
Now you're turn to hit the like button and write some lovely comments...!!!!!

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Soumya pls update next part soon
 I just want sasha' s insult
 kaise lerki hain humari geet ki piche pari hain
 I promised will give u half page  no full one page long comments
pls pls update soon

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awesome ...waiting ...cont. soon

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that was awesome episode
anyways upate soon

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