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Ringer Written Update & Video EP 18

That Woman's Never Been a Victim Her Entire Life

The scene opens, and Machado is shown going after the shooter, who gets the chance to run when a crowd emerges into the alley. Machado briefly catches up to him despite the crowd, but he gets away much to Machado's frustration and anger, leaving behind the Tower card. Meanwhile, Bridget tells Juliet what happened when she joins her in the waiting room. Juliet wants to know why someone's trying to hurt her, and Bridget says she doesn't know, and doesn't have the faintest idea. Juliet wakes Henry up to tell him what happened, and he tells Siobhan Andrew was the one shot. Machado can't figure out what the Tower card means and knows they won't get anywhere looking for the hitman, and thus he plans to pursue the lead based on the clue at hand. He goes back over the case with the fellow agent and wonders what's going on with Martin/Charles.    The investigation into the business has been put on a backburner though, as there are more pressing issues that demand their attention. Meanwhile, Henry joins Bridget and Juliet in the waiting room. Andrew's still in surgery, and Henry says he'll pull through it, he is absolutely confident about that. The doctor walks over and tells them just that, confirming what he was feeling, much to his relief. When Henry gets home, he tells Siobhan about Andrew saving Bridget's life; much to Siobhan's surprise. He now has a new theory that Andrew was never going to kill her, and she's the one who put the hit out on Bridget, thus she is possibly the real culprit. He even brings up the fact that he's not sure the babies are his and kicks her out, clearly angry about the whole thing. Siobhan is clearly shocked by all that has just transpired.   When Andrew wakes up, Bridget kisses him, taking care of his questions about them; she clearly seems to have forgiven him. She's coming home. When she asks about his visit to Malcolm's room, he explains it was Olivia's idea to offer a bribe. He took the money, and Andrew says he deserved it to start a new life. He apologizes for not being honest, and she confesses she hasn't been honest either. She tells him that someone tried to kill her in the loft and she killed him, but the body disappeared strangely enough. She admits she wasn't sure if he was involved, and he tells her he never meant the threat, and it was only meant to intimidate her. He would never hurt her in any way. She believes him now, after what he has done for her. He tells her Olivia knew she knew, and she was supposed to be the one to take care of Tyler while he talked to Malcolm and Bridget.   He realizes Olivia's behind it. Henry's having Tim take his boys for the weekend and tells him they're still family even with Gemma gone. Because of that, he tells Tim to pull his investment from Martin/Charles. Machado has some questions for Andrew and the first is about Malcolm. He claims to have gone there after they spoke to check on him but found out he checked out. Machado brings up that Malcolm was going to testify, much to Bridget's surprise, it clearly wasn't something she was expecting. He suggests Olivia could be the next victim, but once he's gone, Andrew tells Bridget, "That woman's never been a victim her entire life." She knows someone who could help out in such a situation. Solomon goes to Olivia's for some quick snooping and notes her computer's gone and finds the impression of a number on a notepad, which might be a clue to something pertinent.    He looks at the last call—the police station—and gets out just before Machado shows up at the scene. He joins Bridget in the hospital and tells her that signs pointed to Olivia leaving in a rush and shows her the number, which he has just found out about. Juliet finds Catherine in Andrew's room, and he tells her they want her to go to Miami until they know it's safe in New York, but she doesn't want to go and wants to stay put. Catherine follows her out and says this is what they wanted. However, Juliet doesn't want anything to do with Catherine after Tessa, but Catherine tells her to get used to it. Siobhan leaves Henry a message saying she didn't hire anyone to kill Bridget and loves him; thus trying to drive home the fact that she is completely innocent. She's going to tell Andrew the truth, just to prove her innocence.   Bridget finds Juliet packing and notes that she's packing wool for Florida, obviously a really odd thing to do. She calls it fashion, but clearly seems to be trying to cover up something. Juliet's still upset, but Bridget explains it's not safe and they just want to protect her, and hence she is being sent away. As she leaves, Juliet tells Bridget to lose her number. Once outside, Juliet tells Catherine she wants to say goodbye to people at school. Someone's taking pictures as they leave. Machado follows up a lead on the tarot card to a dry cleaner, where someone used to do readings on the side. They used to give them out to customers. Once Machado's gone, the woman calls someone to say the card came in and tells the person about Machado, who's calling for the cleaners' records.   Siobhan visits Andrew, and Henry walks in after a brief police search. He pulls her out into the hall as Andrew's phone rings. Henry tells her he believes her and wants them to be together too. She quickly disappears when she sees Bridget down the hall. When Bridget enters his room, she finds Andrew sitting up. Catherine had called to tell him Juliet's missing, a fact that seems to have clearly worried him. Catherine heads back to the school to look again, and Bridget brings out the paper from Olivia's—the address of the school. Though Henry and Siobhan have made up, he has one more confession: he went looking for the flash drive, fought with Tyler, and Tyler hit his head; that is how he died. He switched the flash drives.    He didn't tell her about the accidental killing because she had been lying to him. She thinks it will be over soon, but he gave the flash drive to Tim. Andrew thinks Olivia plans to blackmail him into taking the blame, but doesn't know where she could be hiding Juliet at this present moment. Bridget remembers her packing wool; something that should provide some clue to her whereabouts. She doesn't think Olivia's behind it. Machado arrives at a crime scene and is handed Malcolm's wallet before being led to a body. Bridget finds Juliet in the East Hampton house, and Juliet tells her all about the con, and how it was carried out. They return to the loft to find Machado waiting; much to their surprise. The body was one of the Macawi's lieutenants. He thinks he didn't know Bridget was a twin, so she's still in trouble. The episode ends on this note.  

P recaps...Let's Kill Bridget!
Bridget decides that the only way she will feel safe is if she gives up her charade of impersonating Siobhan and returns to Wyoming to testify against the sadistic Bodaway Macawi. Agent Machado gets suspended from the FBI for his "harassment" of Bodaway, who finally gets a lead on the whereabouts of Bridget. Meanwhile, Henry grows impatient with Siobhan's plan and tells her she needs to let go of her murderous revenge plot against both Andrew and Bridget or they cannot be together.  

Video of Episode 18

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Ringer Written Update & Video EP 19

Let's Kill Bridget

The episode begins with Henry claiming he didn't kill anyone, Catherine kissing Andrew, and Bridget looking dead. Machado informs Bridget and Andrew that she's still in trouble because Macawi may not know she's a twin and his lieutenant, Daniel, who was found dead, could've reported back, to him regarding the same. Andrew's had enough, blaming Machado's incompetence for everything that is happening , and before leaving the FBI agent says he talked to NYPD about setting men up outside their apartment; so as to keep the both of them safe. Bridget tells Andrew to blame Bridget for the mess, and not Machado, as he is trying his best to do all he can. Meanwhile, Henry can't reach Tim about the flash drive, and Siobhan argues that they need it for proof.    He points out that Andrew may not have been the one to order the hit since he saved Bridget or could've changed his mind; it is still difficult to say from how things look at the moment. He wants to leave it in Tim's hands and just build a life with Siobhan. Bridget doesn't like that Juliet's going to see Catherine, but Juliet's doing it for Andrew. Once alone, Bridget tries to reach Jimmy but soon discovers that he confessed to the murders; much to her surprise. She explains to Solomon that Jimmy was the one who told her it wasn't safe to testify, and he tells her he looked into Machado, and he's a good cop, and thus will do the right thing. She plans to testify like she should've originally; and hence rectify her earlier mistake. A flashback shows when Machado first convinced Bridget to testify, promising to keep her safe and suggesting she do it for Shaylene.   Bridget calls Machado, but he ignores her call to instead watch as a man enters the dry cleaners and shows a tarot card; hence he is at the moment too preoccupied to receive her call. Once he leaves, Machado confronts him, rips open his suit, and finds cash in the lining; he had clearly suspected something was amiss and now his doubt are confirmed. The guy refuses to talk, drawing his gun; Machado is immediately on the alert, and he takes it a little too far subduing him and asking for answers. Eyewitnesses record it on their phones; as Machado does his thing. Meanwhile, Juliet tells Catherine Andrew's been having money problems; that is why he did what he did. She's upset someone's looking to buy their place in Palm Springs; as she doesn't want to part with the place. Catherine recognizes the potential buyer's name, and Juliet asks her to buy the house so it stays in the family, and isn't possessed by an outsider.   Henry does track Tim down and explains that he thought Tim could do something with the data, which he did find shady. However, Tim points out that when the company's exposed, investors will lose money, and he hates to lose. Meanwhile, Machado has to answer to his boss for his excessive behavior, which his boss feels was totally uncalled for, and his boss reveals that Macawi had cut Daniel loose after he let Malcolm escape before asking for his badge and gun. It's over, much to Machado's shock and frustration. Meanwhile, Catherine joins the buyer, Tobias, at the bar and tries to charm him over, pointing out she knows who he is—a big-time green energy investor—and why he really wants the land. That doesn't change anything.    Bridget meets with Machado and finds out he was suspended and the protective detail was pulled; much to her shock and dismay. She suggests that she testify "as [her] sister," but he points out that's illegal; and he wouldn't support her in this. She tries to push it, saying that she's willing to testify even though her sister wasn't, but he can't risk it, as if they are found out the consequences would be dire. When she asks about why he's so driven, he brings up Shaylene, and flashbacks show her warning Bridget about Macawi and mentioning a man. Bridget realizes he loved Shaylene; and that whole episode has left an indelible scar in him. Meanwhile, Catherine tells Andrew she wants to buy the Palm Springs property using money from her aunt's estate, as she wants the house to remain in the family, but she gives too low an offer.   She admits to low-balling him and explains that Juliet loves the place, beginning to reminisce. After a story about a spider, she kisses him to remind him of how she repaid him then. He says no to the kiss, but yes to the offer—if it's fair. Meanwhile, Machado comes up with another way to keep her family safe, and it all relies on Bridget trusting him. She does; as she knows the kind of trustworthy person Machado is. Since Macawi's not going to stop until he knows Bridget is dead, he suggests, "Let's kill Bridget." He wants to make her look like Bridget, stage a crime scene and leak photos; so that Macawi is convinced of her death. No one will care if a body doesn't surface. Siobhan watches from outside.   Siobhan comes up behind Bridget in the middle of the night, obviously surprising her, and tells her she doesn't understand how she went from destroying everything to making it work as her. While Henry's right and she has to move on and forgive her, Siobhan can't and fires the gun. If only that was real and not in Siobhan's head, but it's too soon for that. Meanwhile, Catherine checks that the money was wired to Andrew before going to meet with Tobias only to find Andrew already there. He beat her at her own game. A week ago, Juliet told him everything, and they grew closer because of how sick they are of her. He's ready to have her parental rights taken away if she goes near Juliet. Meanwhile, Machado has found the perfect place in the Bronx where to carry out his deed, and Bridget's dressed as herself again for the task.    He hands her a blood bag as he begins setting up. However, a sniper sets up across the way as she tells Solomon over the phone that she has a new plan to keep her safe. In the meanwhile, the police have questions for Henry about Tyler's murder after getting a tip and finding surveillance footage of him at the scene. His lawyer, a friend of Tim's, won't help because Tim turned him in. When the sniper loses his shot, he takes out a gun. Machado gets a call that Daniel died a few days before Andrew was shot. Someone else wants her dead. The masked man shows up and takes a few shots. Bridget falls onto the mattress, and though the man sees blood on her shirt, she blinks. Machado shoots him from behind. The blood bag came in handy, from the look of things. The man is the one who ran after her for the phone, and Bridget tells Machado he tried to kill her before. The man's phone rings, and it's revealed that Catherine's on the other end. The episode ends at this point. 

P recaps...If You're Just an Evil Bitch Then Get Over It
DESPERATE TIMES CALL FOR DESPERATE MEASURES - Still posing as Siobhan (Sarah Michelle Gellar), Bridget admits to Agent Machado (Nestor Carbonell) that someone tried to kill her months earlier and she thought it was Andrew (Ioan Gruffudd). Bridget goes to Henry's (Kristoffer Polaha) apartment, where Siobhan overhears Bridget accuse Henry of Tyler's (guest star Justin Bruening) murder. Meanwhile, Catherine (guest star Andrea Roth) goes to desperate extremes to bring Andrew closer to her. Roger Kumble directed the episode written by Cathryn Humphris.  

Video of Episode 19

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Ringer Written Update & Video EP 20

If You're Just an Evil Bitch Then Get Over It

The episode begins, and while Andrew's in a good mood because things went well concerning Catherine, Bridget has to tell him what happened. With his mood already down, he finds an upset Catherine looking to apologize to Juliet—and she has slit her wrists, as she apparently isn't able to take it anymore. When Andrew brings Juliet to see Catherine in the hospital, she says pretending to kill herself is pathetic, and she refuses to get "sucked in again" when Catherine asks for forgiveness, for her act. Though Andrew sends Juliet away, she listens in as the psychiatrist explains that Catherine meant to kill herself this time, and hence it just wasn't an act.    They can't release her on her own when the time comes; as she might be a danger to herself, in her present state of mind. Henry's still facing police questioning about Tyler's murder, but now they have a witness: the maid who let him into his room. Meanwhile, Bridget meets with Machado for an update and finds out the shooter was the one who shot Andrew and was a professional hitman, who was hired to do this job. She talks him into finding out what he can even though he's not on the case, as he might be able to lay his hands on some inside information. When Henry gets home after posting bail, Siobhan tells him Children Services took his sons; much to his shock and horror. Meanwhile, Juliet joins Andrew and Bridget in their bedroom, and she's worried she's the one to blame for Catherine's suicide attempt; and is apparently feeling very guilty about it.   Andrew reassures her she's not, and once she leaves, he tells Bridget that Catherine did it before when he told her he wanted a divorce. That time he just left, but he can't turn his back on her again. He knows that she has this fantasy that they'll be a family again, even though he's done nothing to lead her on; so he isn't to be blamed for the whole situation in any way. Meanwhile, Henry's sons are with his in-laws, and Tim called Children's Services on him for being an "unfit parent." Siobhan thinks he should work at clearing his name for the murder he did commit, but he leaves to confront Tim; as he is clearly pissed about the fact that, Tim told on him. Siobhan thinks she can at least fix the murder charge and goes to pay off the maid to change her statement, who then heads back to the police.   Meanwhile, Henry finds out that Tim made some calls after he gave him the flash drive and put things together. He also hired a PI and found out about Siobhan after Gemma went to him worried Henry was cheating. He plans to make Henry and Siobhan pay, for all they have done. The police call Bridget in to talk to her about paying off the maid; much to her shock. Bridget couldn't be more confused, and now the police have more questions for her. Meanwhile, Juliet visits Catherine again and tells her she did what she did because she just wanted her mother to want her. Catherine confesses she knew Andrew would find her and wanted him to live with the guilt; hence she did what she did. She knows she's a terrible mother and admits that she started obsessing about Siobhan and thought she was stealing Juliet away; and this obsession in the end, got the better of her.   If she's sick, Juliet wants her to get help, but she also tells her, "If you're just an evil bitch then get over it." Machado and another agent, Cupertino, pay Remi, the one behind the dry cleaners' operation, a visit, offering him a deal for the name of the person who ordered the hit on Siobhan. He doesn't give them anything much to their frustration, and even though they know he knows who ordered the hit, they can't do anything because they don't have enough to charge him. Henry returns home and tells Siobhan that things are much worse, since now the maid told the police she tried to bribe her; and hence they are even more confident about his complicity. Siobhan warns him he needs to find Bridget and explain because the police are going to talk to her, and this can make things much worse for him.    Meanwhile, Juliet asks Andrew about setting Catherine up with a nurse in an apartment instead of institutionalizing her and also suggests she stay with them at first; so she can take care of her and look after her personally. She leaves him to think about the idea she has just proposed. Meanwhile, Machado breaks into Rex's house and finds a secret room. Inside is the other part of the photo of Andrew and Siobhan and a freezer...with a dead body inside; much to Machado's shock and horror. Meanwhile, Bridget stops by to talk to Henry, and Siobhan hides just in time, but picks up a statue when her sister gets close. Henry walks in and steers Bridget out of the room towards the door, but she wants answers.   He makes up an elaborate story about the maid lying, him hiring a blonde to pay her off, and the police assuming it was her because of their relationship. Bridget's not stupid and realizes he did kill Tyler, and hence is actually guilty. She's onto him, and he kicks her out, not wanting to entertain her presence further. Meanwhile, Catherine's staying with them for a few days, and Juliet thinks things are getting better. They clear out of the living room so Bridget and Machado can talk. He shows her a copy of the ripped photo and a picture of the dead body, and she confesses to him that, she is the one who killed him, much to Machado's surprise. Siobhan tries to fix things with Henry, but even though he's in love with her, he's had enough of everything that's happening.   She wants them to just leave, but he's not leaving his boys—and he doesn't want her to try to fix anything again, as that could end up making matters worse. Meanwhile, Bridget explains everything to Machado, and Catherine overhears him telling her he's having the original photo from Rex's run for prints. Meanwhile, Tim brings the flash drive to Andrew and tells him he's going to save Martin/Charles. While Juliet goes to get Catherine's things, Catherine guilt's Bridget into joining her for tea. Meanwhile, Cupertino has emailed Machado with a match for the fingerprints, and as soon as he sees its Catherine, he calls Bridget, who's out of the room when her phone rings.    Catherine ignores the call and hides it; she apparently seems to be cooking something. She has also unplugged the house phone for some reason. After Bridget drinks the tea, she stumbles upon standing, as she clearly seems to be feeling faint. She thinks she has found her bag, but it's Catherine's—and the stolen phone is inside, much to her shock. Next, Bridget collapses. It turns out; Catherine has emptied her pills into Bridget's tea. The episode ends at this point. 

P recaps...It's Called Improvising, Bitch!

Catherine's plan to drive Andrew and Bridget, posing as Siobhan, apart unravels. Agent Machado discovers Catherine wanted to kill Siobhan all along and rushes to intercept her before it is too late. Meanwhile, Siobhan's plan to help Henry backfires when the main witness suddenly dies. 

Video of Episode 20

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Ringer Written Update & Video EP 21

It's Called Improvising, Bitch!

The episode begins with Catherine typing out "Siobhan's" suicide note and practicing her "shocked" reaction to her death; as it has to look natural, and not made up, in any way. Eight months ago, Siobhan told Catherine she'd have 30 days to get out of her house and she was the last thing Juliet needed. Now, Bridget lies unconscious in a rapidly filling bathtub as Catherine remembers Juliet's wish that "Siobhan" was her mother and leaves the apartment...only to realize the phone was missing downstairs. As she searches the apartment for the phone, in a visibly desperate fashion, Andrew returns and Catherine does everything she can to get him out of the apartment—and specifically away from his room; as she clearly has fallen in an awkward position and is trying her best to get out of it.    However, he can tell something's up from her odd behavior, but when he hears the water running; he thinks she's planning to take a bath, and thinks nothing more of it. She goes with it as that to her seems like a reasonable premise, but then he sees when it begins overflowing and finds Bridget, dragging her out. Just as she coughs and comes back, they find Catherine standing over them with the gun; much to their absolute shock and horror. Meanwhile, Siobhan's worried about Henry since people have been convicted with less against them, but he tells her to let his lawyers handle it; rather than panicking about it herself, as that won't help in anyway. Meanwhile, Catherine now needs a new plan and claims she is thinking of Juliet, which is why she has her running errands.   Of course Siobhan couldn't leave everything alone and goes to get passports that will be flagged. Meanwhile, Machado was on his way, only to get held up by the FBI. He tells Torrance he didn't expect to find a body, but Torrance hands him a ticket back to Wyoming. Machado tells him to send someone over to the Martins', as he won't be able to make it, and he wants to confirm that things are find on that end. Meanwhile, Catherine forces Andrew and Bridget to pack—"It's called improvising, bitch!"—since her plan is to have it look like Bridget found Catherine and Andrew together, planning to go away together, and Andrew ended up dead, Catherine wounded, and Bridget killing herself in the ensuing gunfight; that is her plan for getting rid of the two them, at one go.   The doorman calls to alert them of FBI agents on their way up, and with Catherine holding the gun on Bridget in the other room, Andrew has no choice but to pretend everything's fine and Catherine left for the airport—as does Bridget when they have him call her; as they have no other option left at this point in time. Meanwhile, Siobhan pays the maid, Oksana, a visit and shows her the passports. If she doesn't take back her testimony, she's going to show them to the police and Oksana will be deported for identity fraud. Catherine wasn't counting on Juliet coming home, but she has her lock the elevator while she tapes up Andrew and Bridget's legs and wrists; so they cause her no further trouble. Catherine blames "Siobhan" for destroying their family, but Juliet argues that it was Catherine who did that, and hence there is no point in blaming Siobhan unnecessarily.   That's when it's revealed who's working with Catherine when she calls Olivia. She says she did it for them, and Andrew hears Olivia when she yells. Meanwhile, Torrance calls Machado to tell him that everything was fine and that he has nothing to worry about, as he has checked up on them, but brings up that Catherine booked a seat for Andrew. Olivia tells Catherine she's on her own, but Catherine thought they understood each other, and that she would help her out. Six weeks ago, when Andrew kicked her out, she went to Olivia and over wine, complained and complained. Olivia kissed her, as it turns out. Bridget tells Juliet about the phone under the chair, and she's able to get it, after some struggle. Bridget quickly dials Machado and hides the phone behind a pillow before Catherine rejoins them, so Machado can get an idea of what is really going on.    As Machado listens in shock, they give him all the information he needs: where they are, who's holding them, and, thanks to Catherine, Olivia's location; Machado is immediately on the alert, and springs into action. Meanwhile, four weeks ago, it is shown that Olivia told Catherine about the scheme and wished she could make Siobhan disappear. Catherine told her what she did and explained that she ruined her life. She was glad it didn't work though because it was a mistake. Olivia said her mistake was not getting the phone back. Meanwhile, Oksana argues that changing her story will lead to more questions, but their conversation is cut short when her client shows up, and she hides Siobhan in the closet, where she watches as the man takes out drugs; much to Siobhan's shock.   However, Siobhan begins going into labor, but then she witnesses Oksana's nose begin bleeding because she collapsed. The man gets out of there in hurry, and so does Siobhan who is visibly shocked and terrified seeing all that has happened. She hails a cab to get to the hospital as quickly as possible. Meanwhile, Andrew tries to bargain with Catherine so she can spare them, but that's when Olivia finally calls her back and tells her she loves her and doesn't want her to hurt herself; thus agreeing to help her. She asks her to come to her so she can help her, and Catherine agrees— but only after she does what she had promised Olivia: kill Siobhan. Olivia tells her it's too late for that now, and she should do no such thing.   Bridget volunteers to be her hostage, and Catherine tells Olivia she's on her way over. As expected, Machado's with Olivia, making her say these things. Meanwhile, Siobhan's going in for an emergency C-section when Henry gets to the hospital. Machado sends Olivia out to meet Catherine and Bridget, who gets free and runs into the house. Catherine follows close behind, and Machado's waiting for them inside, absolutely on the alert. After a brief fight, Bridget ends up with the gun and chases after Catherine when she runs out the back. After a brief standoff, Machado joins them and cuffs Catherine. Meanwhile, Henry's lawyer texts him about Oksana's death, and after he tells Siobhan their girls are fine, he tells her about Oksana.    Siobhan says she doesn't know anything about it and feigns ignorance, and after they both say "I love you," he goes into the hall and asks the doctor for a paternity test; as he clearly suspects something is amiss; from the look of things. Meanwhile, Catherine lists everything that Siobhan and Bridget have done to her—they've stolen Andrew, turned Juliet against her, and sold her house—as Machado takes her away, she asks Bridget, "Whose life is so pathetic that they have to live someone else's to be happy?" The episode ends.

P recaps...I'm the Good Twin

In the season finale, as the vow renewal nears, Bridget realizes she first needs to tell Andrew the truth about who she really is despite the risks of her charade being exposed. Meanwhile, just as Bodaway Macawi and his thugs start to close in on Bridget, Agent Machado is forced off the case, but decides to go around the law anyway to protect her. Also, Henry must decide whether he should tell Bridget the truth about Siobhan being alive and well and conspiring with her to destroy Andrew's career.  

Video of Episode 21

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Ringer Written Update & Video EP 22

I'm the Good Twin

The episode begins with Bridget walking down the aisle, and Andrew looking on affectionately. Both of them look visibly happy to be bound in holy matrimony. The two of them then move on to exchanging vows. Later, while the happy couple is being congratulated by everyone at the marriage reception, Bridget is mortified to see Bodaway walk up to her. She wakes up in cold sweat all startled, it turns out all that was only a dream. Later, at her support group, she thanks everybody present for helping her get through the tough times, and reveals to them that she shall be getting married in a week's time. "Technically it's a vow renewal, but it feels like the first time" she says.    She further adds that, she shall be in the night, telling her family the truth about who she really is. Later, she discusses her plan of revealing her secret to her family, with Solomon. He doesn't think it's a good idea, as she stands a lot to lose in the bargain. She disagrees, and tells him that she can't walk down the aisle till she comes clean with them. Later, Bridget tells Andrew to be home in the night, as she is going to cook. Tim, who is there, is shocked to hear that she and Andrew are renewing their vows, as he had sworn to destroy Siobhan. Meanwhile at the hospital, Henry tells Siobhan that the doctors need to run some tests to find out if everything is fine with her and the girls.   Henry then tells her, that he wishes for them to move to Chicago with the money Siobhan stole from Charles. He wants to move, so that he can be close to his family, and also because he is "done with all this". He wants Siobhan to give up the idea of revenge, forgive Bridget, and move on. Back at the FBI, and Machado has been reinstated to active duty, but with one condition, that he is completely off the Macawi case. Machado doesn't take too kindly to this order and protests, but his boss will hear nothing of it and threatens to sack him if he persists. Meanwhile, just as Bridget enters her house after some shopping, she is terrified to see Jimmy in her living room.   She tries lying to him that, she doesn't know where Bridget is, but he says he doesn't care and just wants money like the last time, if she wants him to keep his mouth shut. Later, Charlie walks into a bar and strikes up a conversation with Jimmy, introducing himself as John. He says he will pay double if Jimmy works for him. Just then Siobhan walks in, and offers to pay triple if Jimmy can "make Bridget run" to her. The scene flashes back to the conversation that Bridget and Jimmy had, where he asks her for 50k to go away and she replies "why should I pay you, you are an escaped convict, I could just report you to the authorities". He threatens Bridget who he thinks is Siobhan, that he would tell Bodaway that she is Bridget, if she doesn't agree to pay him.   Meanwhile, Siobhan is packing for Chicago, and tells Henry that she will be there once the girls are ok. He is overjoyed to hear this. She then offers to give Henry the down payment for their new house together in Chicago; he is visibly delighted and thankful for it. Meanwhile, at the FBI office Pettibone tells Machado that they have found a body and it might probably be Malcolm's, although from its condition it is difficult to say. Machado is also informed that Jimmy has escaped from prison. Back at home, Bridget is absolutely placid and visibly worried at the dinner table, as she has to reveal the truth to her family now. Just then her step daughter gets a message and goes to her room, leaving Bridget alone with Andrew. Andrew tells her that he has written a poem for the wedding vows.   He reads out the very romantic poem to Bridget, and opens up his heart telling her how much of a difference her presence has made to his life. She is absolutely tongue tied with his overwhelming show of love and affection. She is thus, unable to tell him the truth. Meanwhile, Jimmy is packing his things and leaving when he is startled to see Bodaway at the door. Bodaway stops a visibly afraid Jimmy from leaving; he tells him that he has found Bridget, and while he is doing so, he is stabbed by Bodaway, who then leaves. Meanwhile, Solomon and Bridget are discussing about Siobhan's intentions. He gives Bridget the file with all his findings on Siobhan, and a gun to keep her safe.    Meanwhile, Siobhan opens a letter and it has the results of the paternity test in it. She is visibly shocked, and questions Henry about it. Henry justifies that Siobhan was sleeping with Tyler, so he wanted to confirm if the twins are his. She lies to him that the twins are his, when the report clearly shows otherwise. Meanwhile at Tim's office, Andrew is stopped by Tim as he wants to come clean with him about something. Later, Andrew walks into the party at his house and confronts Bridget, about her affair with Henry. Andrew tells her, how Tim has revealed everything to him. Andrew then walks out saying "this marriage is over". Meanwhile, Siobhan finds out online that, her account has been drained.   Henry confesses that he is the one who stole all her money. He wanted to teach her a lesson, as he had already found out about the results of the paternity test. He tells Siobhan to leave, as he doesn't love her anymore. Meanwhile, Bridget sees on TV that Jimmy has been murdered, she immediately calls up Machado. She confides in him her fear that, Bodaway is in town, and has killed Jimmy. Andrew walks into the room and after hanging up the call, she confesses to Andrew that she loves him more than anything else in the world. She also reveals to him the fact that she isn't Siobhan but Bridget. Andrew is absolutely incredulous on hearing this, and is visibly shocked out of his wits. Andrew is outraged, at all that has been revealed to him, and vents all his anger and frustration on Bridget.   She then reveals to him every little detail, of how and why she became Siobhan in the first place. Despite her honest confession and expression of love, Andrew isn't moved and asks Bridget to leave. She leaves, to spend the night at Greer's house where Juliet is also staying. Bridget tells Juliet who she really is. Meanwhile, Andrew walks into Henry's house punches him and then leaves. Meanwhile, Juliet is shocked to hear the truth. She reacts the same way Andrew does. Later, Andrew and Juliet leave for a holiday together. Just as they step out Siobhan walks into the building. She is there to steal from Andrew's house, as she has no money left.   While she is at it, Bodaway enters the house and chokes Siobhan from behind. Siobhan tries explaining that he has the wrong girl; she then somehow manages to injure him and make a run for it. Just then Bridget walks into the building, while on the phone with Solomon, and finds that the security guard has been killed. She is mortified and tells Solomon to call 911. She knows that, Bodaway is there. Meanwhile, Siobhan is hiding in the house, with Bodaway looking for him. He finds her and a struggle for survival ensues. It is stopped on its tracks by Bridget, who enters with a gun, shocking Bodaway to no end. Bridget shoots Bodaway, still assuming that Juliet and Andrew are in the house, and are in trouble.    It turns out, Bodaway isn't killed, he pins Bridget to the ground and tries to choke her, just then Machado enters the house, and Bridget manages to shoot Bodaway in the neck once again. This time it's the kill shot. She is then informed by Machado that Juliet and Andrew are on a vacation. She is baffled as to who then was Bodaway, attacking. Later at the hospital, Siobhan tells the nurse that she and her kids have nowhere to go. Meanwhile, Solomon shows Bridget video evidence that Siobhan is still alive, much to her surprise. Later, Bridget goes to Henry's for an explanation, he reveals that Siobhan faked her own death because she knew someone was trying to kill her. She is shocked to know that Siobhan wanted her dead.

Season 1 Ends 

Video of Episode 22

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