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Oh and Srushee - brilliant title there Clap

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Originally posted by -Srushti-

Humein maang lo ..Pleaajjhh!!

Kissko maangu!

Dono ko maangegiTongue

I can't stop laughing...u r a genius SrushtiROFL *my stomach hurts*
Wonderful post...always follow the previous epi caps thnx so much for bringing back the clolur again!

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Originally posted by -Srushti-

Mein aa gaiTongueaccha hua warna main to ghasite ke lane wali thismilie_girl_186.gif
And me toh ainveyi late ho gai..
Update kartey kartey so gaiEmbarrassed

Kumbhakaran Kesuda ban gai hoon aaj kalStern Smileeggjactly Tongue
Accha chalo no pak pak...
Direct shuru kartey hai...

The episode starts with Dushy in sindoor ki dibbi to some imagination of his ...thank god sudhi ko nahi diya warna ainwayi DUDHA ho jataConfused

And getting happy in wonderlandLOLek chutki sindoor ki keemat tum kya janno gulluLOL

And elo! the first person he wants to share the wonderful news is his 'Sudha bhabhi!' ...Sudha must have been shocked to the core on hearing so much respect in his voice for her..LOL

And O le! ye toh tere haathon mein hai..tu tuney kya diya Gulaal ko?this is called ultimate tain tain phissLOL

And Look at Sudha Chudailechcujmi bhaat ijh theeshAngry..getting all happy shappy at this state of his pyaara devarTonguenaam ka asar haiWink

And Where was Gullu maharani..entertaining the ladies man...where are his dibbas..all I see him with, is with the girls of the houseLOLkesudi hai aur kahan jaegaWink

And people of Talsagra coming to felicitate Gulaal ..I swear somebody should have noticed that Vasant and Gulaal are like always together...diya aur baatiDeadBig smile

And I found this one significant somehow..Gulaal is not only looking at Vasant with bewilderment but also as if seeking his permission...A trait which continued even after his death..humm apna kesuda was a victim of this traitOuch

Oh and I loved this one ...Not a flower garland...but the traditional spin cotton garland...i loved it tooClap


E lo...Dono dubloos did not have the sense to give the girl a flower... this woman gives it to her...Jokes apart..that was one heart touching moment as she gives the first flower of Talsagra to bloom after the insurgence of water due to Gulaalbtw the women is wearing a beautiful chaniya choli , it looks better than wt gullu is wearing Ouch

And He is a happy man!look look he's mucchie went straight upLOL

And in that he suddenly has the gallantry attack and decides to give anything to Gulaal..whatever she wants..

"You will give me whatever I want?"ye haath mujhe de de thakurTongue

"Tu maang ke toh dekh!"dekh main kaise behosh hota hunLOL

Humein maang lo ..Pleaajjhh!!dono ko haila original and xerox ek saathLOL

Oye...Motabha Pagla gaye ho aap!nahi tere jale pe namak chidakna unko ccha lagta hai giguTongue

Kissko maangu!haveli mang leEmbarrassed

Dono ko maangegiTonguehe he he ROFLROFLROFLROFL

E lo..Kya maanga...MB..chalo for a 'visit to Rashipur!'direct route to the azkaban jailLOL

Vasant and Gulaal are both so similar na? Vasant asked for his parents to feed him...significant..since MB was naaraz with him and PB..his attempt to make peace ..and taking MB there she is beginning her peace talks...yup piece talkROFL

And as usual Giga JK and rona dhona..and MB poor fellow in a dharamsankat!look at the recession on his faceLOL

MB loses his cool...telling Giga he is stuck in time and the children half his age have more sense than him!LOL

So Giga walks out..but JK is toh fighter na...tells Daiba to make the decision!ee lo bandar ko roti ka batwara karne ko de diyaLOL

And you know where MB gets his sense of justice...Daiba says what actually solidifies Gulaal's higher up position in the house...That Talsagra cannot repay her even if they make shoes for her out of their own skin!! and as a Sarpanch of Talsagra..Soma aka MB should go !!haila shoes from skinConfusedkesu will donate his skin first LOL

The scene between Vasant and Gulaal after she asks for the promise was also significant...especially where Vasant says that now that you have asked for this promise MB would go..He calls MB 'Baapji' na..but at this moment he calls him MB..because MB will go as the sarpanch his Baapji he might have thought of not fulfilling his promise..but as sarpanch he can never do that na..and Gulaal saying fill the hearts with love it is important to empty them from the bitterness!!mast delogue mara haiClap

Securing her honourable entry inside Rashipur and also cementing the future relations..One smart lady she is...yup yupBig smile

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Originally posted by -Srushti-

Ustaad Kesarali khaan!!khaa liye sabke kaanDead

Ye bechara Morchan ki taan kaa maara!hey lovely expressions by rahilClap

Aa gai daalne Vasant ko Chaara!ROFLROFL

I swear look at him..he heard on a radio that cows give more milk and made his big bro sit down to milk themLOLradio mein ye nahi bataya ke kaun sa muzic bajane se ostrich pat ti haiWink
Poor Vasant sitting there just to keep his heart..not having the courage to tell him that the cows already have given milkLOL

Her laugh made him lose concentration na??
Always does!the alarm Wink

Oh I love this communication between themm..Vasant pretending to milk the cow and telling him to go on!it was vassy always who made him go on even after his deathBig smile

And He so readily believes it!

And Vasant exchanges teh milk buckets to stop the ongoing torture and telling Kesar that the bucket is already full!!LOLagain on target expressions by rahilClap

And he gives such a tired call naLOL
Kesuda!! Bas kar ! Balti bhar gaiLOLROFL

Dekha maine bola tha naLOLtu to bohot kuch bolta hai sab sach hota hai kya moteLOL

Haan haan! Issne bola tha na?

*collar up*choo cuteBig smile

'Ye hans kyun rahi hai?'the maharaja ishtyleStar

Kaha haans rahi hai

Iss bucket ka doodh kaha gaya?gai wapas pee gayiLOL

Kaha gaya!!

Mujhe ullu banatey ho!ee lo ullu ko wapas ullu kaise banayeTongue

and the brat stomps off

hey lovely caps re u have done a fav job, loved the vassy gullu caps in the cowshedClap

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Posted: 23 September 2011 at 7:31am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Srushti-

And hello hello! Meet my cows!along with a gadhaLOL

Oh I loved the stories of the namkaran of cows...

And then he realizes she is going back tomorrow!mat jana gullal chant nahi kiyaLOL

And aha! kaise bolun?muh mein daat hilane se baat banati hai...aise try kar shayd kaam chal jayeLOL

Kab bolega gadhe!jab dushy ke mucchi mein safed baal aa jayengeLOL

And he goes round and round and round!! Haye..sidha bol na..Aati kya Talsagra!! Khaamkha...kaash ye ujaala khushi meri zindagi mein rahe...phalana dhikana!oye talsagra mein electricity nahi hai kyaConfused

Haa ho sakta hai agar Suraj pyaar ka ho toh!diff kind of suraj bhi hote hainConfused

E lo she also gumaing hi m gol gol!

Ab bol bhi de gadhe..lekin na..he again goes round and round..will I meet you on the way that I have started on...arrey how would she have to tell her the number of the highway na!!errm haigway lubb storyConfused

And isliye you got a big lanky donkey!
Cow shed mein proposal..and the copy cat copied this also..but got a fab response na??OuchLOLyup from gullu with lubb...dham dhudumLOL
so Devdi becomes the KMH and drags Gulaal to Reva who is busy drooling on the pics of Kamlesh kumarDeadme tooDead

And aha we now have vassy teasing session as Gulaal will tell what kind of guy she likes!

Bechara Vasant..bina mucch ka munda..ishh chehere pe kheti nahi to reject kar diyaLOL

and she knows he is behind her she ishtarts!

I want a guys with big mucchiwants virappan kyaDead

Need to get one ASAPdude its a natural process itni jald bazi theek nahiLOL

I already have one..I put Dabur laal tel on it daily..Vasant le thengaTongueaha talsagra ke sukhe ke ispe koimasar nahi kiya...iski kheti to fit and fineLOL

Aha ! she has toh as if slipped in ecstasy!

Guy who wears pointed hat and pointed shoes..(Pagla gai hai..paas jayegi and they will poke you!()ROFLROFLtu du du tu du du ROFL

Reva is so want a husband or a parrot??LOLROFL

Jiske mann mein mera hi khayal ho..marry durgesh LOL

Aur hothon par Gulaal hi Gulaal hoee lo color khane walaDead


Aha!anju ishtart droolingBig smile this moment he so looks like the grown up disappointed Kesu naROFL

aha lovely caps dushy ke pics are too goodClap

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Posted: 23 September 2011 at 7:39am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Geeshani

Good morning Srush Embarrassed


fab comparisons geeshuClap kesu ka proposal was too goodROFLROFL

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-Srushti- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 September 2011 at 8:40am | IP Logged
Originally posted by nneeiill


Humein maang lo ..Pleaajjhh!!

Haha Sach mein...Dono itney despo lag rahe  hai...LE lo le lo humein le lo!!

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-Srushti- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 September 2011 at 9:09am | IP Logged
Originally posted by chweetu

Good morning srush..Hug
I didn't watched d epi..kyun k me dabloo bangayii..Silly
I loved d u have put everything srush...ClapClapClap
I am rofling like anything through out d post..ROFL
Dushi has mirage..n sudhi tho bilkul happy ban gayi...his day dreaming ko dekhke..LOL
kesu..n cow cute it was..I loved vasy's expressions of helplessness...LOLClap
Gullu..coming..n telling k actually vassy use ullu bana raha tha..LOLarre isme bana ne wali kya bath d golu is already ullu...ROFL
He proposed  beating around d bush..he may be giving d "Rasthey "dialogue of gullu  back to her..which she has d mela..after falling from that wheel..EmbarrassedLOL
Loved h village people came..n thanked gullu..n loved ur interpretation..beek maang rahe hai kya vassy n kesu."Hume maango"ROFL
Loved h d lady gave first flower..n loved h MB..asked..n loved MB..n gullu convo..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
N d gullu telling d features of her tease vassy were too good..Tongue
N mujhe patha chala ki u have a muchii also..Tongue
trim karne kya me avoon..LOL
Loved d post n caps srush..Huglove u always to infinite tinker bee...Hug

Oye Tu dabloo ban gai...Koi you are always one kadam ahead of us na..
Kesu and his tuntuna was teh best..kya masti se baja raha tha...but it shows na how he did find his respite in that Pipudi of yours ..and Vassy was just fab..poor guy!!

And his proposal..was  so 'Whew'!!
both brothers I tell you are sooo goody good lookng and they look fab in one frame..!!!!

And dushy's mucchi to bas 'muah!' my favourite too..and Gullu ke nakhre..tauba tauba!!LOL
And me love you to more infinim infiinity re meri PinkyHugHugHug

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