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M/G OS: Hamesha and Forever (epilogue, pg.10) (Page 10)

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Hey all. It's Reya here. This OS was actually written months ago and I hadn't planned a part 2/epilogue or anything but there was a certain 'someone' who had said that she would want to see how Maan and their children's lives turned out..After a long time, I got down to writing this epilogue. Hope you will all like itSmile

And Aashu baby. This one is for your b-day, I had it ready for yesterday but I didn't want you to smack me in case you ended up crying on your u babeHeart

10 years later ( Pari= 24 years, Neev= 18, Khushi= 15)

I love you

With those three precious words, she blew a flying kiss and disappeared.

"Dad, are you awake yet ?", I heard ask Pari ask from behind the closed door.

"I am not awake yet." As soon as I said the words, I covered my face with the blanket.

Within seconds, the blanket was pulled away and Pari was standing there with a stern expression on her face with her hand on her hip. Everyday, she was becoming more of splitting image of her beautiful mother.

I sat up quickly and a smile appeared her face. "Now, that's like my good Daddy. Good morning Daddy.", she bent down for a warm hug before she walked towards my closet while I headed to the bathroom.

I started brushing my teeth as Pari looked through my closet for the outfit of the day. It was a routine we developed over the years. During this time, these few minutes we would spend with each other.

"So what did Mommy say last night in your dreams?"

I spat out a mouthful of toothpaste to answer, "You know, just the usual."

"Hmm, sure Daddy. You just don't want to tell me your lovey-dovey secrets.", she said with a cute chuckle.

I came out wiping my face just she was placing a suit on the bed.

"Well, She did say something interesting last night.  You wanna know ?"

"Oh, for sure.", she came skipping towards me with a grin on her face , stood next to me slipping a hand around my waist. Though she was twenty-four years now, at times like this, she seemed like the young child Geet and I brought up together but she grew up too fast to fill her mother's shoes.

I put my hand on her shoulder, "So your Mommy was asking me if I found a boy just like myself for our Angel." Just as I feared, the smile fell away from Pari's lips.

"Come on Dad, we have talked about this before. I am not ready to get married yet."

" I know baby, I told your mom that but she insists that you deserve the same happiness she once had."

She hugged me close, "No Daddy, I don't ever want to leave you."

"Oh my baby, I will always be your Daddy and you will always be my Princess." I wiped her tears away and held her close. What she didn't know that even I wasn't ready to let my baby girl leave. " How about some breakfast for your old man ? I have to run for work soon."

"Alright, you get ready and I will wake the kids up."

"What ? Those two are still sleeping."

"They were both studying for their exams last night, I figured a little more sleep will help."

"You go Princess, I will wake up them."

'Okay Dad, you three be down in thirty."

'Yes Mam.", I gave her a salute and she rewarded with a sweet smile before I turned to go down the hall.

I skimmed my hand along the wall adorned with pictures of us as a family, the beautiful smiling faces. As much as we tried, we were never the same after Geet's death. Though we healed keeping her memories alive, her presence is missed everyday.

I gave a knock and opened the door to Neev's door. Though he was the typical messy guy, his room never reflected it. Pari always made sure he cleaned it, no matter how much he fussed.

"Champ, come on buddy. It's time to get up. You will be late." I gave his hair a light ruffle before I headed to open his curtains. Bright sunshine always woke him up.

Neev squinted against the sunshine, "Oh man, not again." He tried to cover his eyes with a pillow but I stole it before he could. Half awake, half asleep, he dragged his feet towards the bathroom.

Next, I knocked on Khushi's door and opened the door to see my youngest child sound asleep buried in pink . Not literally but everything in the room was pink. She was going thru some odd 'girly pink' phase I had no idea about. But my Pari took care of Khushi just like her mother making sure she was happy.

"Good morning baby", I gave a kiss on her hair as she slowly fluttered her eyes open and gave me a smile that still melts my heart. I sat next to her and she pulled her blanket closer to herself.

"Morning Daddy", she moved to put her head on my lap and closed her eyes once again as I ran my fingers in her hair; a habit she refused to let of because her Mommy always use to run her fingers in her hair to soothe her.

"Isn't my baby ready to wake up ? She has a big exam today and I don't think she wants to be late."

She rubbed her eyes and sat up but collapsed against my chest. Oh my baby, always the slowest to wake up. I picked up the picture frame off her side table gazing at the beautiful face for a few seconds.

"Khushi, I think Mommy is waiting for her good morning kiss.". Just as I thought, her eyes opened in a flash and she took her mother's picture into her hands, holding her with love and care.

"Good morning Mommy", she gave her mom a kiss. "How are you ? Hope Babaji is taking good care of you. I am being a good girl; I always listen to Daddy, Neev Bhai and Pari Di, right Daddy ?', she looked at me to confirm and I nodded with a smile. She went on with her one -way talk with her mother as though Geet was truly here to listen to her and she was still here for all of us. "----And Mommy, I have a exam today so pray for your Khushi, love you more and more everyday." Now that her morning had started off right, she was ready for her day with a smile.

"See you downstairs." With a final kiss on her forehead, I headed to my own room to get ready for my day.

As I opened the door, I eyed the room and the room was exactly as it was ten years ago just as my Geet had done the dcor. I couldn't change anything,this was still our room not mine.

Taking a moment for myself, I closed my eyes and I felt Geet's presence around me. Her sweet scent. Her smiling face. Her open arms as she wrapped them around my shoulder. Geet isn't gone, she is still alive.

It is said that grieving for a loved one is long, at time never ending process. And the key to healing is taking a day a time, putting one foot in front of the other. But somehow I feel like I haven't taken even one step forward. I am still as in love with my wife as I was ten years, in fact my love for her has grown every passing day.

Shaking away the thoughts that would make me want to be with Geet for the entire day, I stood up to get ready for my day.

When I walked downstairs, the kitchen was busy as it always was. Pari was at work getting breakfast ready; and of course she refused to let the servants in the kitchen; just like my Geet. I stood out of their line of vision as I watched Pari and Neev work side by side. My two sensible children had understood the loss of their mother and had grown up before they had to, especially Pari but they made sure Khushi was the baby of the house. Over the years the house ran almost like it use to when Geet was alive.

"Hmm, it sure smells good in here." I said with a smile giving them a kiss on the head, like always. "Where is our baby ?" Khushi was always the late one to the breakfast table.

"Come on, you two get started. Mushroom omelette for Dad and Neev." She set the plates down while Neev got the coffee, hot milk and hot chocolate. "Khushi baby, hurry downstairs or you will be late !" Pari hollered.

We waited for Khushi's arrival so we could start the day as a family but there was holler from upstairs before that.

"Pari Diii ! I need help. Please come na.", Pari was already on her way upstairs before Khushi could finish her sentence. Khushi found it hard to get ready without Pari.

A few minutes later, Pari and Khushi came down hand in hand with smiles on their faces. Pari set down Pari's favourite pancakes in front of her and a smile was all she needed in return.

Breakfast passed as usual, conversation went around, plans for the day were shared, plans for the weekend were made but everyone's eyes drifted to the empty seat at least once or twice.

"Come on, dishes to the sink before you all leave.", Pari reminded as she picked up her own plate.

In a few minutes, we were ready at the door. "Oh wait, I forgot something." She ran back to the kitchen coming back with a bowl. "Mom always fed us sweet yogurt before a exam, I almost forgot about it", she gave Neev and Khushi a spoonful and a hug for good luck.

'So I am going to the orphanage to volunteer for the day but I will be back by three or so Dad." Pari had gone to college and gotten a degree in psychology but we both knew that working wasn't what she wanted, she wanted to do her mom's job and take care of her family; a decision I respected.

"Okay Princess, see you in the evening."

Though Neev was old enough to be driving on his own, or take the driver; we all three still liked this 'old' routine. I first dropped Khushi off wishing her good luck. "Bye Khushi, Make Daddy proud." She waved and blew a flying kiss before walking away.

Next came Neev's college, "Bye Champ, good luck and make Daddy proud."

"Yes sir."

Soon, I made my way to Khurana Constructions greeting my employees as I made my way to my cabin. Most of the day passed by as it always did with heavy workload.

"Can I come in, Sir?" , the question came with a polite knock at the door.

I glanced up to see Yash Shergill, a talented architect at my firm. Being with my company for three years, I knew he was well on his way to becoming head architect if he kept up his great work. Looking at him, at times, he reminded me of myself when I was young eager to prove myself to the world.

"Come on in Yash"

"Sir, I brought in the plans for the Chopra Mansion. You had mentioned minor changes yesterday, so if you could take a look. We have a meeting with Mr.Chopra in a few hours."

I took the file from him and gestured him to sit or he would keep standing. Looking at his work and noticing that he made every minor change I mentioned, I knew the client would approve the plan in a heartbeat.

My room rang ,  "Yes pinky"

"Sir, your children are here to see you. Shall I send them in ?"

"Yes, of course."

It was odd from them to be here in the afternoon but I guess they all decided to surprise me.

There was a brief knock at the door and I stood up to greet my children. Yash followed suit and stood up as well.

"Surprise Daddy !", Khushi came running straight into my open arms.

"What a pleasant surprise. What are my angels doing here?"

Pari answered, " You see Dad, both Neev and Khushi finished their exams today and I came back from the orphanage so we were thinking that we could go for lunch together."

"Sir, I sh--should get going. We can discuss the project later.", Yash said stepping in and if i wasn't mistaken, his eyes went to Pari more than once and his stammering only came up when Pari can around.

"Hmm, you stay Yash. We need to discuss the project now. Can you ask Pinky to check if she can prepone the meeting with Mr.Chopra ?"

After Yash left, we gathered on the sofa and talked in the organized chaos. I always wondered how Geet understood them all at once, a skill I had somehow learned over time. At rare times like this, life seem to go back ten years when 'our' kids were used to talking at once to their mom.

Fifteen minutes later, Yash was back with a knock informing me that the Chopra meeting is in half an hour.

"Okay kids, you all go down to the canteen and I will join you as soon as the meeting finishes, then the rest of my day is all yours."

" See you Daddy. Bye Yash." Pari said and I swear Yash had trouble keeping the smile to the minimal.

"Bye folks." Yash responded with a polite nod and the kids filed out.

Now the dilemna was if I would ask Yash about his feelings right now or wait till I talk to Pari later tonight but it would take time to convince her; a lot of time. And if Yash did indeed have strong feelings for my daughter then he would have to be ready to wait. So it's better if I talk to Yash first.

"Take a seat Yash. There is something other than the file that I need to discuss with you. I need you to be honest with me."

"Yes Sir."

'Do you have feelings for my daughter Pari?"

A moment of shock came across Yash's face at my direct question but he recovered and replied with confidence, " Sir, I am in love with your daughter, I have been since the first moment I saw her three years ago." The sincerity and honesty in his voice was evident.

So I was right after all, " But you haven't ever said anything about it or expressed your feelings for her."

"Sir, in all honesty, I didn't want you to think that I was using your daughter to climb up the ladder at Khurana Constructions. My feelings for Pari are pure and I wish to marry her. I would like to bring my parents to see you if you approve of me for your daughter."

"Yash, I need to talk to my daughter first, she doesn't want to leave me and her siblings yet. She has been a mother to her brother and sister for the past ten years and she is not ready to let them go."

Yash smiled, " I have heard only wonderful things about your wife, she must have been a great woman."

"She really was."

" Sir, I would be willing to wait for as long as Pari needs."

"Alright then, when the times right, I will love to meet your parents."

After the meeting, i spent the rest of the day with my children. We went bowling and Neev came up as the winner in all three of the games, and a restaurant was decided with many arguments with Khushi winning with a coin toss; Italian was for lunch. Later on, we went to the beach staying till sunset. All four of us sat down together to watch the sun bid farewell.

As we got home, everyone went off their own way to shower and spend time their own way.

After dinner, after Khushi and Neev headed off to bed;  I made my way to library to stall my conversation I needed to have with Pari. Believe it or not, I needed to work up the courage to talk my twenty-four year old daughter, she could be as fierce like her mother at times.

I settled in my leather chair and closed my eyes.

"Geet, I don't know how to talk to your daughter about Yash. She refuses to even consider the idea of marriage. But you would like him, he is good for our Angel."

I know Yash is the right person if you have chosen him. And why are you so nervous Maan ? You are her father, and she knows that you want only the best for her.

"Yes, but you know how stubborn she is, just like you. She doesn't want to get married."

I know that but I also know how persuasive my husband can be. Maan, she needs to start her life, she deserves the happiness of a married life. And only you can convince her.

I sighed, " I know baby but she always says she isn't ready. I wish you were here to talk to her."

She will talk to me when she needs to, which will probably be right after you two have a conversation.

I reluctantly stood up, "Wish me luck then"

Hop over to page 11 for the rest Smile

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I gave a soft knock on Pari's door and popped my head in, " You busy, Princess ?"

She was sitting on her study table with the scrapbooks opened, " Just putting the latest pictures from Khushi's birthday, Mom must be waiting to see them."

I sat on her bed and she came to sit next to me, settling her head my shoulder, "So what did you want to talk about?"

I cleared my throat, "You know Princess, remember we talked about this morning ?About what your mom was saying ?"

Pari picked up her head off my shoulder to look at me, " Dad, we have been over this so many times and you know that I am not ready to get married."

"Sweetheart, you can't take care of us for the rest of your life, you need to start a new phase of your life."

"No Dad, I refuse to abandon my siblings. We lost Mom when I was only fourteen and Khushi just turned fifteen. I won't make her motherless again. I may be her sister but I have loved her like a mother these past years ", Pari's eyes filled with tears. I reached out to cradle her face and drew her close to my chest. "I can't abandon my children Dad, I know the pain of losing a mother, I can't let them suffer again.", she spoke in my chest, her body shaking with sobs.

At this very moment, I felt so hopeless,lost as to what to say to my daughter. My daughter who was a mother to her siblings, a daughter who took care of me and steadied me. I didn't know how to console her because her words were true; she is a mother to her siblings but how would I face Geet if I fail as a father ?

I drew her back and wiped her tears away. "Baby, your siblings would never want you put your happiness before theirs. Do you think they would be happy knowing you are refusing marriage because of them?"

Pari stayed silent for a few moments and I knew my words had some impact on her. "I won't go against you Dad and I know you want me to be happy but please give me some time to think."

I stood up and planted a kiss on her forehead, "Take your time to think. Your mother made me promise on her deathbed to get you married to a man just like myself and I have never broken a promise I made to her. That promise means a lot to you too ." She simply nodded.

Going into my room, I went into the cupboard and pulled out a velvet box. Going back to Pari's room, I opened the box and placed her mother's kangan in her palm. "Hold on this Princess, it's time you keep what belongs to you."

Though I didn't want to leave her alone but I still gave her the space she needed, I wandered off to the terrace. Setting on the bench, I lifted my head to gaze at the bright stars and somewhere in that sky, my Geet was there too.

"Geet, I need you here baby. I need you. I couldn't be a mother to my daughter today like I said I could be. She needs you Geet. We need you." Tears blurred the bright stars and I closed my eyes letting my sorrow run free."

I am here baby,I am always going to be here with you.


I don't know how long I sat on the bench letting my tears out but well into the night with a splitting headache, I made my way inside the house. Soft sobs outside Pari's room stopped my dead in my tracks. I slowly pushed the door open and Pari sat there with her back towards me.

There my daughter was sitting the darkness with her curtain opens with the moon and stars illumining her room. But it was the kangan and her mother's picture frame cradled in her hands that broke my heart. It was the tears that streamed down her cheeks, it was the sobs that shook her that made me want to cry.

"Mommy, I don't know what to do. I just don't know what to do. I don't want Khushi to be like I was when you left us, she can barely get ready in the morning without my help. Neev is older now, but he is still that messy eight-year-old boy. What will happen when I leave? How will I take care of them?" She stopped to take a breath and then hugged her mother close to her chest looking at Geet's kangan. "But how can I forget your last words? You want your Princess married to a Prince just like Daddy. I can't hurting Daddy the way I been lately. I know he wants only my happiness but how do I tell him that I don't want to leave his kingdom? "

Her words became too much to bear but yet I stood there with silent tears unable to reach out to my daughter.

Soon her exhaustion got to her and she drifted off to sleep with the picture and kangan still in her hands. I went up to her pulling the blanket over her. I wiped the last of her tears, took the frame and kangan and set it on her night stand. " Daddy is sorry he made his Princess cry.", I said running a loving hand through her hair.


I opened my eyes just the first rays of light touched the room. Sleep hadn't come easily last night with my worry for Pari. It was far too early for her to be awake but I wanted to check up on her.

Walking quietly, I checked on Neev and Khushi before I stopped at Pari's door. I had left the door open a bit and slowly pushed it open. I was surprised to see Pari's eyes flutter open.

"Daddy? ", she asked as she rubbed her eyes.

"Sorry princess, I didn't mean to wake you.", I said walking over to her bed. I sat next to her, and like Khushi did every morning I woke her, Pari rested her head in my lap silently asking me to give her the comfort her mother once again her.

"It's okay Daddy, I didn't mean to upset you last night." She placed a hand over mine and looked up at me. "I am sorry Daddy."

"Don't be sorry my Princess. I just want to do what is best for you."

"I know, and I thought about it last night."


"And my decision is that I will marry the man of your choice." A smile began to form on my lips. "But only if he is willing to wait three years ."

"but baby, why three years ?"

She sat up to face me, " Khushi will turn eighteen and she will know how to take care of herself. And even Neev will be older. You know what I mean ?" she seemed unsure how I would take her words.

I was willing to accept the three years, Yash was ready to wait but would he be wait three whole years ?

"Okay princess, I will only get you married after three years. But there is someone I want you to meet."

"Really? You already picked someone?"

"Yes, but I will tell you about him later on. For now, you need to sleep."

With a smile, she settled her head back on my lap. Running my fingers through her hair, she drifted back to sleep within minutes.

Three years later

The Khurana Mansion was decorated and lit with brightness. The whole house was buzzing with excitement. I ran downstairs with Neev behind trying to direct the servants and the extra staff that was hired.

"Champ, is pandji here yet ?"

"Don't worry, I will check on that. You go check on Pari, The barat will be here any minute now."

With that, I dashed upstairs to my daughter's room. "You girls ready yet ?", I asked with a knock.

"Come in Daddy.", Khushi's voice came.

I entered the room and saw girls surrounding Pari. She stood up and turned around to face me. My eyes instantly filled with tears. My daughter was looking like a true Princess today decked up in traditional red lengha.

A few moments passed and I was unable to find the words to praise my child. Pari and Khushi's friends all filed out.

"How do I look Daddy ?"

I stepped forward and held his sister by the shoulders as I watched her with loving eyes.

"You look so beautiful Princess just like the angel you really are.", I said as he cradled her face in his palm and then hugged her close.

"I wish Mommy was here too. I miss her so much today." I nodded with understanding and wiped her tears away.

"She are here princess, she are looking at us right now.", I said and looked above feeling the presence of her. Her smiling face as she would look at her daughter adored as a bride.

Khushi came and handed me the velvet box, " I think Mom would want you to put the kangan on Di."

I held the kangan for the few moments, reminiscing the day of our wedding when I had first seen the kangan on her. "I fulfilled my promise today Geet. Our daughter is getting married." I slipped it on Pari wrist and hugged her close.

She gazed at the kangan, running her finger over it. This kangan was her mother's blessing on her wedding day. "I love you Mommy, I miss you."

She hugged me, "I love you too Daddy. Your Princess wishes she didn't have to leave her Daddy's kingdom."

"You will always be my Princess, no matter what happens.", I kissed her forehead.

"Dad, i checked everything downsatirs and--- ", Neev stopped mid sentence as he entered the room and saw everyone's teary eyes. He understood why everyone was sad, we were all remembering the special woman. I extended a hand for Khushi and Neev.

I slipped my arms around my children as we took a few moments to remember the special woman we were all missing today.


I brought my Princess to the altar and sat her next to her Prince Charming. Yash had truly become her prince charming, ready to wait a lifetime to marry her. Yash had made a place in Pari's heart in no time and I knew he would keep her happy, just like I knew Geet wanted. I watched as the priest did the mantras. She watched as they took their seven pheras together and I threw flowers at them. She watched everything with a smile but there were tears in my eyes. Tears for princess who was leaving towards a new life , tears for my Geet who wasn't here for this special day.

I am here Maan, I told you I would always be here. I felt her soft hand as she laced our fingers together.

Geet was right; she is always going be here, right in my heart, in the faces and hearts of my children. Her memories were here forever, Hamesha and Forever.

So how was it ? Do comment and like.Smile

And readers who follow silent suffering, I know that a update has been due for a long time, my apologies. I did get started on it, give a few days

And I have made a PM ID so kindly add 'ReyaPM' for future PMs for any of my writing. I will be using this PM ID to send PMs :)

As always, love, love, love

Reya <3


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superbly written reya
i was crying the whole time i read it
the way pari became a mother for neev n khushi was awesomely written
n maan did fulfill his promise to geet to get their princess married

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Heart wrenching update. got tears while reading it.. true love hard to find but not impossible.
love t update yaar.. sad toughCry

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oh my my this brought tears...indeed it was beautifully written 

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I never thought u will give an epilogue of this story...

loved reading it...

they have been there for each other...all the way...

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M crying again...LOL!

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Never thought u ll come up with an epilogue.
Beautifully written ...loved reading it.

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