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MG:~Bramachari Maan-THREAD 2 (Page 64)

mrs.msk IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 November 2011 at 9:22am | IP Logged
Originally posted by SONU_29

oh god maan meet an accidentCryCry
 i thought madhuri self need her brain's checkup
hw can she say dis to geetShockedShocked
feeling very bad for geetCryCryBroken Heart
also want to kill dat devAngryAngryAngry
maan get well soon
continue soon

i had to bring the twists 
Dev is evil hopefully he gets what he deserves

mrs.msk IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 November 2011 at 9:37am | IP Logged
Originally posted by kareena32

nice update but why turning it into saas bahu drama now
why make madhuri evil saas she was so nice with geet
cont soon

I don't think this is like saas bhau

Madhuri is "evil" because of current situation...she is believing what she is seeing
mrs.msk IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 November 2011 at 9:38am | IP Logged
Originally posted by chubzy

Yaar this is not good, plzzz dont do this...
But i think it will help maan to realise geet's importance in his life, oh ho wow !!!! Now i like this twist...

haha thanks!
am glad  you are being positive in this new trackEmbarrassed

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mrs.msk IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 November 2011 at 9:39am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sweet cherry

omg whats has happened CryCry
maan accident CryCry 
how can she say such words to geet
PLZZZ i hope maan come to kno da truth behind dev act to waht he done
nd hope his stupid stupid mother suffer for doin dis to geet and maan
nd wen her other son dev is da culprit
do continue

Madhuri is only blinded by what is in front of her so can't really blame her
Dev yeah he is pure evil to do this to his own family

mrs.msk IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 November 2011 at 9:41am | IP Logged
Originally posted by spvd

part 26
u better hide Simi...
how could u?
can i kill Dev with my bare hands?
or someone gimme ideas to torture him...
poor Geet and Madhuri is blaming Geet and her luck...
and the audacity of that creep to support Geet...
yaar u better do the justification of Dev's punidhment nahi to chodungi nahi tumhe...
cont soon...

ahah I had to Deepa
yeah you can kill dev in fact I will be there with you as wellLOL

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mrs.msk IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 November 2011 at 1:16pm | IP Logged

Hope you'll like it!!!!

                    Chapter 27

It has been a week now..Geet never left the sight of Maan. Although he had gained conscious...he was still unable to move his upper body and legs. It pained her to see him in so much pain. She couldn't stand it but she was determined to get him back on his feet. Pandayji's whereabout was still unknown but one thing was for sure..he will not get away this easily...he will pay for what he did to Maan. He made the whole family suffer especially Maan. Now, she sat next to Maan trying to feed her. He looks at her with worry as if something is wrong. 

For this past week, Maan has watched Geet take care of him, of his every need but there was something wrong. Her eyes spoke different story, they were sad of something. Yeah, she smiled in front of him, made comments here and there but her eyes spoke whole different story. He wasn't sure though, maybe he is just imaging it..but if it is true, if his feelings are true then what happened? Why is she so sad? 

He tried to ask her but she didn't give him a chance, she just kept talking of random things, smiling, trying to make him smile...she updated him of everyone in the house..what they are doing, where they are and if they are going to meet him later...but she never talked about herself. What she is feeling...never...usually she speaks what is in her mind now she is a different person. 

Geet sat there smiling to Maan while feeding him but her heart was in pain. The deal she made with mummy. As soon as he is better, she would have to divorce him. How? She loves him...will Maan understand? No...he will not find out the truth...she already thought of a way to make him hate her once he is better...there is no other way..she has to show him that she is not meant for him. 

They were never meant to be together. Yes, she is willing to live without him even if it kills long as he is safe...she doesn't care...Maan holds her hand just as she was about to feed him again. She puts the spoon down knowing he is full. She wipes his mouth and looks at him with a smile.

Geet: Do you need anything else?

Maan: no...Geet...(before he could ask her Madhuri comes in with a flower. Maan smiles at her. She sits next to Geet..)

Madhuri: How are you now beta?

Maan: Fine...

Madhuri: Hope Geet took care of you well today? (She looks at her)

Maan: Of course

Geet (felt uncomfortable around her..) excuse me...I will be back (She gets up to leave before stepping out of the door she looks back at Maan with a sad smile)
It has been a month now...

Maan's ribs were healing but still it had hurt him to get up without any support. His leg was out of cast but he had to go through a therapy sessions twice a day. The doctor had discharged him two days before. Everyone in the house always surrounded him and even moved his room downstairs so its not too hard for him to move around in crutches. Still it bothered Maan about Geet...there was something going on. 

He tried so many times to talk to her but she just laughed it off and went out in some excuse or the other. He had immense respect for Geet now..he doesn't call her chudail only when they are fighting. In some ways he was getting some unknown feelings for her. He would feel restless if she was not there in front of him...he would worry about her every minute...he didn't know why...He sat in his room waiting for Geet...he became totally depended on her...he can't lift a finger or move around without having her in front of him. He flipped through the magazine waiting for Geet..his eyes were on the door rather then what was he holding. He heard the door open...he waited for her to come in but was upset that it was his mom. She was carrying food for him.

Madhuri: Maan beta look what I have made for you. Your favorite Indian dish.

Maan: Thank you mom (his eyes were still on the door.)

Madhuri (noticed) Are you okay beta?

Maan: Woh where is Geet?

Madhuri (becomes upset) she went somewhere. I don't know. Anyway here you eat. (She heard someone calling her name) That must be your father...I will be back.

Maan: hmm okay
Madhuri went into the room and saw Ronit taking his tie off. She stands behind him to help him with his clothes. He nudges her hands away. Madhuri looks at him shocked.

Ronit: Don't touch me

Madhuri: What are you saying? I am your wife.

Ronit: no you are not. You are not the one I married. My wife would never think about breaking her own sons home

Madhuri: I am breaking home? What did I do?

Ronit: Geet and Maan's divorce...until you get that idea out of your head...don't touch or talk to me

Madhuri: Don't you see what she has done to our son? 

Ronit: How many times do I have to tell you? Make you understand? It was Pandayji not her. She had no role in it.

Madhuri: I don't care...she has a bad shadow in our lives...everything has been going wrong because of her. So its better she leaves.

Ronit: Just leave this room right now before I loose my temper. 

Madhuri: But...

Ronit: LEAVE! (She leaves after hearing him yell...)

Dev quickly hides after listening to their parents talk. He was passing by to go to his room when he heard them talking. So pretty soon Geet will divorce Maan...he smirks...too bad Maan survived...but now I need to think about what to will I make Geet mine? I have to think of something...I didn't plan on mom going against Geet...but I guess it will come in handy for their divorce..later on I can change her mind...chal Dev plan your next move..." He smiles and leaves from there...
Geet was going up the stairs to see Maan when she saw mom coming down the stairs. Madhuri looks at her with anger and leaves. Geet looks at her trying to talk to her but it was of no use. She tried...she tried to make her believe that she was not at fault..but she doesn't believe her...but she will not make the family suffer or break up because of her...she has to do something...she stops outside of their room..she knocks the door...she goes in when she hears the response...

Geet: Papa...(Ronit turns around and looks at Geet...) I wanted to talk to you about something

Ronit: What is is beta? Come don't need my permission to come in..

Geet: woh I have a request...

Ronit: yeah what kind of request

Geet: Please don't be mad at mom...please

Ronit: You know what she is asking is wrong right? How can she think like that?

Geet: I know but its not her fault...she is just under will be cleared later...please

Ronit: I don't know if I can...I cannot support her..

Geet: Then support me...I need your help...(She explains her plan...)

Ronit: I can't (She holds her hands)

Geet: please papa please...promise me you will

Ronit: Geet...okay...(he said with a heavy heart...Geet smiles and leaves...)
She goes to meet the room..she saw that his food was still there untouched. She sits on the bed...

Geet: How come you didn't eat?

Maan: Ohh I wasn't hungry

Geet: I hope you are hungry now..because I am not leaving you until you eat

Maan: If you feed me.

Geet (smiles) Okay..(both look at each other as Geet fed him one by one. Maan held her hand the whole time while she fed him. He liked her touch...her smile..everything but still couldn't give name to his feeling...what was it...) Do you want me to give you a sponge bath?

Maan: Yeah...

She makes Maan lie down on the bed..she goes to the bathroom and returns with a bucket full of water with sponge...she puts her hair up in a big messy bun and sits next to Maan...both look at each other..Geet helps remove his clothes..he closes his eyes in was still sort of difficult for him to shift his upper body...after a great difficulty...she manages to open up his shirt...she takes the sponge in her hand and gently starts wiping his body..both never broke their eye contacts...she was wiping his one arm...Maan looks at her with a smile...

he noticed she had a loose strand on her face...he reaches for her face and removes it...Geet stops in her tracks and looks at him...she holds his hand as she wipes the same arm again..she tried to control her tears..she wanted to remember this moment forever...she makes him sit after the sponge bath and gets a new shirt for him to wear...

Geet: Are you okay?

Maan: hmmm...Geet...(she looks at him) promise me you would not leave my sight? I uhhh I am used to you...(Geet looks at him with tears...) I don't know about our relationship but umm I would like to try after am better...(She quickly makes him wear his shirt and leaves the room crying..)

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Oohh you're evil!!

Thats all i have to say!!

seriously upset...hmph!!

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mrs.msk IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by cue1

Oohh you're evil!!

Thats all i have to say!!

seriously upset...hmph!!

Maine kya kiya?LOLLOL

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