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Ringer Written Update & Video EP 03

If You Ever Want a French Lesson

So they are going to recap the premise—Bridget witnessed a murder, ran to her twin sister Siobhan for help, Siobhan killed herself (except she didn't) and Bridget assumed her identity. Given all that, why did we need the pilot again?  At the top, Bridget is going through the cell phone of the hit man she killed (and hid in a trunk in the new loft, where she held a cocktail party last wek). Her husband Horation Hornblower (Ioan Gruffyd, playing husband Andrew) is surprised to see her up early and tells the viewing audience that the difficult teenage girl is in Miami with her mom, thanks to the new-and-improved Siobhan's suggestion. She says she didn't feel well, which is why she's up, and he assumes it's morning sickness. I'm still wondering how Bridget's going to get out of this pregnancy thing. He asks her to do something for him—a surprise, just be there at 11. Oh show. That's just silly. But I do love looking at the gorgeous apartment.  She calls her boyfriend/sponsor Malcolm in Wyoming on the stolen cell. There's nothing on it to trace to the killer so he suggests prying off the back to find a serial number. She cuts herself with the scissors and drops the phone, but when she kneels down to get it she's startled by a picture in the frame—the same one the killer had, of Sibohan with hubby. "Andrew's behind this?"  Ooh, way to start the show. If he did want to kill her I bet he doesn't now, but come on, just because it's the same picture doesn't mean he hired the guy. Malcolm isn't impressed with the theory.  She puts a gun and stares at it.  And someone comes up behind Malcolm and hits him. He wakes up in a chicken-wire cell, coughing blood. A bunch of menacing looking people are there, including the killer Bridget witnessed. He is on Agent Machado's screen when his associate says he couldn't get the warrant to get into Siobhan Martin's apartment. Really, Bridget was a witness, not the criminal, why are they working this hard? Oh, because they've been after the perp for 10 years and he's done lots of bad stuff, and nothing has stuck. But even with this speech about how Siobhan Martin is harboring a fugitive, it's not plausible.  Fast moving, though. Bridget is in an electronics store finding out about the phone which is disposable. And no he can't tell her who the phone called; the only people with the technology are cops and drug dealers. People on TV always have these phones. But where do you get them? I really want to know.  And Siobhan is in France at a bar, we know it's Siobhan, because she's over-dressed and spangled, helping a young guy (l0oks younger than her) order something like a "shizzitini" with a straight face. She gives him a fake name, Tyler Perry, but eventually she says Cora. He says he does international banking, which is why he hasn't learned French. Because it's always glamorous international bankers who hang out ordering shizzitinis on tv. Before she goes she writes her number on his palm. So I guess she didn't leave for love.  Bridget's going to the address Andrew gave her, all nervous now like he's going to kill her. And I am digging her dress and high heeled boots. This show is a guilty material envy pleasure for sure. A burly guy appears and spooks her, and it's like that scene in "Goodfellas," until her best friend Gemma opens the door.  Inside is a fashion line—she can pick anything from the collection and they will tailor it to fit her. It's a thank you for the party. "is it that hard to believe you have an amazing husband?" Well, yes, right now it is.  Gemma's husband Henry meanwhile is talking to Andrew saying he wants to pull his investment out. The way Andrew tries to talk him out of it is raising warning bells because on American Greed we know it's what Ponzi schemers do. But Henry won't be dissuaded.  Meanwhile Bridget's very suspicious about Andrew's buying her a gorgeous dress for the ballet he doesn't even like, and has to listen to a lecture from Gemma about what a good man Andrew is. And we get a little history of their marriage and how they began to bicker too.  A call on the phone! Someone says "Siobhan Martin, you dropped your scarf." She turns and it's just a few feet from her. Yes that is creepy. "You killed our mutual friend in your loft. So, unless you want me to tell," he says. He tells her to put the phone on the bench in the playground and walk away.  She eyeballs all the guys with cell phones nearby—and after putting the phone down—takes it back! Girl has chutzpah. And she calls information to try to figure out who called the phone but of course, it's blocked.  She tries calling her lover/sponsor, but he's busy being used for punching practice by the the thugs. She doesn't leave a message, which is good, since he lied about having talked to her.  Gemma calls her on the official phone. She claims she had to rush to the doctor for first trimester tests. Gemma tries to get her excited about getting tickets to fashion week, while Bridget peruses Siobhan's datebook. She finds a lawyer's card in the book, and asks Gemma who it might be. Famous divorce lawyers.  Andrew's partner Olivia is upset that Henry is pulling out of the hedge fund to self-publish. Olivia wants to talk to him. She doesn't care about Henry's money but she does care about Gemma's father, a wealthy millionaire with another fund that they've never been able to nab. But Andrew tells her to drop it.  And someone Bridget doesn't know chides her for not saying hello in the lobby of the building of the lawyers' office. Bridget has to bluff by seeing the woman has a bag from F.A.O. Schwarz. "How's the… family?" she says. Fortunately the hyper cheery woman talks a lot and names everyone in the family. The friend, whose name we don't know, says she's sorry she didn't see her at Gatsby on the Green, and "really?" in surprise when Bridget says they should have lunch. So clearly this was a wanna be. Explains her over friendliness.  The lawyer seems a little surprised to see her. He reminds her how adamant she had been about altering the prenuptial agreement. He asks her if it had gotten physical. "Did I give you the impression that it had?" she asks. And he says that he thought she seemed scared of her husband. Flashback to Siobhan telling her no one's life is perfect.  He also has a deed of a property her husband's company acquired that suggests her husband was trying to cheat her (I bet it was Olivia, not Andrew). So—not so much Horatio Hornblower after all. Dramatic scene of her rifling through the desk, and—ta da—finding it, conveniently. In an unlocked file drawer, which is, of course, where people hide deeds from their wives, and not in the bank or in a locked file at work. Just as Andrew walks in and wonders why she was seeing a divorce attorney.  She's stunned. He says Peggy Lewis (ah! That was her name!) told Jack he saw her going in. He grabs her and argues about 227 Pratt Street. "Why can't you trust me?" he says. He says nothing he does is ever enough. And she can take Gemma to the ballet and they can talk about how much they hate their husbands.  Meanwhile Malcolm's thugs listen to her message from last week saying she was packed and ready to go but changed her mind. "I told you, I don't know where she is," he says.  And Gemma is in the office of Martin/Charles because she got a call to tell her to come in. Olivia calls in her assistant to yell at her, but obviously, Olivia planned this whole thing so she could talk to Gemma privately.  Bridget, that pro-active babe, goes to check out the Pratt street address, and it really does look like a crummy warehouse (just in case we have doubts, there are copies of inspection papers on the floor attesting to the asbestos particles). And creepy guy from the party last week shows up and asks for the phone. She points a gun at him then runs away. And miraculously a taxi pulls up just as she needs one. Because, it's television.  "Agent Machado, please," she says on the phone in the car. Will Bridget come clean?  She meets him in a park. She pretends she wanted to see him for updates on Bridget. And he says he will tell her what he knows about her—she withdrew a lot of money, missed a dance class without cancelling. And he knows she's been having an affair with her husband's best friend Henry Martin. He offers to help her but she says "you already have."  She gets a call and tells the voice on the other end that she's talking to the F.B.I. because if anything happens to her, he will get the phone.  Andrew gets a talking down from Henry about Gemma finding out. And after he leaves, Andrew is annoyed with Olivia, saying "he could have made that withdrawal without Gemma's signature." He doesn't like being lied to. And Olivia is miffed because she really wants to be the next Mrs. Andrew.  Bridget gives the Swan Lake tickets to Gemma. And Bridget wonders why Gemma has the picture that Andrew had—and learns the obvious, that it was Bridget's holiday card.  Back in Paris (we know it's Paris, because there are shots of Notre Dame and the Eiffel Tower). Cora is on the bed making out with banker when she suddenly kicks him out saying "you have to go," runs to the bathroom and throws up. Because she's pregnant.  All dressed up, Bridget goes to Andrew's office. She says she's not going to the ballet. She claims she went to the lawyer's office to call it off (which is silly, because it would be something you do over the phone). She says if they are going to move forward she has to stop listening to other people and trust him. Can he forgive her?  Well, ok, in the gazillion dollar dress she looks really really pretty. I hope it's at least a ballet gala. And when she says it was the nicest thing anyone ever did for her, he gets sappy looking and says "you look beautiful." Aw.  Meanwhile in Wyoming, the thug has injected Malcolm with something bad, which is double bad as he's a recovering alcoholic. I'm assuming it isn't actually alcohol in his blood stream because I think it would need to be a lot more than that.  Andrew and Bridget make up on the balcony. And when he looks at her with melty eyes, oh my.  Paris Siobhan calls up Henry but doesn't speak, looking at her pregnancy test. I guess she didn't know before.

P recaps... It's Gonna Kill Me, But I'll Do It
"Shivette", Andrew, Gemma and Henry are heading to the Hamptons to celebrate Siobhan's birthday. Henry is playing with fire trying to win back Siobhan's love while FBI agent Victor Machado is still investigating. 

Video of Episode 03

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Ringer Written Update & Video EP 04

It's Gonna Kill Me, But I'll Do It

Bridhan returns from a shopping spree to find a very distressed Andrew. He found the duffel bag! He's figured everything out! "Don't apologize to me. Apologize to her." he says, and she turns to see a drowned, cyanotic Siobhan.  Fake out! She's just dreaming. Andrew says that she hasn't been sleeping well and wonders if it's baby. Bridhan suggests a trip alone, maybe to the Hamptons. But how could she forget her birthday? Andrew wants a chance to make up for last year, and she wants that, too. She likes where they are now. Andrew arranges to have car service to pick her up.  Bridhan arrives in East Hampton and heads straight to the bus station to reclaim her stashed bag. Cut to surveillance footage, which Agent Machado is watching. He surmises that Bridget must have told Siohban about the bag, so she must know where Bridget is.  Andrew arrives at the beach house earlier than expected, so Bridhan quickly stashes the bag. He was so excited to start the weekend that he pawned off his work. He promises her that this will be the best birthday ever.  They arrive back at the house to find Gemma and Henry have let themselves in for a Siobhan Birthday Weekend Getaway! I predict a weekend of tension.  Gemma and Bridhan are lunching alone. Bridhan urges Gemma that if she loves Henry, she should fight for him. Gemma thanks her for being such a good friend. The women split up: Gemma goes shopping, and Bridhan heads home.  Flashback! Young Bridget and Siobhan want something pretty for their birthday. Mom gave them $20. Siobhan hates being poor and vows to have everything she wants one day. Bridget just wants one thing - a heart-shaped necklace - but they can only afford one. Siobhan says they'll trade it off each birthday.  Back in the present, Gemma's shopping is interrupted by Agent Machado who just wants to ask her a few questions, showing her a picture. "About Siobhan Martin?" she asks. "No, about Bridget Kelly. Her twin sister." Cue shocked expression. Spoiler: This will be the first of many tonight.  Bridhan is home reading trashy magazines when Gemma returns, shocked, to ask, "How could you not tell me you have a twin sister?" Bridhan says they aren't a part of each others' lives, that her sister did something terrible and they had a falling out. Not even Andrew knows about Bridget.  Flashback! Six years ago, Lake Tahoe. Bridget shows up with a red velvet birthday cupcake to share with Siobhan, who's moving to New York. She's met someone: Andrew really cares abou ther. Bridget tells her not to run away, and Siobhan fires back with a "Don't tell me what to do." She digs out the Shared Birthday Necklace and throws it at Bridget's feet. "I don't want it back. Ever." I'm hoping we find out what Horrible Event caused the Sisterly Rift.  Flashforward to 2011 and Paris, Siobhan sees Tyler, of the Aborted One Night Stand, having dinner with a lovely woman. She asks to borrow him for a second, and apologies for being ill. He's all "whatevs, lady. The girl I'm with now doesn't speak much English, but she doesn't need to." Siobhan looks crushed.  Bridhan sneaks downstairs at night to get rid of the Duffel Bag of Incriminating Evidence. Henry's waiting for her, convinced that she wants him back. Turns out this is "their place." How could she have forgotten the last year?  FLASHBACK AGAIN! One year ago, back in East Hampton, Henry and Siobhan are getting "frinedly" in front of the fire. She begs him to finish his book so they don't have to be apart another day. Since it's her birthday, she wants him to read his book to her. While getting it, he finds a package with no return address. "I'm not picky. I'll take presents from anyone," she says, opening it. It's the Shared Birthday Necklace with a note "I miss you. Love, B"  Back in the present, Bridhan doesn't want to hurt Andrew or Gemma. When Henry argues that she never cared about them before, she says "I do now." Out on the beach, Bridhan burns the contents of her Duffle Bag of Incriminating Evidence, except for a letter addressed Bridget from Siobhan.  Ah, Paris! Siobhan's stalking Tyler, but gets stopped by hotel management to discuss payment. Tyler swoops in and saves the day, telling Msr. Manager that she works for his company and they're late for a meeting. I'm curious to know what business meeting one attends in a barely clasped top sans bra.  Over coffee, she gives Tyler a sob story about running away from her husband to visit Paris for the first time. And now someone has drained her bank account and she's broke and all alone on her birthday. Tyler's "always had a thing for blondes" and takes her out to celebrate.  In East Hampton, it's a party with sparkling cider for all. Bridhan is overwhelmed by the presents and keeping up pretenses. She has a momentary flashback to buying the Shared Birthday Necklace. She begs for a moment alone, and returns to the bedroom. She reads Siobhan's letter which contains the necklace and a desire to reconnect. Siobhan hopes Bridget will wear it when she comes to visit. .  Henry walks in as she's putting on the necklace. He apologizes for last night, saying he was drunk. But when they were together, he lived for the moments when she would look at him like he was the only man in the world. Tonight, she's looking at Andrew that way. But Henry is convinced that the baby is his.  Cut away -- Gemma is standing behind the open door!! Dun dun DUN!!!  Back form commercial, Henry and Bridhan blithely walk past an utterly shocked Gemma. Outside, Andrew has recreated a restaurant on the beach. Bridhan is overwhelmed with happiness, and Gemma is just overwhelmed. I suspect this is the best birthday poor Bridget has ever had. Gemma takes off, and Bridhan follows.  In a Parisian hotel room, Siobhan wakes up alone and sadly looks around. moments later, Tyler walks in with a breakfast tray. He's also set it up with the manager that his company's very important client, Cora Farrell, will be staying indefinitely. When poor, unsuspecting Tyler leaves the room to find his tie, Siobhan starts digging through his briefcase and steals a folder marked Account Transfers. Once he leaves, she makes a call: "The plan is back on. Tyler Barrett just extended my hotel stay. On the company dime. This is going to be easier than we thought."  And in East Hampton, Bridhan wanders around the house, looking for Gemma. Instead she finds Agent Machado, who plays a recording of the distress call she sent out when Siobhan disappeared. She admits that they were both on the boat. She says they fought, she was afraid of what "Bridget" might do to her, and that's why she made the call. "Siobhan" told "Bridget" that she never wanted to see her again, and that was the last time they saw each other. After Bridhan storms off, Agent Macahado picks up her phone and finds Malcolm, Bridget's sponsor, in her call history.  Bridhan finally finds Gemma in her room packing and gets a purse to the face. "That's for sleeping with my husband, wh**e!" Bridhan tries the whole "it's not what you think" thing, but Gemma gives her the whatfor we've all been thinking. "What, Siobhan, what? Because there's nothing you could possibly say to make this okay." Big reveal! "I'm not Siobhan. I'm Bridget."  Good luck convincing her of that when you just burned every piece of evidence that proves your existence. Because that just sounds like a convenient excuse to get out of sleeping with your best friend's husband. Oh, and what happens when someone wants a paternity test of the non-existent baby? Perhaps Bridget should watch some season 1 of Glee to learn how to fake a pregnancy.  What do you think, readers? Are you still invested? Is Gemma going to buy this answer? What is this plan that Siobhan has? What will happen to Tyler the One Night Stooge? What happened to poor Malcolm?  

P recaps...A Whole New Kind of Bitch
When Bridget cannot get in touch with Gemma she begins to wonder if something has happened between Gemma and Henry. Juliet starts a new school, where she defends herself against the school bully and her teacher Mr. Carpenter comes to her rescue. Bridget asks Charlie to do her a favor that could come back to haunt her, while Agent Machado looks into Malcolm's disappearance.

Video of Episode 04

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Ringer viewers didn't have to wait long for Bridget's secret to come tumbling out.

After Gemma (Tara Summers) discovered that Henry (Kristopher Polaha) had actually been having an affair with Siobhan (Sarah Michelle Gellar), Bridget did the only thing she could think of to keep herself safe: Play the twin card.

Exclusive: Ringer to have a Buffy reunion!

"It was a bold move on Bridget's part," creator Eric Charmelo says, noting that it was more exciting that Bridget, who's been harboring this secret for around two weeks now, was the one to out herself. "It was partial desperation, partial plea to try to find an ally in this crazy world."

In revealing her secret to Gemma, Bridget will now have to do damage control in Tuesday's episode (9/8c on The CW), when she discovers whether Gemma will be an ally or an adversary, Charmelo says. "Just because the secret's out to one person, doesn't mean it's out to the collective. So the drive in the episode is to try and contain the oil spill, if you will."

Like Bridget's need to finally tell the truth, the producers felt it was high time to show their hand. "We needed to have some drama that she could share with someone and up the stakes for Bridget," executive producer Pam Veasey says. "She can't live this life and make this choice and everything just lives smooth. People would go, 'Right.' You have to have some jeopardy for her."

Ringer's Sarah Michelle Gellar: I'm not trying to re-create or top Buffy

Siobhan's secret — that she's still alive — won't come out as quickly, though she and Bridget will cross paths "sooner than later," Veasey adds.

For now, Siobhan is working out her revenge from Paris, though we may see her closer to home soon. "She'll realize she needs to move around in order for things to work out the way she wants them to," Charmelo says. "Being sedentary is not in the cards for her."

"You will see more of Siobhan," Veasey adds. "She's always been the one driven by revenge, so keep that in mind, and Bridget, by redemption. Revenge has to rear its beautiful head at some point in grander ways. She's not always just our punctuation in every episode."

A piece of the puzzle as to why Siobhan is hellbent on revenge was revealed in the pilot through a photo of a young boy named Sean. But we won't learn the back story as to why that would cause Siobhan to fake her death until the second half of the season, which has yet to be picked up by The CW. The producers are hopeful though. "It's certainly part of the sisters' history and what drove a gigantic wedge between them," Charmelo says.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Then and Now

One person who won't discover he's sharing his bed with his wife's twin sister is Andrew (Ioan Gruffudd). "It's intentional," Charmelo says of not having the pair show physical affection toward one another.  "We're going to build up their relationship."

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Ringer Written Update & Video EP 05

A Whole New Kind of Bitch

It's ultimatums, double crosses, NA meetings, and drug-induced torture on "Ringer" this week!  Following Bridget-As-Siobhan's revelation to Gemma last week that she is in fact Bridget and did not sleep with her husband, Gemma stormed out of the Hamptons not believing BAS's story. Later looking at some old video from a party Gemma notices two things: a secret glance between Siobhan and Henry and a burn on Siobhan's arm. After frantically trying to get in touch with her Gemma finds BAS and they talk. She looks at her arm and sees that Bridget does not have the burn and is telling the truth. She is flabbergasted by the news and also that her friend is dead. (Or at least presumed as such.) Bridget begs Gemma not to tell but Gemma points out that she doesn't have to do anything Bridget wants her to since she is, in fact, a complete stranger to her.  Later, she gives Bridget an ultimatum. She wants to divorce Henry but she wants to make sure he doesn't get a dime of her money or custody of the kids. Henry and Gemma have an infidelity clause in their pre-nup. She wants Bridget to meet Henry and sleep with him, walk in on them and thereby have irrefutable proof of his infidelity.  Bridget is torn. She goes to an NA meeting in Brooklyn and meets a fellow addict in recovery named Charlie. When she can't get in touch with Malcolm-- who is still being tortured by being shot up with drugs by Macawi in the strip club-- she reaches out to Charlie. Without explaining the details she explains she is being asked to do something she knows is wrong that will ruin several families, make it impossible to live with herself, and likely cause a relapse.  She goes to Gemma-- who had come by the apartment with "news," which turned out that she was no longer overseeing Henry and Siobhan's loft renovation-- and tells her she can't do it. Gemma says she has no choice. If Bridget doesn't sleep with Henry she will tell Andrew and Agent Machado who she really is. Bridget must sleep with Henry by midnight. Bridget goes to Henry-- who has gotten more bad news from publishers about his book-- and tells him Gemma knows about them and about the trap she wanted to set for the two of them and tells him to go home and fall in love with his wife again and protect his family. Henry says he can't do this, he loves Siobhan. She tells him to take care of it.  All the while this is happening Andrew's bratty daughter Juliet is having a meltdown. When BAS and Andrew returned from the Hamptons the word "wh**e" has been scrawled across Siobhan's big photo and Juliet has had a house-trashing party with her equally spoiled friends. Andrew tries to confront her but she resists. BAS says she wants to help and ransacks Juliet's room looking for drugs. Instead she finds a matchbook from a bar. Andrew says he'll handle it.  When Juliet goes on another rampage and ruins Siobhan's closet, including her wedding dress, she finds her NA pamphlet. She follows BAS to the meeting and sees her talking to Charlie. At dinner he reveals this but thinks it's because Siobhan wants to put her in rehab and BAS claims she was doing "research" into addiction. Later, Andrew "handles" it by telling Juliet he is sending her to-- the horror-- public school away from her bad influence friends. Juliet freaks and tells him this is all Siobhan's fault, it's not about drugs. She calls Siobhan a cheating, manipulative bitch who sleeps with married men. Later she freaks and sneaks out. Andrew tells BAS that Juliet told her she knows about the cheating... that they did together when he was still married to Juliet's mom. That's what she meant and is upset about. They track her down at the bar from the matchbook. BAS apologizes for the cheating and wrecking Juliet's home. She says if Juliet needs to hate her she understands but to stop hurting herself and her father. Later, they clean off Siobhan's picture together.  But first Bridget and Gemma meet and she says she couldn't do it. Gemma says she will expose her. Bridget begs her not to and mentions how fragile Andrew and Juliet are. Gemma can't believe that she's using Juliet as a crutch for her self-serving needs. Bridget gives an unconvincing speech about what a crappy person Siobhan was and how she's trying to fix things and that maybe one of those things can be this friendship, maybe she can be a better friend than Siobhan was. Apparently, this is enough for Gemma who exhales and says it's crazy but maybe she'll give it a try.  Later, however, Henry, in a drunken rage calls Gemma and says Siobhan told him everything about her trap and she will not get what she wants-- the kids, her money-- etc. Gemma can't believe Bridget ratted her out. She calls Andrew in a panic asking him to meet her and that it's an emergency. At this point they're at the club with Juliet so BAS takes Juliet home and Andrew goes to Henry and Gemma's. He is met at the door by a furtive Henry who says everything is fine, Gemma's not home and maybe she called Andrew from the office. Andrew says he'd like to come in and wait but Henry begs off saying he has some work to take care of. He shuts the door and we see that there was a struggle, there is a broken lamp on the floor, and blood on the wall. Apparently, he took care of it.

P recaps... The Poor Kids Do It Everyday

Bridget is wondering what happened to Gemma while asking something of Charlie. Juliet is starting fresh on a new school but her teacher, Mr. Carpenter (guest star Jason Dohring), will soon have to help her out. Agent Machado is looking into Malcolm's disappearance. 

Video of Episode 05

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Ringer Written Update & Video EP 06

The Poor Kids Do It Everyday

Things took an interesting twist tonight.  So based on last week's events we all figured Gemma was dead, right? But it turns out that she might just be missing. Although judging by the blood we watch Henry clean off the wall's in tonight's open, if she's not dead she's in some serious pain.  We pick up where we left off. Bridget-As-Siobhan puts Juliet to sleep after her rough night out. Andrew returns and explains that Gemma called him urgently. He wonders if Siobhan knows why. She professes ignorance and he tells her to give Gemma a call the next day to make sure she's okay.  We cut to Henry cleanning up the crime scene. He later dumps the evidence in a dumpster behind a restaurant far from his home. He then drops her car off in long-term airport parking.  The next day BAS leaves messages for Gemma reiterating that she hopes to be the friend her sister couldn't. She doesn't reach her. Later, Gemma's assistant drops off the key to the loft and asks if Siobhan has heard from her and she, of course, says she hasn't.  Juliet heads off to her first day at public school, after being convinced to put on a more chaste outfit and handing off the last of her drug stash to BAS.  BAS tries to flush the stash but can't bring herself to do it. She calls Charlie to ask for a quick sponsorship meet-up.  At school Juliet is bullied by a tough girl, fights back and gets sent to the principal for her troubles. The principal pulls out her lengthy rap sheet from private school and automatically assumes she's at fault. When Andrew shows up, he too believes she's at fault. He doesn't even give her a chance to explain. She is heartbroken by this. Her new teacher Mr. Carpenter, however, knows the bully Tessa well and after hearing Juliet's sob story decides she deserves a fresh start and stands up for her in front of the principal and her dad.  BAS goes to the Butlers and Henry pulls her in. He accuses her of doing something to Gemma. He explains about the crime scene he cleaned up. BAS is freaked out by this. She says she didn't do anything and by his cleaning up the crime scene it just makes him look like the guilty party. He tells her that in spite of everything she's done to him in the past few weeks, he was protecting her because she was the one that casually mentioned offing their spouses. We cut to "8 months ago" and a tryst between the two and her making the suggestion and then, after clearly being serious, trying to laugh it off and calling him gullible. He grabs her and yells "say something to me! Where is she?" He backs off and she leaves saying she doesn't know him and she never did.  Meanwhile, Agent Machado gets the news that Malcolm is missing Wyoming. They find his car, signs of a struggle, and then notice a pile of cigarette butts nearby. They realize someone watched and waited send the butts off for DNA testing.  At Macawi's strip club they have successfully hooked Malcolm on drugs. Now they are withholding him and watching him go through withdrawal. They cook up a little heroin in a spoon in front of him and taunt him and tell him they will give him a fix if he talks. He refuses. As they walk away he finally cracks and says he'll tell them everything they want to know.  BAS heads home and pulls out Juliet's stash. Just then she is grabbed from behind. It's Henry. He let himself in with the key she gave him. He leaves it. He says he came back just to make clear that he did nothing to Gemma. He could never hurt the mother of his children and he needs Siobhan to say that she knows that. She says he needs to call the police. He says he can't, he couldn't look more guilty. And then adds he could since he called his lawyer yesterday to pull the trigger on a divorce. He wonders how long it will take them ot figure out that he was having an affair and with who. He says he needs her help, that they're in it together. She says she needs time to think. She makes him leave.  She meets up with Charlie at a coffee shop and hands over Juliet's stash which he promptly dumps in a garbage can. She wishes she could've done that. She then says she's gotta go.  She calls Henry and asks where he dumped the evidence and said she believes him. He tells her.  Machado and the local Wyoming detective pay a visit to Macawi's strip club. Macawi's men point out they don't have a warrant. They ask about Malcolm. The bad guys of course give up nothing.  BAS goes to the dumpster and locates the bag of evidence. She then calls the police to report Gemma missing and tip them off to the evidence.  Unsurprisingly, the police show up on the Butler's doorstep to question Henry, who feigns ignorance of his wife being missing and doesn't she have to be gone for 24 hours? They tell him about the tip from a female caller telling him where the evidence was. After this news comes out he does a shaky job of telling his tale. They want to continue the conversation at the precinct house. BAS watches from across the street as the cops drive him away. She gets a call from Charlie. She tells him she wants him to be her regular sponsor after all. He says it will have to be a more regular thing. She says she'll have to check her schedule but she's down.  The Wyoming detective tells Machado that the DNA on the cigarette butts was that of one of Macawi's dudes. They get a warrant, bust into the strip club, find the weird basement room with the cage, but of course Malcolm is gone.  At the precinct house the police suddenly let him go. He is confused. The police call up Machado and tell him they have some interesting news. They found Bridget Kelly's prints on some evidence from a crime scene at the Butler house. We flashback to the moment when BAS found the evidence in the dumpster, she opened the bag and deliberately put her fingerprints on a piece of the broken vase.  At home Andrew is waiting for BAS and tells her to sit down and that he has news. He explains that Gemma is missing and the police believe she was a victim of foul play. Henry called and filled him in. She sheds a few tears and they hug. Andrew heads off for a business call as Siobhan's phone rings. He informs her that he'll be seeing her soon and wonders what connection Bridget might've had to Gemma and why she might've wanted to hurt her. BAS feigns ignorance.  Over in Paris, Siobhan gets a call and is told "The Gemma problem has been taken care of." She replies she didn't want it to have to come to this.

P recaps... Oh Gawd, There's Two of Them?

Next Episode Well Be No Air 1 November 2011Smile

Video of Episode 06

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Ringer Written Update & Video EP 07

Oh Gawd, There's Two of Them?

Although he hasn't been named as such, the press is treating Henry as a suspect in Gemma's disappearance, camping out on his front steps. When he emerges they bombard him with questions as he leaves to get in a car. It turns out he's on his way to the precinct house.  As are Bridget-as-Siobhan (BAS) and Andrew, since the cops have turned up on their door with some questions. BAS says she just has to go grab her purse. Andrew gets all chesty with the cops saying she's pregnant and this better be quick. BAS goes to the closet, takes out her cell phone and calls someone and, identifying herself as Bridget, says she messed up big-time this time and so she's skipping town.  At the precinct house the three are separated. In their respective rooms Andrew and Henry are shown Bridget's mug shot and asked if they know who she is. They both correctly identify her as Bridget.  We flashback to the day before and BAS telling them about Bridget, the twin she's ashamed of. She explains most of the story, apologizes, and says she's telling them for the express situation they're in now: being questioned by the cops. They are both, understandably, angry and confused but do their part dutifully. Juliet is also looped in and is aghast, giving the episode it's title: "oh gawd, there's two of them?" (Otherwise she seems uninterested. She's more concerned with getting permission to go to Monica's in Stamford for the weekend. Andrew reluctantly allows it saying Monica's parents need to call him.)  When Agent Machado comes in to see BAS he tells her he's surprised Henry and Andrew know about Bridget. She says it's hard to keep a secret with him around. She plays the message from Bridget for him-- she was calling Siobhan's phone it turns out. She says this message proves Bridget has skipped town. Machado isn't buying it. He also tells BAS that Malcolm Ward is missing and if she hears from him to let him know. She asks if he thinks Malcolm is dead. He says he doesn't know, only that he's gone and foul play is suspected.  BAS sees Henry on the way out of the precinct house and asks how he is. He says he just wants to go home. Indeed, Malcolm is on his way to certain doom, hooded in the back of a van operated by two of Macawi's henchmen. Luckily, they have to take a leak and assuming he's too high to do anything leave him alone in the van at a rest area. He undoes his bonds and escapes. He runs home, grabs his wallet, a clean shirt and hops a bus. When he gets off at a rest stop he recognizes the boots of one of the henchmen in a nearby stall. He clocks the guy with his own gun and, presumably, takes it with.  Meanwhile, Juliet is helping her friend Monica as she pukes into a garbage can at a raging teen house party. Monica needs to get her car home. Juliet keeps insisting that she'll take them back to her place and they can get the car later. They're in the city, even though they're supposed to be in Stamford. Juliet props Monica up and sayst they're leaving.  It is now time for Henry, BAS, and Andrew to attend a gala for a building that Gemma designed.  Several things happen before this however:  -BAS goes to Charlie and asks him, as a former cop, to look into the police's case on Bridget. Without giving too much away she says she knows they're chasing the wrong suspect. She finally gives him her name, and also the location of Gemma's car in long-term parking at JFK.  -Andrew and BAS have a heart-to-heart in which she again apologizes for lying to him, says she was ashamed of Siobhan and that it might change his opinion of her. He asks for a little more credit than that. She says no one is honest all the time and it's hard to be vulnerable. She says she knows he isn't honest all the time. He admits that this is true and has a confession: initially he wasn't psyched about the baby news because they were in a bad place but now he knows it's a blessing. They start making out. But just as it's getting good, his phone rings. It's Juliet's teacher Mr. Carpenter, she's been in a car accident.  Andrew heads off to help her out. Mr. Carpenter reports that Juliet is fine and that she called him. He takes Andrew to Juliet. Juliet says she only had two beers and that Monica was trashed and she was only trying to help when driving her car even though she only has her learner's permit. Andrew's had enough he tells Juliet he's cutting off her trust fund, he thinks it's the only way he can get through to her. Juliet wheels on a still drunk Monica and tells her she owes her ten million dollars. Monica is confused.  Meanwhile at the gala Henry is being hounded by the press and drinking. He confesses to BAS it's only now he realizes how much he loved Gemma. BAS tells him she has someone on the case and that everything is going to be okay. She puts Henry in a cab. As she turns around she spots Malcolm lurking in the gala crowd and promptly faints.  Andrew arrives at the hospital where BAS is being treated for a concussion. He shakes Malcolm's hands and thanks him for helping his wife. Malcolm slouches out. Andrew goes to Siobhan's side and tells her the doctor's want to do an ultrasound to check on the baby. BAS freaks but she can't really refuse.  We cut to the police station where the female cop is pleased to tell Machado that they just got a hit on Malcolm Ward's ATM card and shows him footage of him at a machine in New York that is only a few hours old. Machado thinks this means Bridget is still in New York.  Charlie goes to Gemma's car at JFK, jimmies the door and opens the hatchback. He notices some spots of blood on the edge. He tells someone on the phone that there is blood in the car but it's his, from when Gemma hit him. He wipes it off. It's Siobhan in Paris on the other end of the line. We flashback to the attack on Gemma. Charlie grabbed her, she hit him with a coffee cup and scrambled away into her apartment but he caught up with her. Siobhan asks if everyone still thinks Bridget is her. He says everything is moving right along and to call him with the next move.

P recaps...Maybe We Can Get a Dog Instead

Video of Episode 07

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Ringer Written Update & Video EP 08

Maybe We Can Get a Dog Instead

We pick up where we left off at the ultrasound. Even though the baby is supposed to be no bigger than a bean the doctor can't see anything. Bridget-as-Siobhan says she had some bleeding last week. The doctor says she guesses Siobhan had an ectopic pregnancy and lost it. She expresses sorrow for their loss. Andrew can't believe it.  Later at home, BAS apologizes. Andrew says he's just glad she's okay. Juliet hasmade her some tea and asks if it hurt. BAS says no. They give BAS time to rest. She checks her messages and Malcolm has called saying he's at a hotel on 95th and needs to see her.  After Andrew goes to sleep she goes to Malcolm and hugs him and asks what happened. He explains about Bodaway's basement. He says he made them believe that she was in Seattle. He said he was careful and wasn't followed. He advises her to leave NYC, just like he is. She says she can't leave since she threw "Bridget" under the bus in the disappearance of Gemma. Malcolm is aghast. She says she had no other choice and apologizes for getting him mixed up in this. She offers to move him to a safer place and hands him a wad of cash. He tells her to just go. She asks if he's sure he's okay. He asks for some slack after what he's been through. He hands her her 6 month chip, figuring she'd want it so she won't forget who she is. She leaves.  BAS handles her chip the next day and flashes back to an NA meetingwith Malcolm seven months previously. Bridget is at her first meeting all figdety and clammy. She didn't want to share. Machado was watching over her at the meeting. She is taken from her reverie by Andrew who took the day off so they could spend it together. She says she has a doctor's appointment and she'd rather go alone.  In class with Mr. Carpenter is discussing "Of Mice and Men' with class and Juliet is the only one who participates. She gets into it again with the bully. She goes to him after the class and asks him to do something about Tessa. He says he'll take care of it. She says she's had a tough week what with losing her trust fund and her stepmother's miscarriage. He offers his condolences and offers to send her to the guidance counselour. She says she'd rather talk to him and basically asks him out on a date. He demurs.  Andrew heads to work. He and Olivia talk about letting Mr. Genet go since he lost transfer documents with his signature on them. She asks if something else is bothering him. He tells her Siobhan lost the baby. She tells him to to go home and be with her. He says she's dealing with it in her own way. She asks how he's dealing with it. He says they were set on not having kids but he was warming up to it. She asks if they can try again. He says it's a good question.  In his hotel room, Malcolm shoots up.  Juliet gets a call from Henry and breaks the news about the loss of the baby. He is obviously upset.  BAS meets Charlie and he tells her a story that he went to JFK long-term parking and saw a few stray hairs in Gemma's car but not much else. As he's talking she flashes back to the first time she opened up to Malcolm at a meeting. She explains she's there because she has to be not because she wants to. They both admit to heroin addiction. He offers to be her sponsor. Siobhan admits her old sponsor is in town. She says she's not going to break up with him, she's just a little stressed since having Malcolm here could add to her stress level. She admits that she and her husband are going through some stuff. He tells her to just be honest with them: if you come clean, you stay clean. She takes off. He calls Siobhan in Paris and tells her that Malcolm is in NYC. Siobhan tells him to make sure he doesn't mess things up. He says he's got to take a different approach with Malcolm since the Gemma thing got of out of hand and wasn't what he signed up for when he took this job. Siobhan him to spare her the details since she's been listening to a guy complain about his job for the last few weeks and to just take care of it.  And now we're in Paris as Tyler enters the room as Siobhan hangs up with Charlie. They playfully banter about her not seeing any of Paris since they're always in bed. He says that's her fault. Either way she's not going with him on his business trip to Rome so as not to be a distraction. As he gets in a car to head to the airport he gets a call from his boss... Andrew, who says since they fired Mr. Genet they want to make Tyler the head of European operations. He asks Tyler to come to New York to discuss it. Tyler happily obliges.  Henry goes to the Martin house to see BAS. Andrew's out. She tells him her guy didn't find anything in Gemma's car. He lets her know he knows about the baby. He says she must be relieved. She says that's a really ugly thing to say. She says she thought he let her go. He says he thought deep down when she had her baby she'd change her mind but now he knows what they had is over.  Malcolm is zoning out to TV when simultaneously Siobhan calls and the cops show up at the door. At the precinct Machado waves the drugs in his face and asks what happened and says he can trust him. Malcolm claim he knows nothing, that Bridget hooked up with her sister but now she's gone. Machado says he's trying to help her and admits that, yes he does need her in his case against Macawi. He says he hopes that when Bridget reaches out he does the right thing. He makes the drug charge go away so he can follow him to Bridget.  At the Martin house BAS talks to Juliet about her bully. She says Mr. C is taking care of it. Juliet says it sucks about the baby. BAS says she feels awful. Juliet says it's not her fault. She admits she was anti-baby at first but got excited about a little brother or sister. She ask if she and Andrew will try again. BAS says she doesn't think so, she wants to go back to the way things were. Juliet says maybe they can get a dog.  The next morning she tries to talk to Andrew and he blows up at her having overheard her tell Juliet she doesn't want to try again. She says she thought it was too soon. He says the baby changed things and without it he doesn't know where they stand. Her phone rings and he tells her to take it. He says he has a business dinner but won't make her go since she hates them. She says she wants to join him for a business dinner so they can spend time together. He says she has a funny way of showing it. He again tells her to take the call. He leaves, she does. He says he needs to see her. She tells him to meet her at a coffee shop nearby. The next call comes from Machado and he tells her Malcolm is in NYC. She says she's on her way to meet him now. Turns out Machado's in her lobby, he wants her to wear a wire. She tries to demur and he threatens her with the Henry Butler secret.  She wears the wire and meets Malcolm. She meets him by saying you must be Malcolm, and introduces herself as Siobhan. He's confused. She asks if he's okay. She says she is given the circumstances. She then spills coffee on herself and walks away. She returns and a waiter stops by and shows him a menu-- in it BAS has placed a note saying that she's wired. He gets it. She says if he hears from Bridget he should tell her, he can trust her. He says it's not about trust, he just doesn't know anything. In the van, Machado says it's not going anywhere. She joins him in the van and complains that he didn't tell her he was an addict and how come he didn't help Malcolm like he helped Bridget. Machado says Bridget was a material witness and that Malcolm isn't his responsibility. BAS says she sees, he only helps those who can help him.  She catches up with Malcolm and calls him a liar. He gives her the pot/kettle answer and says it's clear she's beginning to enjoy playing dress up in Siobhan's life. She says this isn't about her, it's about him and his using. He says he's not. He explains about Bodaway hooking him to take it away so the withdrawal would make him spill. He is angry saying he was sober five years and Bodaway took it away in a few weeks. BAS is sad for him. He says he can beat it he did it once and can again. She offers to help. He asks for money. She says she won't give him money to buy drugs. She reminds him of his steps. She says to let her be the one who's straight with him. He wonders how that's possible since she can't be honest with herself.  Juliet is mad and confronts Mr.C about transferring her out of his class. She thought he was going to transfer Tessa. She thought he liked her. He says he does but not in that way.  Good thing BAS didn't go to Andrew's dinner, it's with Tyler. Andrew asks if he's married, Tyler says no but he is seeing someone. Olivia is at dinner as well. And then.. BAS shows up. Tyler is shocked when Andrew, very happy that she's there, introduces her as his wife. She shakes his hand and introduces herself as Siobhan. When they have a moment he asks why she told him her name was Cora. He says he didn't realize he was sleeping with the boss's wife.  Later Malcolm is moseying down the street and steals some money off an outdoor table.  Later still in the car Andrew says he's glad she came. She says she wants the marriage to work, baby or no baby, no more games.  Tyler calls Siobhan in Paris. He says he understands why she didn't want to come to Rome now since she had to fly to NYC. He calls her an amazing actress to sit through three courses pretending not to know him. She says she's flying back to Paris. He tells her to save it and find a new hotel since his company is no longer underwriting her life.  When BAS and Andrew get home, Malcolm is there in the lobby. He tells her he needs some help. She introduces Andrew to Malcolm. Up in the apartment BAS takes Andrew aside and asks if Malcolm can stay for the night saying he was one of the only good things in his sister's life. She flashes back to Malcolm helping her through step 9 with her sister. In the present Andrew says Malcolm helped her on the night she fainted that's all the convincing he needs and takes her hand.  BAS puts Malcolm to bed. He apologizes. She tells him no matter where she is, or who he thinks she is, she's always there for him.  The next morning Juliet spies on a Young Samaritans meeting that Mr. C is running. She joins the club.  BAS sees Malcolm off and says he's going to get through this. She deposits Malcolm at Charlie's doorstep, he says they did the right thing coming there.

P recaps...Shut Up and Eat Your Bologna

Bridget begins to realize she is developing feelings for Andrew, while Henry and Andrew's business partner Olivia bond over common interests. Malcolm is suspicious of Bridget's new NA sponsor Charlie and Bridget makes an appointment with Siobhan's therapist, hoping it will help her discover some insight into her sister's life.

Video of Episode 08

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Ringer Written Update & Video EP 09

Shut Up and Eat Your Bologna

Andrew and Bridget-as-Siobhan make out on their bed in the morning and discuss taking a vacation. He says she's earned some place warm after all she's been through. They're going to Turks & Caicos. She also gets her fancy dress that Juliet ruined back. Andrew wants to put it away in the closet but of course that's where she keeps her gun. So she does it.  She grabs the gun and flashes back to the day in Wyoming when she went on the run. It turns out she didn't bean the cop and run like she said. Turns out out her cop protector told her to run since half of the force and the Feds were on Bodaway's payroll. (She beaned him by accident when he came in to tell her.) And he gave her the gun saying she needed it for protection and he needed a cover story. He asked if she had anywhere to go, she said her sister. She refused the gun but he stuffed it in her bag.  In the present, BAS calls Charlie and asks how to get rid of a gun. He offers to take care of it. She allows him. He claims he's at library but really he's at home making a sandwich. He says he got the Butler's bank statements so he that's a good lead on Gemma. The better lead? The fact that he has her tied up in his basement bound and gagged. He tells her that when he takes off her gag she shouldn't make a peep and should just "shut up and eat your bologna."  At the NA meeting Malcolm shares after his bad few weeks, not specifically of course. He give thanks to Charlie for giving him a place to stay and getting him back into the rooms. He's been clean six days. BAS arrives for this announcement. BAS gives Charlie the gun. She explains how she came by the gun-- from Bridget. We get another flashback this one to her arrival at Siobhan's and finding it in her bag.  Henry's at Andrew's office to sign some papers with his kids. He's grateful for the distraction. Olivia enters and comments on how cute his redheaded children are. Henry lets them know that Gemma's dad isn't doing well with a bad ticker and the stress of Gemma's disappearance. Apparently, immortality is the one thing that Gemma's rich dad Tim Arborgast can't buy.  BAS and Malcolm have coffee. She explains she gave Charlie the gun. Malcolm wonders if it's a good idea. BAS says she can't have it around, especially now that Andrew is starting to trust her. He points out she's pretending to be his dead wife, how much trust can there be? He also says this Prince Charming fantasy was supposed to be temporary. She says she knows but she doesn't want to leave until she finds out who's trying to hurt her sister. Malcolm wonder if there's anything at the house she overlooked. She rifles through Siobhan's things again and finds a pill bottle with a doctor's name. Dr. Morris. She makes an appointment.  She shows up at the doctor's office, sits in the wrong chair and isn't sure what answers to give. The doctor wonders why she's calling herself Siobhan Martin? Apparently, she never uses her real name when making appointments. (BAS flashes on Tyler calling her Cora, that was her go to fake name.) The doctor says she's glad she decided to come back to therapy. BAS says she doesn't even know why she gave it up. Dr. Morris asks what's happened in her life, she reports things are better with Andrew, she broke it off with Henry, and Juliet doesn't hate her anymore. The doctor is impressed she totally transformed her life, outside of treatment. She wants to know why she came back then? She says she's not sure. The doctor asks her to think about it. BAS says she can't exactly say. The doctor says something must've felt different this morning. She flashes on her kisses with Andrew and says "oh my god, I'm falling in love with Andrew... all over again."  At the office Andrew and Olivia discuss "hitting" Arborgast, now that's he's weak, sick, and worried about his legacy and his grandchildren and if his money in the right place. He's unsure. She is surprised at this. He doesn't want to shake Henry down for his connection to Arborgast. She tells him two of their six investors have pulled out and if they don't find someone to cover those losses they could be in big trouble.  BAS goes on about her "improving" relationship with Andrew and how she doesn't want it to end. At the end of the session she wonders if she should get her anti-depressant prescription refilled. The doctor says she seems to be doing great. She looks bewildered and asks if she doesn't think she's depressed anymore. The doctor tells her that they both know she didn't prescribe those pills for depression. (Huh?)  Malcolm is stressing in the bathroom when Charlie checks on him. He says he's okay and he seems to be. He notices some mouthwash and wants Charlie to get rid of it. (It's got alcohol in it.) Charlie pours it out, saying booze was never really his poison. Malcolm calls BAS and she points out that not all addicts draw a hardline on mouthwash. He says he looked around for signs of using and there were no booze or drugs but noticed he has almost no clothes. He thinks something's not right. The batteries in the remote are still shrink-wrapped but Charlie says he's lived their for months. BAS hangs up abruptly to sneak back into the therapist's office after she leaves. Under the guise of using the rest room she grabs her file. She quickly stuffs it back in when she hears something. The doctor returns and wonders what she's doing in her office.  Siobhan claims she wanted to talk some more and starts talking fast and crazy. The doctor says she needs to reasses if she can still keep seeing her. BAS says she understands and skedaddles with the paper. It tells her that the anti-depressants were for paranoia, she thought someone was stalking her and she found her "answer" at Gramercy Cathedral. BAS is surprised Siobhan went to church.  Olivia and Andrew continue to argue about trying to poach Arbogast via Henry. BAS shows up for a lunch date. This seems to annoy Olivia. Andrew explains the real reason for Olivia's annoyance. BAS points out Gemma's still missing and he says Tim's sick. She says she thinks she's going to be sick now at the idea of pouncing on him. Andrew changes the subject to trying a "thought experiment." He asks if "what if doing the right thing, cost us everything, the house, money, clothes, would you stand with me?" She says she would. He says he's got to get back to work. He asks her plans for the day. She asks what he'd say if she said she was going to church. He's confused and said she might burn. She scoffs. He says she put up a big fight about getting married in a church. She says it's just a thought experiment.  Charlie comes home and says he's going to take a quick shower. He drops his jacket and Malcolm rifles through it. It's empty. Including the wallet. All that's in it is a key with an address on it for a P.O. Box. Malcolm goes to it and takes out mail addressed to a John Delario.  BAS arrives at the Gramercy Cathedral. It's now "for sale" and has been turned into a bar. She goes down into it and is shocked to see "Charlie" downing drinks at the bar. The bartender gives him lip. He says he hasn't had a drink in five day sso it's time for her to stop judging and start pouring. She replies "whatever you say John." She is freaked as he hides in the corner. A guy asks if she needs help and she asks if he's ever seen "John" here with her. He says no, buthe's always drinking whiskey and always on his cell.  BAS calls someone and says to meet her at the apartment.  The real Siobhan calls Charlie from Paris and asks for a progress report. He says everybody's squared away and all is taken care and that he got rid of the gun. Siobhan points out the only reason she had the gun and was freaked about it was because the cop that John hired gave it to her. He points out that the cop needed a story to cover his ass and it succeeded in getting Bridget to come to Siobhan. (Oh my god this is so tangled now.)  Andrew goes to Olivia and says they're not pursuing Arborgast even if it means they're losing their chance altogether, too bad. She wonders why. He says a month ago he probably would've done it but now he has other things to live for then their bottom line. She disgustedly says "Sibohan." He says, "I guess I want to be the man she thinks I am." She's revolted...and determined. She pulls out a file, the one Henry signed earlier, and rips it up.  Malcolm and BAS debrief about Charlie/John. She calls herself an idiot. He says it's not her fault since he went to such lengths to gain her trust. They try to figure out what his deal is. Malcolm decides to check out his other address, the bill he stole from the P.O. Box has the address.  Olivia takes the file back to Henry. He says he thought he signed it. She claims he missed a page which is understandable given the stress he's under. They share a drink and he asks her story. She asks what he's heard. He's heard she's a bitch. She says it comes with the territory, especially now that Andrew has lost his killer instinct since Andrew's gone soft in the wake of his reconciliation with Siobhan. Olivia says "that was fast" and wonders if Henry knows what's changed between them. Henry says he doesn't know but he'd love to. The babies cry on the monitor and Henry goes to check on them. She looks through his phone and finds a picture of Henry and Siobhan on his phone and emails it to herself. He comes back down and she leaves saying she got what she came for.  BAS meets Charlie at a restaurant. She says she's having a bad night. She apologizes for pulling him away from what he was doing. He says he was looking into the Gemma investigation. She spaces out on his mouth and teeth. He wonders where she is. She says she's zoning out thinking about how grateful she is at how he's gone above and beyond as a sponsor. She wonders why? He says he's just a good guy.  Meanwhile Malcolm has broken into Charlie/John's house.  BAS apologizes for everything she's had him do and making it his problem and it was a mistake.  Malcolm continues to look around, with a flashlight. Gemma hears him above.  BAS says she wants the gun back, nay, needs it. He asks why. She says she doens't feel safe anymore.  Malcolm notices the locked basement door.  Charlie asks her why. She says since Gemma's still missing and knowing that person is still out there she'd feel safer if she was still armed. He says okay but it's not on him, with a guy who said he'd take the serial number off. He gets up to leave and she tries to stall him but he says he has somwhere to be. She thanks him and then texts Malcolm to get out. He ignores the text and keeps working on the door for a minute.He then grabs a phone off the counter. Gemma has worked herself into a frenzy in the chair trying to reach the basement stairs but only ends up tipping herself over.  As Charlie leaves the restaurant he leaves a message for Siobhan in Paris: "Siobhan, she's on to me."

P recaps...That's What You Get for Trying to Kill Me

Video of Episode 09

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