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*Amir Khan The Boxer FC* You Make Me Smile<3 (Page 2)

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Congratulations Everyone!

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colourfulwishes Senior Member

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i love you amir hamesha & forever<33 xx
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Yayy Congo on the fourth
Love ya AK xx
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So this is our surprisee for youu Sanyaaa<3 We wrote a OS for youuu!=D
It has 4 parts to it, 1 part written by each of usEmbarrassed
& Each of the parts are just carried on by the next person :)
Heree youu goo, hope you like it!

Part 1

By Fozia (walkintomylifex)

Sanya tapped her fingers on her small cup, quietly at first then the noise got louder.

"This pagalhouse is maha dull," she muttered, knocking the cup against the wall to make it even louder so she could be heard.

Annie huffed as she opened her eyes, her beauty sleep being disturbed. Annoyed, she got off the small bed in her small isolated room, about to investigate the noise when some shuffling was heard from the room to her left.

Iqra, oblivious to her pagalhouse surroundings, had her eyes closed & was spinning around in a trance as she danced to Jab Se Tere Naina, her beloved Shaan's infamous towel dance song. Her feet stomped against the floor, something which caught the attention of Sara who was drawing butterflies with chalk on her wall.

Sara banged on her wall to get Iqz to stop making shuffling noises with her dancing, but instead irritated Fozia whose room was on her left, who sat on the floor playing thumb wars against herself. She scooted across the floor & banged on her wall to get Sara to stop banging.

The pagalhouse wardens heard the scuffling & banging & began to open each of the kameenians' 5 rooms to inspect. Panicking, Sanya hid under her bed when she noticed a hole!

Annie's room was visible from this medium sized hole, & Annie's hair was visible as she laid upside down on her bed.

Sanya pulled Annie's hair, which led to a ear piercing shriek from Annie.

Iqra heard the scream & assumed her Shaan was calling out to her. She began running around her room, hands in her air saying "Shaan, come & save me! Shaan!"

Sara wondered who on earth the pagal was to her left & mistakenly banged on the side of the wall next to Fozia's room. Fozia banged back to get Sara to stop banging.

So there was screaming from the first 2 rooms, self screaming from the middle room & angry screaming through walls from the last 2 rooms. Just a normal day in the pagalhouse. Except...

The alarms went off, signalling an temporary evacuation of the pagalhouse. The kameenians were led out by the wardens, Sanya still clutching her jaan se pyaara empty boost cup.

Stood outside in the cold December air, Sanya shivered when she saw a small opening to the gate, the gate which led them out of the pagalhouse.

Sneaking out from the crowd of pagals, she waved her cup in the air as she legged it for freedom. Sara quickly caught sight of this & made a break for it too, her arms in the air waving after having seen liberation.

It didn't take long for Annie, Iqra & Fozia to carry out the same procedure, their arms in the air too.

The wardens called, warning sirens went off & bare people chased the kameenians. But it was too late, as their freedom had begun...

Bored as hell, & itching because of the leaves, the kameenians found themselves hiding in the bushes.

"I know," Sara chirped. "Let's play hide & seek!"

"Yay!" Annie responded, & they all played hide & seek in the bushes for a bit, before playing tag you're it, a kameenian favourite.

"Wait," Fozia said after they'd passed their boredom. "Where's Iqra?"

"Crap, we've lost her," Sanya said. "We'll have to find her before one of the pagalhouse people get her."

Panicking for their kameenian, the girls rooted around when Sara sniffed the smell of cooking. She led the girls to a secluded area where Iqz was found, cooking kebabs on a bbq.

"Hungry?" Iqz asked, grinning as she munched into her achaar which she had miraculously cooked up through her love of achaar.

They enjoyed the kebabs, sharing their pagal stories & how their parents had banished them to the pagalhouse when Annie realised the people might still be searching for them.

The kameenians grabbed all the food & legged it, making their way into the town centre where they saw their one true love - primark.

A huge grin erupted on their faces as they walked inside, loving the cheapy chappals.

Annie managed to waiver them discounts after her flirting with the store manager & winking. Sanya managed to get her boost fix after wrestling it off an old woman in exchange for a primark taree.

The kameenians left the store, armed with new clothes, boost & the promise of a primark filled future.

Part 2

By Sara (MaaneetLuverr)

Just as we stepped out of primark,,sanya spots something Parked outside...

Sanya: oii guys let's go in the black limo ...we deserve a treat after all this running around!

So they all jump in the black limo and Were enjoying the ride listening to *Imran khan Amplifier*

Fozia: urghh I don't want to listen to this boring song,, excuse me Mr driver man can you change the song?!

Iqra: noo leave it I love imran khan his voice is amazing

Sara: ermm I thought you loved Shaan ur so called boyfriend!!

Sanya: she likes everyone Marn one day Shaan, another day imran and another day it's the badman can't you just make ur mind up woman

Annie: leave her alone guys it's her choice on who she liked or not pfftt!!

Driver:: Oii kuriyee shurrup and get out the Limo we're here!!

The kameenians step out the limo as if they were celebrities stepping on the red carpet, the sight in front of them left their jaws dangling, they couldnt believe their luck!! They were at the doorstep of the most famous boxer of the world. THE KING OF ALL KHANS.AMIR KHAN.

Annie: someone catch me I'm going to faint Arghhh I can't believe my eyes. we are at my hubby's house!!! Finally my dream of becoming Mrs Annie Khan is going to come true.

Fozia: hmmph your not the only one who loves him.

Sara: Pfft why we all standing here like retards?! Let's go inside the mansion and see what goodies this Munda has.

Sanya runs the fastest from the kameeni'z to the house as she wants to see if amir has any crayons so she can colour her cup. When the kameenians go inside they all charge to the trampoline which was probably belonged to amir'z nephew. They all raid his kitchen which was filled with ben & jerry ice-cream and eat till their tummy'z are full. Fozia went to put on some of Amir'z lynx but annie got jelous and both started a cat fight over the bottle, Iqra was playing on his karaoke machine and Sara and sanya were fighting as usual over the last piece of chocolate..after an hour of fighting they all got tired and decided to watch last night'z repeat of Clifford the nig red dog but sanya sneaks off to Ak'z secret compartment to see if Amir has any boost, she searches everywhere but finds nothing,,poor kameeni starts wailing because she found no boost

Sanya: it's not fair cup,he has everything but not boost!!

the other kameeni'z try to console sanya but Sara comes from behind and whacks sanya on the head with a pink pillow


Annie gets a red pillow,,while fozia choose a sexy black one and the other 2 get a purple and blue one and all of them start hitting each other with pillows. Annie goes crazy and starts whacking everything when suddenly she hits something rock hard. She stops in her track as the feathersfall down and she drools over the guy infront of her...it was the one and only Amir Khan! Annie just keeps staring at Amir while the song *tere mast mast do nain* plays in her head whilst Amir is staring and thinking *What the hell is going on?!*

The kameeni'z are awestruck on seeing Amir that they all start drooling over him,,Fozia takes this opportunity and claims Amir for herself!! The other'z get out of dreamy mode and start fighting!!

Annie pulls his arm towards herself away from fozia

Annie::Let goo Amir is mine and sirff mine!!

Fozia pulls amir'z other arm to her away from Annie...

Fozia: Never, Pfft why should I?! I'm never letting go of this Munda!!

Sanya: well if you want him you'll all have to go through me

She starts pulling Amir'z left leg whilst the other 2 are still holding on to his arms.

Iqra: guys, there's a better way to sort this problem out...

Annie: how?!

Iqra: give him to me!!

She grabs amir'z dangling leg whilst Amir is maha confused on what'z happening.. Suddenly he feels someone grabbing his head...it was Sara!! Oh great what more can they grab from Amir now!!

Sara: hands off this one is all mine and I don't care what you guys say!

All 5 of them were playing tug of war and pulling Amir wiv all their strength little did they know that Amir was starting to lose conscience!! The kameeni'z broke Amir from head to toe and he was squirting blood from everywhere!! Annie had a maha breakdown

Annie::Nahiiinnn!! How could this happen?! My Strong 6 pack Amir is broken into little pieces of meat!!

Sanya calls 999 whilst the other kameeni'z pull Annie away and hide as the ambulance come and take Amir to the hospital.Annie decides that she will meet Amir at any cost even if it means going behind the kameenian'z backs!! she slowly sneaked out wearing her new primark chappals making sure no one caught her. She finally reached the hospital but had to wear her bhurka incase people recognised her..she found Amir'z ward and couldn't take her eyes off the sleeping soul.

Annie: gawshh why is this man soo beautiful...eeeks I could just eat him up for being so yummy looking

Annie walks in and blows on Amir'z soft eyelids to sooth him..He feels the cool blow and opens his eyes slowly and meets them with annie'z sparkling eyes..

Annie: Amir,I'm soo soo sorry for hurting you,I never meant to do it,it was all a mistake,,I can never dream of hurting you like this!!

Amir: shhh jaan I know you meant well but it didn't go your way... don't waste your breath on talking when we can do something else...

Both inch forward to each other for there lips to meet when BAM!!!!!

Part 3
By Iqra (Maaneet.Lover)

Amir opens his mouth and burps in Annie's face!!! Annie's eyes are shut as she was expecting a soft, warm kiss coming her way but the second she felt air coming from Amir on her face she snapped open her eyes and glared at Amir, horrified. Her shocked expression turns into an infuriated one and as Amir realizes this he covers his mouth with his hand thinking HOLY SHIT. Annie, angry as ever gives Amir a deathly look as she immediately gets up and turns around, making her way for the door. She is about to turn the door handle when she hears Amir call out to her.

Amir: Annie! Baby! I didn't mean to burp in your face! Please don't go! I'm really really sorryyy!

Annie turns around, furious and rudely mimics what he said previously "'don't waste your breath on talking when we can do something else.' She then adds "Yeah, what is that something else? BELCHING in people's faces?!!"

Amir: It's all coz of my bloody nerves. Hospitals intimidate me which makes me nervous and so I become very gassy. I didn't wanna burp in your face but it just came and I thought that would have been less worse than letting it come out of the other end - my ass.

He chuckled

Amir: I do really REALLY smelly farts and you would have ended up unconscious and then on a hospital bed'like me.

Amir hesitated as he looked up to meet Annie's eyes. Annie gave him a serious, cold glare but then immediately started laughing. Amir was surprised to see her laughing as he just confessed his secret about his fear of hospitals and gas problems but Annie was just having a laughing fit. But then as he paid closer attention to Annie he started getting mesmerised by her beauty and her laughter. Annie soon realised that Amir was just staring at her and she quickly became silent. 

Amir looked down, fearing that he got caught gaping and asked "don't you wanna say anything?" Annie responded, "If your farts are so lethal, why don't you do them in your boxing matches, you'll win every single match" and burst into laughter again. Amir started laughing too and then he said in a cute little voice "so I'm forgiven?" Annie smiled and nodded her head.

Amir gave Annie his million dollar smile which made her angelic heart skip a beat and they moved nearer to each other. Both inched forward for their first kiss attempt no 2 and Amir's sensor that recorded his heart beats started beeping rapidly as they got closer. They both looked up at it and Annie asked huskily "nerves or just excitement?" Amir replied with a sexy grin "bit of both". Annie then moved closer to Amir and whispered seductively "watch what happens to the sensor now". She leaned on him as she kissed him full on the lips and Amir's heart beat sensor beeped so much that it just exploded. Annie broke away from his lips and giggled at the broken machinery. Amir jerked her back to him while holding her by the waist and stroked her face with his loose hand. "You had your turn, now it's mine baby" and then pinned her down on his hospital bed (with much difficulty thanks to the kameenians)  [muhahahahah]   


Back at the Khan mansion Sara and Sanya the two nutty lovers (romy-julie/maan-geet) noticed that Annie was missing. They decided to use their junior/baby don skills and discovered that Annie has made her way to the hospital. They set out to find her on Amir's expensive hayabusa motorbike and zoomed their way to the hospital. They took the long route as both were enjoying the ride, Sanya in particular as she was holding her precious cup in the air singing to it as the wind blew, making her sexy hair blow in her face. (And on her cup)

They soon arrived at the hospital and found their way to the ward where Amir was kept. Both dons got the surprise of their lives as they peeked in the window and to their horror observed that Annie and Amir were in the middle of a love making session! Sanya almost dropped her cup in astonishment but Sara caught it on time! Sanya gave Sara an appreciative look for saving her jaan and then the two moved away from the window and decided to go back and inform the other two spazzes. 


As they left the hospital Sanya ran off to a corner to quickly apologise to her cup. Sara followed and watched her. "I'm so sorry cupppyy, your innocence is ruined..I should have shut your lil masoom ankhe at the window but I was too shocked seeing Annie and Amir doing naughty things that I didn't realise you were watching too. I'm such a bad mother. I let my child watch po*n! Sharam kar Sanya!" and she slapped herself. Sara exploded into a fit of laughter and dragged Sanya back to the motorbike where they headed back to the Khan residence to inform the others about their alarming findings. 


Fozia and Iqra are happily trying on new and different tarees at the khan mansion. 

"Oh Fozi look at me in this brown taree, don't you think I look like a kebab?" Iqra asked excitedly as she admired herself in Amir's gold framed mirror. Fozia finished fixing the pleats on her lilac taree and looked up to Iqra. "Yes Iqz, but you don't just look like any old kebab...you look like SHAAN's kebab" Iqra gave foz a big smile but that changed into a curious expression. "How do YOU know what SHAAN's kebab looks like?!" Foz replied back with a sly grin "Erm, he showed me" Iqra mouth curved into a big fat O but fozia quickly added "JOKE!"

They both then decided to roll around on the floor in Amir's big living room and ended up getting tangled in their tarees.  At that point Sara and Sanya rushed into the room, both out of breath.


"WHAT?!" Fozia and Iqra yelled simultaneously from the floor after hearing the shocking and unexpected news from Sanya and Sara. "WE MUST GO AND TEACH THAT LIL BETRAYING DESPO NUTTER A LESSON" Fozia exclaimed and the others agreed. Sanya like a looney decided to call the cops so they could all be escorted to the hospital but they never picked up, fortunately. By the grace of God Iqra and Fozia managed to un-tangle themselves by tearing their tarees, and then all the kameenis legged it to hospital.


"There she is" Sara pointed through the window of Amir's ward and the other kameenis peered in. Iqra and fozia let out a shocked gasp as they saw Annie on top of Amir, kissing and caressing his chest. Thankfully the hospital bed sheet was covering most of them but it was evident that both were nude as their clothes scattered all over the floor. "What do we do?" Iqra asked, shaking her head repeatedly as she tried to erase the image of what she had just witnessed. "Let's just go in there and drag her out" Sara suggested, and the others all nodded. "She will be maha embarrassed and ashamed" added Fozia and they all sniggered. Sanya decided that she didn't want to go in there. "Why aren't you coming in with us?" Sara asked and Sanya pointed to her cup. "I am not letting my baby watch another po*n show, so like a good mother I shall stay out here with it. You guys go in and catch that kameeni red-handed." Fozia Sara and Iqra started laughing at Sanya's 'motherly' antics with her cup. "As you wish" they said and got ready to burst in on the lovebirds inside the room.


"Mmm this feels so good" Amir moaned as Annie traced a line of wet soft kisses down his neck till his chest. "If only these bandages weren't in the way then I could taste you properly" Annie huskily whispered. Amir started drawing patterns along the back of Annie's shoulders with his long, fine fingers and Annie started arching her body, enjoying the feel of his touch. Both were lost in each other then suddenly they heard the door bang open and they froze in horror.

"Thought you could fool us huh Annie?" Fozia said with a taunting glare as she tapped her foot continuously on the floor. "Didn't think we would find out?" added Iqra as she folded her arms across her chest and stood next to Fozia. "My my my, someone's been naughty" Sara stated as she looked at the guilty couple up and down and moved next to Iqra.  

"It-it's not what you think!" Annie exclaimed quickly "I-I was just-erm-checking Amir-Amir's bandages! Yeah-that's what I was doing. They, um became loose so I was just-erm-fixing them."

Fozia interrupted: so you had to sit on top of Amir to check them?

Iqra: and with your mouth?

Sara: that too naked?

Amir and Annie blushed a deep shade of red.

Amir: Okay fine we can't lie to you anymore. What you just saw is what actually happened. We did erm 'get naughty,' but it's alright because I love Annie with my heart and soul and this was a way of expressing it to her. She knows how much she means to me and I cannot live without her. Please I want to be with her and I need all of your blessings.

Sara: pshhht you aint getting MY blessings

Iqra and fozia: yeah same here!

Amir: what if I let you all stay in the Khan Mansion and you guys can have whatever you want- be it diamond embroidered tarees (he looks at fozia) to endless kebabs and achaar (he looks at Iqra) and anything and everything you wish to have (looks at Sara)

Sara Iqra and fozia: OKAY DONE!

They all go up to amir and do their trademark *spit* and *shake* action to seal their deal Wink

Annie: awww thanks guys, I love you kameenis so so so much!!!

S.F.I: we all love you too annieee

Iqra: now put on some bloody clothes annie and meet us outside!

Sara: Amir when are you getting discharged from the hospital?

Amir: I don't know, hopefully tonight, the doctors just need to check my reports and my heart beat etc.

He quickly looks at Annie as he said that and she gives him a secret wink.

Fozia: okay then let us know and we'll send a car for you to come and collect you. In the meantime we shall all go back to your house if that's alright with you.

Iqra goes out to get Sanya [and the cup] and gives them the good news about everything that was just discussed. Sanya wants to see Annie and Amir but Iqra tells her that they are still on the bed together with just a mere sheet covering them. Sanya decides to 'cover the eyes' of her cup and walks in with Iqra. Sanya conveys her wishes for Annie and Amir and the four kameenis are about to leave so Annie can get dressed and then join them outside so they go back.

As the kameenis make their way towards the door Amir quickly says with a sly look that wasn't unnoticed by Sanya "Oh before you go could one of you let me borrow your phones, I need to make an important call. I'll give the phone back to you when I see you next." Fozia handed hers as the battery was almost dead (LOL) and they all go out and sit on the benches waiting for Annie to come. After five minutes Annie comes out and the five lunatics make their way back to Khan Mansion, cracking their usual retarded jokes on the way.


They got to the lavish and luxurious residence of their future home and as per norm began to get up to their crazy ways. Iqra was in the kitchen hunting for kebabs to sniff and rub on her, fozia was wrapping tens of sheets of tarees around her and rolling down the stairs again and again. Sara went to each room and licked the walls whilst Annie took each of Amir's photos and literally drooled on them. Sanya felt suspicious about Amir back in the hospital so she went to 'give cuppy a tour of the mansion' but really she wanted to do some investigations to confirm her doubts.

She started off her enquiry in Amir's bedroom. Upon entering it she saw tonnes of posters of Amir on the wall, and to her surprise some were of them were of him NAKED! She screamed and fainted but miraculously cuppy saved her from hurting herself as she fell, and after a little while she gained consciousness. Thankfully nobody had heard her scream. "Who knew Amir was such a mental freak" she told her cup "he's even more retarded than we are! He should be in the pagalhouse, not us!"

She snooped around in his bedroom and didn't find anything to verify her suspicions so she decided to go back downstairs when something caught her eye.

Slightly sticking out from under his king-sized bed was a group photo of the kameenis. "How did he get this?" Sanya thought out loud and she bent down to pick it up. She smiled as she saw the picture of her and her girls but attached was a small note. She turned the note over and after a minute of examining the content she dropped it, astounded. AMIR WAS AN UNDERCOVER PAGAL HOUSE PERSON WHO WAS SENT TO ARREST THE KAMEENIS!!!

 Part 4
By Anniie (..Angel..)

"KAMEEENIAAANSSS!" Sanya screamed as loud as she could. How the hell did we let this happen?! She thought to herself.  We need to do something! Omg my cup! My poor poor baby!  If I get arrested my baby will be taken into care! Nahiiin, she thought, I can't let that happen, my baby needs it's mother!

As Sanya was rocking her precious little cup in her arms, the other kameenians rushed in.

"Oye this best be something important, I was having fun licking the walls!" Sara gave Sanya a cold, hard glare.

"And I was trying on some gorgeous tarees until you screamed! Humph!"  Fozia folded her arms and turned to face away from Sanya.

"And I was so so near to finding some kebabs, till you spoilt it by your loud scream!" Iqra starts crying and stamping her feet like a little child.

"Oye you retards that ain't even important, I was missing Amir, so I was drooling over his gorgeous pics, until this retard here" Anniie pokes Sanya with her finger "screamed so loud that the lions in Africa probably got scared too!"

The four kameenians started to cry, whilst trying to comfort each other.

"WILL YOU GUYS SHUTUP AND LISTEN TO MEEE!?" Sanya screamed once again. At this rate I'm going to lose my voice she thought.

A silence fell quickly in Amir's bedroom.

Sanya let out a sigh of relief. "Thank you."  She walked over to the kameenians who were standing by the door. "Guys move over there" She pointed towards the other end of the room. The kameenians listened to her and did as she told them to, they didn't want her biting their heads off again with her screams. Sanya closed the door, and turned the key in it to lock it. She went over to the bedroom window, closed it and did the blinds.

She put her baby cup onto the bed, and patted it till it fell asleep.  The other kameenians rolled their eyes at each other.

"Iqz put your hand over Ann's mouth, right now" Sanya ordered Iqra. "Sara hold her arms, and Foz stand in front of the door, so that she doesn't run out." All the kameenians turned around to look at each other, all of them seemed confused by Sanya's weird orders.

"Oye retard what the hell do you think you're doing? You can think again cause no-one is going to touch me okay!" Anniie gave Sanya a glare.

Sanya turned to face Iqra, Sara and Foz "What are you waiting for go do it now!" She placed extra emphasis on 'now'.

They started walking over to Anniie. Anniie stepped backwards and fell over Amir's boxing gloves. "Come near me any of you, and I'll punch you guys!" She threatened them all.

"Just go do it guys" Sanya ordered. The kameenians did as they were told. Sara grabbed Annie's arms, whilst Iqra put her hand over her mouth. Foz stood at the door as she was ordered to do. Anniie tried to struggle so that Sara would let go, but woah Sara seemed to be made out of steel.

"Sanzz just tell us what's wrong man, and why are you making us do this to Annie?" Iqra said, frustrated by the suspense.

"Okay okay I am. By the way sorry Ann, but it's for the best of you, you know I love ya really." She walked over to the picture that she had dropped earlier on, she picked it up and brought it over to the Kameenians. "Look at this guys" She showed them the massive picture of all the kameenians.

"Awwwh, Amir jeeju loves us all so much!" Fozia called out from the door.

"That's so cute man" Iqra smiled at Annie who had tears in her eyes by now.

"Who would have known, the Amir Khan is such a big softie at heart!" Sara commented.

Sanya slaps her forehead. "Hahaha, Amir and a softie?" She starts laughing like a mental person. "Well maybe the real Amir is but we don't know him so we'll never know, but all I can say is this Amir is definatly not a softie!"

"Wh-what do you mean real Amir?" Fozia stuttered.

"This so called Amir isn't Amir. He's a complete FAKE!" Sanya replied.  "He's been cheating us all this while!" She turned the picture around so that the note on the back was facing the Kameenians. It read:

Dear Jay,

Five Kameenians ' Sara, Sanya, Fozia, Iqra & Annie. Escaped from the mental hospital. In Amir's mansion. Amir is on holiday, so you shall go in that mansion pretend to be Amir as you look like him, and capture & arrest these kameenians! They've caused enough chaos as it is. You catch them & give them to us and we'll get you a mansion like the real Amir's and give you 5 million dollars. The pictures of the kameenians should be attached to this note. Mission Kameenians has officially started as soon as you have read this & are in the Khan Mansion.

GoodLuck. By the way beware the kameenians are EXTREMLY dangerous things.

-The Mental Hospital Police People. (TMHPP)

The kameenians turned around to stare at each other, their eyes wide after reading the horrific note.

"OH.." Iqra started.

"MY.." Sara continued.

"GOD!" Fozia finished.

"Exactly! That's why I screamed, cause I found this!" Sanya looked at them with a glare.

As they were still recovering from the shock of the note, Anniie bit Iqra's hand and shoved Sara with her elbow in the stomach. Iqra & Sara shocked by Annie's reaction started screaming.  Anniie ran and grabbed the note from Sanya's hands, she ripped it into pieces. "It's all lies!" She started crying and screaming. It couldn't be true! This was her Amir; he just could not be a fake!

"It's true Ann, get a grip of yourself, and stop screaming for god's sake my cuppy baby is asleep! Shhh!" Sanya put a finger to her lips

"I can't believe it the khotta cheated me, such a big fat liar!" Anniie started crying more.

Foz ran over from the door. "Guyysss, we need a plan! We need to escape from here before Amir, Jay whoever the guy is gets here!"

"I say we rob all his stuff, and leg it somewhere!" Sara grinned, proud of herself that she came up with such a splendid plan.

"Duhhh but leg it where?" Iqra asked, glaring at Anniie and then glancing back at her poor hand.

"Africa." Anniie wiped her tears. She was going to be strong; she didn't need that Jay-Amir guy!

"Africa??!" The other kameenians said together.

"Yup Africa! We can ride on lions, innit!"

"Not a bad idea you know..." Fozia said.

"Come on guys, there's no other option!" Anniie glanced at the kameenians. Just then there was a beep, Anniie looked at her mobile which was on the floor, she picked it up and saw that there was 1 new text message:

baby im on my way home, see u in 10 mins. I luv u xxx

"Guyyss we need to hurry up, the khotta will be here in 10 mins!" She throwed her mobile back across the room.

"Okay I agree with Ann let's leg it to Africa!" She smiled at Anniie. "What do you think Iqra & Sara?"

They both nodded their heads. The Kameeenians were headed for Africa!

"Let's nick all his stuff first, am going to  go get all the kebabs I found"  Iqra rushed off downstairs.

"Same here, am nicking the tarees!" Fozi went after Iqra.

"I don't know what I want, I'll just pick up everything I like innit" Sara ran like a lunatic out of the room.

Anniie sat on the edge of the bed. A tear dropped down her face. "Can't believe he lied to me" She said.

Sanya went over to Anniie and hit her with a pillow "Oye you got us kameenians why do you want that khotta for?"

Anniie smiled. "You're right I got the best kameenians in the world!" Just then Anniie heard a car pulling up outside the mansion, she went over to the window, did the blinds back and glanced out. It was him. That stupid khotta. Anniie looked back at Sanya "He's here! LEG ITTT!" She screamed. She ran out of the room, Sanya followed with her cup in her hands.

"Don't worry cuppy it'll be alright mummy's with you" She assured the cup.

They reached downstairs, where the other three kameenians were nicking loads of things. "Oyeee, kameenians that khotta is here! LEG ITTT!" Anniie screamed. The kameenians started rushing out of the back door of the mansion. Anniie stopped, she picked up an oil bottle from the kitchen went over to the front door and spilt the oil all over the floor. She ran back to the kitchen and hid behind the door to see Jay walking in, he fell. She had got her revenge.  Iqra came back to see where Anniie had gone, she saw Jay on the floor, and tried not to laugh, the guy looked so funny on the floor. She grabbed Anniie and they ran out of the back door with the other Kameenians.

"Omg you should have seen him!" Iqra laughed like a maniac telling the other kameenians about the oil incident.

"He looked hilarious!" Anniie laughed with them all.

"That's what he gets for messing with us kameenians!" Sanya winked at them all.

They were all walking away from the mansion, they reached a hill and climbed it. They could see the mansion in the distance. They all linked arms and stared at the mansion.

"We did it guys!" Sara said excitedly. "Africa is going to be so much fun!"

"I'm going to call my lion Amir Khan The King Khan Lion ' King Of All Lions" Anniie replied. "By the way am calling him after the REAL Amir, not that stupid khotta Jay! I am still in love with my hero Amir!" She goes into her dream mode.

"Mine's going to be called Lion!" Fozia patted herself on the back for coming up with such a unique name.

"Mine is going to be named Chotaa Don!" Iqra said with an evil laugh.

"Sanzz The Lion, is what I'm going to call mine! Cuppy came up with the idea! Haye my cuppy is chooo intelligent!" Sanya gave the cup a kiss.

"Mine shall be Maha Lion!" Sara added.

"Well we've all named our lions all we need to do is, go to Africa and get our lions!" Anniie jumped up and down!

"AFRICAAA HEREEE WE COMEEE!" The Kameenians screamed, they ran down the hill and into the sunset.

They were heading for Africa where their dreams awaited them but little did they know that someone else was waiting for them too. Someone who would destroy them and get his love back...


* * *

Will the Kameenians reach Africa? Will they get their lions!? & Most importantly will their friendship survive?

Africa: Where Dreams Come True.

                              COMING SOOON!                                    

(On the next Kameeni b'day, which is Sara's!)

* * *

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