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Maan and Geet - A new Journey (Page 19)

ph1234 Groupbie

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Posted: 04 October 2011 at 11:29pm | IP Logged
loved it fantastic new twist 

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RoshiniManeet Goldie

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 Part 18

After that day Maan and Geet started mutually avoiding each other. Geet would rush to college every day before Maan went out to work and would always take care to come back before or after Maan comes from office.

One fine day the lawyer walked in to Maan's office and handed over the withdrawn divorce papers to Maan. Maan was raged to see the papers….. He yelled at the lawyer and told him to file the papers again… The lawyer was flabbergasted…As he turned to go…Maan suddenly called him and asked for the papers… He said... I will take care Mr. Sudeep… The lawyer came outside the cabin and saw Adi….

Lawyer: Adi….Maan sir bahut hi distracted lag rahe hai…koi wajah??

Adi: I don't know sir….Sher ka mood agar teek nahi hai tho…ab mei wajah tho nahi pooch saktha na….Sher wajah bathae bathae mujhe kaagaya tho…….

Lawyer: Uff… Let me go home…I got enough for the day…

Maan looked at the divorce papers...looked at them for some time and finally thought in his mind…

Maan: Geet…It would be a favour if I handed over this divorce to you… You will be free and will be all set and ready to get married to Sameer. I willnot free you Geet…not that easy… You cannot walk out on Maan Singh Khurana… Kya bhol rahi thi uss din….Just Geet….hmmm….You will be ever ever be tied to me…as Mrs. Geet Maan Singh Khurana. You will never be able to get a mutually consented divorce from me…I will make sure of that.

Back at Khurana Mansion, dadima was ever worried about Maan and Geet. She had just started to think that all is becoming well between them but all of sudden again there seems to be some trouble. She thought that Maan and Geet were one strange couple – na kabhi judthe hai na bichadthe hai….. She enquired with the lawyer and came to know that Maan had withdrawn the divorce filing. She was happy about that but Maan and Geet started moving away from each other after the withdrawn filing- this she could not understand. Geet stopped coming to KM. Dadima tried to invite her for pooja but she not only avoided but also stayed with Neha the whole week until the pooja was completed. Maan was back to his old self, very ruthless and terror at office. Adi, Pinky and the entire staff of KC had very tough days at office. He even spent only very little time conversing with dadima.

Sameer tried to talk to Geet but she never had an answer or explanation. He knew something was really not well with her but what it was he could never know. He knew whatever it was, it was very sad and she did not want to share that with her friends…so he decided to stay a friend with her until he gets to know her sadness….and ofcourse her…

A Leap:

Years passed by…Geet was in her final semester… She was preparing hard for the exams…Both she and Sameer were expected to top the exams… The entire college was expecting university ranks through them. As it was the final semester the college was also arranging for campus interviews for their students. Many organizations were keen to pick candidates from this college as the college was known for its quality education.

Maan was just waiting on his wings for this occasion. He always wanted Geet to be under his directions. He knew that Geet and Sameer would prefer to work at the same organization. He immediately sent Adi to select two candidates as Trainee Architects for Khurana Constructions. He was sure that both Geet and Sameer as toppers will join KC. KC was the best employer in this industry and paid its employees the best possible compensations….. He waited patiently in his office for Adi to bring back Geet and Sameer's signed joining letters….

Adi came in to Maan's cabin and handed over five resume for him to choose. Maan eagerly and anxiously grabbed them and looked though them…. He threw them back at Adi and said…

Maan: What the hell Adi… I had asked you to bring me Geet's and Sameer's signed joining letters and you have brought me back crap…what do you mean…??

Adi: Sir, Geet interview ke liye appear kiya hi nahi tho mein uski joining letter kahan se lekhae ayoon..??

Maan: What… Geet did not appear for the selection?? And Sameer?

Adi: He came for a short while…looked around…I was happy that I can atleast trap him….Oh sorry… I mean I can atleast get him but he said he came to just ask me if I saw Geet… I answered 'No'. He too left.

Maan: Did you offer them the best salary Adi?

Adi: Sir… mei tho mera bhi salary offer kar baita?? Lekin kya karoon sir …lenae wala koi nahi tha….

Maan: Oh… So Miss Geet is not interested in joining KC…. She thinks she is smarter than Maan Singh Khurana…Ok I will show her who I am…..Adi…

Adi: Yes Maan Sir…

Maan: Adi…I want you to immediately trace down where these two are joining. Let me know their compensation and all the other details…. I give you just 24 hours time…Is that clear..

Adi: Sir… I will try to find sir…

Maan: Not try Adi…You must…Now go and get me the details...quick.

In the mean time Geet and Sameer joined Buildwell Constructions India Pvt. Ltd. Buildwell was the second best in the industry of Constructions after Khurana Constructions. Geet and Sameer were immediately picked and were placed as trainee architects. Both joined soon after their final exams. Mr. Subramanyam Bhatt, a gentle oldman was the MD of the concern was very pleased with the two youngsters and their work. It was almost three month that Sameer and Geet settled down at their work place. They got good appreciation for their work and both seemed to give their very best when working together on projects.  Mr. Bhatt was always praise for them.

Soon one day Mr.Bhatt called for a meeting at the conference room…Nobody knew what the sudden meeting was all about. There was a soft hush hush in the conference room and finally Mr. Bhatt came in to the conference hall to address the attendees.

Mr. Bhatt: Dear All…you might be anxious to know why I had suddenly called upon this meeting without an agenda circulated…right?

All noded. There was a perfect silence.

Mr. Bhatt: Well it is a mixture of bad and good news for you all. You all know that my only son and his wife are scientists at NASA. I always wanted my son to be an engineer and take up my business after me. But he was never interested. Well I can't say he was bad…He toped all exams and got in to a prestigious place like NASA. He found his soul mate, Sarah right there and both are happily settled there. Though I was angry with his decision, later I realized that I was wrong. My phiranghi bahu today speaks better Hindi than I do and I have a grand son who is five years old. On the video chat he even says me a Namaste. Now that I am growing old and no one to give me a shoulder to do this business, I have decided to go and settle down with my son and his family permanently. So I have decided to say bye to this place.

All were shocked to hear what Mr. Bhatt suddenly announced. They were doubtful about their jobs. They never had thought of quitting this place as Mr. Bhatt was a very kind hearted person and also a very able business man –very a rare combination. But now suddenly everything looked so bleek as their very future seemed so uncertain…

Mr. Bhatt: I know what is in all your minds- your jobs and its security…. What I already told was the bad new and now to the good news….This business is being taken over by an eminent young man whose very name is considered to be the epitome in this field of Construction. I know him officially very well for many years and he is like son to me. Though being our competitor he has always given me good advice when requested for. I donot know him personally though, still he is the best.

Okay my friends let me intoduce to you your new boss……Mr. Maan Singh Khurana, the leader of this industry. Maan opened the conference room door and walked in….  

Part 19

Sameer was surprised to see Mr. Maan Khurana as his new boss. He looked at Geet but Geet had no surprise on her face. He even thought if Geet already knew but he soon erased that thought because he knew Geet would never keep away the info if she had known it before…

Maan walked into the room and was greeted warmly by Mr. Bhatt. He shook hands with the GM and other Managers and settled down to his chair. Maan eyes searched around only for a second and spotted Geet…As always she looked very beautiful. She looked different. It was close to 4 years and little more that Maan had not seen Geet or rather Geet never came in front of Maan to be seen. From a kiddish girl she has grown in to a beautiful young woman, he thought. He looked in to her eyes…Strangely he never even got to see the slightest sign of recognition in her eyes. It was as though she was seeing Maan for the very first time in her life…Maan felt strange looking in to those eyes…

Mr. Bhatt requested Maan to give a small talk to his employees…Maan got up and started addressing the team….

Maan: Good Morning all. Trust you are all doing great. I am Maan Singh Khurana, owner of Khurana Constructions. I have just taken over the reins of this company. Mr.Bhatt is a soft hearted gentleman. I know him for close to 6 years now. Though a competitor, I have always admired his patience and skills in handling the company and his employees. I hope we continue this good relationship in future too. I know you all would be a little concerned about your jobs. So let me clarify on that in the first place. None of you will be terminated or asked to leave. I am planning to give this company as it is to the control of my younger brother Dev Khurana. I will be here once in a while to look in to the functioning. So no worries at all.

Khurana Constructions has recently taken up one of the biggest project in India. So I will be busy with that. Since we need a few more people especially architects…After discussion and opinion with Mr. Bhatt, I have decided to pick Mr. Chetan-senior architect and two of his trainess – Ms. Geet and Mr. Sameer for Khurana Constructions to work exclusively on this new project. I have taken up a new office for this project at Noida and will be working from there. They will be direct employees of Khurana Constructions and will closely be working with me (Saying this Maan looked at Geet with a smile of triumph). Their employment terms will remain the same as it is here.

Sameer could not understand what was happening around him but Geet still showed no signs of surprise or shock or disagreement…..Maan was pleasantly surprised at Geet's reactions.

Maan finally concluded his talk and took Mr. Chetan in to a private talk. He said..

Maan: Mr. Chetan, I hope you are happy with this offer..

Mr. Chetan: Yes Mr. Khurana. Who would not be? You are the best in the industry and it is my pleasure that I will be a part of your huge project.

Maan: Mr. Chetan...I am very confident about you…You have years of experience to your credit. But I would like to know about your trainees. You have seen their work for the past 3 months. So how are they? I would appreciate a very straight forward and sincere comment.

Mr. Chetan: Mr. Maan Khurana… They are both very good. I can bet on that. Sameer is a technical wizard and Geet is the creative best. Together they can make wonders. They are just 3 months old in this company but are way ahead of other architects presently working here. Both are sincere from the heart towards their work and are hard & smart workers. I am sure with proper guidance and training they will be the best in the industry soon….

Maan: Good. I wanted these comments from you before we go ahead with our project. We will be a group of 15 members working on this project. We only have six months time to complete this project. Mr. Adi will be the overall incharge of this project. Since the office at Noida is a little on the outskirts I donot want my people commuting and wasting time. I have taken serviced apartments close to our office at Noida. Yourself and Sameer can share a flat while Geet can share her flat with Ms. Pinky from my office.

Mr. Chetan: Oh…that is really great. Sounds good.

Maan: Mr. Chetan, I want you to talk to the trainees regarding all this and please do get back to me with confirmation regarding shifting to our flats  at the earlist as I am looking to start work within two days time.

Once Mr. Chetan left Maan sat there for a while. His plans were bang on. He traced Geet and Sameer to be working at Buildwell through Adi. He did not rush. He studied Mr. Bhatt's moves. He knew he was all alone and was looking to give away the business to settle down with his son and his family. He rightly approached Mr. Bhatt on time. Spoke to him regarding his plans of expansion of business. Mr. Bhatt quickly proposed to take his business as well, ofcourse for a sound price. Maan did not hesitate. He knew it was worth the money…and above all Geet….. She was trying to run away from him. He knew she avoided him. He tried a million times to see her but she very smartly avoided being seen for all these years and that too inside the same campus. Maan Singh Khurana cannot be avoided unless he wants it that way, he thought. Today he wanted to see Geet surprised, confused, tensed and above all worried that Maan Singh Khurana is to be her Boss…but he missed out there…neither was she surprised nor shocked. Actually she showed absolutely nothing on her face or eyes. There was a strange emptiness in her eyes which could not be deciphered by him…

(To be continued...)

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minnie_tweetie IF-Rockerz

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awesome update
loved it
now we expect geet to do and say something
continue soon

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Chandlerbing1 Goldie

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Posted: 05 October 2011 at 2:11am | IP Logged
awesome update
now its time for geet to show who she is
pls cont. soon

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-Mounika- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 October 2011 at 2:33am | IP Logged
Awesme update again.cant wait for next part.

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seductivepurple Senior Member

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Posted: 05 October 2011 at 2:34am | IP Logged
loved it
continue soon plzzz Smile

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ritzy09 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 October 2011 at 3:10am | IP Logged
Great updates dear...I loved them and the way story is moving...
But such a big leap...somewhere the impact of ML is loosing for me. Also, just to think Maaneet saying so far away for a MU for so long is little pricking me. Even in golden days of GHSP...during MUs they could not stay away from each other for long. When Maan fired Geet, he was missing her...when Geet rejected his marriage proposal...even then, he was stalking her
For me the time lag took that passion away...he may be angry but he won't leave her alone for so long but show his anger right away
This is just a POV so do not feel upset. I love your updates and FF...

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abinash079 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 05 October 2011 at 3:27am | IP Logged
sorry to say this i didnt get what ur trying to convey through this part it's been 4 years still maan not getting any glimpses in earlier GHSP days during MU still maan would fell restless but here he doesnt feel anything i think the ML is stretched too much it would be kind if u end it quickly

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