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FF Going Forward KMH-PartV-Page21 (Page 3)

myviewprem IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 February 2012 at 10:07am | IP Logged

Scene360 Yashu gets call from Ahluwaliah about proposal

Meanwhile Karan is in his car thinking of what Arjun told him. He feels bad he thought Arjun was his best friend but he hid such big truth from him and his family for so long.  Forget his family atleast he could have told him. Karan reaches house.

Yashu: Karan, where you went and drenched so much

Karan very upset does not reply

Yashu shakes him: Karan

Karan: Yes  yes mom

Yashu: Where you drenched?

Karan: Thattt

Gunjan comes running: Baaa Baaa Baaa comeee and takes his hand and pulls him

Karan: Chutki why?

Gunjan: I want to show my notebook. I got 3 stars today in maths

Karan goes with her still tensed and upset.

Karan: Chutki one minute I will change my dress its wet

Karan comes out after sometime: Chutki show me your book now

Gunjan: Baaa, your hair is so wet. Wait and goes and gets towel and dries his hair

Gunjan: Where you went Baaa that you drenched so much?

Karan: Nothing chutki, to parkkk

Yashu calls: Karan, baby come for dinner fasttt

Karan and Gunjan have dinner but Karan does not have food says he is full.

Yashu gets call in between: Hello Sushmaji                  Oh that DGP Ahluwaliah family  Is it? OK

Karan who is drinking water looks tensed at mummy and starts shaking his head to grab mother's attention

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myviewprem IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 18 February 2010
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Posted: 14 February 2012 at 10:08am | IP Logged

Scene361 Karan's creates scene


Yashu boasting: My sonnn will never say no to mother's choice.

Karan starts coughing to get his mother's attention flinging his arms desperately scared where his mother to show how loyal her son is to Sushmaji may tell "Yes" to proposal right there.

Gunjan runs to him and gives him one spoon in hand and holds it tightly and Dadaji rubbing his chest tensed. They thought something happened to him some dauraaa.   

Yashu runs to Karan: Sushmaji there is an emergency I will call you back after sometime

Dadaji: Are you OK beta? Gunjan dial doctorrr call maids and securityyy

Karan's breath is back: No no baby its OK       Dadaji I am fine relaxxx      (phew) you all sit

Karan closing eyes and praying to God thanking him for saving him

Gunjan tensed: What happened Baaa? Are you OKkk

Karan: Yes, now I am fine. Heat strokeee

Gunjan and Dadaji: Heat stroke in rainy season?

Karan coughs: Rain strokeee Rain stroke dadaji

Gunjan: Baaa I never heard of rain stroke in this life

Karan: How old are you?

Gunjan: 9

Karan: I am 22 I have heard

Dadaji: I am 82 never heard of it ever beta

Karan: Come recently Dadaji, yet to be announced by medical council

Dadaji: My clever grandson, knows everything before its announced officially. Learn something from your Baaa Gunjan always playing day and night

Gunjan angry now wants to go one up on her brother. Gunjan already searching on her Iphone nothing called rain stroke.

Gunjan whispering: Nice attempt Baaa to get one up on me in front of Dadaji. I will break your mask of cleverness now

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myviewprem IF-Sizzlerz

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Scene362 Gunjan's blackmail


Karan scared whispering: Chutkiii pleaseee

Gunjan whispering: One condition

Karan whispers: What?

Gunjan whispers: 50% of your pocket money should come to meee this month

Karan whispers: no waysss take 25%

Gunjan shouts: Dadajiii

Karan holds her hand whispers: Doneee doneee pleaseee

Gunjan: Nothing dadajiii water pass water jug

Dadaji passes water jug to Gunjan.

Gunjan whispers: Not done now its 75% first time 50% second time 75% third time 100% that is chutki's rate otherwiseee

Yashu scolds: What is this whispering going on, have food quietly

Karan whispering to himself: Frankenstein monster

Gunjan pinches him from under table and hits him one with leg

Karan shouts: Ahhh (twice)

Dadaji: What happened beta?

Gunjan: Mosquito dadajiii

Yashu: I forgot let me call Sushmaji, she must be scared.

Karan jumps out of his chair. Gunjan and Dadaji think Karan is acting weird today and stare at him.

Yashu: Karan, why are you tensed?
Karan: Mummy that proposal I got nooo

Yashu: Proposal? Which one?

Gunjan is all smiles and stops eating: Propooosaaalll

Dadaji stops eating: Which one Karan?

As Yuvraj, Karan keeps getting proposal from many families for marriage

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myviewprem IF-Sizzlerz

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Scene363 Dadaji saves the day

Karan: From that DGP Ahluwaliah house

Yashu: Yes, Sushmaji had called to check on our response only. Looks like the girl's family want to marry her fast. I will tell "yes" my son has liked her OKkk(giggles happily). At last I found an homely girl for my son to settle.

Yashu dialing Sushmajiii

Karan is confused what to do or tell now? Papa also not there in India.

Karan begs Dadaji in eyes to stop his over excited mummy

Dadaji understands pota does not want to marry the girl.

Yashu: Hello Sushmajiii

Dadaji thunders: Yashuuu

Yashu gets scared: One minute                   what dada?

Dadaji cold voice: Keep that phone down right now

Yashu: Buttt

Dadaji stares at her in rage. Yashu gets so scared she literally drops phone which Gunjan holds. Yashu takes and tells will call tomorrow and keeps the phone down.

Dadaji: What is this marriage thing?

Yashu: I told no dada girl DIG Ahluwaliahhh

Dadaji ordering: Reject that girl

Yashu: Why dada?

Dadaji: I want a princess as bahu not some ordinary girl in my house who will come and destroy our house and peace of mind. These commoner girls are very money minded(gets very angry) and destroy others(chokes) lives will not hesitate to kill also(upset and goes into deep thoughts and his hands start shivering remembering something)

Karan holds his hand to give him courage to get him out of past thoughts a past that only Karan and PRS are aware of no one else in family.

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myviewprem IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 February 2012 at 9:23am | IP Logged

Scene364 Dadaji blasts Yashu


Dadaji thunders: My grandchildren shall marry only in royal family. I will not accept any commoner as spouse for my Karan or Gunjan.

Gunjan: I will never marry dadajiii

Dadaji stares at her: Stop acting like small kid and keep quiet there

Gunjan whispering: I am kid only

Karan grabs her hand to make her quiet.

Dadaji: Stop accepting any proposal from commoners and do not encourage them do you understand?

Yashu scared: OK dada

Gunjan and Karan look at Yashu and Dadaji and go quiet.

Dadaji: In future any proposal for Karan, I have to approve before you talk to anyone

Yashu: OK dada

Dadaji: You are too innocent to understand nowadays girls. All are not like you a doveee

Gunjan laughs: Mummy is a doveee

Dadaji: Not even dove she is very innocent like a cow

Gunjan and Karan smile

Yashu shy: Keep quiet dadaaa. I am not so innocent also

Dadaji: OKkk, I know your intelligence. Gunjan has eaten all your sweets see and you do not knowww right in front of your eyes

Yashu looks at her plate screams: Gunjan my gulab jamooon

Gunjan was busy stealing Gulab Jamun from her mom and Baaa's plate when Dadaji was shouting at mom and Karan trying to pacify him. Gunjan has gobbled up Karan and Yashu's Gulab Jamun already along with hers.

Gunjan giggling: what can I do mummy the gulab jamun were too temptinggg

Dadaji: 10 year kid is more tricky than 50 year old Yashu

Yashu angry: Dadaaa I am only 49 years and do not call me olddd. I am still young

Gunjan: Dadaji mummy is 4+9 years 13 onlyyy sweet 13 no mummy

Yashu excited: Yes babyyy  and both do hi-fi

Gunjan and Yashu giggle another round as if they won some great battle with Dadaji.

Dadaji and Karan stare at each other how to control these girls? Karan thinks if Dadaji cannot even God cannot.

Dadaji frustrated: These girls are impossible and starts eating

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myviewprem IF-Sizzlerz

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Scene365 Karan's promise to mother


Its 1am and Yashu atlast finishes all her work and comes to Karan's room to see if her two children have slept. Karan is awake and looks very upset and tensed. Yashu comes and kisses Gunjan and wraps the blanket around her tightly. She looks at Karan who looks upset and caresses his cheek and asks him in eyes "What?"

Karan gets up and slowly goes out with Yashu and both go to balcony.  

Yashu: Why are you upset baby?  The girl was good she was homely type Karan would take care of baby nicely in our absence. Shall i speak to Dada once more tomorrow morning and see.

Karan: No mom, That girl is already married mama

Yashu shocked: What are you saying?
Karan: Yes, one of my friend knows her family. He told she is staying away from husband. I could not tell in front of Dadaji as Dadaji would get wild on you for accepting proposal without checking background. That's why I never told at dinner table.

Yashu wild: Such big betrayal, I will not leave Sushmajiii and that DGP Ahluwaliah. Thanks baby thanks a lot for saving me from dad's wrath

Karan: You are welcome mama. Mama(hesitates)

Yashu: What baby?

Karan: I do not want to marry so soon please

Yashu: But why beta?

Karan: Please mama, I am still small

Yashu: Small? I married at 18, your Dadaji at 21, you are almost 23 now. You take care of such big company and our house in papa's absence so nicely. And am I telling you to marry for me nooo you only say mama my wife should be mother to baby when we all are travelling and busy. So I am hurrying for baby only not for myself.

Karan: Yes mom, but now another few years pleaseee I do not want to marry.

Yashu sad: OKkk, do whatever. I will go and sleep. You are there your Dadaji is there, dada-pota together decide everything. Who am I to you? No one just one maid in this house(angry and starts leaving)

Karan holds her hand: Mamaaa please do not get so angry. Please give me sometime a few more years after that I promise I will marry the girl only you choose for me

Yashu excited: Not dadaji's choice

Karan embraces mom and kisses her cheeks: Neither Dadaji, neither papa, neither chutki, only my dear mama's choice promiseee

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cooljaya11 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 March 2012 at 10:20am | IP Logged
Oh my poor babby arjun
Really arohi had to trust on him
Very childish
Atlist she had to support him in bad times !!!
Thts better arjun now no more chase
Fantastic update prem
idunno IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 March 2012 at 5:47pm | IP Logged
love this episode and outrage of Arjun.

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