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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

M/G OS: Hamesha and Forever (epilogue, pg.10)

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Hellos and shellos to you all. So I am here with a OS and I was saying I wasn't going to write much once university starts up again. Clearly, I didn't know what I was talking about.


scroll down part 1 
part 2/epilogue: pg.10

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Disclaimer: Read at your own risk (just so I don't get the tomatoes, eggs, chappals and whatever you girls plan to attack with)LOL


"Good Morning baby", she whispered as she ran her fingers along my stubble and letting her wet tresses fall over my face.  I squinted my eyes open so see my beautiful wife gazing at me with love. As she saw my eyes open, she reached up to peck my lips softly. My hands found their way under the fabric on her red chiffon saree as i held her waist pulling her closer.

" Good morning wifey.", i whispered to her and pulled her close for a longer, deeper kiss as i savored the taste of her lips. 

She sighed as we pulled back and laid her head on my chest. "I am going to miss this you know, being so close to you."

My smile dissolved into a frown at her words. Why did she always have to bring that up? Couldn't we forget about it for one day of our life?

I started to get up but she pushed me back gently touching my forehead to soothe out the lines of my forehead, "Don't be mad baby.", she pleaded with a innocent face she knew worked on me like magic.

Without saying another word, i drew her back into my embrace holding her tightly yet gently soothing myself with her touch. I drew back and cradled her face as tears had collected in her eyes. Using my thumb pads, I wiped the moisture off her cheeks shaking my head at her, "You can do this Geet. You promised.", I whispered as tears formed in my eyes too.

"Mamaaa, where are you ? Tell Neev to give my teddy bear back.", our five-year old brat daughter Khushi yelled from the other end of the day.

Geet stood up with a smile, "Here we go, let the day begin."

This is my wife: Geet Maan Singh Khurana and we have been married for fifteen years, which she has dedicated every minute to her family. Geet Khurana who was previously Geet Handa, the girl my Dadi Ma selected for me as she volunteered in the orphanage that Dadi Ma made daily donations. Dadi Ma had always loved Geet Handa and one day after my approval she had taken the proposal to the Handas. A proposal turned into engagement which quickly turned into a marriage; and one solid marriage that it is that went through it's own crazy journey. I fell in love with her sooner that I thought I would but that love continued to grow each day.

Geet wanted to study further and become a doctor; a decision I was ready to support her in. But Dadi Ma expressed her desire to see her grandchild before she breathed her last. Geet had decided to put her education on hold for Dadi Ma. Just one year into our marriage, Babaji gifted us with an angel; and that's the name we gave her: Pari Khurana. Dadi Ma left the world as a content woman seeing all the happiness in her grandson's life. Wanting to give her child all the time ;Geet decided to leave her education saying that she first wanted to be a good daughter-in-law, a good wife and most importantly a good mother that gave her child all the love possible. Life was truly blissful and it got even better when five years later; a junior Maan Singh Khurana who was the apple of his mother's eye came in our lives named Neev. Years went on and life for Geet was all about her family. I encouraged her to start studying again as the kids grew older. But Geet argued saying that this is what she wanted now. Her dream of becoming a dream had changed now to become the best mother possible to her children. Our last bundle of joy Khushi came unexpectedly as Geet got pregnant when Neev was only four. Geet says that she named her Khushi because she had increased the happiness in our lives. Geet's Babaji had been too kind to us.

"Neev, give it back.", Khushi whined.

"Maan, I better stop world war three so get ready while I get breakfast ready.", she said with a smile laying my office attire for the day.

I stopped her with a tug on her hand. I reached up to touch the dark circles under her eyes, 'Are you sleeping well?", I asked.

"Of course I am sleeping well because I need the energy possible to take care of our devils."

"You know we can have servants and you wouldn't have to do a thing.", I suggested for the millionth time.

"And how many times I have I told you that I rather take care of my own family until I can?", she asked but left without waiting for a answer.

"Okay, just what is going on here?", Geet asked as she stepped into the hallway with a hand on her hipbone giving a stern look.

"Mama look na, this Neev took my pink teddy bear and he won't give it back." Khushi whined hugging Geet's waist.

"Neev", Geet said quietly and Neev gulped in fear. We were all aware that Geet Maan Singh Khurana is the most dangerous when she said things as calmly and quietly possible.

"Sorry mummy. I will get it now.", Neev said and ran off to his room coming back with Khushi's most prized possession.

Khushi snatched it out of his hands, "Nicely please Khushi.", Geet warned.

"Yes Mama.", she said and then turned to Neev, "Thank you for giving it back."

"Your welcome. And I am sorry I bothered you."

Neev pulled Khushi into a hug and Geet kept her hands on their heads as they grazed at them with tender love.

I decided it was time to intervene, "Are my angels up already?" I asked stepping into the hallway. Their faces broke into grins as they ran towards me, "Daddy", they yelled in unison as they hurdled their bodies towards me. I went down on my knees to catch their small bodies.

"Good morning my babies.", I said giving them a kiss on their cheeks.

"Come on Daddy, I am not a baby anymore. I am eight years old.", he said proudly and I couldn't help but think how fast my babies were growing up.

"Okay Champ, you are not a baby anymore.", I said ruffling his hair.

"Me still Daddy's baby.", Khushi said locking her arms around my neck.

I glanced to where Geet was standing and I knew there were tears in her eyes even though she tried to wipe them quickly.

"What's wrong Mom?", Pari asked as she came out of her room and had caught her mom's tears as well. Pari was the best child a parent could ask for. Ever since she was a baby, she was sensible, responsible and hated to worry to us. Pari went up to Geet slipping a hand around her waist asking her again, "Mommy, why are you crying?", she asked using the word 'mommy' she saved for rare moments. Khushi and Neev began to worry too as they looked at me for answers.

"Nothing sweetheart. Mom was just thanking Babaji for giving her such wonderful gems.", I said stepping in and Geet nodded.

Geet spoke again as she quickly got a rein on her emotions, "Pari honey, could you please get Khushi ready while I get breakfast going?" Pari nodded at her with a smile. This was their daily routine because Pari always got ready early so she could help Khushi taking a small load of her mom's work. But there was never a day Geet took Pari's help for granted. "Thanks munchkin", she said dropping a kiss on her head.

"Geet, could you take my clothes out for me?", I asked. She looked at me for a second in confusion because she had already taken my clothes out but still she nodded at me.

"You too Champ, off you go to get ready."

I took her hand with mine lacing our fingers together as I closed the door behind us. As soon as the door closed, I drew her into my arms holding her as close as possible.

"How did you know I needed this?", she asked as she tilted her head up to look into my eyes. My vision began to blur as tears came up.

"Because I needed it just as much.", I whispered letting my forehead rest against hers.

"Oh baby. Don't fall weak on me, you are all the strength I have.", she whispered.

We stayed in the comfort of our embrace before she stepped back giving me a weak smile.

"I better get breakfast going or you all going to be late.", she said giving me peck on my cheek.

She started walking away and our entwined hands separated despite the want to hold us together.

When I walked into the kitchen forty-five minutes later; it was buzzing full swing. Honestly, she did the work of three-four people making the breakfast of everyone's choice even knowing that we had servants . The younger two were seated at the table as Pari helped her mom setting the table. I walked in with a smile giving them each a kiss on the head starting with Khushi and ending with Geet.

"Okay, everyone to the table. Breakfast is ready.", Geet gave the final call which was for Pari and I.  "Cinnamon French toast for Champ. Pancakes for Khushi, Aloo paratha for Pari and Spanish omelet with hashbrown for Maan.", she said setting everyone's plates. Pari poured two glasses of milk for the younger ones as her mom set down my black coffee, Pari's hot chocolate and her own tea before she took a seat herself.

Throughout breakfast, I noticed how she picked at her food taking the smallest bit of her aloo paratha, which was just for the kids. I took her hand under the table giving it a gentle squeeze silently gesturing to her plate with my eyes. She nodded at me. We went through breakfast with the chatter of our children telling us about what they were going to do at school, and what we could this weekend, and etc. The conversation never died down but I notice how quiet Pari was this morning. She was usually the quietest one but today she had barely said a word.

"What's wrong hun? You are quieter than usual.", I said looking at her.

"That's suppose to be a good thing Daddy.", Neev commented with a grin.

"Neev, behave.", I warned.

"Yes Daddy."

"I am just not feeling so good this morning.", Pari said.

Geet's forehead furrowed with worry as she got up to walk to her chair.

"Are you okay my princess?', she asked checking her forehead.

"Don't worry mom, I am fine.", she said taking Geet's hand.

"No baby, you can take the day off. I want to take you for check-up.", Geet said.

"But Geet, you have to---"

"Don't worry Maan, I will take care of it.", she said cutting me off.

"No mom, I have a math test today and plus I am perfectly fine. It's almost the end of the week so just feeling a little low", she said brushing it off.

"Are you sure baby?", Geet asked holding a hand to her cheek while she put the other on her forehead again. "Your forehead feels normal but let me just check your temperature."

"But Mom-", Pari whined

"No buts, came upstairs.", Geet called her as she climbed the stairs.

"Okay you two, in the car in five minutes so Khushi let me help you with your shoes honey.", I said taking the dishes to the sink and the other two followed suit. Then I tucked her hand in mine.

As the kids were ready at the door, Geet and Pari came back. "All set to go Daddy. Mom was worrying for no reason.", she said as she put her flats on.

"That's what mommy's job is: to worry", Geet said with a small smile that carried just a hint of sadness in her eyes.

She gave each of them a tight hug and a kiss on their heads before they went out the door. I stepped up to give her a tender kiss on her forehead. "I love you baby.", I whispered.

"You better cause I love you too.', she whispered back before she nudged me out the door.

As we walked on the driveway, I checked my pockets.

"What happened Daddy? You forgot your keys again.", Khushi said and I nodded. Pari and Neev grinned knowing why I was going back.

I quickly went to the front entrance where she was still waiting leaning against the doorframe. I held her chin as we sealed our lips together.

"Was Pari okay?", i asked.

"Hmm, she was worried about how i was crying earlier."

"And what did you tell her?"

"I told her the truth, that sometimes life seems so beautiful that it might be dream that will end someday."

"Are you going today?", I asked even though I already knew the answer. She nodded. "I could come with you if you let me.", I said knowing she wouldn't.

"Maan we talked about this. I have to do this myself.", she said with a sigh.

"Fine, but you are taking the driver." She opened her mouth to say something but ii cut her off. "No arguments about this Geet. I already told Vinod." She nodded before she nudged me towards the door.

I reculantedly left dropping the kids at school. "Bye kids, learn lots and make Daddy proud.", I called out as they shuffled out. As I pulled out of the school, I connected the Bluetooth to make a call.

"Hello Meera, this is Maan.", I said.

"Yes Jiju, I think I can recognize your voice now after all the years you have been married to my best friend.", she said with a chuckle.

"Ummm, I called because, because, actually.", I trailed off not knowing how to say it.

"I am going with her today Jijju.", she said knowing what I was trying to ask.

"But she said that she won't let anyone go with her; not even me."

"I don't give a damn what she wants. She doesn't know who she is dealing with."

I chuckled at her words. If there was one person even more stubborn than Geet Khurana, it was her best friend Meera Shergill.

"Thanks Meera. And not just for this, for everything.", I said and there was silence on the other end for a few moments.

"Bye Jijju"


To say that I was working today was the biggest lie of the world. The truth was I was sitting in the cabin staring at the phones. It was the liberty I was allowed being the owner of Khurana Constructions. I couldn't call Geet because I was waiting for her call but it had been hours and the bloody phone wouldn't ring. That's it, I was going to leave now.

Just as I touched the cabin door knob, my phone began to ring and my heart lurched as I saw the display: wifey. "Hello Geet."

"Maan", she whispered and my heart dropped to my stomach. It couldn't be true, I kept telling myself.

"Geet, I am coming, I am coming baby.", I said already making my way to the car.

"I am already home Maan, Meera brought me home."

"Okay baby, I am coming as soon as I can.", I promised.

"Please drive safe.", she said before hanging up.


Srcoll down for more

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I pulled the car at Khurana Mansion in record time breaking every possible traffic rule possible.

"Geet", I called out as the Nakul opened the door.

"She's upstairs Maan.", Meera said coming down the stairs.

I nodded at her as I ran up the stairs taking two at a time. I threw our bedroom open and saw her curled in a ball on the bed. "Geet", I softly whispered.

She rasied her head to look at me with her eyes that were swollen from crying. "Maan". She came off the bed throwing herself in my arms shaking with sobs. I held her whispering soothing words to her. "Shhh baby, I am here. Shhh baby." I felt her swayed slightly and quickly pick her in my arms to lay her on the bed. She sat up again locking her arms around my neck as tears began to run down. I cradled her face trying to wipe them but they came more quickly then I could wipe.

"please baby, you are killing me here.", I said in agony my heart breaking with every tear she shed.

"Maan, I don't want to die, I don't want to die.", she whispered and I stared at her in shock shaking my head at her. "The reports came in, it's ovarian cancer; last stage.", she whispered.

"No, no, NOOO", I said yelling at the end. "That's just not possible. Please wifey, tell me you are lying.", I whispered as tears began to run down my cheeks.

"It's true Maan. Dr.Sharma said we caught it too late and any chances of treatment working is silm to none."

"Screw Dr.Sharma. We will go to other specialists aboard. I am sure there has to be a mistake, there just has to be.", I said grabbing my phone to make calls.

Geet stopped me by taking the phone out of my hands and held them. "Maan, he thinks that I should be admitted in the hospital as soon as possible. And the earlier we tell the kids, the better it is."

"NOOO Goddamn it, NOOO. You can't just bloody decide to leave me in the middle of the journey.", I yelled between my tears as I shook her shoulders. "No baby., this can't happen to us. Your babaji can't be so cruel. " Geet put her arms around me letting my head rest on her shoulder

"Hubby, will you give me something if I ask you for it?", she asked but continued before I could say anything. "Whatever time I have left to live-" I glared at her words getting ready to blast.

"Shh, let me finish", she said with a stern expression keeping a finger of my lips.

I kissed her finger before held it to place a kiss inside her palm. She cradled my face in her hands forcing me to look into her eyes. "Whatever time I have left to live whether it's a day or one year; I want to spend it with my family not laying in some hospital bed like a corpse." I took a sharp intake of breath at her last word. "This cancer is going to take away my whole life but I will be damned if it takes away the last days of happiness I have.

"Geet, we have to try our best."

"Please Maan, fulfill my last dying wish.", she whispered.

Ignoring her, I got off the bed walking to the window grazing out to the world that kept going while ours was falling apart.

She hugged me from the back, "Please hubby"

I turned around to hold her, "Don't do this to me Geet."

"Mom, we are home", a voice called out. The kids were home, Vinod must have gone to pick up them up.

"I can't face them yet Maan."

I leaned to kiss her hair, "You will have to at some point. But for now, I am going to tell them you are asleep." She nodded and I left closing the door behind me.

"What ? My babies are home already.", I said going down the stairs.

They all came towards to me as I hugged them. "Daddy, why didn't you come today to pick us up?", Khushi asked.

I picked her up, "Daddy is sorry baby, it's just that Mamma wasn't feeling well so I came home early."

"What happened to her?", Neev asked.

"Nothing serious Champ, just a bit of fever. You all ready for a snack, we can get Nakul to make something."

"Yesss", came Neev and Khushi's answer.

"Not so fast. Just because mom is sick doesn't mean we forget all about routine. You two know that showers come before snack.", Pari said with a hand on her hip. She was just like her mom; sweet as ever but stuck to all the rules.

"Oh come on Pari Di, just one day of no shower.", Khushi pleaded with a cute expression.

"Nope, no can do. Mom would be upset if she knew that I wasn't taking care of my siblings. She always says that I am in charge whenever she is not around." I touched my daughter's head with love. She had no idea what she was saying right now but there may be a time where she would have to be a mother to her siblings.


"Daddy, do you think we can wake Mama up now?", Khushi asked at the dinner table later that evening. This was the first time Geet wasn't sitting with us and there was an unusual silence that was never at the Khurana table. I had checked on her throughout the day. She hadn't slept a wink but she wasn't ready to be strong in front of the children.

"Ummm honey"

"There is no need now because mommy is here now.", Geet said from the base of the stairs.

All three of them got up and ran her, she placed her arms around them as all three of them were going off with their chatter at the same time, and somehow she managed to understand all of it nodding at them. This was the first time since the afternoon I had seen my children this happy. I may be their father and they loved me but what they shared with their mother was priceless.

"Mommy, how is the fever now?", Pari asked placing a hand on her forehead. Geet's eyes darted towards mine.

"How about we go talk in the living room while Daddy gets us some ice cream.", Geet suggested.

Cheers went around with all three of them as they tugged on her hand to sit her at the sofa making sure she was comfortable with the fluffy pillows. I stood there silently as she placed Khushi on her lap, and made Neev and Pari sit on either side hugging them all together as she shed silent tears.

"Mamma, why are you crying?", Neev asked wiping her tears away.

"Kids, there is something your Mama and I need to talk about.", I said coming to join them at the sofa placing Neev on my lap.

I held Geet's hand urging her to go on but she shook at her head at me. "Babies, the thing is that Mama is sick."

"No Mommy, don't cry. Your fever will get better soon. I will kiss it all better." Khushi pecked her cheek and Geet cradled her face before she hugged her. "Plus i am going to be become a doctor when i grow up so then i can cure you for sure."

"No baby, it's not the fever. It's a little different kind of sickness."

"it's where your body makes a mistake and starts attacking the good guys in your body rather then protecting it.", I tried to explain.

"but you will get better, right Mamma?", Neev asked placing his head on her shoulder. She caressed his cheek. "This is a little harder to fix baby."

"Will you please tell me what's going on?", Pari asked looking from Geet to me. We could sugar coat it for Neev and Khushi but Pari was old enough to understand.

"Pari, your mom has cancer: ovarian cancer.", I said.

"No Daddy, No, that can't be. Mommy is, mommy can't'", she said she got off the sofa and started walking backwards as tears began to roll down her cheeks.

"Listen baby", I said to getting up to walk up to her but she went past me running up the stairs.

"Mommy, where are you going to go now?"

"Nowhere baby, mommy is not going anyway.", she whispered as she drew Neev and Khushi closer.


Eight Months Later

In the last eight months, life had taken a turn spinning our lives out of control. Geet was determined to keep going on with life but as the months went on, her cancer got worse and worse till she was bed ridden. She still refused to be kept at the hospital, she wanted to spend her last days in her own house. I had done everything possible getting the best medical possible but there was nothing they could do to stop the cancer that had spread to the other organs of her body.

"Hey wifey", I said with a smile as I walked into the room. I stopped at the edge of the bed to place a kiss on her forehead.

"Hey hubby, The kids?"

"Pari is giving Khushi a shower even though the nanny is there. And Neev also went for a shower. And then I will put them to bed."

"You know Mr.Maan Singh Khurana, my Pari can take care of her siblings better than any 'super nanny' can.", she said with a laugh.

But the laugh seemed hollow. The cancer had drained my once lively Geet as her hair began to fall out, and her body was half in size mainly bones now. I sat next to her on the bed lacing our hands together.

"You are such a cheater.", I accused with a frown.

Her mouth went into a O shape with shock, "Excuse me, what did I do Mr.Khurana?"

"You are ditching me midway in our journey Handa.", calling her by her maiden name whenever I wanted to tease her.

She wagered a finger in warning, "Get it right, it's Khurana. Geet Maan Singh Khurana."

"There is so much love I still need from you, there is so much love I still have to give you.", I whispered as I laid my head on her shoulder.

"I know Maan, Babaji messed up the math this time around."

"I am very upset with your Babaji, he has no right to take you earlier than necessary.", I said with a frown fighting back my tears.

"Don't worry baby, he will settle the score in the next lifetime. You are gonna wait for me, right?"

"Always baby, always. I will wait for you forever."

"Maan, then why won't  you give me what I asked for?", she asked looking at me.

I knew exactly what she was talking about, "Geet, we have been over this again and again but my answer is not going to change."

"Maan, our kids need a mother.", she said quietly.

"You are their mother and they don't need anyone else."

"And when I am gone?"

"Geet please."

"No Maan, you know just as well as I do that my days are numbered. What are you going to do when I am gone?"

"Then I will be a father and a mother to my kids. I promise to do everything in my power to raise our kids to become people you can be proud of. But I can't give you the promise you want. I refuse to marry another woman and bring her in our home as my wife and their mother. I can't and I will not.

"Mommy, Daddy." Pari called out with a knock.

"Come in babies."

Pari opened and held the hands of her siblings as she led them in. "We just came to say good night."

I suggest you all listen to this song...adds to the whole feel:

Hum hanse toh hansa haule se tera sara jahaan

Tu agar hai yahaan toh hai yeh agan bhi gulistaan

Saaya tere hum sabhi, rahe dil mein ab teri har baat bhi

Hamesha & forever, jab tak saanson ka saath hai

Hamesha & forever, jab tak taaron ki raat hai

Hamesha & forever, tab tak teri hi baat hai

Hamesha & forever dil mein tu

"Come here my babies", she said holding out her arms. They all came over and sat around her as she held them. She tugged on my hand to pull me into the group hug. Just like every night,  our children were crying thinking tonight would be the last night they would kiss their mother goodbye. 

"Let's not say goodbye yet. I have something I want to give my babies.", she said wiping their tears away. "Maan, could you get the box from the closet?"

Aansu tere, parchaye mere, kaise banoo teri yeh ab dawa

Hamesha & forever, jab tak saanson ka saath hai

Hamesha & forever, jab tak taaron ki raat hai

Hamesha & forever, tab tak teri hi baat hai

Hamesha & forever dil mein tu


I went into the closet taking the box out bringing it to the box. She pulled out a jewellery box opening the lid gazing her the ornaments for a moment replaying the countless memories attached to them. "This was my mother's Kangan gave me when i got married to your Daddy.", she picking it up to place it in Pari's palm, "And now i am giving it to you. I want you to wear it on your wedding day. You are going to be the world's most beautiful bride.", she said kissing Pari's forehead.

"But Mommy, you are not going to be there.", Pari whispered.

"I will be baby, i will be watching you above.", i said as she held into Pari's hand. "I have to be watching your Daddy gets you married to a man just like him who will keep my daughter very happy.", she said looking in my direction and i silently promised with my eyes. 

Khushi came next to sit by her as Geet reached into the box again pulling a stethoscope out. "Baby, this was mommy's stethoscope when she dreamed of becoming a doctor just like you. I want you to listen to your heart when making your decisions. If years later, your heart tells you that being a doctor is what you want; then baby, you should do that. The reason i am giving you this stethoscope is because i always realized what my dreams were."Khushi listened to every word intently even though she might not have understood all but i would remind her if the need arose in the future.

The apple of her eye was next as he sat next to her holding her hand. For his gift, she didn't reach into the box, Instead he pulled off the ring i had given to her on at our wedding, "Champ, this is the ring your Daddy gave me when we got married and i want you to grow up one day and make a girl very happy by marrying her. And when you do, give her this ring even if it's old fashioned by then." Tears streamed down his face as he shook his head at her.  You will do that for Mommy, right ?", she asked through tears.

"I will Mamma, i love you Mommy. Please don't leave us."

She embraced him close to her chest kissing his forehead, cheeks and nose as she cradled his face, "Even Mommy doesn't want to go but it's Babaji's orders."

Next ,she reached in to pull out three scrapbooks, one for each child. She started one for each child on the first day they were born. "These are my most prized possessions, these are the memories of my babies starting from day one.", she said flipping to the first page of Pari's scrapbook which had a picture of the day she was born. "I collect the special moments of my babies in here, these scrapbooks are as old as each of you. Pari's is forteen years old, Neev's eight years old and Khushi's is only five years old. Now I want you to keep these and keep building the memories for your Mommy."

"Mommy", Pari whispered between her sobs as she threw her arms around her. "No Mommy"

Geet held a hand to her cheek, "Please baby, for Mommy. These scrapbooks are everything to me. They hold the memories of the people I love the most. Keep me alive in your hearts and I promise to look through these from heaven. Hold me close your heart with our memories and I will remain alive in your hearts forever. I promise."

Yaad mein itna rakhna ke woh ho phaasle, rehna lagg ke tum gale

Batla doongi main raasta, jab hongi raaste mein mushkilein

Akkhiyon se keh doon roye na woh, inn aankhon mein bas khushiyan hi khilein

( Hamesha & forever, jab tak saanson ka saath hai

Hamesha & forever, jab tak taaron ki raat hai

Hamesha & forever, tab tak teri hi baat hai

Hamesha & forever dil mein tu ) - 3 times

"We love you Mommy.", they said at the same time.

I watched with a heavy heart as the kids clinged to her as if begging her not to let go. She cradled each child face kissing their forehead before she held them close to her chest. "Today, Mommy is going to sleep with her babies in her embrace.", she said as she settled Neev and Pari between us. Pari laid to her left as she had one arm around her. She kept humming a soft lullaby as she ran her finger through their hair until they fell into a fitful sleep. I turned off the lights leaving the lamps on low as I slipped in under the covers kissing her forehead.

"I love you wifey.", I whispered.

"I love you too hubby."

We laced our hands together that rested above Neev. We kept staring into each other's eyes until her eyes started to close. "Geet loves her Maan and remember Mommy will always love her babies.", she whispered just as she fell asleep.

That night was the last time Geet Maan Singh Khurana told me that she loved me, it was the last time she had told her babies that she loved them. It was the last time we were together as a family. But Geet Maan Singh Khurana and her memories were engraved in our hearts forever: hamesha and forever.

This reason I put the earlier disclaimer up is because I, myself, cried at points in this OS. And I never ever cry over my own work but I don't know what was it about this piece...

And i apologize if there are any medical errors here. i do the research but i can always make a mistake.

Let me know how it was..Smile



Part 2/epilogue :

Edited by maankigeet4ever - 10 July 2012 at 1:53am

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esha143 IF-Rockerz

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Don't u think Rey...that your sadism is increasing OS by OS...I'm not going to comment on this one...I'm sorry for that...but I just can't...if u know me even a lil bit by now...u know how n what I I guess u can understand.,...I know u worked so hard n typed all this up...but still I'm unable to form any sentence regarding this OS to express what I felt reading this...I had an ominous feeling right from the starting of the story that I'm not going to be able to bear what u have in store n I was right...I knew it'd be a sad one with some one dying but to read how it end is painful beyond words...if anywhere in time I become brave enough to write a few words abt this I'll let u know...but I doubt it seriously...!!!

But yes U achieved the usual from this story also...the exact reaction for ur make ur reader feel through all the emotions u described in this...I felt them !I don't know abt others' though !!

Edited by esha143 - 23 September 2011 at 12:32am

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chalo hogaye na tere 3 posts...u r lucky I saw ur 2nd PM first...otherwise u will have to repeat the feat like in SS...LOLLOL

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Originally posted by maankigeet4ever

Aww...this is so cute n lovely n beautiful...dunno from where u get ur hands on such cutie pics...I'm loving them...Tongue

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maankigeet4ever IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by esha143

chalo hogaye na tere 3 posts...u r lucky I saw ur 2nd PM first...otherwise u will have to repeat the feat like in SS...LOLLOL
lolz...that's why i sent it right away..LOL...
and thanks for liking the pics...i try to find them according to the story...they are all from google...they just take forever to find them LOL

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U made me cry tooo much...

Awesome...there r no words...

Simply superbbb...

Its very hearttouching one...

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