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Maan and Geet - A new Journey (Page 4)

RoshiniManeet Goldie

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Posted: 24 September 2011 at 12:47am | IP Logged

Part -5

Came Monday,  Dadima took Geet to the Excellence College. Geet looked nervous but tried to remain calm. Mrs. Mathur was very happy to meet Savithri Devi. Both the friends had a good chat. Geet remained silent all the while.  Mrs. Mathur looked at Geet and said 'Are you ready Geet to take up the test'? Geet nodded.

Geet was taken to a room and made to wait there. As she waited, the door opposite her opened and a smart looking guy came up to her and handed over a set of papers. He then said that she had 40 minutes to complete the test. Geet took a few minutes to look through the questions, then she started to mark the multiple choices. At length Geet looked up from her paper only to find the smart guy looking at her very intently. He smiled at her but Geet returned to her paper again. At a point Geet was struck with a question..the guy walked up near her and looked from behind her. Later as he passed by her side, he pointed to option 'D' with his pen. Geet looked up at him and he smiled at her. Geet completed the test well in time and handed over the response paper to him. He looked through the answers and was shocked to find that she had left the response for that question he tried to help her with 'blank'.  He again smiled at her.

Geet was asked to wait in the Principal's corridor. A little while later she was called inside the Principal's cabin. Mrs. Mathur congratulated Geet on having cleared the test. Geet was asked to join the very next day in college. Geet hugged Dadima. As they were talking, the smart looking boy again entered with a few papers and handed them over to Geet. He asked her complete them and submit them at the office at theAbdul Kalam Block. Dadima looked up and smiled at the guy. Mrs. Mathur called the boy and introduced him to Dadima and Geet . 

Mrs. Mathur: Savithri..isse pehchana?

Dadima: Bahut smart looking and dashing hai. Kaun hai yeh munda?

Mrs. Mathur:  Yeh Sameer hai , mere bade bhai Sanjay ka potha.

Dadima: Accha.. Sanjay bhaiya ka potha….kya kar raha hai?

Mrs. Mathur: Mere hi saath hai..iss saal yahan peh B.Arch join kiya hai..

Dadima: My goodness…tab tho yeh Geet ka class-mate hooga. Hai na

Mrs. Mathur: Exactly. His parents passed away in a road accident when he was young. He was brought up by Sanjay bhaiya. Last month even he passed away. I brought him with me and he stays with me now.

Dadima: Geet beta… dekho ab tho tumhe ek friend bhi mil gaya hai. Ab jaavo aur apna admission formalities complete karlo. By that time we will both have a little more chat.

Geet: Ok dadima.

As Geet left the room, Sameer followed her. He walked behind her and then caught up with her to walk beside her. He tried to strike a conversation but Geet did not respond. Finally he said…

Sameer: Geet …. I wanted to ask you something. I did indicate you the correct response for question 35, which was …

Geet: Option 'D'

Sameer: Still you left the answer blank…Why so? You did not believe that I will help you with the right answer?

Geet:   Why did you help me? Did I ask for your help…

Sameer: Well, I thought you will be happy if I helped you with that question…

Geet: Henceforth ask me before you conclude anything about me… It was a test ….. a test to know what I knew…and if I did not know something I should try to learn it… not copy the response from someone else.


Sameer: OK OK Miss. Perfect… I am sorry…sorry to have tried to help you…. But I should admit that you are one very interesting girl…different from the others… Can we be…. friends???

Geet: Which way is the Bursar's office?

Sameer was pleasantly shocked at Geet's response…..He was the hero at his school. Girls die for his attention but here there is a girl who simply ignores his very presence… Sameer took an instant liking for Geet. He too was attracted to her beauty but beyond that there was something else in her eyes which he could not decipher…it was deep and even a glimpse sad, he thought.

Sameer:  Hey Geet this way… that is the counter. You can submit this form and Demand Draft with Mrs. Merlyn and get your receipt from her or if you would permit, may I?

Geet looked at Sameer. She was happy that he asked her. She smiled at him.

Sameer was sweetly surprised at her smile and moved forward to take the papers from her..

Geet: Sameer, thank you very much but I think I can manage this. By the way how many days/classes have I missed so far?

Sameer: Nothing actually.. We all started last week.. We are still with the getting introduced to each other process and we have our Freshers Night day after at our auditorium around 7 PM arranged by our seniors. We have theme dressing and all. It is gonna be fun. I will tell you about all that in detail. Just wait until the procedures are completed. I will introduce you to my gang… You will be a part of it from today.

Actually a beautiful part of it (Sameer murmured this to himself)

Bursar: Who is Geet….

Geet rushed to the counter…Got her receipt and the joining kit. She and Sameer walked back to the Principal's office. On the way underneath the Gulmohar tree Sameer's gang was seen laughing and chatting…Sameer introduced Geet to his friends – Suresh, Rohit, Aryan, Gitanjali, and Neha. They all chatted with Sameer and Geet for a while and finally Geet bid bye to her new friends and went back to Dadima.

Dadima and Geet were on their way back to KM when suddenly Dadima asked the driver to pull up the car at the Shopping Mall. Dadima took Geet to a designer wear/boutique and started choosing college wears for Geet.

Dadima: Geet yeh dekho na…accha hai na…aap pe bilkul sajegi..

Geet: Dadima in sab ki kya jarrorath hai...mere paas bahut saare kapde hai na..mein who sab pehen loonghi…

Dadima: khon sa kapde geet…jho aap hamesha pehenthe ho…Aapne dekha nahi ki yahan ke staff aapko kaise ghoor ghoor ke dek rahe the… Geet aap sirf 19 years old ho lekin mujhe lagtha hai ki hum aap se behthar fashionable kapde pehanthe hai…Aap college join kar rahe hai koi ashram nahi…aur wahan par thoda sa fashionable kapde pehna padtha hai…

Geet: Lekin dadima, mein nahi chahthi ki aap mere kapdon par itna karcha Karen..

Dadima: Accha… tho yeh baat hai…Geet aap bilkul yeh mat sochiyae ki mein aapko yeh sab muft mei dila rahi hoon… Jab aap padayi katham karke ek acchi kasi naukri karne lag jayegi na…us din aap yeh sab mujhe lauta deejhiyae…lekin uss din thak aap koi sawal nahi karenghae…teek hai

Geet was overwhelmed with emotions. Not even her parents were so understanding and loving to her. She realized that afterall Babaji was not so harsh on her… He has given Dadima in her life. Dadima was her support all through. She had a tiny little tear in the corner of her eyes…She hugged Dadi and Dadima gently kissed her forehead.

After hours of shopping both the women returned to KM, Geet went to her out house with huge packing of new clothes and accessories.


Part -6

The next day Geet woke up by 6.00 AM., she looked out through the window…took a deep breath and thought what a wonderful day it was …she smiled to herself and quickly took her bath and was getting ready for college.

It was around 7.30 AM, when Maan was coming down the stairs at KM. He wished Dadima Good Morning at the breakfast table and was about to push off when Dadima stopped him…

Dadima: Maan beta aap inti jaldi kahan jaa rahe hai??

Maan: Dadima aaj hamara ek naye client se mulakat ho rahi hai aur mujhe daer saare preparations karna hai.

Dadima: Teek hai beta lekin aap 10 minutes spend karke apna breakfast tho kar lejiyae..please

Maan: Teek hai dadima…lekin jaldi

Maan sits down for his breakfast and Nakul serves him his regular Pasta. As he was having food he was also looking through a file…He noticed Dadima was making a call..

Dadima: Hello…Geet beta aap thayaar ho gaye??? Accha teek hai..aap bas 5 minutes ke liyae yahan par aajayiyae. Hum aapko dining table pe intazaar kar rahe hai..

As dadima cuts the call..Maan looks at her..but dadima was busy with something texting on the phone…After a minute dadima asked Maan..

Dadima: Maan beta aapka breakfast katam tho aap office jayiyae…

Maan: Yes dadima… who thoda sa kaam tha file mei…umm woh katam karke nilkalunga..

Dadima did not ponder any further…Maan was looking through the file but his eyes were on the door…it was more than a week that he never saw or heard of Geet… He just wanted to have a glimpse of her and know if she was fine… A minute later Geet enters…. Maan was totally spell bound..

Geet entered..she wore a crisp dark blue denim jean with a white mini sleeved tops…She looked like a dream…Her hair was open and was flowing free..Her blue and white ear danglings danced to her tunes…..Her thin bracelet around her wrist was adding sparkle to her silk smooth fair hands. Dadima looked at Geet and smiled… Through the corner of her eyes she took notice of Maan as well and again smiled…Geet did not look at Maan. She waited near the sofa and was looking at Dadima.  Dadima walked up to Geet and hugged her and said..

Dadima: Geet.. you look ravishing beta….Aap ko kisi ki nazar na laghen..

Geet: Dadima, mei thayaar hoon. Ab mein chalun….

Dadima: Are-are aap aisa kaise ja sakthe hai… Aapke liyae hum kuch special leke aayae hai…

Saying this Dadima turns and fetches out a brand new Lenova laptop… She gives it to Geet and says

Dadima: Lejiyae Geet, yeh aap ke liyae hai. Hum chahthe hai ki aap koob padaen aur ek badiya sa architect banae…

Geet was very happy….She jumped up and down….She bend down to touch Dadima's feet…..Dadima blessed her and Geet left for college with her new laptop.

As dadima came back to the dine, she noticed Maan still looking at the door..she cleared her throat… Maan came back to his senses and said…

Maan: Dadima…Geet kahi jaa rahi hai kya?

Dadima: Haan beta…hum ne unki admission liya hai Excellence college of Engineering mei… aur woh wahan B.Arch join kiya hai…

Maan: Dadima lekin Geet tho ek choti shehar ki ladki hai…aap use ek anjaane jagah pe kaise jaane dethe hai..

Dadima: What rubbish Maan. College koi anjana jagah kaise ho sakta hai… har koi pehla din anjaana hai lekin uske baad tho college har ek khi happiness aur friendship abode ban jaathi hai.. Aur waise bhi Principal Mrs. Mathur meri saheli hai aur unka Potha Sameer Geet ka class-mate hai..Woh geet ka dekbaal kar lega…

Maan: (Makes an irritated face… and says …) SAMEER???

Dadima: Haan beta…Sameer…kyon..aapko naam pasandh nahi aaya kya…aap muhh kyon bana rahe hai…

Maan: Nahi nahi dadima…aisi koi bata nahi hai….bas aise hi

Dadima: Bahut smart aur accha ladka hai Sameer..ek dham good looking bhi… I was impressed beta… He assured me that he will take good care of Geet….I am glad that Geet has decided to move on with her life..I just want to see her have good and happy life…

Maan felt a little guilty but more than guilt there was also a kind of uneasiness and a strange kind of emotion that prevailed in him which he could not understand himself…He headed to office…

(To be continued...)

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minnie_tweetie IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 September 2011 at 12:56am | IP Logged
hey loved ur writing
randomly came across ur ff
please pm me whenver u update
loved the concept
123mitul IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 September 2011 at 1:20am | IP Logged
lovely updates & thnx for the pm
Janakivallav IF-Addictz

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Posted: 24 September 2011 at 1:39am | IP Logged
Awesome updates
loved them
 feel sad for geet cause she suffers and maan without his knowing hurt his geet
His ml cause much
 but I'm proud of geet
 determine geet , geet's education how much I want to see it
 geet will continue or start her further study .
 loved the way dadi ma helped her about her study , dress
so maan already start to missing her
sameer new boy
 continue soon

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ph1234 Groupbie

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Posted: 24 September 2011 at 1:54am | IP Logged
awesome update dear i want u suggest u that give link or pg no of update on first pg as me too thought u have not updated  and do edit accordingly the title wid updates as all do ,loving jealous maan

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mrk-1 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 September 2011 at 2:03am | IP Logged
wow got to read ur updates yaar .. i loved it !!! do add me to ur pm list..
RoshiniManeet Goldie

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Posted: 24 September 2011 at 2:04am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ph1234

awesome update dear i want u suggest u that give link or pg no of update on first pg as me too thought u have not updated  and do edit accordingly the title wid updates as all do ,loving jealous maan

Hi ..thanks suggestion taken asap...working on it... Thank you again

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Janakivallav IF-Addictz

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Posted: 24 September 2011 at 2:39am | IP Logged
updated my comment on page 4
dear two suggestion
pls make index and sec dear pls put the part which u update and pg no
hope u don't mind

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