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FF Going Forward KMH-PartV-Page21

myviewprem IF-Sizzlerz

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myviewprem IF-Sizzlerz

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Sisodia Family
Prithviraj Sisodia(PRS)- He is King of a princely state and is top 10 business man in world very rich and powerful and an Member of Parliament(MP). Has returned to India from US after 30 years with family. His majority business is in US and Europe and North  America. But he decided to shift to India so that his kids know their roots. He travels 20 days a month around the world on business, conference's, invitation from Ivy League Universities to address them and other engagements. Only 10 days he is in India and with his family. He is so busy that even Head of states check his appointments before meeting him.His company's are based in 180 countries.
Karan Sisodia- PRS son and Yuvraj of their princely state born and brought up in US. Has done MBA from Yale university and just completed studies. Also has done a 1 year course in medicine. He has helped his father in business from age of 15 years and highly mature and capable beyond his age. Currently handles the company responsibilities and just started working after studies. He travels 15 days a month on business and work around the world. He takes care of the family and handles all family matters and everything in Sisodia household happens with his approvals. PRS has delegated all household responsibilities to Karan and he has handled them from a very small age. He even handholds Yashodhara to help her in running the NGOs, schools etc.  
Gunjan Sisodia-PRS daughter and Rajkumari. Is in school and 9 years old and baby of Sisodia family but very mature and serious beyond her age. But she is unwell and keeps falling sick now and then. Hence she rarely travels anywhere and is confined to her home city before in US and now in India. But she hates that and keeps running away to malls, parks, friends house etc.  
Yashodhara Sisodia- PRS wife and Maharani. She was princess of a royal family of Rajasthan and was married at 18 years to PRS. She completed school and college in US. But is innocent as she is protectively brought up by PRS and his father. But she is incharge of all NGOs etc that PRS conglomerate has opened and her husbands family trusts the royal family had opened in India and all the palaces, schools, colleges, orphanages they own etc.  Her major responsibility is taking care of dad(PRS father) who is 82 years and Gunjan at home. Dadaji and Gunjan handholds her and helps her handle her work in Karan's absence.  
Yashvardhan Sisodia-PRS father and Bade Maharaj. Is strict and everyone fears him and obeys him. For PRS his commands are like Gods words he will never disobey his father ever.
Rukmini-Arjun's real mother
Gunjan and Karan are friends with Arjun Singhania ever since he saved her twice once while she had fallen in swimming ool and next in mall seige. 

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myviewprem IF-Sizzlerz

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Singhania family
Arjun Singhania - Adopted son of RPS. For him too RPS words are like Gods words  
Rudra Pratap Singhania(RPS)-father and don.
Kumud Singhania-RPS wife and Arjun mother
Michael and Romit Singhania- Elder and younger brother of Arjun and own sons of RPS
Rashi Singhania- Elder Sister to Arjun and RPS own daugter
Jignesh - Husband of Rashi but stays in RPS house
Teji Dadi-RPS mother
Raj- Jignesh and his scretary son but adopted by Arjun and world thinks he is his illegitemate son.
Arohi Ahluwaliah -Wife of Arjun Singhania. 
Kartar Ahluwaliah- Arohi Grandfather
Sudhir and Amrit Ahluwaliah-Parents of Arohi
Rajveer and Arvind Ahluwaliah- Sudhirs brothers
Love Bua- Kartar's daughter
Sanchit-Arvind son and Romit's classmate and best friend
Gauri-wife of Rajveer and Arohi's best friend
Shefali- Arohi's best friend
Jay-Arjun's classmate and VP of his company
Kuku and Deep: PRS childhood friends and COO, CTO of company and live in US
Singh: PRS classmate in school and his secretary and good friend
Nick: Karan Sisodia's best friend in US 
Makrand and Billu- Arjun's best friends from orphanage. Arjun asked RPS that if he wants to adopt him he has to take them also to Singhania mansion. So they live and work with RPS and family


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Arjun Singhania is adopted by don Rudra Pratap Singhania and his wife Kumud from orphanage. Following father's footstep he also enters crime world and goes to jail till one day his father RPS is arrested by police. To get him released he kidnaps DIG Kartar's grand daughter Arohi but falls in love with her and leaves his father's house. He becomes a bodygaurd to Chiku(Arohi's fiance) and tries to convice Arohi of his love but Arohi never agrees although she loves him.

A day before her marriage to chiku Arjun's sister Rashi comes to convince Arohi to marry her brother Arjun but Gauri who loves Arjun pushes her off the stairs and her kid in womb dies. So Arjun swears revenge and marries Arohi and leaves her at her parents home as revenge. But Arohi decides to go to Arjun's house(RPS house) to get divorce and both keep fighting. Raj is Rashi's husband and her secretary's illegitemate child but Arjun gives him his name saying he is his son to save his sister's marriage. Dadi also knows Raj is Rashi's husband's son. Arohi who was slowly falling in love with Arjun gets angry hearing news of Raj.
That was the serial story Kitani Mohobbat Hai-2
I continue the future story here

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The KMH Going Forward Part1 Link is

The KMH Going Forward Part2 Link is

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The KMH Going Forward Part3 Link is
The KMH Going Forward Part4 Link is


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Scene351 Arjun reveals his mother's truth...Page1
Scene353 Arjun hits Rajveer...Page2
Scene253 Arohi-Arjun mistrust...Page2
 Scene254 Karan tends to Arjun...Page2
Scene355 Arjun breaks down ...Page2
Scene356 Karan drops upset Arjun home...Page2
Scene357 Ahluwaliah convince Arohi of their innocence...Page2
Scene358 Karan-Arjun meet at garden...Page2
Scene359 Karan's reaction...Page2
Scene360 Yashu gets call from Ahluwaliah about proposal...Page3
Scene361 Karan's creates scene...Page3
Scene362 Gunjan's blackmail...Page3
Scene363 Dadaji saves the day...Page3

Scene364 Dadaji blasts Yashu...Page3

Scene365 Karan's promise to mother...Page3

Scene366 Arjun devastated...Page8
367 PRS cuts all relation with Arjun...Page8
Scene368 Karan comes to meet Arjun ...Page9
Scene 369 Karan's POV ...Page10
Scene370 Arjun's POV...Page10
Scene371 Arjun request Karan to call him bhaiya...Page11

Scene372 Arjun's version of bhaiya...Page11

Scene373 Sushmaji blasts Ahluwaliah's for lying ...Page11
Scene374 Arjun enquires if his parents were told his past...Page12
Scene375 Arjun's curiosity...Page12
Scene376 Karan outraged...Page13
Scene377 Karan warns Arjun...Page14
Scene378 Arjun's dadaji...Page14
Scene379 Miracle in Arjun's life...Page14
Scene380 Karan's 5 year plan for Arjun...Page14

Scene381 Arjuhi go out...Page15

Scene382 Gunjan's gifts ...Page15
Scene383 Arjuhi dance ...Page16
Scene384 Arjuhi-Raj talks...Page16
Scene385 Gunjan missing ...Page16 
Scene386 Kidnapper convinces Gunjan ...Page17
Scene387 Gunjan trapped...Page17
Scene388 Gunjan kidnapped ...Page18
Scene389 Karan tries to rescue Gunjan ...Page18
Scene390 Gunjan rescued ...Page19

Scene391 Karan confronts kidnapper...Page20

Scene391 Karan confronts kidnapper...Page20

 Scene393 Karan consoles Gunjan...Page21

Scene394 Gunjan recalling ordeal ...Page21

Scene395 Gunjan awakens to Indian ID funda ...Page21
Scene396 PRS upset at Karan's injuries ...Page22
Scene397 Karan mollyfying Gunjan ...Page22
Scene398 PRS and family leave to house ...Page23
Scene399 Karan's leg fractured ...Page23
Scene400 Gunjan's superman ...Page24

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Scene351 Arjun reveals his mother's truth

Arjun with tears: What have you done? What have you done to me? Ask yourself and your lawyer son here. You have destroyed my life, my family and my mother (throws a vase to ground) and destroyed my family like this broken vase into 1000 pieces

Arohi and others stunned

Arjun with tears clouding eyes: And I have kept quiet for so long because of Arohi. No longer No longer. I cannot take this guilt of being a son of my mother yet keeping quiet and not getting justice. I will ensure you all who trapped and killed my mother are punished severely and suffer as much as my mom if not more.

Kartar: Your mother?????

Arjun with rage: Yes, the same person you shot dead 27 years back in court

Kartar shocked:  27 years back? That terrorist woman, you are her son  

Arjun looks with rage and smashes his hand on the glass table near by and shouts: Ahhh

My mother is not a terrorist.                                     My mother is not a terrorist.                                    My mother is not a terrorist.                                     You better not speak anything about my mother. I will not tolerate it. I cannot tolerate it if anyone speak anything against my parents and breaks down.

Arohi shocked and tries to go to him but he signals her not to come near him.

He controls himself and gets up and says with rage: My mother is not a terrorist. Your son trapped her with false evidence.

All look at Sudhir

Sudhir: Nonsense, what proof you have?

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