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MG FF:Limitless -Thread 3- NEW THREAD LINK PG1 (Page 5)

Loquacious_Aash IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 23 September 2011 at 7:52am | IP Logged
oye tera night ya humara night??
tera nightto ho gaya na!!!!
humara bhi ho gaya...

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7thHeaven IF-Dazzler

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maan-ki-sanjana IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by aashluvsmaan

oye tera night ya humara night??
tera nightto ho gaya na!!!!
humara bhi ho gaya...

Sorry Ashu...kya kare... mein apni pati ke saath thi...Wink
NPM is making bedroom eyes at me...and who am I to resist!LOL

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maan-ki-sanjana IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by 7thHeaven

baby siting n waiting :)

Thanks Muskaan!
I love little fact I want one!

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LadyArwen Goldie

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update soon love... awesome fan-fic dear...

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maan-ki-sanjana IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 September 2011 at 11:11am | IP Logged

YAY! Thread 3!

Freaking Amazing!LOL

Loved all the comments!

You guys absolutely rock!Clap

Here is the long awaited update...

And trust me you'll enjoy some partsWink

Sliver and blue

Chapter 27: Hearbeats

You are a dichotomy,

Heartbreaker and mender

Heal what you broke,

Let me live




"That is a bit selfish, isn't it? After all this dreams isn't only yours, other people have a role in it as well. Are you going to disregard them?" He used the ace up his sleeve.

And that froze her.

"There are others who have invested time and energy in to this endeavor." He continued, letting every word sink in. "You aren't the only person involved."

As much as Geet would have loved to have ignored his words, she couldn't avoid the truth that they held. She couldn't let the people who had stood by her down and neither could she let years of hard work fade away because of her weakness.

Her mentor and boss, Adam Bing had devoted his whole life to helping others and Project Mending hearts would be the culmination of all his successes.

 How can I let him down when he has guided me through my career? How can I ignore what he did for me, how he helped a pregnant girl become a surgeon in a male dominated world?

She slowly turned around to face him again while trying to calm herself down. In a tone devoid of any emotion she conceded the point by saying, "Let's talk business then Mr Khurana."

"That would be my pleasure Dr Handa." The smirk on Maan's face pronounced his victory. "Project mending hearts has been you ambition for the last few years, along with the Heartbeats project, which Khurana Enterprise already donated 20 million pounds. I know that Mending hearts doesn't focus on research, instead on providing cardiac care to children with congenital heart diseases. Your plan is to create cardiac surgical centres across the rural areas, in order for the children to receive basic care."

"Well you already know all the details, so what was the point or purpose in bring me here?" Geet said in frustration.

Because I would use any reason to see you. I would want to fulfill all your dreams, and also to see if I can fulfill mine as well.

"Because I've got my own conditions...and requirements. You have to act as the liaison between Kapoor Alliance and the clinics. You will personally inform me about every detail and step the project takes."

"Fine." She ground out between gritted teeth.

"Oh and as the chief investor I would also like you to sign a contract saying that you'll hold the liaison position for at least 2 years."

"2 years? But-"

"Those are my terms. Take or leave it." His eyes glittered, as he knew that he had her right where he wanted her. She would never back out of the deal and this would give him the much needed time with her.

"FINE!" She yelled.

He reached towards her and shook her hand, causing a frisson of desire pass between the two. He could feel the heat from her hands telling him about her feelings and the way she clenched her fingers against his, told him she also felt the same desires.

Pulling his hand away slowly, he maintained eye contact to give a silent message that she couldn't hide her innate passion from him, no matter how hard she tried.

"It's a deal, Dr Geet Handa." The words were as much a promise, a threat and an implacable decision.


Charlie may have his angels but Vicky had his devils.

And devils they were, sitting in front of him with differing degrees of boredom on their faces. All three were beautiful, powerful women who made even him sit up straight.


"So what job do you have for us this time?" Aash said in a voice that clearly showed she couldn't care less. The truth was that there were very few things that Aash actually cared about and even fewer that she would admit to caring about. With a history of breaking and entering, there was no door, vault or security system that could defy her. There were some rumours about her being involved in the big Rialto heist involving 50 million euros but Aash was a perfectionist and had left no evidence that could link her. Aash took what she wanted, without any hesitation. Now that she had more than enough money, boredom was the main reason for her work. Whether she was interacting with Italian Counts or British Ministers, her perpetual boredom was only alleviated by the adrenaline rush she got with her work. Her face was one of icy beauty; hard flint eyes with sharp features, congruent with her personality. It was the sort of face that wouldn't have been misplaced on the runway, with its impenetrable expressions and stoic attitude.


Sitting next to her, Amru gave a sarcastic laugh. In fact Amru's reaction to everything was with sarcasm, whether it be love or hatred. Unlike Aash, Amru's face contradicted her personality; she had the sort of face that could mix into a crowd without creating a ripple or at times stand out as stunningly beautiful, drawing all eyes on her. With an eye colour that changed every few days and hair styles that varied all the time, Amru made sure that only the people she wanted recognised her.  Hardly anyone would guess that this woman was involved in top level espionage and that fact was the very reason of her success. She was known as the collector, for she could gather information about anything and anyone. She immune from any government or international laws, as no officials would go against her in fear of information leak. In contrast there was no information available on Amru's life, it was almost as if she was a phantom.


"Who do I have to kill?" asked the gleeful voice of Sanji. Unlike the other two, Sanji was always hyper excited about her job. This would have been a great thing if she wasn't a professional assassin. She was known for handling any "loose ends" people wanted disposed. With large doe eyes and a sweet face, no one would ever imagine that this woman had already killed enough people to make even a death row inmate shudder. Vicky had heard whispers about Sanji being forced to get married at the age of 14 and her strangling her husband to death with bare hands during the wedding night. Vicky also knew that despite the fact that security had done a quick check of her before she entered the room, Sanji no doubt had a gun, knife and other weapons he didn't want to think about stashed on her person.


"No there will be no killing anyone." Vicky quickly interjected before the crazy girl started getting any ideas.

Normally Vicky wasn't the type to get flustered or scared of anyone but these women were the exception. Many men might have scoffed at him being cautious of three beautiful, young women but the way Vicky looked at was that between them, they could steal everything he owned, dig out every dirty detail of his life and then dispose him somewhere.

"I need you three to do three different jobs for me. First of all I want you to break into this house and get something from the safe there. It has certain documents I want to get my hands on." This was directed at Aashu, who sat up straight and nodded in agreement. "Secondly Amru I need information on Geet Handa and to hunt down information about these messages and phone number." He passed on the folder with all of Geet's details to Amru. "And lastly Sanji I want you to follow Virender Singh Khurana. Find out all you can about him and make sure that he knows someone is after him. I trust you won't give any crucial clues away though."


All three women hardly blinked as they took in their respective tasks, for this was hardly the hardest thing they had done. However they also knew that this must have been very important for Vicky, as this was the first personal task he had set out for them.


Wanting to lighten the mood, Vicky smirked, while smoothly asking, "So..getting to the important part. Who wants to spend the night with me?"

Aashu just gave a one fingered answer, showing her absolute disdain for him. Amru gave a sarcastic laugh and then managed to say, "Only in your dreams." Sanji took out a gun while looking straight at him and that was answer enough.

Shaking his head at the antics of the group, he knew that Virender Singh Khurana had no idea what was coming for him.



Geet just sat muted as she stared at the screen in front of her. Words failed her as she just looked on, unable to have coherent thoughts. She was entrapped by the sight in front of her.


As a medical student she had been to many ultrasound sessions with pregnant ladies but this was utterly different.

This is my baby. That little life is living inside me!

The sound of rapid heartbeat filled the room, engulfing Geet into a sense of comfort that she hadn't experienced in a while. Every beat and sound built within her a hope for the future, something she had given up on.

Until this point being pregnant had been an abstract concept but it was only now that she understood the fact there was a baby growing within her. She finally felt a connection with the life that she was helping to bring to the world.

Caught in the moment Geet clutched at Dev's hand. He had come in with Geet for the consultation, not wanting her to be alone. In a tactic arrangement with Meera, they had decided to alternate between who would go with Geet for the doctor's appointments.  

"There is the baby." The friendly obstetrician smiled at her while showing her the outline on the ultrasound screen.  "Do you want to know the gender?"

Geet gave a tearful nod at the Doctor, signalling her desire to know the details.

"Well Ms Handa you are going to have a baby boy."

Baby boy!

Those words were going over and over in her mind as Dev drove them back home. She kept on picturing a little boy in her mind. A boy who would have bits of her and a lot of Iman in him. She could imagine her boy holding on to her, clutching her with love.

But along with the bloom of happiness came the tides of anxiety and self-doubt. Am I capable of being a good mother? Will I be able to give this child a good life?


 " am I going to look after this child alone?" Geet said in a small voice, overwhelmed by the responsibility as well as the maternal love she had just started to understand. "I don't know whether I am competent or capable to be a single mother."

Dev's heart filled with sadness for her and he wished he could say the right things. "Geetu I am not going to give false assurances. I don't know how hard it is going to be for you neither can I say that everything will work out. But what I can tell from personal experience is that sometimes having both parents is a curse instead of a blessing."

Geet saw his knuckles whiten as he clenched hard on to the steering wheel. "Geet I grew up with both parents but...there were days when I wished my mother was a single mother. I would rather the manm who society and nature labelled as my father, had died instead of my mother. He ruined my mother's life and destroyed so many other lives. My mother was the one who gave unconditional love to me and my brothers. Everything that I am and everything that I will be, is because of her love."

"I am sorry Dev." Geet whispered as she stared towards the stoic face of her friend.

"It's ok Geet." Dev said with a pained sigh. "Remember that just because things aren't in the expected order doesn't mean that they are wrong. You may feel that your baby will be neglected as he won't have a father...but conversely he will have all of us to love him. He shall never feel neglected or unloved. That is the greatest blessing anyone can get."

Dev's words brought back memories of her parents and the way they had loved her. There hadn't been a day in her childhood when she hadn't known how well loved she was. There hadn't been a moment when she had doubts about that love.

Yet the irony of her current situation wasn't lost on her. That very love had become a burden and had wilted under the storm of her mistakes.

I am so sorry mum and dad.



Breath in...breath out...

Geet kept chanting that to herself, trying to control her volatile temper. Standing in the middle of the Khurana Mansion's gym, she tried to calm herself down. Feeling the need to vent out her frustration and anger, she had come down to the gym with the intent of having an intense workout.

Closing her eyes, she let her mind go blank and relaxed her muscles. Trying to achieve a state of oblivion and calm her body down before she slowly worked herself up was a routine occurrence but today the basics were harder to achieve.

She let her body take over, numbing her mind and allowing herself to follow instincts that had been drilled into her over time.  She had learnt jujutsu for a few years now and had reached the stage that she was quite proficient. Her body moved with graceful and practised movements, contradicting the very actions they represented.

As her arms carried out the motions, she could feel the muscles strain with the energy she was putting in. It was a relief to feel the sweat build within her, allowing a distraction from the thoughts of Maan.


The last thing Maan had expected when he walked in for his daily workout was the sight of sweaty but beautiful Geet practising martial arts. Despite that fact she was wearing a sports tank top and a pair of capris, in his mind she looked like a warrior princess training to fight against those who dared to invade her land.

He was mesmerised by the fluidity of her body, as she elegantly kicked out her leg and let the momentum of her body carry her forward. The taut muscles of her shoulders beautifully contracted as she let out a punch. Her tiny frame seemed to move with such beauty that his hands clenched with the desire to touch her.

Tendrils of hair were escaping from her bun, creating a halo around her. That thing that caught Maan's attention was the bead of sweat traveling down her back. He had the visceral sensation of following the path of the droplet; along her sensitive spine, trailing down through the curve of her back before reaching the soft skin of her lower back. He pictured himself kissing the path while her muscles would tighten at his touch. His whole body hummed in desire for Geet, wanting to feel her in his arms again.

Almost as if in a trance he strode towards her, with only the aim of touching her in his mind. Without considering anything he let his fingers brush across her nape.

As soon as Geet felt the sensuous brush of fingers explore her nape she jerked back. She was so caught up in her practise that she turned around and in a reflex struck the person.

Her eyes widened as she stared at Maan on the floor.

Like two combatants they stared at each other; one with nothing but love, while the other a mix of emotions she wasn't willing to identify.  Silence spoke volumes as they were stuck in their own world, neither glancing away.

But then Geet watched as Maan's eyes narrowed with intent. Before she could understand his intentions he was on his feet and he kicked out, nearly causing her to topple of him. Somehow she managed to avoid that, steadying herself quickly.

But it was enough to bring her out of her reverie and she let her anger out by lashing out at him with a punch towards his face which he effortlessly blocked.

Before they knew it, they were fighting it out. It was almost like a dance, with each using their bodies to impart a message. Maan let her fight him, wanting to let her vent out her frustrations.

In Geet's mind every punch and kick represented the pain he had inflicted on her. They were manifestations of the battles she had fought to reach her current state.

But even while her anger let her fight him, she couldn't ignore the sensations that were brought on by the touch of his bare skin. She tried not to linger her eyes on his bare torso glistening with sweat and subconsciously she relished the controlled power of his muscles. Of course she knew his body intimately but this was the first time she had seen him use this strength.

But this very attraction brought out a darker side in her. She became more aggressive, letting more energy flow out of her. This contradicted the very teachings of jujutsu which relied more on the opponent's momentum, but at that moment anger eclipsed her logical side.

He blocked most of her movements, aggravating her further.

Somehow in the wild aggression she was feelings, she saw an opening in his defence and before she could consider the consequences her fists lashed out at his face. She let all her strength flow into the move. She could feel the blow shudder through her own body as well as his, and she knew that it would have been immensely painful. His face had been flung back by the force but he slowly turned towards her.

She gasped and took a step back, staring at Maan's bleeding lips. Her chest heaved with both exertion as well as pain from giving him pain.

There was a predatory look on his face, eyes glinting with unreadable thoughts.

But none of that mattered to Geet who just stared at his lips. With trembling hands she brushed her fingers across them, along the cut.

With an almost animalistic growl, Maan picked her up, pulling her legs across his hips and pushed her against the wall.

He ground his body against her, making it impossible for Geet to stay unaware of the desire pulsating through his body. Almost in a reciprocal reaction her own body clenched with desire.



A moment to savor...and to regret


Chapter 28 - The truth - Pg 24


As always I LOVED the comments!
Hope you all enjoyed the update!
You guys are so supportive that despite being bogged down with work, and spending almost 10 hours a day at hospitals I still want to write!

Please keep commenting and even critique my writing!

PS: This update is dedicated to two girls...I think you know who you areLOL
Well this is my treat to you...and Aashu I'll try to get a scene with you and SebWink

PLEASE DO COMMENT and press the LIKE button!!

Nothing motivates me as much as reading your comments!Big smile


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:) I'm first! That's a major achievement for me. Hehe. *prepares to dodge any jhuttis, tamatars, etc. from you-know-whos* LOL Loved the update. I hope that's not what said people do for a living, cause then I would be dodging bullets rather than tamatars. Awesome update! Hayye! The ending was amazingly written. Thanks for the update! :)

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krati5 IF-Rockerz

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congrats for the new thread... nd awesome update... geet's knwng nd their fighting... nd oops at the end her blow to him ws something new nd mind blowingWink

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