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MG:~Bramachari Maan-THREAD 2

mrs.msk IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 September 2011 at 9:17am | IP Logged
Wow this is my second thread...I am rulling GF right now with my other threads from other fan fics LOLLOL AWSOME!!!

I really don't know how to thank you guys...LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!

Important note:All the new readers please if you want me to add you on the pm list please please please send me a buddy request so that it is easier for me to keep track of the list...

                       Chapter 20

Geet and Maan walked toward their hotel after eating. Both smiled to themselves as they walked. Maan was looking at her from the corner of his eyes when Geet finally caught him.

Geet (stops): What?

Maan (stopped and looked at her nervously): What?

Geet: You were looking at me.

Maan: I was 

Geet: You were what? (she was enjoying seeing him restless and nervous)

Maan: I was looking at that thing on your face (Geet touches her face...)

Geet: What thing?

Maan (he comes toward her with his hand..) ohh never mind its just your funny face...

Geet: Gets am being nice here and you are picking on me

Maan; What can I do you are so funny looking...(he laughs...)

Geet: Whatever..I don't want to be near you anymore. I want to go back now...(it started raining...Geet stops and looks back at Maan...)

Maan: I hope you are happy now..its already cold and on top of it its raining...

Geet (looks around...) we have to find a place and keep warm...(she points toward one cave like area) There lets go there..(she holds his hand)

Maan; no way what if there are bears or something

Geet: Maan its switzerland there are no bears in this area and besides you are going to be the only animal living in that cave so you don't have to worry about any other competition buffoon...

Maan: ohh yeah caves are more like for do I know if you are not going to do any magic on me?

Geet (looks at him with a evil smile) Because I don't have any potions with me lets go

Maan; NO I don't want to...

Geet: Too bad (she holds his hand and starts dragging him...both reach the cave and were shaking...) we need fire...

Maan ( looks around and finds some hay and wood lying around...he manages to make a fireplace...he motions Geet to come and sit near the fire...she begins taking her jacket off and her shoes...) what are you doing?

Geet: Take your jacket off too and your shoes or else we might get sick...

Maan does so...Geet takes the clothings and puts them on a rock behind her...lying them so that they can dry for a while...she comes back to the fire and starts warming her hands...Maan saw that she was shivering really badly..unknowingly, he came near her and took her hands. She looks at him...he started to rub her hands to warm them up...he looks at her while rubbing her hands and both just stared at each other. He stops rubbing her hands and stands at the entrance of the cave away from her. He turns his back toward her, while Geet looks at him with confusion...She heard lightening from outside and because they were in a echoed everywhere inside the cave making Geet scared. She runs toward Maan and hugs him...he was shocked..he holds her both hands and turns around...she was standing there looking at thundered again making her hug him again..Maan stands like a statue...

Geet: I am scared Maan..I hate lightening...


He slowly brings his arms hugging her as if he was in a spell..the rain started pouring hard..drenching them both...Geet comes out of the hug and looks at him and starts moving backwards until she hits a rock...Maan slowly moves toward her and stands in front of her...he removes her hair from the face that was stuck...she turns her face sideways...she pushes him slightly and goes toward the fire...she was completely drenched and was shaking...Maan comes and sits next to her...

Hey hey hey hey hey hey, hey hey hey hey, hey hey hey hey hey hey
Barsaat ke din aaye, mulaaqaat ke din aaye
She pushes him slightly and goes toward the fire
Betaabiyon ke sharaare bichhe hain
she was completely drenched and was shaking...
Yeh saawan ki rimjhim jhadi hai
Maan comes and sits next to her...he looks up hearing how the rain falls against the cave rocks.
Kadam bekhudi mein bahekne lage hain
Yeh madhoshiyon ki ghadi hai
He sees that she is shaking..he holds her hands again and brings it toward the fire...
Barsaat ke din aaye, mulaaqaat ke din aaye
Hum soch mein the jinke, us raat ke din aaye
She looks at him...he starts rolling her sleeves up to warm her hands and arms...
Barsaat ke din aaye, barsaat ke din aaye
Hey hey hey hey hey hey

Geet stops him and leans toward him..she starts unbuttoning his shirt slowly...
Jalte rahe hum khayaalon ki lau se
Sahi humne barson judaai
Maan holds her hand before she could unbutton the last button...both look at each other..
Chham chham barasti suhaani ghata ne
She unbuttons his shirt and takes it off...
Ajab si agan hai lagaayi
She moves back a little shying away and sits near the fire...
Barsaat ke din aaye, mulaaqaat ke din aaye
Hum soch mein the jinke, us raat ke din aaye
She looks at him from the corner of her eyes...
Barsaat ke din aaye, barsaat ke din aaye
Maan comes and sits next to her as soon as she sneezes...
Aah aah aah aah aah

Maan slowly traces her face with his fingers, Geet closes her eyes and puts her head back a little. He moves his fingers slowly to her neck. He holds her head and kisses her on her neck and face...Geet lies down on the floor and lies down on her stomach...

Maan lies next to her and turns her around. He looks at her while making small patterns on her stomach..
Na tum hosh mein ho, na hum hosh mein hai
Bahek jaaye na tum sambhaalo hamein

Geet touches his face with her palm...and slowly brings him down towards her...
Guzaarish yehi hai tamannaaon ki
Sanam baazuon mein uthaa lo hamein

Maan sits up and runs his hand in his hair frustratingly...and looks down at her..
Jazbaat ke din aaye, mulaaqaat ke din aaye
He gets up and moves away a little
Hum soch mein the jinke, us raat ke din aaye
Geet sits up too and looks at him confusingly...she smiles...
Barsaat ke din aaye, barsaat ke din aaye
Maan turns around and doesn't find Geet...he starts looking for her...

He walks all around the cave looking for Geet...he stops in his tracks when he saw her dancing in the rain. She stops dancing when she saw Maan looking at her. Both stare at each other. She disappears again when Maan blinks...he went inside the cave and saw her near the fire...
Deewaani deewaani, jawaani mastaani
Garm saanson mein toofaan hai
Deewaana deewaana, sama hai deewaana
Zara si chaahat ki beimaan hai

She lies down on the floor slightly arching her back while running her hands over her body...
Dhuaan sa uthe hai kahin jism se
Kaho baadalon se baraste rahe

Maan puts his hand on her waist and bends down kissing her stomach..he pulls up the shirt a little exposing her belly...
Saha jaaye na yeh judaai ka gham
Bhala kab talak hum taraste rahe

She puts her hands on his shoulder...Maan moves up while kissing her all over...
Baaraat ke din aaye, mulaaqaat ke din aaye
He is almost lying on her...he looks at her..she smiles at him..
Hum soch mein the jinke, us raat ke din aaye

He opens her shirt buttons from the bottom...slowly moving his fingers up...he stops right at the bottom of her chest...he looks at her and opens the rest of the buttons when he saw her slightly shaking..he makes her sit and takes the shirt off...she hugs him tight feelings his warmth. 
Barsaat ke din aaye
Barsaaat ke din aaye

Maan gets up and picks up his jacket which was slightly dried...he holds it in front of Geet..and puts it around her...Geet hugs him with tears...Maan hugs her back...

Geet: I love you Maan. (Maan looks at her shocked.)

Maan: I don't know what is happening...(he was about to get up when Geet stops him by holding his hand)

Geet: Don't go...I will wait till you I said before I will never force you into this marriage but you cannot stop me from loving you...(Maan sits down...she comes near him and puts her head on his shoulder and closes her eyes...Maan lies her down after realizing she has completely gone to sleep...he stares at her...he smiles when he remembers her saying I love you to him...he lies down next to her staring..until he finally went to his sleep he puts his arm around her waist...pulling her closer to him..she puts her arm around his neck as both drifted to their blissful dreams.

ohh at the end Enjoy this update..written by Bloomysunday

You have the cutest face
I just love your embrace

You enjoy this don't you
I sure know you do

Sweetie you are a cutiepie
Now don't be so shy

I have an idea today
Lets go for strawberry sundae

Hope you guys liked itEmbarrassed

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Thread 1

CURRENT: Thread 2
Chapter 20 (above)

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res!!!!! :D

---I LOVED IT!!!! 

Maan and Geet snuggly wuggly= joy to the readers!Big smile

I'm so happy Maan is realizing his feelings for her...and the way he cared for her when she was shivering was magical!Embarrassed

Geet's confession of love made it perfect!Heart

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congrats on new thread
am i dreaming LOLLOLLOLLOL
geet confessed her love to him Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming
dreamy update
loved it

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-memorable- IF-Rockerz

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Star congrats on new thread Star

sizzling update Wink

when will you update Close Yet So Far 

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she said she love him
and maan still fighting with himself

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loved you update dear
mrs.msk IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by -memorable-

Star congrats on new thread Star

sizzling update Wink

when will you update Close Yet So Far 

will update that 2marow...I have to finish the part Embarrassed

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