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I think I seriously need a break.. (Page 4)

Frozen.K IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 September 2011 at 11:26am | IP Logged
hemuuuHug..don't be sad man!...I know this track is kind of messed up now...I hope abhay does not fake his relationship with alina..I mean alina deserves to have a man who can love her back and that person is not abhay...I just hope he does not listen to Chand...I completely understand what you are feeling right now and I do feel this time there will be misunderstanding between abhiya for sure..if piya catches abhay being lovey dovey with alina, then I don't think Piya will have guts to confront him..instead she will be shattered coz of  his matter how much you trust your love, but when you actually catch them red handed (even though its fake from abhay's pov), no girl can forgive her boyfren...I myself would notLOL...but regardless of whatever happens, abhiya are meant to be together..don't worry even if there will be any misunderstanding, it will clear out soon and abhiya will stay together...but one person I am feeling very sorry for is alina...I just hope abhay does not show her dreams (not that she need his help, she is already dreaming about himLOL) that will never be fulfilled...poor girl will be devastated and may even turn negative if abhay obeys chand's order and fakes his relationship with alina...Angry

chalo ab yeh dukhi aatma attitude ko change karte hain aur kuch abhiya romance ke bareme baat karte hain...pia was looking so cutteee todayDay Dreaming...the whole forum is talking about how pretty she looked in her T and PJ...and precap, by god I was about to faint...kya haq se pakda tha abhay ko and abhay was enjoying the whole warning of piya...Embarrassed

sanchita1410 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 September 2011 at 11:28am | IP Logged
Hema u know u always tell the story of my heart. We are in the same boat. The phone convo was so cute but at the same time my heart was crying thinking of the future. And after the last part I fell so miserable for abhay. He doesn't want to do it but he has no option as it's his father's order. But the pain totally visible in his voice. Kya piya kabhi samajh payegi ke main kahin bhi jaoo rahoonga humesha uska hi. Precap was very sweet but at the same time it threatens to worse future. May be in future piya will see abhay romancing allina and mu him. And allina the day she knows abhay is faking it she will be dangerous. But Hema dont leave. Future ka hum badme dekhenge let enjoy the present. Bad time came earlier also but we crossed it together. Isbar bhi kar lenge. And Hema we are some among the true abhiya lovers who never stopped loving them chahe kuch bhi situation ho. We never changed coz we heart them. We are attached to their pain. We know why abhiya need each other. We know how incomplete they are without each other. They aren't just fictitious char for us, actually they become part of our life. So if any of the true abhiya fan leave cvs will get wrong message. We should unitedly say cvs what we want. And the day abhiya mu happens I will also stop replying and posting caps untill and unless they will get together.

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--geny-- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 03 September 2011
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Posted: 22 September 2011 at 11:31am | IP Logged
Originally posted by TOTAL-ROMANTIC

I am so getting senti & emotional Cry..sorry guys..dont know what is it..but you all know I am OUT & OUT ABHIYA maniac..& this upcoming track & epi's are going to break me into peices BIG TIME..I know I am being a super duper fool LOLCry..I am supposedly the eldest here I think.Embarrassed.& I am taking such a fictional story & characters so very seriouslyOuch..its not that..its just that..I am made like this..& think none can change thatDead..Today beleive it or not..I was dieing every moment when Alina was dreaming & later on Piya & Abhay was romancing sooo happily over the phone without knowing what future holds for them...,I know..ABHIYA are inseperable this is just a track  to highlight their eternal love all that agreed..but me is DONE WITH THIS..I have had the sense...tootgayi hoon ABHI KELIYE aur iss wajah se..I dont think I will be able to post anything for ..some days ..I dont know till when  but once I get better feeling & all this misunderstanding crap gets over I will be back..I SWEAR ON MY GOD..Bappa..I HATE MISUNDERSTANDING be it in my real life or any crap serial track or movie...but in movie at least 3 ghante ke andar sab clear karke khatam karte hain..par yahan aisa nahin hoga..they will dragthsi for at least 2 weeks I know..I CANT SEE PIYA IN PAIN..NOR CAN SEE ABHAY FAKING ANYTHING WITH ANYONE>.SIMPLE..& I cant let my frustration in any post as I dont beleive in bashing any character just because I dont like them as I may loose I better be SHUT..& seriously..I need a break..mein itna Forum pe reheti hoon aajkal ki my family is terribly upset with me I need t regroup myself..not that I will stop watching..I cant live without PKYEK & ABHIYA...& ALL OF YOU..but wont be active.. so all my sweetest friends PLEASE ..sorry but I am what I am ..I cant pretend to be very strong even when I am breaking like always I said what I feel..

I was literally cryingCry when Piya was looking at moon & talking & then cho chweet ly EmbarrassedDay Dreamingcalling ABHAY & then she jumping like a happiest person on thsi planet & says I love  I love you..I love you..3 times..& that sweetest of sweetest sexy smile of ABHAY on the other side & the he also says such sweet things & He whispers I love you to her on her pestering to hide from Chand..& that PREAP..GOSH the way she said..Yes I am threatening a Vampire..mujhe tumse koi dar nahin lagta..sooo cutely all this will turn out into a nightmare to PIYA ..I cant take it.Dead.Dead.Dead.I was crying & now even while typing I am moist..& blurred so forgivemy TYPO's ..I may not answer any posts individually..SO PLEASE PLEASE..PLEASE..forgive me sorry..BUT I NEED A BREAK..please be here & keep the forum & ABHIYA torch alive..always..till I see you all again..GOD BLESS YOU ALL & I LOVE YOU ALL immensely..HugHugHugAnd ABHIYA,,...they live in my nothing more to say..I guess..HugCryNow I have dedicated a song from me to all of you..about my present situation & ABHIYA's situation..both..Hugsee you all soon..

Zindagi imtihaan leti hai
Zindagi imtihaan leti hai DeadCry
Logon ki jaan, logon ki jaan, logon ki jaan leti haiCry

Dillagi imtihaan leti hai
Dillagi imtihaan leti hai
Diljalon ki jaan, diljalon ki jaan, diljalon ki jaan leti hai

Dosti imtihaan leti hai
Dosti imtihaan leti hai
Doston ki jaan, doston ki jaan, doston ki jaan leti haiCryHug

Zindagi imtihaan leti hai
Dillagi imtihaan leti hai
Dosti imtihaan leti hai Cry

Oos bekhabar ko koi khabar de
Ke ye pyaar hum ko paagal na kar de
Ye pyaar hum ko paagal na kar deCry

Preet bhi imtihaan leti hai
Preet bhi imtihaan leti hai
Premiyon ki jaan, premiyon ki jaan, premiyon ki jaan leti haiCryCryDead

Zindagi imtihaan leti hai
Zindagi imtihaan leti hai Dead

Woh paas ho to khul naa sake lab
Woh dur ho to ...soche mile kab
Woh dur ho to ...soche mile kabCry

Bebasi imtihaan leti hai
Bebasi imtihaan leti hai Cry(this is ABHIYA 's situation for me I guess..)
Bebason ki jaan, bebason ki jaan, bebason ki jaan leti hai
Dillagi imtihaan leti hai
Dillagi imtihaan leti hai

Dil ki gali se bach ke guzarna
Yeh soch lena ...phir pyaar karna
Yeh soch lena... phir pyaar karna

Aashiqui imtihaan leti hai
Aashiqui imtihaan leti hai
Aashiqon ki jaan, aashiqon ki jaan, aashiqon ki jaan leti haiCryCry
Dosti imtihaan leti hai
Dosti imtihaan leti hai

Doston ki jaan, doston ki jaan, doston ki jaan leti hai
Zindagi imtihaan leti hai
Zindagi imtihaan leti hai

Dekha hemadi!maine kaha tha na aapse...we can't c this.u know i  hav not seen 2days episode!coz for me it is very difficult to c this.i wil die if i c any abhina or abhy with any ohter girl or any track.bus.main aur hurt nahi hona is very painful for me to c this serial!& 2day i am happy that i hav not seen 2days epi.bach gayi main mental torture se.bus read kiya hai.coz kuch bhi ho but lov pkyek only of abhiyaNA.

CV's ne mera itna bura haal kiya hai ki main abhay ko piya ke siva kisi aur ke sath dekh hi nahi sakti...ab ye kuch aur der (no. of days.) chhala na ..main seriously mar jaungi.i wil die 4ver.CV's ko samajna chahiye.& ab to had hi ho gayi hai...
1 sal hone ko hai.par kabhi proper track nahi dikhaya.hamesh panchi ko hi space & lov story dikhane ke bajay kya dikha rahe hai?

u know yesterday abhina ke track pe maine channel change kiya tha 4 protecting me from that torture!seriously.
maine kabhi aisi serial nahi bhi kitne lov trangle & kitni ladkiya & ladke un dono ke piche!HAR ROZ 1 END TO 1SHURU HO JATE HAI .from MAY 2011 ...u can c jay ke aane ke baad & abahy ki reentry ke baad.sab unke piche.
par aisa 1 bhi serial main nahi hai.
AAJ AAPNE BHI VO FEEL KIYA JO MAINE KAL  feel KIYA THA.i know u hav comfort me with ur beautiful words...& i like that.but har 1 ki bhi torture sehne ki limit hoti hai na?that u feel today.
itana mentaly hurt hone se achha hai we will not c this serial for some days.will c it on PROPER ABHIYA TRACK.
maine bahot sapne sajaye the about ABHIYA ...unka lov like Bell-Edword,unki Shadi,sometimes i like jak to also like jay.sometime only.not regular,unka beby,unki masti,knowk-joke,romance.but in CV's ne kuch bhi nahi dikhaya na...
ok.ab main aapse kehati hoon ...seriously aap bhi ye Abhina track end hone tak serial mat dekho..seriously.u know to watch pkyek with this track is so painful,so painful & hurting ki poochho mat.achha hai ki hum serial na deke.only READ D UPDATES ON NET.& WILL WATCH OLD PKYEK REPEAT PARTS TO LIVE OUR PKYEK.NA.AB SHANT HO JAO. & AGAR tum serial na dekho (i mean this current) track THEN U WILL HAPPY IN UR NATURAL REAL LIFE WITH UR FRIENDS & PARENTS!WASTE OUR TIME WITH THEM & U WILL BHI HAPPY 4VER.I hav experiance of it
ok.sad mat hona.u know na OUR ABHIYA 4VER.& CV's ka to kam hai hame TORTUER karne TAKE IT EASY!LOV U 4VER DI.
AB aapko achha lag raha hoga na dil ki sari BHADAS bahar nikal di is post se.(ye maine kal kiya tha.)
maine mere dil ko bahot samjaya & mere friends ka & aapkabhi suggetion i am happy in my natural life.
AAP BHI HAPPY RAHNA KUCH DIN KE LIYE IN OUR NATURAL LIFE. lov u di & lov ur post & song is very nice & inspiring.Gn.sweet dreams of abhiya coz v lov tem na!
--Flora-- Goldie

Joined: 25 August 2011
Posts: 1185

Posted: 22 September 2011 at 11:41am | IP Logged

I can understand Hema..Abhiya hav jst got together and a misunderstanding track wil b very m hopeful that this time Piya wil jst trust Abhay n his love fr her..

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chahat4u IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 09 August 2008
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Posted: 22 September 2011 at 11:45am | IP Logged
Oh Hema, u r nt alone, after watching tonite's episode, I was feeling its going to go usual shows way, misunderstandings, positive turning grey, grey turning positive, confusions, and I thought I am so stupid to take serials so seriously, and I can't take it anymore. Cry

I'll miss you our positive light, but I understand, take ur time, and well wait for you. Smile
sunflower52 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 17 October 2006
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Posted: 22 September 2011 at 12:08pm | IP Logged
All the true Abhiya are fans are in the same boat. Am feeling the same thing. If the cv's think that by showing this kind of track will get them trp's think again.

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carisma2 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 22 September 2011 at 12:25pm | IP Logged
Don't u dare dissapear on us.
Wait for my post it - will come a bit later..
Mardungi mein tumein if you leave me. Samjee..
We all cannot live without Abhiya.
There I used to tell Kriyan's stop getting crazy -- and here I have ended up doing the same.. again - I've totally revolved myself around them.
DreamySN Senior Member

Joined: 07 March 2007
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Posted: 22 September 2011 at 12:38pm | IP Logged
Aaawww, you made me so senti..Please dont break up like this. We all know AbhiYa are soul of this show and nothing worng between them can go for long. This time Piya is not going to play poor bichari girl. She is going to fight for her Abhay and Abhay can not let her down. Please relax and recollect yourself; For you, your family and Us Embarrassed

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