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MG:~Bramachari Maan-THREAD 2 (Page 16)

mitzi11 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 September 2011 at 4:48pm | IP Logged
i hope geet find out dev evil intention

TeamMcSwarek IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 September 2011 at 8:25pm | IP Logged
i HATE Dev!
loveed this part though :D
cont soon
thanks for the pm

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Alamelu IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 September 2011 at 3:41pm | IP Logged
maaneet so cute andsweet...dadi horrible...but i am sure this geet will definitely give him  a piece of her mind and teach him a good lesson ( i really hope...hereshe is definitely  a sherni)

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mrs.msk IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 September 2011 at 6:49pm | IP Logged
Hey guys,

I have some bad news!

I will be going on a one week vacation during this weekend and during that time it would be impossible for me to update. I will return on October 10th and will take me another day or two to write another part for all of my current stories. BUT I will be logging on once a while to reply back to any PM's and/or comments, if time permits. 

                   Chapter 22

Dev was in his room angry. He picked up his cell phone and dialed the number.

Dev: Hello...listen..I did what you told me to do...Maan and Geet are back...Listen you Panday you better not double cross me...I had to trip Dadima so that they could cancel their you have to do something about bro...I asked him if he is going to see you and he said something...bye...(He hangs up the phone and smirks..."sorry bro it is not always get whatever you want and always better then me. But no more. I will see how this marriage last...I thought you becoming a bramachari will open the door for me but no mom and Dadima had to get you married and to whom Geet. She doesn't deserve you. No girl does. I will see how you make this marriage last. I won't let you change..I won't...this property should be under my name..." 

Maan sat in his office looking at his diary...he was about to write something inside when his phone rang. He picked up the phone call smiling...

Maan; Hello did you know I was back?

Pandayji: I had a was your trip? Did you stay away from her?

Maan (had flashback of his moments...the cave scene..their kiss...): uhh it was okay

Pandayji: when are you coming to see me? I have some new mantras that you can try

Maan: umm I will come after Dadima is better...she has a broken foot...

Pandayji: Have you noticed...ever since she came into

Maan (looks up and sees Geet standing): umm Pandayji I have to go..(Geet frowns hearing his name...Maan gets up and goes to her) What happened?

Geet: ummm were talking to Pandayji?

Maan: yeah he found out that I am back

Geet: ohh okay...are you going?

Maan: No. Not until Dadima is fine. 

Geet (smiles) Well the food is ready. Come down

Maan: okay I will be down in a minute...(She smiles and leaves...he goes to his diary and closes it)
It has been three days since their trip back. Dadima was slowly getting better but her leg will take longer to heal since she is old and her bones are not as strong. Maan sat in the bedroom...smiling...

He gets up to go toward Dadima and stopped at the door. He looked at Geet...she was reading some book to Dadima while she just noded and passed her comments. He watched secertly as she laughed and smiled. Dadima noticed Maan at the door but pretended that she didn't..she prays for both of them...
bahot khubasoorat gajal likh rahaa hoo
tumhe dekhakar aajakal likh rahaa hoo

Maan saw Geet walking toward the door...he instantly hides behind the pillar...he sees her going down the stairs...and quietly follows her. He sits in the living room and pretends to read the newspaper. He looks at her from top of the newspaper as she talks to the servants directing them for the food and decorating the table. He smiles...
bahot khubasoorat gajal likh rahaa hoo
tumhe dekhakar aajakal likh rahaa hoo

Maan wakes up the next day and sees her coming out of the bathroom. He looks at her from the corner of his eyes as she fixes her sari pleats...he looks at her exposed stomach and the water from her hair as it slowly drips down. She tucks the pleats in correctly and sits in front of the mirror putting on her makeup. He closes his eyes when Geet turns around.  She goes near him to wake him up...
tumhaare jawaan khubasoorat badan ko
taraashaa huaa yek mahal likh rahaa hoo

He opens his eyes when he felt her hand gently touching him...both look at each other. He gets off the bed toward the bathroom...he looks at her final time before closing the door. Geet blushes when she felt his eyes on her as she is leaving the room.
tumhaare jawaan khubasoorat badan ko
taraashaa huaa yek mahal likh rahaa hoo

Maan comes down to the breakfast table. Everyone was shocked seeing him wearing pant and suit. He sits down and waits for Geet as she comes around serving him. Both accidentally touches each others hand but Maan instantly removes it...and begins eating avoiding everyone's eyes that were on him and Geet...
bahot khubasoorat gajal likh rahaa hoo
tumhe dekhakar aajakal likh rahaa hoo

Maan is lying on the couch tossing and turning not being able to sleep. He turns around and sees Geet sleeping peacefully on the bed. He stares at her face looking so innocent and beautiful as the moon hits her face just right. He smiles...and just stares at her. He sees that she is sleeping in the corner of the bed and is about to fall off. He gets up quickly and holds her down...
na poochho meree bekaraaree kaa aalam
mai raaton ko karawat badal likh rahaa hoo

He picks her up in his arm..and gently places her in the middle of the bed. She holds his hand as she turns around. Maan sits on the bed as he watches her sleep. 
na poochho meree bekaraaree kaa aalam
mai raaton ko karawat badal likh rahaa hoo

He lies down next to her as she hugs him tighter. He pats her head and closes his eyes with smile. 
bahot khubasoorat gajal likh rahaa hoo
tumhe dekhakar aajakal likh rahaa hoo

Maan goes downstairs the next day after checking up on Dadima. He was glad she will be able to walk soon with assitance.

Ronit: Maan beta we have to go office today. There is an important meeting and I want you to attend it with me.

Maan; umm sure dad

Ronit (smiles) I am happy that you have slowly changed...

Maan: umm we are getting late. Lets go. (Both get up to go...Maan looks back for Geet but was disapointed when he didn't see her. Madhuri tries to hold her laughter in seeing her son's plight..Ronit smiles and puts his hand on his shoulder to let him know its time to go...)
Geet was in Dadima's room helping her clean and feed her. 

Dadima: Geet puttar can you go to the study room and get me any book?

Geet (smiles) Sure Dadima..I will be right back

Dadima (smiles) Thank you Geet...

Geet goes to the study room to get the book. She stands in front of the books deciding which one to take. She didn't like anyone that she can read to Dadima. She was about to leave the room when she saw a book on the table. She picks up a brown leather book, there was no title or anything on the cover. She opens the book...she reads Maan's name inside the book.

Geet: This must be his diary. hmm I shouldn't read this...(she looks around for someone..excited she opens the diary again to read...she skips the pages where Maan wrote him his Bramachari days...she gets to the end and smiles...) 

bahot khubasoorat gajal likh rahaa hoo
tumhe dekhakar aajakal likh rahaa hoo

She reads the whole things with a huge smile...

Guldasta hai phloon ka
Ya chaman baharo ka
Joh dekhte hi dil kahi khogaya iss bechare ka
mera naseeb hai bas tenu chahte chahane ka
Aur tenu pana ek armaan
teri yaddein hai meri dhadkan
har dhadkan main tuhi meri jaan

(Got this from Gadar movie)

She hides her face in the diary with tears as she reads the last night..."Idiot...he can write all this but don't have the guts to say it to day you yourself will confess your love to me...I had to be stuck with a buffoon..." She closes the diary and puts it back on the table. Wiping her tears she picks up another random book for Dadima. 
Maan sat in the office not concentrating at all...all he could think about was Geet..w.hat she must be doing right now..laughing, crying, smiling...dancing...he wanted to be there and watch her...why? He was so confused...why is she affecting him? What is this feeling? He picks up the phone and dials the house number. He immediately hangs up the phone when his mom picked it up. After few minutes which seemed like hours he dialed again. This time Geet picked it up...

Geet: Hello (Maan's voice got caught in his throat when he heard her voice.) Hello

Maan: hello (he says in a squeaky voice which sounded like Alvin and the Chipmunks. He clears his throat) Hello...this is Maan

Geet (smiles) hmmm yeah Maan...what is it?

Maan; woh umm I called because to ask about Dadima

Geet: Is that why you called?

Maan: yeah (he hits his head)

Geet (sighs) well she is fine...(There was few minutes of silence on both ends...) Maan umm I have to go

Maan: NO (Maan stands up from his chair as if to stop her from hanging up) I mean I also called because I am hungry

Geet: okay I will send lunch to your work

Maan: NO umm I will come home (She smiles)

Geet: NO actually I will come there...I will have to go somewhere after anyway

Maan: okay...bye

Geet: Bye...(They both hung up the phone smiling at their awkward phone call)
Dev: Did you call Maan bro to come meet you?

Panday (who smiled looking at the money in his hand...) I will don't worry

Dev (angry) Listen do whatever you want and call him here...and when he comes...make sure you make him believe that Geet is bad luck for him and the family

Panday: Okay...don't worry Dev (He gets up) We just need to plant a little seed in his head ie. Dadima's accident..into Maan's head and make him believe its all her fault then the seed grows into a big tree...until then you do your part..(he smirks)

Dev: Okay...(he smirks and hi-fives Panday)

Precap: Pandyji and Maan talk...

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ssssmarsnehag10mishu20farhana1234pyarisahelidpurvainlwgeetscarce05nehavashilovelyninicoolpari54mishimpal2011honeyboney1star432Candy_jsSarah08jaasz_25nikitaagarwal06abi_sanamSweetkamalini15POULOMI22Salmankatrockingchahatmariam.ahmed197Aminagatoenfluffyktauaisha_1998maancrazypreetianand21sree12sonika1974gagsysyedahasmi123lathaaumalfoypoojaaddischoudhary.aAngel_flyshreya satishnonabebubhakbhartifanblessednimayu14angeesh--love--thendral_111Lov26-Elfin-hansasmanazsijholyangelYellowtullipsdiyachillBkhascue1cloudflowerhamini_yashanaum91soniaz121lovepoogeetapsnemaankhansangelmamatha.pinku33NihsonSiniHandask_75birdy2011rostturbulenceshruthiruchsdeepthichapril12spicyraysDiva7chiki143Chandlerbing1pearl_warriormounacutykavya.sravyaangel_mew29priyacutemishti97531mansi.tripathiNH1971loving_girlTamanna_TJLola13LadyArwen-eiya-CrystalSayaHina.khanxxxam_sweet_pariXXaquafireXXmardemaansi007shivangi783dreamy4eversweetanu2314cherieLoveraangelis...shona...anshimanshii rok-Deepzz-kareena32chubzyvidu87misty_drastifanputhPaintedSkydivya22Anu-Ananya111priyanHot_Indo_Chillyluvraj4everkiran99amzu32-shamima-cyum321maanujaanuJayaRninaviMsMovielover286pearlsheetalvasaSONU_29anjalisen85-SmexySmile-gbhatinsight555d_soniaMaaneet4evelove4allShimmerrshalinisaran89nats0101kshubhangimaaneetmaahiTeamMcSwareknehakapoor7Niharika.Nairkabslocks_wallflower_had2buZohamaaneetdeepali1022-Ratzz-TinkerBella-Zahra15-paponecon-Veritaserum-soni4evahoneygraperupzloveusmj1977.shrutibasicquestion1LuvScooby-memorable-krati5Krishnaluv94Water.meena..ambbihamrk-1sanu3108punjabi.princessweet cherryAlamelusmallvillekomlikablueopalKTPROCKSajenn--Saavi--shalini01t_areebmaaniqrasweet scorpiomitzi11--Ratna--shah10..hinal..mysteriousmillikashishkpop77divareenaswetha10namita25CrazzyBusykooliio-afsha-preethiaseemamaryyoga23priya6n6s6k6i6r6a6n6-Mishu-zaara2212TyroRemya_PillaiimpoojavermaCraziest_MGSheenGciansanghita0000sanum23tamanna1391tabby999iznaa_BlackPearl_abinash079todayzstarbhanu_rekhagkhwaishfanspvdDownhill

abinash079 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 30 September 2011 at 7:16pm | IP Logged
awesome update both would be dear when maan would get a clue of what they r doing plz dont let maan believe pandeyji this time and this would be the  start to see the downfallof pandey ji and his plans
Krishnaluv94 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 September 2011 at 7:50pm | IP Logged
Great update! Can't wait to read more!
TeamMcSwarek IF-Rockerz

Joined: 22 July 2011
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Posted: 30 September 2011 at 7:54pm | IP Logged
oh no Maaneet relationship is just starting to blossom
stupid Panday and Dev hopefully Maan finds out and all goes well!
cont soon
thanks for the pm
_wallflower_ IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 September 2011 at 8:02pm | IP Logged
awsmmm update... like always
loved it a lot...
hope geet finds out dev's intention sooonnn...

hv a nice tripSmileSmile

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