The Battle is Half Won

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Posted: 23 September 2011 at 12:23pm | IP Logged
Today's episode was a good one..No AnYa today, but no reason to get all disappointed since Deepu has finally moved from denial phase from acceptance phase!!Big smile Loonies continue to be absurd, no surprises there..Dead Monday promises to bring more family drama with it, I am just hoping we will at least get a decent AnYa scene somewhere in between..

Daadi continues to wave her magic wand: Daadi take a bow..ClapClapYou have fixed this seemingly impossible problem by arranging for a single eaves-dropping session..LOLLOLSeriously how awesome is she??Big smile She continues to knock some hard truths into Deepu..Loved how she said Navya's mistake wasn't that she fell in love, it was that she let her fear get the best out of her and lied to her family..But did such a small mistake deserve such a severe punishment?? How could her parents' decision be right if it was draining her life out of happiness and joy?? Confused So she loved someone, she didn't do so knowingly or intentionally..Kudos to Daadi for saying "Main kahan keh rahi hoon ki tu sanskaron ko bhul ja, main toh bas je kehrahi hoon ke badle zamane ke saath unhi sansakoron ko bhi badal"..Thumbs Up Finally Deepu & Meeta have realized that they can't sacrifice their child's happiness for baseless rules and regulations..They have realized that they ought to have faith in their own upbringing, after all their daughter has proved herself by sacrificing her love for their sake, all the while putting up a brave front when she was crumbling inside..Cry As Daadi implied, the idea is to strike the perfect balance between nayi soch and sanskars, not to let one completely overwhelm the other..

My poor baby is an outcast now??Angry: Anant baba is still in zombie mode, roaming around the loonie quilla like a bhoot..Ouch He looked so lifeless when he came to the dining table..Finally, creepy baba is back in his element..He glared, gulped, glared some more between each sentence he uttered or rather spewed out pure rubbish..DeadDeadHe told Anant that if he thought his rebellion would melt his creepy family then he was wrong, it was only solidifying their decision..What more could you expect out of these people anyway?? If they see their kid is sad and frustrated because of their decision then it somehow proves that their decision was right?? What kind of twisted logic is that??Confused Creepy baba has now told Anant that he has take his meals alone in his room if he continues to throw tantrums..Ouch Anant once again floored me with his super sensible behaviour..Embarrassed He asked baba if he could trust baba's decisions all his life blindly then why can't baba show faith in him for once?? Baba stared and gulped some more,Anant really had put him in a tight spot after all..Evil SmileSince he keeps droning about how Anant is his adarsh pota and he is the one who can be his uttaradhikari then why wasn't he able to trust Anant's judgement now?? Much to my dismay angry papa interrupted in between..He screamed about how Anant has become a shameless wonder, how his behaviour is super inappropriate, blah blah blah..DeadDead Kya kya namoone hai is phamily mein?? This man is in serious need of anger management classes, or better yet, a frontal lobectomy!! Exactly why is he so angry all the freaking time??Confused

Papa-Dost Deepu: Finally the much awaited "nayi soch" plays out..I know we have gotten bits and pieces of nayi soch here and there but Deepu's approval and the reasons behind his approval were so refreshingly appropriate..The whole scene between Deepu-Navya reminded me why I got hooked to this show in the first place..It was the concept of bridging the generation gap between today's youth and parents that compelled me to sit down to watch the first episode..Smile (It was another thing I flatlined after seeing the very first AnYa scene and then there was no looking back!WinkLOL)The scene started with Deepu crying in his room and Navya catching him in the act..Deepu is such an adorable crier, no I haven't gotten bonkers but he really does look  like a huge teddy bear who you just to want to hug when he is crying like that..HugLOLSo Navya does just that, and he cries some more..Deepu hun you are giving serious competition to our Lover Boy when it comes to the title of "which male shed the most tear in Navya?"LOLLOL Anyway after shedding a few bucketful of tears Deepu starts talking with his daughter..He accepts that the predominant reason behind his anger was his fear that Navya would get hurt in all this pyaar business, the fear that she was too innocent and it was so easy for someone to take advantage of her was what made him to livid with rage..Loved how he said "Tumhe unglee pakar kar chal na toh sikha diya, lekin tumhara haat chorne me aaj bhi dar lagta hai"..I loved how the writers wrote this particular bit..They hit so many realistic issues through this one scene..Deepu really let down all his guards today and confessed that his insecurity about her safety got the better out of him..And hey, over-protectiveness and parents go hand in hand after all!! Smile Moreover, he confessed that there was nothing wrong in falling in love before marriage, if there was anything wrong then it was how soceity stigmatizes the whole concept of love before marriage..Ouch So true really!! This is such a real problem, till date falling in love before marriage is looked down upon in most families, and so many real life AnYa's have had to fight this arduous battle for their love, some succeeded and some sadly didn't..Chalo on to the scene, next came my absolute favourite part of the episode..Deepu said if kids can trust their parents' decison blindly, then why can't parents show some faith in their upbringing and trust their kids' choice??ClapSuch a hard hitting question, isn't it?? I hope any parent watching this show with grown-up kids does consider this question..Moving on, Deepu maha-adorably asks Navya to consider him as a friend and then asks her whether she is ready to spend her whole life with Anant..Navya says yes and the whole family seems very happy..Guys thats one half of the battle won already!!Party I am so happy how the entire approval part wasn't melodramatic..It was so very sweet, and realistic..Kudos to the CVs!!Big smile

Precap: Deepu puts the first nail in his coffin by telling angry papa he is the "Kanpur wala Deepak, Navya's dad"..Now angry papa will have plenty of time to sharpen his fangs and claws before Deepu arrived at the loonie quilla..D'oh

Randome musings:?

1)Lesson learned from today's episode:Reverse psychology always works!! Evil Smile Navya said "I don't want Anant's LOWE" and Deepu-Meeta jump in to say "You must have Anant's LOWE"..Wink
2)Angry Papa totally had a mini seizure when he was barking at Anant..His whole frame was shaking, literally!!LOLLOL
3)Daadi, Deepu is not "Jawan"..If he is Jawan, what is Navya?? An infant??LOL
4)No AnYa for two consecutive episodes, don't test out patience anymore CVs!!Ouch

That's all from moi, as always likes/comments much appreciated..

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Tanu, finally a post from you... Was kind of expecting it tho' Big smile

Am back to edit my post Wink

Couldn't agree with you more. Daadi takes the cake for being the best daadi on TV. The way she "educated" her son & DIL was a class act IMO. A lot of the other screeching, screaming daadis shud take lessons from her.

Absoutely loved the way she kept her promise to Navya to change with changing times and understand the nayi peedhi's soch & peeda. She totally kep her promise.Clap Wish Deepu had gotten some of her brains, but better late than never. Smile

Loved the way the whole nayi soch was contrasted so well with the archaic beliefs of the loonies. If this doesn't prove what is wrong with our stuck up families and their stuck up beliefs then I don't know what does?? 

Udi Baba was at his horrible best today, reprimanding Anant even when the poor boy was so obviously down and sad. There is no ounce of any compassion in that household is there?? Really, how our puraani peedhi butchered the lessons in our scriptures is truly amazingly sad. Terrorizing people to suit their own needs under the name of sanskaar & parampara is the worst they could have done to society. Angry

Hopefully, the way Anant displayed both determination and remarkable respect in putting forth his case today would have some effect in the distant future. Somebody in that house needs to question their archaic belief of rule with a rod. He certainly gave baba a lot to chew upon today, hoping to see it come to fruition some day in the not so distant future.

Deepu did a fantastic course correction after being set straight by the older generation. Totally loved that. What a fantastic nayi soch indeed. The sensible older generation are actually more sensible than the new generation!!

Precap looked scary, hoping that after being blasted by angry papa on the phone, he decides to postpone his visit and wants to meet Anant first.

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Thanks Tanu for coming up with the post after this relieving(to some extent) episode.

So the episode was a problem solving one. A day to sharpen the relationships removing the thin layer of dust that was formed. Deepak was now on a guilt trip after knowing Navya's heart...that their sweet little princess was trying to act happy just to spare them their guilt that their decision had made their daughter unhappy. This was too much for a father to bear.Unhappy Deepak breaks down in front of Daadi like a kid asking her if she already knew things, that she willingly let Deepak and Meeta know what their daughter had in mind. How great is Daadi, ready to wipe away tears of all her children even before they well up. Loved daadi as she said it was time not to discard but to mend the ageold beliefs and tradition to give way for new thoughts. There's no-one in the world who has never done anything wrong and so has hiding the fact that she has chosen a guy for herself. But she shouldn't be bestowed with such a severe punishment for such a small mistake. How can the decision of parents' be right if it cost them their child's happiness?Question

Things not ready to improve in any way at the looney qilla. Stares and glares left for dulled Anant. I felt like smashing the bald headAngry as Anant was told he would be deserted with his food in his room if he continued to behave the same way. Here I quote ur lines Tanu:
If they see their kid is sad and frustrated because of their decision then it somehow proves that their decision was right??
How funny. Hats off to Anant for being able to remain sensible even in such an atmosphere, I cudn't have. I strongly nodded my head as he asked Baba if he could carry out the decision taken by elders why cudn't the elders think about him for once? But this half broken radio Om broke into it untimely with his one breath blabbering.Censored

At the dinner table Deepak sits sad while Navya takes notice and tries to cheer him up. But as he leaves the table all depressed Navya follows. And this time it was Navya who finds tears in his eyes. The adorable father-daughter duo are back.Smile Deepak tells Navya that it is mere insecurity of the parents that they fear to let go the hand they had once held to help their child learn to take their first steps. But if children could obey their parents blindly, it is the duty of parents to have faith in their kids too. Loved the scene as Deepak asked Navya if Anant was a good guy and if she would like to spend the rest of her life with him while Navya nods her had feeling all shy.Blushing

Precap just gave me the feel of another approaching storm. Left to know how devastating it would turn out to be.

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I thought we would not have a post from you, Tanu, today.But I am so glad you did...your description actually makes me feel like seeing the episodeBig smile
I still haven't seen it..but this family drama business in driving me up the wallOuch.I would be happy with even a decent AnYa phone convo in between.But no...CVs are hell bent of testing our patience this time.Angry
Deepak's acceptance looks pleasing but then we all expected this samajhdaari from him..isn't it?
And I see no end to this misery anytime soon.OuchLoony patao abhiyaan will take a long time.That family is full of jerks and imagine patao each one will take ages, till the AnYa will complete college.Angry
Acceptance from that side looks light years away to me.
So baba has come out with his true self..I am glad, since his quiet self was hard for me to digest.Dead
I am wondering now, who will take the lead in the loony quila to depict nayi soch??No candidate thereOuch
Monday looks bleak as well.
So, should we wait for the next ME for things to take a positive turnConfused

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finally..a post frm u!! Gata du din kothai chhilen aapni?? Missed ur posts a lot!!
Well u say dat half d battle is won... Bt i think, d battle has jst begun!! Ouch Deepu ko to manna hi wl d loonies get convinced is d real ques.!!!
Loved anant 2day (missed him so much yesterday)... He kept his POV b4 creepy baba without being rude n disrespectful..waah..!! Clap Now let's c how our pagal idiot majnu impresses his wud-be in-laws.. Day Dreaming D precap is terrifying me... I think d loonies wl leave no stone unturned 2 hav deir revenge!! Unhappy
loved ur random musings...they r my fav segments frm ur post!! LOL

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Hello Tanu, 
                         read u post, and loved it. Have not yet seen the episode, will see it and comment later on. Going by the post, its been a nice episode, so am all eager to watch it now.

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I'm so glad to see the generous side of the Mishra's. I never thought, of both the families, Navya's would melt. Dadi is so sweet, I never knew she'd be the sole reason in making Navya's parents agreeing on her.

Anant's family sure is a tough nut to crack. I honestly can't stand Bua Dadi for some reason, even though she didn't talk today. But whats with Anants dad? Why is he so hyper? I dont understand what kind of sanskars are these when you overlook your child's happiness! What they did to Mohan is simply wrong! And now they want to do the same with Anant. Im glad he's bold and confident enough to stay adamant on his decision and I hope he sticks to it.

The precap gave me goosebumps, I don't want Anants' family to insult Navyas'. Poor Deepak. :(

Love the random musings as always.
Well written.
Lovely update.

p.s. God, Deepak cries even more than Navya does!


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@Geeta and Mridula: Hahaha yes, how could I not post today?? A good episode at last after two consecutive fillers..Thumbs UpWill await your replies..

@Nidhi: There is no way on earth loonies will agree anytime soon..I just want them to be polite and somewhat civil to Deepu, is it too much to ask for really??Honestly, I knew Deepu would come around, but I thought it will take more time after seeing his OTT behaviour in Kanpur..Wasn't expecting him to agree quite so soon..So yeah, definitely a pleasant surprise for me..Watch the episode Nidhi..Trust me, you won't miss AnYa scenes while watching it..The way CVs juxtaposed the two family scenes to highlight to contrasting ideologies was very nice..Thumbs Up
About your question, patah nahin who will light the torch of nayi soch amidst all the sanskar induced darkness..What if it is Boo-Ah-Daadi?LOL

@Nams: You are a bong too?? Shocked Goto dui diner episode eh amar bokbok korar moto kichu chilona tai post korini..LOL
Yaar I am just hoping against hope that loonies will not be too hard on Deepu..I am concerned about his safety now..Stern SmileLOL
Yupp yupp, definitely looking forward to see exactly how majnu pataofoys the Mishras..Wink

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