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Originally posted by MR21

SrushHug...lovely caps n remarks yaaraClap...
Kya epi tha..dushy all in all in dreamy landLOL...n he tells sudha abt itAngry...n she is so happy shappy abt his dream na...daayan in all sense...n as u said yeh engine toh apne dibhbho ko change kiya hai kyaConfused...jab thak paani nahi hai dibhbho ko khone ki pechche pada...ab jab paani hai...dibhbho ke saath nahi khelraha hai...yeh ladka bhi na ullu hi hai...

Coming to village ladies praising gullu loved how for every praise to gullu vassy n kesu are very happy as if they are being praised...n the way the brothers share the looks...they r so lovely in one frame...n Mb also very happy shappy na...issi liye bina soche samje maagliya ki kya chaahthi ho beta...n comes the ultimate shock of his life...gullu toh very smart nikhli re..she clearing the path of rivalry between their villages so that there will be no issues in her getting marries to vassy naWink...very smart girl...Giga n JK dialoguesAngry...n loved Dia ba explanation what MB has to do now...ohhh she is one intelligent in the house atleast...

Ohh me loved that kesu n vassy scene...loved how kesar keep on bajaaoing with closed eyes...ohh vassy love his bro very much na...kesar full smart...usne gullu ke laugh ka reason pucha n left..arrey nahi jaayega toh confession kaha se hoga...n more over usse bhi waha hi toh confession karni hai na apna vasant baa ko follow karne mein koi kasar nahi chodtha yeh bachcha...rewa n devika names to cowsROFL...he is full on brat...wah re wah kesuda...kya names rakha hai tune...n comes indirect confession...kya ghumaa phiraake confession ho raha hai...aisa lag rahatha ki arrey jaldi se bol re aut kitna ser ghumayegaLOL...n gullu making vassy jeolous by telling she likes muchchi man...omg the way she explains all this she is so bratty...dushy toh gaya kaam seLOL...n vassy ka expression tohROFL...

Thanks yaara..Whenever I read your post it feels like you are speaking my mindEmbarrassed
Yes Kesar and vasant scene was the best part..even better than the whole round round confession!
the bond is so great..inspite of the comic can make out how much Kesar trusts Vasant and to what extent does Vasant would go to just to make his little bro happy!! Even sit near the cows for hours and listen to his pipudi for hte sake of it..shows why Kesar is such a brat..Vasant is there to spoil him rotten and why Vasant's name even after years of his death held so much of love respect and absolute dedication for Kesar!

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Originally posted by manzilmukul

PHEW ..Tongue..Hi Srush My PIG ..Hug

Phinally itne dino k baad ek episode dekha maine..aur OMG what caps yaar and Your superb taglines.Me to total fida and that two brothers in one frame and your tagline , "Humein maang lo pls"ROFL

Srush Take my Bow Gal..Tussi great ho.Thumbs UpAnd Kesu ladies man..LOL

Ab Geeesh k bare mein main kya kahun..EmbarrassedWo to sach mein jadugarni hai.Hug..She is the queen of enchantment...EmbarrassedTake my bow..

Well I lubbed both the GIfs EmbarrassedAnd really hats off to the CV's kya story likhi and some amazing direction.Clap

Oye Kesu is full on copy cat of Vassy.ROFL.He wanted Gullu,he brought bangles,He wanted the mojris made for Vasant,He wanted to marry the same girl,he fought with the world for Gulaal as Vassy and of Course confession k liye bhi kya same to same jagah chuni...Shocked

Kesu..kuch to original socha hota.Angry.Kam se Kam keithwa ki cows k bare mein socha hota..Wink.Sari cows paapi ban itne lubb confessions dekh k...Keithwa teri cowsShocked

But Srush and Geesh amazing yaar...innna acha post kaise create karte ho..ClapClapStarMe all big wala "J"ClapClapClap

Nah re .LOL.I just lubb you bothHug

Oyeee,,Aa gai meri dont know how happy your red fonts make me..even with a splitting head ache your post givees me such peace...miss those ghatiya shayaris day!!
and yes yes Copy cat Kesuda!! puri zindagi copy karta aaya...apni khud ki biwi dhoondhney ka kasht bhi nahi uthaya!! Bhai ki biwi hi le liLOL

And sahi hai..he used the same place..Cowshed..gadha kahi ka..
and why are you J..I should be JJJ for your ability to write your FFOuch which I have not been able to comment on...
but me love you anywaysHugHug

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Originally posted by arti07

lovely post shrush i loved the cowshed part those are the happy days of kesar ...we died to see the wide and ecstatic smile on bada kesar face so just cherishing his goody goody days rest i didnt watch...but your caps is really helpful for me really saara epi 5 min and even i loved that cotton garland cv are mindblowing even this art director is fantastic now i claim him before u do
so DOP chota kesu bada kesu and AD belongs to me u take the rest
Aha aa gai finally BMW..where were you...?? Frying bhajiyas on your examiner's headTongue
I know we tried to see the smile on Kesuda's face,,and we saw it in the hug scene but this smile was just tooo much...
you liked the cotton garland tooAngry copy cat kahin ki..
And DOP is toh always mine..abhi ke liye I will take the chhotu kesu..after we reach the 6th april epi we will changeTongueand AD...thik hai ..le leTongueTongueTongueTongue...itna toh banta hai for frying so many bhajiyasLOL

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Originally posted by JZephyr

ROFL ROFL ROFL - Srushee chorry yaraa my Wednesday was out of order insane and Thursday spent in catching up - and aaj to Friday be start of weekend jaisa ni lagraa - but these caps and ESPECIALLY the cap-takes deserve a Comic Noble Prize ROFL Kya dhund ke nishaana maara hai !!! I would have never thought of that true thought on dono bhaiyo ka dimaag at this point ROFL

An old scheme to marry the same girl - Kesar being the chalta firta radio station had managed to blurt hints many times, but hum audience hi slow nikle to realize bhaiyon ne kathe kiti duuur ki sochi thi LOL

Hi JZeee...Good to see your rofling!! and kya karen..the duo looked so appealing ..couldnot resist posting..and you are right...the CVs did give us hint ...everytime..we were just blind as Talli...errr I mean blind as the bats to see themLOL

And the title...thank you reEmbarrassed

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Originally posted by prachurya

I can't stop laughing...u r a genius SrushtiROFL *my stomach hurts*
Wonderful post...always follow the previous epi caps thnx so much for bringing back the clolur again!

hahah it is good to know you are enjoying it...It is fun to relive the journey ..especially together na...Thanks yaaaraEmbarrassed
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Originally posted by bioinfo

Originally posted by -Srushti-

Mein aa gaiTongueaccha hua warna main to ghasite ke lane wali thismilie_girl_186.gif

Tu mujhe ghasitegi apne ultey paanv seAngryLOL
And me toh ainveyi late ho gai..

Update kartey kartey so gaiEmbarrassed

Kumbhakaran Kesuda ban gai hoon aaj kalStern Smileeggjactly Tongue
Accha chalo no pak pak...
Direct shuru kartey hai...

The episode starts with Dushy in sindoor ki dibbi to some imagination of his ...thank god sudhi ko nahi diya warna ainwayi DUDHA ho jataConfused Dudha nahi dudhi..iti s bin budhi sudhiLOL

And getting happy in wonderlandLOLek chutki sindoor ki keemat tum kya janno gulluLOL she knows the keemat of a mojrisTongue

And elo! the first person he wants to share the wonderful news is his 'Sudha bhabhi!' ...Sudha must have been shocked to the core on hearing so much respect in his voice for her..LOL

And O le! ye toh tere haathon mein hai..tu tuney kya diya Gulaal ko?this is called ultimate tain tain phissLOL

And Look at Sudha Chudailechcujmi bhaat ijh theeshAngry..hehhehee Tongue ka slipwa ho gayaTongueTongueTongueTongueTonguegetting all happy shappy at this state of his pyaara devarTonguenaam ka asar haiWink

And Where was Gullu maharani..entertaining the ladies man...where are his dibbas..all I see him with, is with the girls of the houseLOLkesudi hai aur kahan jaegaWink hee hee

And people of Talsagra coming to felicitate Gulaal ..I swear somebody should have noticed that Vasant and Gulaal are like always together...diya aur baatiDeadBig smile tujhe aur koi title nahi mila!

And I found this one significant somehow..Gulaal is not only looking at Vasant with bewilderment but also as if seeking his permission...A trait which continued even after his death..humm apna kesuda was a victim of this traitOuch true treOuch

Oh and I loved this one ...Not a flower garland...but the traditional spin cotton garland...i loved it tooClap


E lo...Dono dubloos did not have the sense to give the girl a flower... this woman gives it to her...Jokes apart..that was one heart touching moment as she gives the first flower of Talsagra to bloom after the insurgence of water due to Gulaalbtw the women is wearing a beautiful chaniya choli , it looks better than wt gullu is wearing Ouch pata nahi ,..meri nazar toh golu par hi ataki hui this!

And He is a happy man!look look he's mucchie went straight upLOL

And in that he suddenly has the gallantry attack and decides to give anything to Gulaal..whatever she wants..

"You will give me whatever I want?"ye haath mujhe de de thakurTongue sab ke haath mangti rehti hai..Pair mangti toh tere ulte panv ka consolation ho jaataTongue

"Tu maang ke toh dekh!"dekh main kaise behosh hota hunLOL

Humein maang lo ..Pleaajjhh!!dono ko haila original and xerox ek saathLOL accha hai MB and PB had only two..soch warna Gullu ka kya hotaLOL

Oye...Motabha Pagla gaye ho aap!nahi tere jale pe namak chidakna unko ccha lagta hai giguTongue GiguLOL

Kissko maangu!haveli mang leEmbarrassed

Dono ko maangegiTonguehe he he ROFL

E lo..Kya maanga...MB..chalo for a 'visit to Rashipur!'direct route to the azkaban jailLOL

Vasant and Gulaal are both so similar na? Vasant asked for his parents to feed him...significant..since MB was naaraz with him and PB..his attempt to make peace ..and taking MB there she is beginning her peace talks...yup piece talkROFL

And as usual Giga JK and rona dhona..and MB poor fellow in a dharamsankat!look at the recession on his faceLOL recession..face hai ya american economy LOL

MB loses his cool...telling Giga he is stuck in time and the children half his age have more sense than him!LOL

So Giga walks out..but JK is toh fighter na...tells Daiba to make the decision!ee lo bandar ko roti ka batwara karne ko de diyaLOL

And you know where MB gets his sense of justice...Daiba says what actually solidifies Gulaal's higher up position in the house...That Talsagra cannot repay her even if they make shoes for her out of their own skin!! and as a Sarpanch of Talsagra..Soma aka MB should go !!haila shoes from skinConfusedkesu will donate his skin first LOL

The scene between Vasant and Gulaal after she asks for the promise was also significant...especially where Vasant says that now that you have asked for this promise MB would go..He calls MB 'Baapji' na..but at this moment he calls him MB..because MB will go as the sarpanch his Baapji he might have thought of not fulfilling his promise..but as sarpanch he can never do that na..and Gulaal saying fill the hearts with love it is important to empty them from the bitterness!!mast delogue mara haiClap Gullu is a dialouge queen

Securing her honourable entry inside Rashipur and also cementing the future relations..One smart lady she is...yup yupBig smile thank you re...tere comments ki toh mein raah dekhti hoon..tu aaye and me start replying to everyone...they always bring such big smile on my faceEmbarrassed love you re...

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