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MG:~Bramachari Maan-THREAD 2 (Page 10)

mrs.msk IF-Rockerz

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Hey guys,

Finally able to update this..I hope you guys like itEmbarrassed

                      Chapter 21

Maan woke up the next day and looked around. He was still in the cave. He sits up stretching his back looking for Geet. He looks around the cave but couldn't find her. Quickly, he goes to put on his clothes and notices hers was missing. Pancaking, he runs outside...

Maan: GEETTT...

Geet: Why are you shouting? (she comes up from behind) My name is Geet..not GEETT

Maan: Your name should be chudail...that suits you better..anyway what are you doing outside?

Geet: It was snowing and I was playing with it waiting for you to wake up.

Maan: You finish playing with it? (She shakes her head yes) okay then lets go. We have to go back to the hotel and eat. I am hungry.

Geet: Okay...

Maan: Ohh and (he looks at her) remind me not to listen to you ever again.

Geet (gets shocked) what do you mean?

Maan: Because something always went wrong with whatever "brilliant" ideas you came up with. Now its my turn to decide.

Geet: What do you mean? Name one.

Maan: I can name few: umm wanted to be Kajol from that stupid movie. You ended up getting sick
The restaurant idea..we ended up getting stuck.

Geet (smirks) So getting stuck in the cave was bad? (she pokes his chest...Maan gulps looking at her. He removes her finger...and puts it down...)

Maan: umm we are getting late..lets go...

She smiles knowing what kind of affects Maan was having...both walked very quietly..both didn't know what to say. So for each was glad that the other person didn't bring up about last night event. Maybe it is better that they don't. Geet felt shy looking at Maan and whenever Maan would look at her pretending to do something Geet would turn around avoiding him. Maan, somehow, wanted to talk to Geet but couldn't get enough courage to do so. Yeah, it is easier for him to talk to her whenever they are fighting but this wasn't about fighting...he didn't know why but he missed her non-stop talking on and on. He pretended to do something each time they walked hoping she would talk but all of his effort went to waste. He wondered why she is turning around or looking away every time he looked at her. Geet was glad they had finally arrived at the hotel. She just wanted to go to the bathroom and never come out. For the first time, she isn't able to look at someone in the eye and is feeling shy to talk or look. Maan took off his jacket and watched Geet go into the bathroom. He looks at his phone which he had left here by mistake. He sees there were about 20 or so missed calls from home. He quickly dials home. 

Maan: Dev...what happened?

Dev: Bro 

Maan: Dev what happened why are you sounding so sad?

Dev: Bro Dadima...

Maan (panicked) What happened to Dadima? (Geet comes out of the bathroom and saw him being tensed) hello maa what is Dev saying?

Madhuri: Beta Dev and Dadima had gone to the temple yesterday and someone Dadima slipped.

Maan: WHAT? Is she okay? (Geet becomes alert and starts by him)

Madhuri: she has a broken foot and mild fever.

Maan: okay we are coming home tonight...(he hangs up the phone. Maan sits on the bed holding his head)

Geet: Maan what happened? Please tell me

Maan: Dadima fell down the stairs when she visited the temple with Dev. She has a broken foot and fever.

Geet: What? How? Didn't Dev try to save her?

Maan: I don't know how..but we have to leave tonight

Geet: hmmm I will start packing you make the arrangements of the flight.

Maan: okay...

Geet: Maan (she comes and hugs him from the front) don't worry everything is going to be okay.

Maan: hmmm (he goes out of the room making some phone calls..Geet had everything packed by the time Maan came back...) Did you eat yet?

Geet: no...

Maan: okay we have time till the flight. Lets go eat something downstairs.

Geet: Maan can we have it delivered here? I don't feel like going anywhere.

Maan: Okay...(Both ate in silent thinking about Dadima. It was hard for Maan to eat knowing how his Dadima must be feeling and thinking about her current state but looking at Geet he knew she wouldn't eat if he doesn't either.) umm Geet I am done. are you ready to go?

Geet: yeah lets go. I am getting scared thinking about Dadima. (Maan look at her with far only him and his parents showed any concern for Dadima and it made him happy that Geet also cared for her as well.)
Maan: Geet do you know it made me happy that you care for Dadima as much as I do...(Geet looks at him with a smile. Both were in their private jet going back home. It was the only thing Maan could come up with since all the flights going back to Delhi not until tomorrow...)

Geet: If you haven't noticed then let me tell you...we are family now..I am part of this family and it is my duty to look after each and every family member. Just because you call me chudail doesn't actually make me a chudail. I love Dadima and her sense of humor. You know the best part of her is that she doesn't act her age. She is funny and is always there for you. She is a very fun person to be around and I know if I was ever sick she would do the same for me. So you don't need to thank me buffoon. (Maan smiled and looked away. Her words were like maum (wax) that was slowly melting his heart. He could feel it...)
Maan and Geet rushed home and went straight to Dadima's room. They both were shocked to see a plaster on her foot with a band-aid wrapped around her head. Maan went and sat next to her holding her hand. Dadima slowly opened her eyes and smiled looking at Maan and Geet who sat opposite side of Maan. 

Maan: How did this happen?

Dadima: Dev and I were going down the stairs from the temple and somehow I tripped...(she said in a groggy voice)

Geet: Dadima don't worry we are here...pretty soon you are going to get better and start walking. (Dadima smiled) You still have to teach me some dance moves (Dadima laughs a little...) Maan you stay with Dadima while I make some soup for you.

Dadima: Geet you rest you just came

Geet: Dadima sshhh I won't hear anything. (She gets up to leave. Dadima sees Maan looking at Geet as she leaves the room. She smiles with happiness)

Dadima: Maan beta how was your trip?

Maan (looks back at Dadima) It was okay..we got lost on our way back to the hotel after eating so had to find a shelter in a cave.

Dadima: What? 

Maan: Yeah you can blame Geet for that..its all her was her idea and we got lost because of her.

Dadima (squeezed his hand): Still fighting...but you seem different this time...

Maan (looks down...) woh umm...(Just then Madhuri and Dev arrived..Dadima laughed from inside seeing him slightly blush) where is papa?

Madhuri: he is at work...he couldn't take it was your trip beta?

Maan: it was okay

Dev: Did you bring anything back?

Maan: No didn't get the chance to shop.

Madhuri: You didn't have to come back you know

Maan; I know but we both wanted too (Just then Geet arrived with soup...)

Madhuri: Geet beta why did you make it? You should've told me.

Geet: No its okay mom.I wanted to make it myself for Dadima...(She goes and feeds her the soup. Maan looks at her in awe...Dadima smiles...)

Madhuri: I am going to call your papa and let them know you guys are back

Dev (sits near Dadima): Bro what did you see so far? (he said while looking at Geet the whole time) too bad you guys had to cancel your trip.

Maan: I don't mind. Dadima comes first

Geet: yeah besides we all can go on a family trip when Dadima gets better...(Dadima nods her head...)
Dev: Geet if you want I can feed Dadima... (He smiles at her)

Geet: No Dev its fine I can do it...

Dev: Nonsense..I don't (He goes near her and grabs the spoon from her hand...Geet removes her hand when Dev holds it by accident. He sits very near to her to feed Dadima..) 

Geet (gets up) I will go freshen up in the meantime.

Dadima; okay beta...Maan you should go to..I am going to sleep anyway after eating...

Maan: Are you sure?

Dadima; yeah..go...please

Maan: okay...(he squeezes her hand before leaving)
In the room, Maan lays on the bed closing his eyes. Geet comes out of the bathroom with semi-wet hair. He looks at her but quickly removes his eyes when Geet looks at him. She smiles and goes near the dressing table to comb her hair and looks at Maan through the mirror who was trying very hard not to look her way. She gets up and goes near him. She leans closer and closer toward him while Maan moves back each time.

Maan: What are you doing?

Geet: Nothing...I was just grabbing the towel...(She smirks and grabs the towel from the bed that was near him before leaving the room...Maan just lays there smiling at her. After freshening up he goes back to see Dadima. He stops on the doorway when he hears Geet and Dadima laughing and talking. He leaves them alone and goes to his office. He takes out his diary that he has kept since he was little. He writes once in a while whenever he gets a chance. Dev knocks on the door before Maan began...

Dev: Bro what are you doing here?

Maan: ohh nothing...why?

Dev: I am surprised you didn't go see Pandayji yet...I thought that would be the first thing you would do.

Maan: ohh umm..I guess I forgot since Dadima is sick

Dev: hmmm...(he comes and stands near Maan) Bro do you know when Geet might start college?

Maan: college?

Dev: Yeah...she was suppose to start after marriage

Geet (who came from behind) Actually Dev I decided to take a semester off... I need to be home for now

Maan (stands up) why? Just go..we are all here taking care of her

Geet; I know but it wouldn't feel right...I will go when I am ready

Dev: ohh thats too bad...

Geet: Are you guys hungry?

Dev: I am what are you planning on making...

Maan: umm I am not really hungry...

Geet: Maan have something..I will make food right now...(she goes and leaves...Dev looks at her with a evil smile...)

Dev: uhh bro I will be in my room...I have to go do some work

Maan: okay...(Maan looks back at his diary...smiling...he begins to write)

Precap: EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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superb update.
love it

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awesome update
i want geet to teach dev some lesson
continue soon

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Awesome update. Smile
..hinal.. IF-Sizzlerz

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wowww loved it
the way maan is changing n he even forgot to meet pandeyji
im waiting for geet to just slap dev n teach him a lesson that he nevers tries to trouble her
ytanuja IF-Dazzler

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Awesome,hope geet finds the evil in dev and teach him a lesson.
Bloomysunday Senior Member

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WOW GReat UPDATE...i hate this dev how could he even dare to touch geet...pata nahi aisa lag raha hai that maan dev ke wajah se geet ko galat samjhega...tcSmile
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dat stupid dev s upto sumthg..
i hope geet will kick him off..

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