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MG:~Bramachari Maan-THREAD 2 (Page 90)

-memorable- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 November 2011 at 12:27pm | IP Logged
common simi
update soon

princesssarah Senior Member

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Posted: 21 November 2011 at 12:42pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by mrs.msk

Originally posted by princesssarah

hey simi...
waiting for your update...
i know even
if there will be a divorce between maaneet...dey will overcome it and deir love will grow stronger...LOLLOLLOL
i m with you in this...Smile
waiting to see maan,his mom and whole khurana family to feel guilty about their misunderstanding towards geetWinkWinkWink...except dev...Angry
could  you please tell me how long will it take to update...????

Thank you princess!
Lets see if that really  happens as  you sayEvil SmileLOL
I will update in like 10 minutes or so!
Almost done with the updatesLOL

thanks simi...i m waiting...
meena.. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 November 2011 at 12:53pm | IP Logged
still waiting how much time does it take dear
mrs.msk IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 November 2011 at 1:09pm | IP Logged
Hey guys,

Sorry it took this busy...LOL As I was going through everyone's comment I notice I made almost everyone sorry in advance but couldn't keep making this story happy go lucky type as it would be very unrealistic to show happiness all the time as we all know life needs to have ups and downs. That is how we learn. So here is the update..lets see if you guys like it or not...
                      Chapter 29

Maan sat in his room drinking. He gulped down the drink as fast as he could shaking his head. He had tears on his face...he looked ahead at their wedding picture...he gets up and throws the painting on the floor. Geet had left yesterday without saying anything or even meeting him once. The divorce papers laid on the table...she signed the could she? Why? The divorce papers were still missing his signature. He couldn't sign the papers for some reason. 

He couldn't bring himself to sign the paper. Somewhere down the line, no matter what she did or said..he still likes her. He refills his glass again, thinking about their moments spent together. Her smile, her yelling at him..them fighting..he smiles. He opens his eyes..everything was dark now...the room was empty...everything seemed so different now without her, as if she took the happiness and light that she was with her. He sits on the sofa drinking away. Ronit looks at Maan from the door with tears. He couldn't see his son like this. He wanted to tell him the truth but couldn't. 

Geet packed her bags before Maan could come back. She sat their like a zombie as she looks at her wedding picture. Everything was gone now.  Her marriage, her happiness...but she would know one thing..Maan would be safe and happy away from her. Maybe she was the bad saaya that mom spoke of. Maybe because of her everything happened. Dadima, Maan..and now I can't danger anyone in the family anymore. Nakul comes in the room giving her the divorce papers. She takes it and signs it with tears. She neatly places the papers on the table before going. She stops at Ronit's room. He hugs her while crying.

Ronit: Geet don't do this. I will tell Maan the truth.

Geet: No papa. No one should know. He will be safe now

Ronit: You cannot possibly believe this rubbish

Geet: I have no choice but to believe it. Maybe mom was right. As the elder-bahu it is my duty to keep everyone in this family safe and I failed. It is better if I leave

Ronit: NO you are not! I won't let you. If there is anyone that should be leaving it should be Madhrui not you!

Geet (holds his hand) Please papa promise me that you won't tell anyone the truth...(Ronit shakes his head. She puts his hand on top of her head) Please promise me or else I will do something to myself. (he looks at her with tears) Please...promise

Ronit: Okay...but if you are going then I am too..I don't wish to stay here anymore

Geet: have to stay here will not do such a thing..please

Ronit: Geet you are asking for things that are impossible for me to do. 

Geet: I know but you have to do it. please..or else what I have done will be wasted. Please (Ronit hugs her while crying...she moves away from him and leaves the house. She looks back one last time before leaving...)

Ronit walks away feeling helpless before his son. He looks at Madhuri who was coming up the stairs with food for Maan. She looks at him with smile but he leaves without glancing her way. Madhuri looks at Maan and was shocked. She puts the try on the table.

Madhrui: Maan what are you doing?

Maan: She was fake. Why did she do this?

Madhrui: Maan you have to be brave. Come eat.

Maan; No am not hungry...leave me alone! (She looks at him with tears and leaves)
Geet is sitting in the room crying. She hugs the wedding photo. She was staying with her friend Pinky before she leave this town forever. She couldn't stay here anymore. There were way too many memories here that would haunt here everyday. She would never forget Maan. Never. She gets up and looks at the moon. 

Maan too gets up and looks at the moon. Both closes their eyes in pain and tears remembering one another. Geet appears in front of Maan...she was yelling at him..calling him names..making stupid faces..he smiles...he sits on the chair looking at her with a smile. 

He gets up to go near her..he was about to fall down but Geet catches him with a smile. He brings his hand up to touch her but she was gone. Geet turns around to see Maan standing there in his new work outfit. He comes closer to her...until she is against the wall. He smiles at her while she looks at him with tears. He brings his face toward her to kiss her. She closes her eyes waiting for the kiss but that kiss never came. She slides down on the floor hugging her knees crying. 
Dadima is in her room thinking about Geet's words, her actions. Deep down she knew that she won't be able to say such a thing but what she saw and heard cannot be ignored. Was she wrong in choosing Maan to marry her? Did she, for the first time, made a wrong decision? She blamed herself somewhere because of her stubbornness to see him married ruined his life. His grandson was not the same anymore. The same person that used to have smile on his face and faced the toughest situations is not completely broken. She can one person change so much? How? 
Dev sat in his room looking at Geet's picture. Geet was gone..and he wasn't home to stop her. He wanted to see her. He missed seeing her in front of him. He called his every  contact but none could find her whereabouts. He throws everything in anger. Where are you Geet? I miss you. I will have you. Once I find you I will gain your trust, make you fall in love with me and then no one can seperate us. 
Two days have been passed and Maan situation doesn't seem to get any better. He had locked himself inside the room refusing to eat or come out. He was absorbed in his own pain refusing for anyone to see him. Madhuri cursed Geet for Maan's condition. She couldn't see his pain anymore. She decided to go talk to Ronit about this. As she entered the room she saw him packing his stuff.

Madhrui: What are you doing?

Ronit (looks at her) I am leaving.

Madhuri: when will you be back?

Ronit; I don't know...(he ignores her for the rest while he packed. Madhuri tried helping him but he took his stuff away from her)

Madhuri (mad): Because of that Geet you are pushing me away. Your wife. I have known you longer then you have known that Geet.

Ronit (looks at her with anger) Yes. We have known each other longer but I don't know who  you are anymore. You are not the person that I married. As for runined her life and your son's life. And for what? You believed that Pandayji?

Madhuri: I didn't ruin anyone's life. It was her decision to leave this house

Ronit: WHO TOLD HER TO DIVORCE MAAN? Me or you! (he shouts. She looks at him scared...) YOU! You made her promise to divorce Maan so that he could be safe from her saaya. She did nothing wrong.

Mahduri: What I did was right. Ever since she came here bad things have been happening left and right. All because of her. Now, as a mother, I won't let anything bad happen to my son.

Ronit: You are so wrong. Don't you see Maan's destruction? He needs Geet.

Madhuri: He needs ME. He doesn't need Geet or anyone. He will come out of her betrayal shock soon enough.

Ronit (picks up his bag) I am leaving. (he opens the door and found Maan standing there with a shock. From the face tiw as evident he heard everything. He looks at Madhuri who kept her head low) Maan woh

Maan: You all betrayed me.

Madhuri: Maan it is not like this..

Maan: How could you do this

Madhuri: It was for your own good... (Maan walks away in tears...he was still a little bit drunk..Ronit helps him...)

Ronit: Come lets go and find Geet (Maan hugs him...)

Madhrui: Why don't you guys understand...

Ronit: ENOUGH! (She backs up...Dev who was standing there was shocked to see the turn of events. He goes into his room...angry...his plan was failing...he needed to find Geet before they do...he calls up someone...)

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komlika IF-Rockerz

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Truth is out Party

I hope maan finds Geet before DEV but I hope DEV truth to be out before maaneet r together again so they can live in peace no more DEV to ruin their happiness Angry

Btw me first [:D/]

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XXaquafireXX Goldie

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Bhangra Bhangra Balle Balle!!!Dancing

Maan found out the truth. Its about time too. Ronit and Maan make a super duo, and I hope that with their combined effort that Geet is found soon!

Aww again you made me cry...Maan and Geet thinking of each other every passing moment. It was beautiful. 

Definitely worth the wait!!Smile


Dev is a Censored. *PTTT*

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mrs.msk IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by XXaquafireXX


Ruhi tu nikal ja
you have 6 page paper due soon!LOLLOL

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meettu IF-Rockerz

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lovbed it
uodate soon
next part

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