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Posted: 24 September 2011 at 6:44am | IP Logged
loved navya n deepak convo..i don't know if it is coz of dere acting or looks but dey do look like real father n daughter..dey bring real emotions in d scene..n d dialogues seems real too..whether it is navya giving hair massage to deepak n pointing towards his white hair n giving suggestion to dye, exchanging dere cup of tea..navya saying sorry hugging her father n d way he melted or yesterday's scene..ever father feels d same thing wat deepak said..tumhari ungli pakad k chalna sikhaya par aaj bhi tumhare hath chhodne me dar lagta hai..n d way navya was saying papa aap plz mat rowo was really heart dis father daughter chemistry..n dadi unke bare me kya kahen..she just rox..coming to anant's family..kya kahen..dey don't deserve to be talked about

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Hey Tanu Big smile As usual great post! Gosh Daadi is so amazing!  I am not sure of the actors name who plays Daadi but I must say she did a fantabulous job acting! I loved the way how Deepu accepted AnYa because in a way it was very much calm and realistic so it makes me realise that the writers and cvs haven't forgotten the purpose of the show which is realism Clap I really think about myself when I watch this show regarding the nayi soch because my parent's were brought up in Canada for their whole life and now you have me their child watching indian dramas and knowing hindi and I also know all about my culture yet I can still live like a normal young adult like go out with friends or dates. My parents had a love marriage and it took them a while for their parents to aceept but my grandparents grew with the nayi sooch and its sad because this was 25 years ago and still in todays age families have a tough time accepting! I love how I can relate to this show Big smileNow I guess we are gonna have to see how the Bajpayee Zoo will accept AnYa. I wonder sometimes if Om even loves Anant. I guess all he and Baba think about is reputation and izzat and all that crap. I don't know if families actually exist in India like that because ive never really been brought up there but if they are then that's terrible! LOL its so  true that Deepak reminds me of a teddy bear! Idk how or from where but he just does LOL Anyways can't wait for Deepaks and Anants interaction! As said before im really scared about how fast things are moving and dont want AnYa shaadi soon Confused Also hoping for some AnYalicious scene soon! Maybe after hearing the acceptance from Navya's family zombie Anant will dissappear? Ouch

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Posted: 24 September 2011 at 9:56am | IP Logged
What violence in the forum !!!LOL

Shoving down stairs, heart attacks, thappads left right n centre and atleast 3 dead on the last count ... LOL

I'm getting kaboo-er and kaboo-er regarding Navya now...


The spoilers and instant shaadi articles are not helping either...I managed to sit thru Friday's offering till CSB's grand announcement & then promptly switched channels...I just sped thru the rest of the epi now because I wanted to join in the hottt discussionsBig smile...Alas! Reading eleven pages of posts has left me no time but to say I had gr8 fun reading the dramatic Mommments...LOL...Am hoping to post soon! (unless the next time I log in there are another 11 pages of hilarity to get through...LOL

Deepu is indeed an adorable crier:...Sweet scenes... (except for the 2 cheerleaders (meeta/daadi) in the bg...they looked a tad too happy)

PS- Arent Meeta and Daadi gorgeous?...Meeta is only a couple of yrs older than Shaheer (and a couple of yrs younger than ME) so it makes sense that she looks beautiful

PPS- Liked the Boman ad too... Loved "masterchef's" ad too...Thought it was a public awareness message or something till 2 portly chefs (and a fit anchor I'm assuming) announced it was for Masterchef!LOL

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Hey usual, a wonderfully written post...i'd love to give a lengthy reply...but time constraints played spoilsport...Chalo, i'll add my bit anyway...

a good episode with an interesting take on the 'Nayi Soch' tagline...Dadi, as usual outperformed others...her character is like a bottle of old wine...classic and more mature as years pass by...and no, she did not weave any magic wand to set things right...she just followed the age old adage of solving problems- sit down and was intriguing to see all this coming from an old woman who pretty much belongs to the same generation as Baba Bajpayee and is as traditional as he is...yet, she is willing to embrace the changes around her, to make her family happy...

Deepu scored again with a good show...he is the quintessential middle class educated dad of the present generation...quite impulsive but regrets his behavior later, and most importantly ,tries to make amends for the damage done...Om Shankar, on the other hand, prefers domination over understanding...little does he realise that, the more he tries to make Anant submissive and dependent, the more rebellious Anant will grow...and i'm making a wild guess here, that when this rebellion reaches a breaking point, AnYa's marriage or engagement will take place against the wishes of the Bajpayees...i know it sounds dramatic...but Indian television runs purely on drama quotient and the looney Bajpayee clan will continue to remain looney, atleast for the sake of drama...

Someone mentioned long time ago in one of the posts ( sorry, i forgot the name)...that if the Bajpayees are to break free from their so called pravachan, parvarish and what not, then they must face a reality check in the form of Nimisha or Mohan...honestly, this family is preposterous...they dont give a damn about their children's happiness and long as the family prestige, maan maryada whatever is intact...i say, nothing can be more disgraceful than a family trying to put a stopper to their son's happiness...

As for Anant, he is just unlucky on the family front as opposed to Navi, who has a wonderful support system in the form of Deepu, Meeta and Dadi...Mohan and Co. are themselves crippled under the zombie glares of Baba and Om...there needs to be some bigger contribution from their side, if they are to help Anant in any way...

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Posted: 24 September 2011 at 11:21am | IP Logged
 Hi Guys, since last night, been peeping in and reading every ones post, but could not post my reply. Finally here I am, and Tanu, what a write up. U have done a fab job as usual.

Here's my take and dont know  if what I write is appealing to others, but neways,  read at u r own risk.
All along we have had many discussions and many times, we always wondered, why?????? why did anant not speak? why is deepak like this? on and on. But I feal friday nite, highlighted 2 main points we always wanted to see in the show.

Point 1: Anant, able to see eye to eye with his Baba and speak, what he wants to rather then hmmm, Anant gave baba a taste of his own medicine, exactly what he did during the picnic time.  

Point 2: Have we all not waited for the day navya;s love is accepted at the Mishra;s house, and behold, the day finally arrived, Deepak, meeta and dadi, all seems to have accepted anant, navya's love.

And for me , this was a day indeed to rejoice,  coz,  what I wanted to see in the serial, indeed became a reality and I did enjoy both the scenes. 

No anya   for 2 days: I actually was not upset with this too, because if the acceptance of the lovestory is happening in the background, I dont mind missing them. If now, these two can gutur gu with the awareness of the family, how much more endearing it can be. I also wish, since the others, have more screen space, hoping, the two lead pair, had enough rest for a few days and when they come back, they r fresh, when their scenes r back. 

Future track: I already mentioned, in another post, that I feal Deepak will face mud-slinging 2, for sure. But after the Bajpayess face some more drama in terms of nimi, mohan, rama, anant, etc, they will finally turn around. Thats when I  want to see the bajpayees at the mishra;s house, begging  for navya. So lets see, how this goes.
      There are stories, of marriage track. well if thats how it is, I wont complain, the reason being, the serial has always surprised me, and I like being surprised. So I just want to let go my thinking and enjoy the show. 

Nish: nice add, have not seen it. Boman mentioned this advt on twitter, about how good shahid was, but it was indeed surprising.

Nisha: glad to see u around. ROFL loved u r pics. 

Nidhi, reshmi...and so many missed u r names: u have found real innovative means to eliminate  booo-adadi and  baba and om. I read all u  r takes and had a nice time reading them.

Shaina: I agree, I want to see someone now openly joins anant in eating his food in his room. who better then nimisha. Clap a well thought idea, wish it is utilized in the serial.

Thats all from my side. 

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Posted: 24 September 2011 at 12:03pm | IP Logged
@Tanu and all adda mates - Confession time today from me!
Confession 1: I am going to make a post here that's totally unrelated to yesterday's Navya episode.
Confession 2: In fact, this post is going to be nothing about anything to do with Navya...yup...shoot me down already...
Confession 3: is related to confession 2 - I haven't been watching Navya for the last week: *gasp* shock*horror*gulp*stare* reactions from all my adda mates and all I can mutter in defence is: "woh...main...main...woh", while trying to look as cute as Anant and trying to shed one tear while simultaneously trying to raise my eyebrows heaven-ward like Navya - needless to say, failing on all counts...
Why? - busy blah blah blah... but real reason: I just did not feel like it - right from the time the adda has been going bekaboo, I've been, as Nishu put it, quite kaboo...don't worry, I'll spring back and enjoy all the haldi/mehendi/shaadi of our Anya when the time comes...
OK, so here's what I've been doing productively with my time: I managed to set up my signature (nothing eventful, it just says my name), but what I then noticed is, suddenly lots of you have lovely dps! I mean, some of you have walking talking Anant, some have Anya hugging in slo-mo - hey guys, please teach me how I can have my own version of waltzing/walking/hugging Anant - please, pretty please Big smile...
Also, this means that the image of you guys that I've been carrying in my head has gone for a toss - I mean, Nishu is now an Anant giving interview - when did that happen?!! It's seriously turned my nanhi si dimaag upside down LOL...whatever next? Nish not being a lighthouse anymore? Or Asha giving up being the cutest kitten on planet earth? What is this world coming toConfusedTongue
Anyway, no more silly rants from me and Tanu, so sorry for hijacking your adda...
Enjoy the rest of your weekend folks...

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Posted: 24 September 2011 at 12:10pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by navyaalex8

What violence in the forum !!!LOL

Shoving down stairs, heart attacks, thappads left right n centre and atleast 3 dead on the last count ... LOL

PS- Arent Meeta and Daadi gorgeous?...Meeta is only a couple of yrs older than Shaheer (and a couple of yrs younger than ME) so it makes sense that she looks beautiful

PPS- Liked the Boman ad too... Loved "masterchef's" ad too...Thought it was a public awareness message or something till 2 portly chefs (and a fit anchor I'm assuming) announced it was for Masterchef!LOL

@ Nisha isn't that right? I too was stunned with all the violence on the forum today, guys what happened??? Wink LOL Let me know when y'all are in this violent mood again, I'll stay away from the forum, like I accidentally did this time. LOL LOL Pata nahin kab goli mujhe lag jaaye. LOL LOL 

Nisha, I haven't seen the masterchef ad, but did see the Boman/Shahid one, it was really cute & nice. Shahid's come such a long way!! Jab We Met was truly the turning point in his career.

@ Nidhi, I too was wondering that abhi padi thappad Anant ko, and by the looks of it baba was also thinking the same. Pata nahin munda kaise seedhe khada tha papa ke saamne, I too would have taken flight? LOL And you're right, jab heroine ko pad sakti toh hero ko kyon nahi?? Yeh bhi kya TRP ka khel hai?? 

BTW, guys did any of you notice the look on Deepu's face when Navya nodded her head in answer to his question about whether she wanted to spend the rest of her life with Anant? The look and smile on his face, which was half amused, half loving, was absolutely priceless IMO. 

Caio! have a nice weekend guys!!

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Usha Hug, hope u r fine. No worries darling, I sometimes love reading something other then navya.

Me a big illiterate when it comes to technology, so me of no help in all this. Tell me matters of heart, and I would help u, for pages and pages.

But, the kitten will remain, till the serial navya remains, so u can still imagine me cute like the kitten. 

U sure will get help from others. 

Regarding the serial, shall keep u informed when to catch up.  

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