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FF Going Forward KMH-PartV-Page21 (Page 2)

myviewprem IF-Sizzlerz

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Scene352 Arjun hits Rajveer


Arjun: My heart is my biggest proof

Sudhir: This criminal is talking nonsense to divert everyone's attention.

Arjun: I am talking nonsense. You all talk only sense. I forgot you are a law related family so will only believe on proofs. I will get that proof also very shortly.  It's a challenge I will prove my mother was trapped and killed.

Rajveer: Ok, prove it then talk. Now get out and pushes him towards the door

Arjun in rage: I am no longer an orphan that you will hit me as per your will and wish and holds Rajveer and pushes him very far and warns him with his hand to not come near

Rajveer is enraged. This is second time he has pushed. He grabs Arjun by collar and tries to punch him

Arjun looks at Arohi and thinks: Sorry, I am breaking your promise and slaps Rajveer very hard

Arjun: I had told you not to touch me today. I have promised GOD and my mother(Yashodhara) to keep myself safe at any cost and for that if I have to break anyone's promise I will break and looks at Arohi

Arohi starts crying in disbelief

Arjun goes to Arohi: Kartar saab, Now for the real reason why I actually came. Arohi is my wife. Do not procced with marriage proposal to Karan                  Yuvraj karan. Do not dare bring that innocent boy in your games. I am warning you and looks at gauri

Arohi shocked: Is it true mom?

Amrit upset: No beta, do not trust this boys words

Arohi: Is it tue, tell me?

Gauri: He is trying to separate you from family to take revenge on dadu and your dad. Do not trust him

Arvind: Its all lies

Arjun: Do you trust me Arohi?

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myviewprem IF-Sizzlerz

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Scene253 Arohi-Arjun mistrust


Arohi keeps quiet and bends her eyes and moves one step back

Arjun shocked and angry

Arjun: You do not trust me?????

Sudhir comes and pushes him far from Arohi: Yes, she does not trust you. You are a criminal RPS son, terrorist Rukmin son wonder who real father is must be even bigger criminal

Arjun goes in rage and holds Sudhir collar: I told do not speak against my parents especially my father. He is a saintly person compared to you and your family(looks at Kartar, Arvind, Amrit and Rajveer)- do you understand Mr. Sudhir Ahluwaliah. This is my last warning. One more word against my father, mother or family takes the glass on table and breaks it in hand and shows his bloodied hand "Next time this glass will not break in my hands"

All get scared for sometime and go silent.

Constables and Inspector come running in.

 Sudhir: Just get out and if you get any proof in this life ever you can put a court case. We will reply in court. Get out before we get you arrested now. And Arohi will never go with you

Arjun looks at Arohi and then Sudhir:  If my love is true one day your daughter will come to me. I have chased her enough, from now on I will not chase her, beg her or plead her to come back to me. Neither will I take court/law help to get her back even though she is my legal wife. She will come back on her own.

Arjun looks at Arohi: and this time come back with clear mind not with thousands of doubts on me and my family

Arjun goes to his car and takes it to isolated stretch and breaks down: Mummy, when will Arohi understand me. When? How many more beatings and sacrifices must I make before she really starts understanding and supporting me. Enough of me chasing her always this time she has to come to me when she trust me fully not half mind and for all life I have decided I will not beg her or explain her anymore(in anger)

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Scene254 Karan tends to Arjun


He then goes to office. It 9pm already.

Karan catches him near gate

Karan: Arjun                                Arjun

Arjun too upset to hear anyone

Karan runs and catches him

Arjun very upset with tears in his eyes

Karan: Arjun what happened?

Arjun does not respond

Karan pulls his hand. Blood on his hand.

Karan pulls Arjun's hand and checks-Blood and some shreds of glass sticking to his hand.  He pulls other hand – again blood and glass shreds.

Karan shocked: Arjun                                 Arjun                   what happened? Where did you get hurt buddy?

Arjun pushes him: Just leave me alone Karan

Karan: Keep quiet and come with me(Karan authoritative mood) and takes him by hand and pulls him to his office cabin and ask secretary to give him first aid box

Karan: Arjun                       what happened? Tell me. You will not tell your friend.

Arjun: Nothing                I got hurt

Karan: Ok Ok here comes the first aid box. Thanks Leena. You can leave for the day.

Karan wipes his blood and slowly removes the shreds from his hand and wipes with antiseptic and puts ointment and ties bandage to both hands.

Arjun is all the while only looking at the floor upset.

Karan hugs him: What happened buddy? Tell me

Arjun hears: What happened bhaiya? Tell me

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myviewprem IF-Sizzlerz

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Scene355 Arjun breaks down


Karan speaking softly like he does when he speaks to an upset Gunjan: What happened? Tell no you fought with someone(and rubs his back to console him) haan?

Arjun manages to smile: Nothing, thanks for taking care of me

Karan hugs him again: You are welcome. What are friends for? Right

Arjun thinks: For you I may be only a friend but for me you are much more than that

Arjun: You are a sweetheart Karan. I love you very much

Karan: What happened buddy?

Arjun hears as: What happened bhaiya?

He looks at Karan. Tears are dancing in his eyes.

Karan hugs him tightly: What happened? You won't tell your buddy your Karan

Arjun hears: You won't tell your brother your Karan

Arjun breaks down by placing his head on Karan's leg as Karan has sat on sofa hand to tie the bandage and Karan consoles him.

Arjun thinking: What to tell Karan? That you are my baby brother but I cannot call you as brother. What to tell? That I want to take care of you and Gunjan like Raj. I want to play with you both, feed you both from my own hands, tell stories and tuck you both to bed at night, drop Gunjan to school, take care of you both when you are unwell, take you on picnic, to zoos, to mela and malls for shopping but cannot because you are not aware I am your elder brother.

What to tell? That my father I cannot call papa my mother I cannot call Ma, my grandfather I cannot call dadaji. What to tell? That having an 30 year old young adult elder son also my father is slogging 16 hours a day and travelling 20 days a month without rest for past 35 years  at the age of 57-58 and seeing all this in my own eyes I am such a cursed son that I cannot go and take his hand and say papa you take rest. I will take care because he does not know I am his own son.
What to tell? That having an elder brother my baby brother is slogging so much travelling 15 days a month for work at the age of 22 when people of his age go to college, nightclubs and enjoy life without any responsibilities in life. What to tell? That my wife's proposal was sent to my kid brother.  If I keep telling today full night is not sufficient?   

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myviewprem IF-Sizzlerz

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Scene356 Karan drops upset Arjun home


Arjun is really tired. He cannot take so many rejections so many accusations so many assaults without any fault anymore.

Karan understands something is terribly wrong. He consoles him by hugging him tightly.

After a long time.

Karan: What happened Arjun?

Arjun wipes his tears and takes his head from his lap: Nothing

Karan: What happened? Tell no you will not tell your friend

Arjun: No nothing                       Sorry

Karan: Why?

Arjun: Your trousers are stained

Karan looks at the stains made by Arjun's tears

Karan: Its OK.                                 You have work now

Arjun: No, I will go home. I am feeling all drained out.

Karan smiles: Take care and come. I will leave you home now.

Arjun: I will go thanks. Do not bother its late you go home. Your papa also has travelled. Your mother, sister and dadaji are alone.

Karan: No means no, you have hurt your hands. I will drop you home and pick you up tomorrow. Come

Karan takes him to his car and drop's him home and picks him up next morning too.

In morning Arjun tells Karan: Today evening, can we meet Karan? I want to tell you something. Not in office (hesitates) something personal

Karan: Ok, we will meet at 7pm may be.

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Scene357 Ahluwaliah convince Arohi of their innocence


At Arohi's place 6pm.

Rajveer: Here Arohi, this is the file. You read it and see did babuji(dadu) shoot his mother intentionally, never. Arms were found at her house and she confessed to her crime. After sentencing she ran off from court to escape. See for yourself if you want

Arohi confused: But chachu, then why did Arjun tell like that yesterday night

Arvind: Arohi, every family member thinks their criminal family member was trapped. That is the tendency.

Sudhir: I know, and he is accusing me of trapping his mother in court. Nonsense

Rajveer: Arohi, do you trust your dadu is innocent or not?

Arohi in tears: No chachu not like that I trust dadu and dad buttt

Sudhir: Then what do you mean, that you trust that criminal more

Dadu: Sudhir, Arvind stop it now. Arohi puttar in line of duty we have to do many things that we may not want to do. I do not like to short or kill criminals but if they break law how can I keep quiet. Yes, I shot Arjun's mother buttt I warned her many times not to run away from court. She never listened and hence we had to shoot puttar. Trust me puttar I did not do it wantingly

Arohi in tears goes and hugs him: No dadu, my dadu is the best. I am sorry, I doubted you
Dadu: Its OKkk beta

Arohi: Sorry papa

Sudhir: Its OK

Arohi runs off to her room and breaks down. Why does this always happen to her? To choose between Arjun and his family or Arjun and her family. Dadu also leaves.
Amrit: Gauri, you better call rani maaa and ask them if they are OK with Arohi's proposal, lets not delay her marriage.

Gauri calls her friends mother to check with Yashodhara Sisodia. Friend calls and checks with Yashodhara Sisodia. Yashodhara promises to tell in a day's time after checking with Karan and Dadaji(Bade Maharaj).

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Scene358 Karan-Arjun meet at garden


7pm Karan and Arjun leave for the garden.

Arjun does not know how to start. If he tells about Arohi, he has to tell his life history, his criminal background. Then Karan will guarantee go and tell his parents and PRS who is an honest person will cut all relations with Arjun because he is a criminal. But Arohi's family has not left him any choice. He cannot let his brothers proposal to proceed for his wife and complicate his innocent brother's life. His mom is too innocent to understand his in laws may get duped. Only Karan will understand what he wants to tell correctly.

Its 8:30pm already. Both sit on park bench.

Karan: Arjun, what personal thing you wanted to tell me buddy? Tell fast buddy, looks like it will rain anytime.

Arjun avoids seeing Karan eye to eye.

Arjun: Karan, I             I want to tell you something. Do not know where to start.

Karan: Start with a chocolate and removes a kisses chocolate and puts it in Arjun's mouth

Arjun smiles.  Karan sometimes truly acts like a kid a very small kid.

Karan: Ok tell me now and himself has a chocolate
Arjun gets up from the bench                                                                                   

The biggest challenge in life for any human is to tell bitter truth to their loved ones especially their kids. Parents and elder siblings should be role models for younger kids. Arjun should have been a role model for Karan buttt.

And today he is going to reveal a very bitter truth to Karan which may break Karan's heart and his too if Karan does not accept it or forgive him.
Arjun: That                                                That

Karan: What?

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myviewprem IF-Sizzlerz

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Scene359 Karan's reaction

Arjun: I  Iii

Karan: Tell fast buddy it looks like it will rain heavily

Arjun: I have not told you something about my life.

Karan: That's all, I thought some grave matter.

Arjun looks at his innocent brother: No its nottt. I I have cheated you

Karan: Means

Arjun: I hid something from you and your family.

Karan tensed: What?

Arjun: I was a criminal and had gone 5 times to jail.

Karan shocked Gets ups from his seat: What?

It starts raining very heavily

Arjun tells everything about his life except that he is RPS adopted son.

Arjun: Then, I met this girl and fell in love and left my house to marry her. One day before her wedding my elder sister the one you saved in night club was pushed down from stairs in their house and miscarried when she went to speak about my marriage and I was very angry. I barged into her house and married her. After 4 months suddenly one day a supari was given in her name and I got hurt saving her. The police suspected my father and younger brother. I proved them innocent and got them released. I decided I must leave this bad criminal world which I had gone into because of my father and left my house permanently and set up this company.

Karan stands expressionless. He has no idea how to react or what to do? Why Arjun never told him this for almost 3 months since they met and told today?

Arjun turns back: the girl I loved and married is Arohi Ahluwaliah, DIG Kartar's grand daughter

Karan is too shocked to react and turns back and starts leaving.

Arjun runs behind and tries to pacify him: Please I am very sorry, I should have told you before only about my life, pleaseee Karan forgive me are you listening            Karan, please

Karan looks upset removes his hand and walks fast indeed runs and sits in his car and leaves

Arjun is shattered.  Karan, his Karan whom he thought was only one who would understand him in his family and forgive him for hiding his criminal background has just left without speaking. He must be very angry. If he is reacting like this PRS will cut all relations with Arjun for sure. He had lost his family, his real family his mom, dad, Karan, Gunjan and dadaji. 
Arjun kneels down and starts crying uncontrollably. He feels like a lifeless body. His family will hate him from today. He had paid a very big price to save his and Arohi's relationship for his love. He cries a lot and just keeps sitting kneeling in the garden. The sky also may be crying at his plight.

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